Join The NUC Sports Nation!

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3 thoughts on “Join The NUC Sports Nation!

  1. Hello Coach Schuman

    I enjoyed working with nucsports last year, so much that i’m continuing my education in video production to enhance my skills. I would like know if you have any fulltime employment opportunities because i would love to continue writing and expanding my role with nucsports. Thank you

    Dorian Munn

  2. Hey Coach Schuman,
    Just noticed you responded, I filled out the application and thought i might be contacted via phone or email. I’m located in Jersey City, NJ. I’m a certified football scout with intermediate video production skills. Last year I wrote over two dozen scouting reports for Nucsports and a couple were published. I’ll be sure to contact you, this time, at the email I have for you. Look forward to hearing from you coach! Thanks again.

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