Coach Schuman’s Tips for College Recruiting (Part 1 of 2)

4 min read Coach Schuman reveals several tips that will help get potential college recruits market themselves better, and earn themselves further recognition. Hello my name is David Schuman I am the Presidency of the national new classmen Combines…
Coach Schuman reveals several tips that will help get potential college recruits market themselves better, and earn themselves further recognition.

Hello my name is David Schuman I am the Presidency of the national new classmen Combines and our ultimate 100 camp Showcase and want to take some time Today to talk to you about some of the Things that can help you with in your College recruiting process taking my 25 Plus years experience as a player as an Athlete as a coach and now as the Director and president of the national New classmen combines to impart some of My experience onto you from from a Recruiting standpoint to help you Maximize your ability to get recruited To help you maximize your potential as a Football player my experience as Division one football player at the University of Connecticut I was a high School all-american as stated by a Bigger faster stronger magazine and my Years of over ten plus years of coaching High school football and working with College recruiters through the combine Process I've learned a wealth of Information as to help get you recruited And I have five specific tips that will Help you to understand the recruiting Process better and they'll hope Hopefully help put you over the edge From a recruiting standpoint one of the Questions I always get from parents is How do I get my name out there how do i Market myself and is that important well Marking yourself to the college coach is

One of most important things you could Do and you have to be able to mark Yourself properly and that involves a Highlight tape and doing that highlight Tape in a way that the college coaches Can get the information they need and The evaluation they need quickly and Easily and that involves a couple things Number one it involves and making sure You have a highlight tape of no longer Than five to seven minutes with your Absolute best plays number two you want To make sure that you have your two best Halves of football so if you played a Great first half against a certain team You want to make sure you have that on There and later on the year if you Played another great first half you put That on there and you get that out to The college coaches as many of the Schools that you were interested in Attending getting those tapes of the College coaches is important it's also Important to include all of your Information results that you've you had From a combine standpoint the stats that You had throughout the year some of your Accomplishments your Well County those things are essential To making sure the college coaches Understand what you've done in an Easy-to-use format and something get Information from quickly and easily here Are some of the biggest mistakes that I

See working with the combines that Athletes make when marketing themselves To the college coaches number one Including multiple full game highlight Tape highlights to the coaches college Coach does not have the time to be able To look through a full game let alone Three or four of those games the best Thing you do is make sure you cut up Those highlight tapes and make them Short five minutes and get the to the Right away The other thing that they do is they Consistently go and contact the college Coaches to ask them if they've watched Their highlight video the most important Thing you do is make sure that you've Marketed yourself to get recognized but To follow up with them more than one or Two times is unnecessary and only serve To irritate those college coaches one of The most common questions I get is if You send your tape in to a college coach To all the college coaches watch every Video that comes across their desk the Short answer on that is no they do not Watch every single video that comes Across their desk one of the reasons That they don't is because they're Constrained on time there they're gonna Focus on some of the recruits that they Do know about and that's why it's Critically important to begin to get Yourself marketed and get your name out

There through camps and combines and Getting your name in front of college Coaches as much as possible It's very very important to do that then When they understand and know who you Are and you're part of their database Then when your tape comes across their Desk they are much more likely to watch Your film to pick it up to watch a name That they recognize and to be able to Then watch their highlight tape so it's Important to make sure that you market Yourself properly so when your film Comes across that college coach's desk They watch that film one thing you could Absolutely do to help get those college Coaches To watch your tape and to choose your Tape out from the rest is to go on and Be an MVP at one of the National Underclassmen combine or ultima 100 Camps those guys are always pushed right To the top of the database those are the Ones that they always request tapes on So you go out and you become an MVP and That's going to definitely separate you From the pack

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