Project Life

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Project Life

Project Life

I love when people in corporate ask me how work is or what is work like. Like its some finite object. Work to me is my life project and its ongoing. it make me laugh. Its not about what you own or what you drive or where you work or what business you do. Its the way you embrace each day not as a burden or obligation or something you think you need to do but a challenge and opportunity that you can embrace.

Its not how many kids or whose your mate but how you live in the moment and attack the future and handle each day as your life’s project. Its what you put on the life’s film from your perspective and your morality and values and no one else’s. Its how you never get caught up in fear and loss but what you learned and gained before and after the fear and loss. Its how you define yourself and now how others define you and remember that we all perish so cherish as much as you can and forget nonsense that just doesn’t matter because in the end it’s a choice between doing what matters or what doesn’t matter.

The canvas you paint is yours and you include everything you want on that canvas or don’t want so never include something you don’t want because your just wasting your space on your canvas.

If I choose to be frustrated or mad or care or don’t care I figure it out. I would love if my son answers the question of what does your father do for a living and he answered “he lives life attacks it and loves it. That’s what he does for living and he is the most successful person in the world at it. “

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