Coach Schuman Interview (Part 2 of 2)

5 min read Coach Schuman discusses various topics with Real Andrews. Yeah well they set an example for myself I looked up to devatha it's like Herschel Walker I looked up to athletes Like Tony Dorsett so those guys had…

Coach Schuman discusses various topics with Real Andrews.

Yeah well they set an example for myself I looked up to devatha it's like Herschel Walker I looked up to athletes Like Tony Dorsett so those guys had an Impact on me so anything that they did And it wasn't just how they played on The field but anything that you'd read About them I was the first to pick up The paper and read an article about them So yeah I mean athletes that don't Realize that they're setting an example Or that have an impact on the young kids Lives their foolish to think that they Don't have an impact and they can always Obviously choose to have a positive or Negative impact and you would hope that They would choose to have a positive Impact on young people's lives and and They really you know to use the word Hero is not always a great example of What it is but they definitely serve as An inspiration they definitely serve is Something that people look to attain an NFL player for example a young kid That's that's always his dream you know Whether it's going to be a reality or Not that's always his dream to play Professional football so they're going To want to emulate some of the things That the professional football players Do and they have a huge impact on those Kids and then influence on those kids as Far as how they view the sport and and How they view their own lives

I think it's sad I think it's sad more Than anything that they don't realize That they have that kind of an impact And don't care about having that kind of An impact and it's very selfish because As far as what you're trying to do as an Athlete if you have an opportunity to Give back and help somebody get to wear The you're trying they're trying to get Where you are it's a huge impact that You can have on a kid and it's a mistake For up for a professional athlete or Someone of influence not to realize that They can have an impact on the kid You I don't know about all that but I do Think that one of the things that we've Been lucky enough to be able to do is to Identify an area that we can run events That can get exposure for the kids from A college recruiting standpoint and We're very cognizant of the fact that we Have that influence in that we could Have that impact and by expanding it out To as many areas as possible as in many Cities as many states as possible we can Give more and more kids the opportunity And I think the biggest thing that we've Done that's different than anybody else Is that we originally started with under Class and meeting freshman sophomores And originally those events were just For juniors in high school and by Starting with freshmen sophomores we

Gave them the opportunity to get that Dead early exposure and we first started We weren't sure exactly how how much of An impact it would have but six years Later it's had an enormous impact with Thousands and thousands of kids go on to Get egg scholarships and now we've Expanded the juniors and the other thing We want to do is give an opportunity This was part of our original vision Once we realized that we had something Special was to give every kid an Opportunity in every area of the United States to show what they can do and so We've expanded to places like Idaho and This year we're going to go to Hawaii And so we've expanded to almost every Conceivable area and will continue to do That to give every kid an opportunity And one of the biggest things that Parents and athletes and their friends And family they don't understand the Recruiting process and some of the Things that go on and some of the Misnomers and fallacies and those kind Of things so there's some important Things that they can do to at least put Them in a position to have an Opportunity to succeed to put them in That position to have an opportunity to Have a college coach look at their Information and make an evaluation on That One of the questions that I always get

This person that runs combines and camps Is what event should I intend and what Events are are more important than Others and our event are some events More important than others yeah there Are certain events that are absolutely One hundred percent more important than Other events the national underclassmen Combine and the ultimate 100 camp the Event that we run throughout the country Those are critical events to attend we Also recommend if you're a quarterback To attend the elite 11 camp we do also Feel that the Nike combines and the Under armour combines do also have value As well then the other thing that's Really important for you to attend is to Make sure if you get invited to a Recruiting camp for a college let's say For example the University of Oklahoma Or Rutgers University they have a senior Day from from a camp standpoint in the Summertime and they're just inviting Recruits you want to attend that camp so You want to choose five or six of those Camps that you feel are important that You may get recruited and may get Offered by and attend those camps that's Very important they also have some Events like the Friday Night Lights Which is run by the University of Florida those are also other essential Recruiting events what you don't want to Get caught up in is attending events

That don't matter that nobody pays Attached to you want to go to events That college coaches will pay attention To and if you have reputable results the National underclassmen combine in the Ultra 100 camp the camp so we run bar None are the most effective efficient And the best results and are most looked Upon by the college coaches as being the Most accurate you want to attend events Like that

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