NUC Sports Texas vs World Live Stream

NUC Texas vs The World Live Stream

12PM CST- Class 2018/2019 Final Scrimmage

3PM CST – Class of 2020/2021/2022 Game

6PM CST – Class of 2017 Game

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Press Pass
In order to be present in the press capacity, you must have a press pass when you show up at the event and fill out the below form to get access to the event. You can also email questions to support@nucsports.com or dschuman@schumanspeed.com

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Podcasts-Coach Schuman Recruiting Seminars

Episode 8: The Gameplan: Interview with Michigan Football Coach and Special Teams Coordinator Chris Partridge

Episode 7: Live Interview with Around The Horn, talking camps and recruiting.

Episode 6: Its Up To You To Get Yourself Recruited-No Time For Excuses

Episode 5: How to maximize your development on the field -Competing and not complaining

Episode 4: 10X Your Football Recruiting Right Now

Episode 3: David Schuman Interviewed by Season for Life Podcast by DJ SixSmith

Episode 2: #AskCoachSchu Live Football Recruiting Question and Answer

Episode 1: Calling the College Coach and Introducing Yourself

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5 Tips To 10X Your Football Recruiting Right Now By Coach Schuman


I am so excited to attach for you the most amazing five tips that will help you 10X your recruiting right now. Yes right now. If you have any questions please hit me up on twitter @nucfootball and visit us and register now at www.nucsports.com to register for an event where if you perform well it wont 10x your recruiting by 100x it.

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If you need your own personal recruiting situation and film addressed for just $15 you can have me help you directly. Send $15.00 to
@dschuman on Venmo and include your name, email and phone and I will call and assess your situation with you directly within 24 hours guaranteed or your money back. Download Venmo app at venmo.com and we will take care of you.

Best of luck this year,

David Schuman
NUC Sports

@nucfootball on twitter

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