Why You Must Always Compete In Sports and The Workplace

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Why You Must Always Compete In Sports and The Workplace

I have had the unique opportunity to have been a star athlete and division 1 football player , a football coach, and a entrepreneur for the better part of my adult life. It has given me a unique perspective on athletics, business and the workplace. I have been able to learn some very important things but most importantly that you must continue to have drive and always compete.

You may ask what do I mean by that? Gee that is exhausting ? Or once I get do a place don’t my experience and loyalty matter? The answer is I’m today’s economy and sports and business the only thing that matters is how your production is. I have learned over the years that taking care of people because you like them never works. Helping others getting a leg up and opportunity because you like them or respect them does work but they must always continue to value that with gratitude through competing and hard work.

I am always amazed at how, employees or people you work with are always asking for respect at a job when what they should be asking is how can I do more how can I bring in more revenue and how can I help the company grow. Every athlete , employee and competitor must be thinking about growing the bottom line. In sports that means team unity and performance to produce wins and in a company it means either reducing expenses or increasing growth in sales.

Increasing growth in sales is always the optimal goal cause only through growth does more hiring happen, more sales happens and more revenue in he company happen. When you grow a companies bottom line and top line you help them win. When they win you win. This is why I have across the board implemented for anyone that works for me a commission opportunity. I am not doing it because we desperately need the extra sales but do it as a test to see who really cares about the success of the company. The ones who really care want to make it grow. The ones who want to collect a check for their time invested will not. That test gives an owner valuable insight into the people involved in his company. I learn right away who wants long term success or who just wants their personal gain. See sales is the lifeblood of a company just like touchdowns are the lifeblood to create wins for a football team. You can have a business without revenue and you can’t have a winning team without scoring points.

Here’s how you run the program

  1. You pay employees or contractors for their normal job a base amount.
  2. You create a higher than normal commission structure and track it through a code or system
  3. You developing marketing materials for that person
  4. You give them expectations and how to complete what you need to generate revenue
  5. You watch how they react and how well they do

Once you complete the test you will know what kind of employees you have on your hand and you can develop their career from there.

If the employees are not willing to compete to be successful you will have an employee who will not stay with you in rough times and who will not be a top performer but will always be a mediocre to good performer.

The same goes for athletics. As a coach you can implement it by tracking goals and rewards that lead to points on your team. In football that is easy like tracking.

  1. Yards per carry
  2. Completion percentage
  3. Touchdown to interception ratio
  4. Pancake blocks per game
  5. Points inside the 10 yard line
  6. Turnover points conversion
  7. Red zone scoring percentage

And so on. These give you real measuring tools that individuals and team members can gravitate towards and win.

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