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Coach Schuman's Recommended Linebacker Drills

[section_tc][column_tc span=’12’][image_tc url=’’ timing=’linear’ trigger_pt=’0′ duration=’1000′ delay=’0′ target=’_self’][/image_tc] [section_tc][column_tc span=’12’][h_tc type=’2′] Coach Schuman’s Recommended Linebacker Drills [/h_tc][h_tc type=’3′] LB DRILLS and FUNDAMENTALS With Ben Albert Boston College [/h_tc][text_tc timing=’linear’ trigger_pt=’0′ duration=’1000′ delay=’0′] LB DRILLS & FUNDAMENTALS [/text_tc][h_tc type=’3′] Georgia Linebacker Drills [/h_tc] Georgia Bulldogs – Linebacker Drills [h_tc type=’3′] Linebacker […]

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