How To Master The 40 Yard Dash

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How To Master The 40 Yard Dash

Coach Schuman Teaching Mastering the 40 yard dash

Mastering the 40 yard dash is one of the most important things any football player can do to improve their stock in recruiting or with the NFL. There are certain fundamental things that can be done to improve. I have outlined them in the video above. Here are some of the most important elements of the 40 yards dash and what can be done to improve.

#1. You must master the start-this is critical and the most important part of the 40 yard dash, everything else comes from the start. Important points to remember. Your front foot should be 12–24 inches behind the starting line, too far away you wont have enough drive, too close and you wont get enough power. You must have your back foot even to 6 inches behind even on your front foot. You must think of your start as a push-punch situation. Your front foot pushes off and your back foot punches through. This is critical. Your takeoff is similar to an airplane you are driving out at an angle that will propel you 30 to 35 degree rise throughout your 40.

Odell Beckham’s 40 yard Dash at NFL Combine-Fantastic Start

The second phase is your drive phase which is 10 yards to 30 yards- this phase you must continue to drive, relax your face and furiously drive your arms as your body slowly rises. It is critical not to pop up in the drive phase as this will severely affect your 40 yard dash time in the last 10 yards.

Patrick Peterson’s 4.3 at NFL Combine, you will see an amazing drive phase as he stays down and driving from 10 yards to 30

Finishing Phase must be relaxed and driving- you have generated your speed from the first 30 and now your body should be finishing its rise as you get to 30–35 yards and you are relaxing and letting the speed and fast fluid arm drive carry you through the line.

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