Dave Schuman

Usain Bolt  Vs Michael Johnson 1 min read

[Music] Alert away safely this time and here's The big man already up on Ed already up On to the rest the FI left [Applause] Behind here comes the great man charging Down the best they can the other man…

Pat Mcafee was an athlete 1 min read

Okay let's see Pat M was an Athlete shows great speed see the move Here oh he's got a little he's got a Little shake and bake get the pun off

How Fast Does a Kid Need to Run to be an Elite Track and Football Athlete? 1 min read

Discover the mph threshold that determines a kid’s potential as an elite track and football athlete. Learn why the current recruiting process needs improvement and how miles per hour could revolutionize it. #EliteAthlete #TrackandField #FootballRecruiting #MilesPerHour #RecruitingProcess #YouthSports #AthleticPotential #TrackandFootball…

Maximize Your Football Performance: Training vs Conditioning Test 2 min read

Discover the key differences between training and conditioning tests in football. Learn from real experiences and insights from professional players. Improve your performance on the field by focusing on the right aspects of your fitness regimen. #FootballTraining #FootballFitness #FootballPerformance #ConditioningTests…