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      1. Please I would love to showcase my talent I really want to get on colleges radar I’ve been Under looked by so many people and I want to prove them wrong.

    1. I’m been working so hard at the greatest game ever since peewee and all i want is to be noticed and show all the non believers that anything is possible.

    2. i have videos but not really highlights but I ended with 24tds and 1,120 rushing with 17tds and had 600 receiving yards with 6 and run a 4.6 in 8th grade, but I am still getting stronger and ready for high school

  1. I found this to be very useful and helpful in building my recruiting process and moving me forward to the next step in my journey as a football player.

  2. This year I did not get a full opportunity to show my talents in result of older players that also have good athleticism. I played well but plan to be on a complete different level this upcoming season for my senior year

  3. I’m a hard worker and I will give all I got 110% and opened to learning how improve my game and wor ethnic

  4. This young man was the only junior to play and start on an all senior line last year for a team that made the 6a district 4 sweet 16. Exceptional footwork and 83″ reach. AB honor roll and 1 of the most dedicated athletes you will find. Never missed a workout. Strong and quick. Give him a look please.

  5. My name is Anthony Davis. I am an all around athlete at Palm Beach Gardens High School and I am in the class of 2019.

  6. Can I come to 1 of your camps so that I can show you what hard work really is. Also I want to show you my ability as a player.

  7. Im am a mini maxwell award winner, new jersey allstate middle linebacker, 2 time new jersey allstar, i had 79 tackles and 670 rushing yards and got no interest nor offers. Can I please get a chance to show what i can do
    Twitter: manningmarcus24
    Instagram: manning.marcus

  8. I’m a all around player,put me anywhere and I’ll adapt to it,and work hard to be the best at it,only thing you’ll get is 1000 percent of effort,dedication,and passion for the game.

  9. Coach you please check me for the upcoming all star game for the Juniors I promise you I’m one of those game changers I’m going to always give %120.

  10. I HAVE what it takes to be a solid prospective Recruit,all i need is that extra attention and recruiting exposure to Fulfill that.So i strongly believe that i should be invited to the 2022 all american game to show to world what i have

  11. I am hard worker that has overcome many obstacles by the grace of God. I know that by giving me a chance to showcase my talents….you will get nothing but my best efforts! I appreciate any opportunity available. Hard work pays off!
    Cade Virgin on HUDL
    virgin_cade on twitter
    Class of 2022
    OL 6.3 270lbs
    MVP offensive lineman at Florida State Football 2019

  12. All I need is the opportunity to showcase my talents, my integrity, and skills that I Possess. I’m very team Oriented and I take my craft very serious even though it’s a game at the end of the day.

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