Coach Schuman’s Tips for College Recruiting (Part 2 of 2)

4 min read Coach Schuman addresses frequently asked questions regarding the college recruiting process. One of the questions I always get with Respect to uh scholarship offers is once A college coach gives you an offer can They then…
Coach Schuman addresses frequently asked questions regarding the college recruiting process.

One of the questions I always get with Respect to uh scholarship offers is once A college coach gives you an offer can They then pull that offer and resend That offer the quick answer is Absolutely the college coach unless you Commit to them and say that you verbally Are committed to going to that school at Any time they can pull that offer off The table many times college coaches and They might kill me for saying this but They will over offer they will offer Four five maybe six guys more than they Actually can bring into a class with the Understanding that not obviously all Those kids are going to commit to their Program and the kids that they've Targeted they they know that some of Those kids are going to go elsewhere so It's important to understand that offer Can be pulled off the table if you do Not commit verbally commit to a school Now most college coaches will not pull That offer off the table until they have Filled up their class so you're usually Pretty good uh until you see that they Fill up their class so if they have 20 Scholarships that they can give out and 20 commitments come in uh for their Freshman Class of the following year Then they're going to be done they're Not going to be giving out any more Scholarships and they won't have any More uh offers out there and your

Scholarship offer could get pulled but If they have 15 kids committed and they Have 20 scholarships to give then you Have still have five guys before those Offers are then pulled it's a very Important thing to understand and it's One of the pressures that an athlete Does have when trying to figure out what School they want to go to and and is a Scholarship offer potentially going to Be pulled and how important are they to The program the top rated athletes in The country your top 100 players those Guys when they get their offers it's Highly unlikely that their scholarship Offers could get pulled because they're Kind of try and lure those guys right up Until the last minute uh to their University but if you're a middle of the Road guy if if you're a guy that are Filling in a class with and that's okay You have to understand the situation and You have to make sure that you can Assess that and understand where your Viability is to that program and figure Out when you want to verbally commit and That's very important because if you Verbally commit that scholarship is is Not going to go away now you don't want To verbally commit to a college if you Don't intend on going there you have to Have good intentions on going to that University one of the things that Athletes have uh made a huge mistake and

Have gotten their offer pulled um the Biggest glaring thing is not taking care Of uh their core classes from an Academic standpoint and getting the SAT Scores uh enabling them to be NCA Clearing House accepted that's very very Important to make sure that you have That done because if the college coach Has offered you and you don't show that You're going to be able to pass the NCA Clearing House you could be at risk of Getting your scholarship offer Removed very important question that Many parents have asked me in the past Is if a if an athlete receives a Scholarship to State the University of Alabama to play football and usually They say oh well my son has a four-year Scholarship or 5-year scholarship is That the case do I have a four-year Scholarship or 5-year scholarship the Answer is no College scholarships are Oneyear renewable onee renewable what Does that mean that each year the College has the right to renew your Scholarship or to not renew your Scholarship most college coaches if They're doing the right thing and the Athletes are doing everything that's uh Expected of them within the program they Do renew that scholarship but it is not A guarantee so it's important for the Athlete to take care of all their Responsibilities athletically

Academically and socially to put Themselves in a great position every Single year to have that scholarship Renewed I use a quick example when Lane Kein came at the University of Tennessee okay he came in Spring Football 11 athletes after Spring Football and after that semester did not Get their scholarships removed and uh Renewed and how to get other places to Go and play football and there were a Variety of reasons from guys not doing The job academically to maybe not doing A job on the playing field those are are Factors that could come into whether Your scholarship is renewed or not and In Tennessee's case Lane kein did not Renew 11 scholarships of athletes that He didn't feel was right for the program Whether it was academically socially or Athletically and those people did not Get their scholarships renewed so it's Very important to make sure that you Take care of your responsibilities when You're in a program to get that Scholarship renewed every single year Right up until you when you get your Degree

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