Interview with Coach Schuman (Part 1 of 2)

5 min read Coach Schuman is interviewed by Real Andrews, and discusses various topics. Funny football experiences I i you know i really look at Football as far as I can't remember you know real funny Experiences but one thing…
Coach Schuman is interviewed by Real Andrews, and discusses various topics.

Funny football experiences I i you know i really look at Football as far as I can't remember you know real funny Experiences but one thing that that Stands out as far as from a player's Standpoint that i used to do as a kid That really helped me and and people in Town used to think i was crazy we had a Front lawn uh right outside my house it Was a small lawn it was about 10 15 Yards long And i used to go out and pretend that i Was the the the football nfl superstar And go out and try to emulate all the Moves i'd be faking out The trees i would be faking out branches Um we used to have this long bush that i Would i would make a cut around and and Do sprints and all the all the parents And and and the families around that Area used to look at me Like i was crazy but at the time i was Really helping my skills and doing Something that i love and i used to just Do that for hours and hours especially After maybe watching the nfl game or Watching A college football game and as as a as a Kid my hero from a college football Standpoint was uh the great herschel Walker And you know i was six or seven years Old when when he helped lead uh georgia

To national championship as a freshman And i used to go out and and emulate Many of the things that he did and the Same thing as a professional football Player one of the guys that was my Favorite at that time was tony dorsett And he was a running back and you know That's what i played uh throughout my Junior football and then high school Career i was a running back until i got To college And then i used to try to emulate all of Tony dorsett's moves and i remember when He had the 99 yard Touchdown run on i think it was on Monday night football to break the nfl Record i remember going out the next day And and practicing his moves and and Breaking away and It was one of the things that you know Kind of looked like i was crazy out There but i it really helped me hone Some of my skills and i just had that Just general love for the game it was Just me out there it was like nobody Else was even around Awesome Yeah actually as a seven eight-year-old When i was young There was a high school football player His name was joe bianco he actually Lives in the town that that we we Actually have our offices in And joe ended up going on to play a

Running back at temple university and i Remember going and watching his games And i was good friends with his brother And i remember the first time i got to Meet him and and talk with him and at The time when you're 78 years old the High school football player who was the Star you know actually is your hero and Um you know he was an all county Football player and to me was a hero and Meeting him Was a thrill for me and he was someone That i i was trying to emulate and and Break some of his records when i got to High school I think for me changing changing kids Lives and giving them an opportunity To succeed is is the most important Thing I would never view myself personally as As a hero but if i can help somebody and And inspire them to to reach for their Goals and and to go after some of their Dreams if that's going on to play College football and get education That's great if i can help them on the Path to maybe go and play in the nfl That's great I look at our Events as a forum as a grassroots avenue To be able to set them up for their Future dreams I was a running back and right from the Get-go i did play some quarterback as a

Junior football athlete so i mean right Right from the time i was seven eight Years old you know i was i was involved As a running back and a quarterback Do you remember your first touchdown Yeah the first time i ever carried the Ball i scored a touchdown really yeah It's uh i think it was seven or eight Years old uh I went in the game i was a fullback and They handed me the ball rep the middle And i outran everybody 50 yards for a Touchdown first time i ever touched Football Yeah my father is uh Is a model As far as from not just the way that he Lives his life but the way that he Treats other people At 68 years old he's in fantastic uh Physical physical condition He's served 40 years as a track and Field coach In new jersey and in new york city and Is in the new jersey coaches hall of Fame As a track and field coach so i mean a Lot of my Ideals as far as trying to help out Young people comes from him and watching Him and i was lucky enough to coach with Him for five or six years coaching track With him as well uh to see how he impact Kids and that's that's something that

It's also very obviously dear to my Heart and he was that example I mean i think one of the things is the Example that my father said The fact that he worked with kids for so Long he always preached More than making money Making money is not as important as Having an impact in people's lives And i've watched him have an impact Both in the athletic field and as a Teacher On thousands and thousands of kids and i Think you know the the apple doesn't Fall too far from the tree and and That's something that that got in in Bread in me uh in my brain and it's Something that that i'm very very happy Uh to do with the kids that i work with Today

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