Why Going Over And Above In Everything You Do Is So Important!

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Why Going Over And Above In Everything You Do Is So Important!

I was thinking today, so vividly how in our culture there is a great divide and it is not an educational divide (although pundits will tell you there is) or a technology divide (although many think there is and there may be), it is a divide of WILLINGNESS!

The willingness to to everything they can to be great at what they do and strive to be the best at it. I have been a business owner for 15 years, a football and track coach for 16 years, and someone who has worked with close to a half a million athletes in my lifetime as an athlete myself, through my business and as a coach and i have notice a great divide.

The divide between the people who are willing to go over and above to be successful and the overwhelming majority who struggle to understand the concept. The concept that at each task you must be willing to be exceptional. Most are willing to work to the status quo. This can apply to life, your business, sports or anything, but one thing is true, the ones that are willing to go over and above will have the advantage.

Here are examples of over and above and here are the opposite example.

Over and Above- I was asked if I could help someone find out the pro day dates of a particular school. #1 I have no obligation to do it, #2 it takes time out of my day. I did it and got the information to the person, because I value the relationship and know that relationships are reciprocal.

Not Over and Above- I am in a bind looking for a facility for an event and contacted a facility who did not have availability and could not turn it around fast enough. #1 They are not obliged to help #2 It is not there job to help. They decided not to help or refer me to anyone and in turn lost the opportunity for me to bring business to them in the future. One person in this case cost a business future business by not figuring out a way to add value.

Over and Above- I ask an employee to help me get an event running that they are not in charge of. That employee: #1 It is not his job to do #2 He is not compensated for it. Employee helps with event that he is not responsible for and takes on tasks that I had not thought of and executes them. He also figures out a way to get more people involved and asks for nothing. This person gets the value of opportunity begets opportunity. He understands by doing more he creates a positive atmosphere and more financial opportunity in the future and probably better tasks that he enjoys.

Not Over and Above- I ask an employee to make sure he spends extra time to have his assistants understand their tasks on an event that had some changes and make sure the customers no where they are supposed to be. #1 he believe he already did it #2 he feels it is someone else’s job. This employee chose to not do it, left promptly at the imaginary whistle of 5:30pm and went on with his life. The next day, disaster struck and people were at the wrong site, event coaches were confused and event got off to rocky start. Employee valued his time significantly and personal ego over reassurance and success. That employee lost his job and instead of going over and above to make sure his group was successful he blamed subordinates and he was accountable for their success or lack of it. This is a prime example of putting personal thoughts over willingness and care.

These two simple examples show how in just our jobs we can go over and above and succeed. Often we mistake going over and above for the fear of being taken advantage of. This is the biggest mistake someone can make. Who cares if someone has an ill motive, when you go over and above on everything you do, you get paid back 10x because other people are always watching.

Today in society we have a selfie culture a I want what I want now culture, and a i don’t like what your doing so I will protest you culture. What we need is a can do, willingness to do, how can i help you do it better, and how can i help you succeed culture. You will get everything you want when you do more than is necessary on everything you do. If you can stay late to get the job done do it. If you need to run one more spring to help the team win then do it. If you have to grab coffee on your way for someone else because you know they would like it then do it!

Success is born out of a willingness to do not just what is necessary but to do what is not necessary or ordinary.

Going over and above and the willingness to make a difference will benefit you self being, you mind, your business, and your sport. Your career will prosper and you will be regarding as someone who always gets the job done.

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