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How Parents and Recruiting Has Changed Radically Since I Started NUC Sports

How Parents and Recruiting Has Changed Radically Since I Started NUC Sports

I wanted to write this because i have found it interesting since starting NUC Sports in 2005 how the miseducation of the recruiting process and the lack of realistic expectations of parents have changed the landscape in how everyone handles recruiting.


NUC Athletes at the Top Prospect Camp at OU. Leon Mcquay USC, Desmond Jackson Texas, Bronson Irwin oklahoma, Greyson Lambert Georgia, and many other stars in this picture

In 2005 when we started NUC sports which was originally National Underclassmen Combine, with one event in New Jersey, the idea was to give underclassmen the opportunity to test and get their information into college coaches hands. At that time only us and Nike was really doing it and when the information got to the colleges. They weren’t bombarded by so much other nonsense that they were able to read it. Parents at that time were looking for way to get their son an opportunity and most were willing to learn as to what they had to do get that opportunity. Athletes like Tyrod Taylor, Joe Haden, Chazz Cervino, Carlo Calabrese and many other participated in that camp and thrived.


As we expanded and grew we were lucky in that only a few competitors grew with us and as we became successful, we partnered with groups like NCSA and Rivals and others that also created that opportunity. Through 2012, I saw not just event growth but also parents learning about the process. Yes, some were unrealistic but most were eager to learn. Then something radically changed in 2012 into 2013 that changed that understanding forever.


7v7 tourney from adidas


As we continued to grow in 2014, 7v7 was taking off, we ran 7v7 events, heck I even had my own club, but i saw something that wasn’t true about 7v7 that bothered me. I have been a football coach since 2001 and 7v7 was always a part of our high school summer and big part of improving and even getting noticed when we went onto college campuses, but….. 7v7 in the club event standpoint took off and there are ZERO college coaches at these events and there are ZERO evaluations being done.

Ok, i get it they claim to video some of them and maybe a few do, but I have never seen a camera on my team and I have been going for years, soooooo….. This creates parents THINKING there son is getting looked at and nothing is happening. They go to FREE camps with THOUSANDS of athletes and only the known athletes get looked at. THIS IS A PROBLEM! I think camps, combines and 7v7 are great to develop the athlete and help them learn to compete. It’s not the 7v7’s that are the problem but the messaging from it.


The problem is the parents THINK they are gonna get looked at from that! Absolutely not! A good friend of mine has a so that is a 20 offer athlete and he would always ask me, when will he get stars, what does he have to do to get stars and I would tell him….ONCE HE HAS OFFERS, HE WILL HAVE STARS.

Rivals, 247 sports and others are great sites, but they are REPORTING THE NEWS, not creating news. When an athletes gets offered then they really get interested. Parents think it is the other way around, it is not.


Recruiting services that over promise that an athlete will get recruited event though the colleges just hit delete or block their server. You must have someone physically reaching out for the athlete and not from a server. The understanding of what it takes to get recruited in todays era of social media creates more misunderstanding than ever. Athletes see other athletes on twitter getting offers and thinks that should be them.

The number of athletes competing to get recruited is higher than ever but the number of SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE are the same or even less than in the past. This is important to understand in all of FBS there is 85 scholarships available per team. There are 128 Teams in FBS and 124 Teams in FCS. FCS has 63 scholarships available per team and more than 1/3 of those teams dont offer the full amount.

So what does that mean?? that means that since there are 1,085,772 football players in high school in 14,000 high schools and there are only 2720 FBS schools, the likelihood of going to FBS is is almost exactly 1% and the likelihood of going FCS or FBS is somewhere between 1.5% and 1.7% on a scholarship depending on the number of FCS schools offering full scholarships. In each grade in high school there is approximately 271,443 football players…..So what does this all mean.


This equals a problem, on social media athletes think bombarding the college head coach with links is the answer and parents think that their high school coach is to blame or they went to the wrong event or even worse, THE CAMP HAD THEIR FAVORITES. This is all nonsense, when the best player is out there people notice him.

When colleges and evaluators are looking at athletes, they are looking for SUPERIOR SKILLS, POTENTIAL, UPSIDE, HEIGHT, SPEED, FREAK ATHLETICISM. I am forever inundated with parents claiming there son had a great day or he caught every ball or he worked the hardest, when the truth is in order for your son to get out there he must truly be the BEST!

College coaches want to win, high school coaches want to win and recruiting evaluators want to find the best. Everyone gets success from that, so there is no such thing as favoritism, there is GOOD and NOT AS GOOD or EXCEPTIONAL and NOT EXCEPTIONAL.


Everyone that has a camp is doing it for a reason, FREE IS NEVER FREE. Nike does it for their brand to sell more gear and shoes, Under Armour the same, to sell more memberships and get more athletes names to sell memberships to, FBU charges literally for the training, NUC we charge for the competition and the stats so colleges get them FREE, and others have there reasons, but know one thing.

If Under Armour doesn’t have their camp for FREE then then don’t sell more shoes, and if Rivals doesn’t get your info they cant sell you a membership, so on and so on, so make sure you go for the reasons that can help you in your process, not just for the gear. Free gear is nice but at the end the day you become a lead to sell the shoes down the road for $150.00 and the Christmas T-shirt for $40.00, so utilize the process to help you succeed in getting better.


The parents that tell other parents to go to event because their son is going is foolish and the parent who knows the athletes final objective is the genius. So many parents have no idea what they are doing, don’t do any research and expect radical results without investing in the process.

How can your son get his name out there by going to only one event and then giving up. How can your son go to one college camp and think he will get recruited. This is not magic, this is a process. You and your son must be diligent and forward moving all the time. You cant get caught up in disappointment and ego, but focus on what is the future and next steps to create that opportunity.


First off athletes should be going to camps, combines, 7v7 and such to not just get evaluated but to get better, know where they stand and find out where they have to go. The athletes that take that approach always get better and the parents that understand that do not lose their mind, when their son doesn’t get award or even paid attention to. Just go out and compete, if know one talks to you, then that tells you something!! YOU MUST GET BETTER!! If you don’t get recognized then you MUST GET BETTER!! The faster that athletes understand that and the faster that parents do the better off their son is.

I love to tell this anecdotal story. I was 6’1, 218 pounds in high school and was the State Small School Indoor High Hurdle Champ, I ran 14.4 in the high hurdles, ran an 11.0 100 meters, and ran 54.7 in the 400 IH and a 21 foot long jumper. As football player I had excellent statistics and was a RB and Safety in high school. I could catch, run, block, heck even throw, play defense and was fast as hell and I went on scholarship to UCONN which was D1aa or FCS not FBS. Next time your athlete believe he is D1, find out does he have the SPEED and SIZE to match, their is the rare Ryan Switzer (who was an NUC alum as well) who was undersized, but they always are beyond exceptionally quick or fast when they are undersized. So….

Keep improving, keep getting better, keep reaching out to schools and get real feedback to the level you may belong at and take advantage of the opportunity to get better. Parents, let your son compete, let him get better, and don’t worry about the nonsense of what someone has verse what you have but find out what can be done to get your son better, find out where he can play in college and for goodness sake, just go out and compete, get better, train and repeat that cycle over and over again, and you will get where you want to go!


David Schuman

NUC Sports

David Schuman on twitter

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NUC Sports Football Combine Orlando Florida

First NameLast NameSchoolStateCombine LocationGraduating ClassColor ShirtHeightWeightPrimary PositionSecondary Position MVP
Issac WalkerSt FrancisFLWinter Springs2018B7577357DLOLMVP
TarikMckinzieLyman HSFLWinter Springs2018Y2775177QBQB MVP
Keith McLaurenCheshire AcademyCTWinter Springs2018Y271167RBRB MVP
MarcusTaylorOake Ridge FLWinter Springs2018Y666155WRRBWR MVP
TyricGvershawnAuburndale FLWinter Springs2018B7378350OLOLMVP
DeAndre GordonLake HowellFLWinter Springs2018B6972269DLFBDL MVP
Marcus WilliamsWhartonFLWinter Springs2018B3573186LBDLLB MVP
Peyton XayasomeCountrysideFLWinter Springs2018B4672196SLBDB MVP
DylanJonesLake Mary FLWinter Springs2018B868.5159CBS
QuincyDomesOlympiaFLWinter Springs2018B3273.5154CBS
TobinSneadPlant HighFLWinter Springs2018B971.5157CBWR
Jordan EnglishTampa CatholicFLWinter Springs2018Y2671170RBS
JonathanFreemanHaines City FLWinter Springs2017Y2573164WR
DanielLylesLymanFLOrlando 5 star2018Y2364180WR
HaydenDangrenOsceolaFLOrlando 5 star2018Y4274.5196WR
KeganDangrenOsceolaFLOrlando 5 star2018Y4176195TE
DaneBeltonJesuitFLOrlando 5 star2019B3173.5177SWR
Brandon StewardOake Ridge FLOrlando 5 star2018Y105'11180RB
DJ BullardOsceolaFLOrlando 5 star2018B576'3210LB
EdwinFoxJeffersonFLOrlando 5 star2018Y366'6198RB
TristenHerringCamden MiddleGAOrlando 5 star2021Y870137QBWR
Tyler GuthrieLake Mary FLWinter Springs2020Y3868132
Migeon MckinnisPlant HighFLOrlando2020Y166147RBCB
Ian ReillyTimber CreekFLOrlando2020Y3973.5206QBLB
Joaqin CollazoMelbourneFLOrlando 5 star2018Y4675177QB
TerranceGriffinSaint Marys MiddleGAOrlando2021V4876162SWR
LoganHaleLake NonaFL2018Y9967.5192
KevinPowellGulf High SchoolFLOrlando2018Y3766.5177RBS
KeshawnJoynerWharton HighFLOrlando2018Y3470.5184WR
Cameron WicksMelbourneFLOrlando (Winter Springs)2018Y3267147WRCB
JoshWarrenWinter Haven HSFLWinter Springs2019Y3168160WR
HunterBellTaylor CountyFLWinter Springs2018Y3573160WRS
CareyHaneyWilliamston MIFlorida2019Y3071172WRS
CaneimMaxwellBishop KennyFLOrlando2019Y6973.5169WRCB
TravisDayTaylor CountyFLWinter Springs2019Y7570293OLDL
DericDuBoseSarasota HighFLOrlando2018Y4572.5191WRTE
BenjaminGoinsWinter HavenFLOrlando2018Y1960175WR
KennethSaint Marys MiddleFLOrlando2021Y370.5140RBWR
JustinWilliamsOlive HSFLOrlando2019Y6867233DLOL
JasonWilliamsOloee HSFLOrlando2020Y7372.5291OL
Conner CarsonFoundation AcademyFLWinter Springs2018Y7475.5292OLDL
KennethAmesFoundation AcademyFLWinter Springs2018Y4476206TELB
MarkusMalayChoctauhatchee HSFLWinter Springs2019Y573140WRCB
Demari TurnerSt FrancisFLWinter Springs2018Y471132WRCB
JaylenJaubertLake Howell HSFLWinter Springs2019Blue 3971210DL
MoridDenaGulf High SchoolFLOrlando2019B7669.5298DLOL
EliRivereShorewood HSFLOrlando (Winter Springs)2018B3879206DLLB
MaxwellFediganTimber CreekFLOrlando (Winter Springs)2020B3671156DLTE
Zachary PepperGulf High SchoolFLOrlando2018B6877224DLLB
LoganSimsForest High SchoolFLWinter Springs2018Y270184RBFB
JacksonTothFirst AcademyFLOrlando (Winter Springs)2018B4972.5237DLLB
SkylerCunninghamSaint Marys MiddleGAOrlando2021B30LBFB
JacobWarrenWinter Haven HSFLOrlando2018B4871.5203FBLB
LexanColemanWest OrangeFLOrlando2020B6769194DLLB
DylanThibaultSt JosephsFLOrlando2019Y2869134QBWR
DanielBelloAvalon Middle FLOrlando2021Y2468.5142RBS
DominicHowardWinter SpringsFLOrlando2020Red B774151SCB
EddieLoosFoundation AcademyFLOrlando2018B4575238DLTE
LukeBirkFoundation AcademyFLOrlando2018B473160SCB
KeyshawnGreenPlant CityFLOrlando2020B4367193LB
ChrisButashCarolwood Day SchoolFLOrlando2019Y4367.5185.6QB
Elijah StokesSpoto HSFLOrlando2019B167.5152.8CB
CameronLegreeWinter ParkFLOrlando2018Y5673168QB
JacobStamaLake HowellFLOrlando2018Y7279.5289OL
AshtonMincey Plant CityFLOrlando2019B6569208LB
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NUC Sports Football Combine Oklahoma City Results and Top Performers

First NameLast NameSchoolPositionShirtGrade/ClassHeightWeight40 Yard DashShuttleVertical JumpBroad JumpComments
BlakeBealPerkins-Tryon HSDBB 4120185' 7 1/2"1584.784.41278'2
Deonte'CurryJohn Marshall HSDBB 4320186' 0"1625.094.4224.58'6.5
QuintonKinchionNorthwest HSDBB 1520195' 7 1/2"1344.694.328.58'9.5
BlakeKingErina HS (Australia)DBB 1420175' 8 1/2"1504.814.2529.59'1
AaronStokesEast Central HSDBB 1820195' 6"1544.814.61309'2DB MVP
ChrisPopeEdmond Memorial HSDBB 1020185' 11"1644.61N/A30.59'2
SamuelFortEdmond Memorial HSDBB 2920195' 11 1/2"1724.524.0931.59'8.5Fastest Man
IsraelAntwineMillwood HSDLB 9220186' 3"2764.794.2928.58'9Overall MVP
T.W.AyersLamar HSDLB 5120186' 1"2344.984.5268'5DL MVP
DavonMooreGuthrie JHDLB 9320216' 2"2555.925.36145'11
KalebMorganMidwest City HSDLB 9120205' 6"2356.345.21176'5
JaylenPickleCimarron HSDLB 9420186' 6"2835.184.47238'3
RobertSnowballMillwood HSDLB 9620185' 11"2805.414.67226'8.5
CharlieSuenramEdmond Memorial HSDLB 9020196' 1"2465.444.84217'10
GregMuckElk CityDLB 6820205' 9"2005.184.62237'9
AnthonyMcGloryWichita East HSFBB 5720185' 9"1925.174.6119.57'5
Ke'VonCurryJohn Marshall HSLBB 4820196' 0"1934.944.4429.58'5
DonminicGoosby IIGuthrie HSLBB 5320195' 9"1855.084.57257'11
ZacHallPerkins-Tryon HSLBB 5020185' 101704.984.61268'1.5
LandonMagesPerkins-Tryon HSLBB 7020185' 8 1/2"2014.764.4226.58'2LB MVP
BraydenMunsonPerkins-Tryon HSLBB 4020185' 9"1884.994.6425.57'10
AustinVilarMcAlester HSLBB 5520186' 1"2134.944.4727.58'5
Roger CableCleveland HSLBB 2820185' 11"1855.24.23258'.5
EliRussPlainview HSOLB 9520206' 4 1/2"2805.49521.57'5OL MVP
PeytonTullyEdmond Memorial HSOLB 8720196' 1"2565.474.8320.57'3
QuinlanGantherDel City HSQBB 1220205' 6"1705.314.33227'3.5QB MVP
AustinMagesPerkins-Tryon HSQBB 4320215' 9 1/2"1654.944.45278'8
GunnerThrashPerkins-Tryon HSQBB 4420225' 4 1/2"1226.035.0415.56'4
JacobWilsonElk CityQBB 1320215' 11 1/2"1335.514.67207'8
CadenBohanonChoctaw HSRBB 5820205' 3 1/2"1695.785.05186'7
NolanCaywoodCleveland HSRBB 4720185' 7"1744.884.0725.58'2
JackWoodsEdmond Santa Fe HSRBB 1720195' 7"1624.784.19298'5.5RB MVP
Kendrick BellPerkins-Tryon HSRBB 2620215' 7"1795.344.77226'10
MarleeForsbergUnion HSTEB 5420216' 0"1925.374.8620.57'3
JeremiahBuyckesUnion HSWRB 5920215' 11"1615.064.46237'11.5
CooperChristianOologoh-Talala Public SchoolsWRB 4620205' 3"12354.722.57'3Co-WR MVP
ToryDillard Jr.Union HSWRB 1920205' 4 1/2"1374.844.3926.58'2.5
BrynnenEpperleyBethel HSWRB 4220225' 8"1255.384.6720.57'1.5
KolbyMcDonaldBeaver HSWRB 5220185' 11"1644.84.66227'3
DiegoMirandaRobert H. Goddard HSWRB 5620186' 0"1734.594.232.59'9Combine King
ColtonStacyMetro Christian HSWRB 1620186' 0"1644.934.4627.58'10
BrentonWestenhaverBeaver HSWRB 4520186' 0"1574.954.65268'5.5
KendalTaltonEdmond Memorial HSWRB 6220185' 11 1/2"1804.564.29319'3Co-WR MVP
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NUC Sports Midwest 5 Star Showcase Top Performers

03/26/2017DB MVPXJaronAndersonB62018Columbus AficentricOHDBDB70160
03/26/2017DL MVPXJustinWeaverB432019Moore High SchoolKYDLLB77221
03/26/2017LB MVPXIfechukwuOnyemenamB412018St Michael's College SchoolONLBLB71195
03/26/2017OL MVPXCharlesTurnerY732019Canton McKinleyOHOLDL78251
03/26/2017Overall MVPXChadDouglasB742018IndependenceOHDLOL71286
03/26/2017OVR JR High MVPXShaneHammY302021Austintown FitchOHQBDB70178
03/26/2017QB MVPXGageRetherfordY152019Hamilton High SchoolOHQBQB70205
03/26/2017RB MVPXDae'vonBryantY452019Princeton high schoolOHRBATH64187
03/26/2017TE MVPXGreerStoneY832019West Jessamine High SchoolKYTELB72.5213
03/26/2017WR MVPXCalebPriceY492018Arlington High SchoolOHWRQB73170
03/26/2017HeismanSkeensY472019Mississinewa high schoolINATHLB68147
03/26/2017AidenAlliB42019Trinity College SchoolONDBLB70.5144
03/26/2017DeonTilleryB92018Hamilton High SchoolOHDBWR67183
03/26/2017KevonBurnettB5 2020Hamilton High SchoolOHDBDB70137
03/26/2017KyleRickardB12018Franklin High SchoolOHDBDB74.5178
03/26/2017EvanBullardB592018Wes-Del High SchoolINDLDL71229
03/26/2017JamesBateyB402019Granville High SchoolOHDLDL71234
03/26/2017RyanPonderB32019Hamilton High SchoolOHDLDL73222
03/26/2017HunterAeschbackerY162019Milan High SchoolMILBRB68179
03/26/2017JamesJonesB592018Bracken countyKYLBRB67212
03/26/2017KavonClarkY182018Lafayette Central Catholic Jr.-Sr.INLBRB69152
03/26/2017NoahHubbardB422019Mount vernon high schoolOHLBATH70190
03/26/2017XCameronAshcraftY962018Bracken countyKYOLDL72271
03/26/2017EshaanGarstY952018Archbishop Alter High SchoolOHOLOL73250
03/26/2017XJakeNationY862018Shorewood High SchoolWIOLOL73273
03/26/2017XBlakeMarshallY102018Middletown High SchoolOHQBWR69179
03/26/2017AshtonFisherY482019Mount Vernon Senior HighOHRBLB68156
03/26/2017CalebStevensY112018Riverside High SchoolOHRBATH69177
03/26/2017EmmanuelAnthonyY422020Groveport Madison High SchoolOHRBLB68157
03/26/2017EthanRogersY312020Columbus NorthINRBRB70206
03/26/2017MichaelCollinsY122020Madison PlainsOHRBLB66144
03/26/2017CharlieBonhamY592019Mount Vernon HSOHTEWR75195
03/26/2017GatlinHumphreyY542018Apollo High SchoolKYTEDL74.5232
03/26/2017TylerRiceY532019Bracken countyKYTEDL73.5190
03/26/2017AnthonyJonesY192019Eastern high schoolKYWRDB69.5148
03/26/2017AustinGilbertY442018Franklin High SchoolOHWRWR69141
03/26/2017XHoseaBurnettY172018Hamilton High SchoolOHWRWR73166
03/26/2017RaeQuanPrinceY462019Winton Woods High SchoolOHWRQB67150
03/26/2017TrentLinnemanY882020Lakota eastOHWRLB72162
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NUC Sports Combine 2017 Results Lexington, Kentucky

2017 NUC Event Results - Lexington Combine

2017 Lexington789 Comb KingXJaydenFarmerY452020Ballard High SchoolKYRBDB6816831.584.64.7
2017 LexingtonCO-DL MVPXJJWeaverB642019Moore high schoolKYDLLB75220307.14.754.88
2017 LexingtonCO-DL MVPXMichaelBunkerB692018Lehman Catholic High SchoolOHDLTE7622532.57.64.784.72
2017 LexingtonDB MVPXJdalSmithB732019Ballard High SchoolKYDBWR7115723.58.14.255
2017 LexingtonLB MVPXMikeBartramB672019Wayne High School WVWVLBRB72200298.24.344.9
2017 LexingtonOL MVPXAndrewCliftonY952020Johnson centralKYOLOL73310206.66.15.9
2017 LexingtonOverall MVPXLoganCastlemanY362019BeechwoodKYDBWR70175298.94.284.5
2017 LexingtonQB MVPXRyleyPreeceY432020Johnson Central High SchoolKYQBLB7015528.
2017 LexingtonRB MVPXTellyByrdY462020Ballard High SchoolKYRBLB6816326.57.114.95
2017 LexingtonTE MVPXTylerRiceY712019Bracken CountyKYTEDL73.519021.57.64.725.5
2017 LexingtonWR MVPXAnthonyJonesY482019Eastern high schoolKYWRDB7016328.594.284.6
2017 LexingtonAlijahSickelsY72020Waggener High ScholKYWRDB6914426.
2017 LexingtonAndrewUhlsB792018St. XavierKYDLDB78235278.24.55.1
2017 LexingtonXAuarinStubblefieldY862018Bracken CountyKYRBRB74.5240317.64.45.2
2017 LexingtonBradenSnyderY62019RichwoodWVWRWR68182308.34.54.8
2017 LexingtonBraidenCastleB782020Johnson CentralKYDLOL73275216.25.25.68
2017 LexingtonBrandonAmickY762019RichwoodWVQBQB70.521625.
2017 LexingtonCalebKurtzB682019Ballard High SchoolKYDLLB71220226.65.25.6
2017 LexingtonCameronAshcraftY942018Bracken CountyKYOLOL73260166.16.36.2
2017 LexingtonCameronThompsonY442020Spencer CountyKYRBLB70165317.64.44.9
2017 LexingtonCameronWillisY742021Johnson CountyKYOLOL681921666.55.72
2017 LexingtonChaseLawsonB702020Madison SouthernKYDLTE7020825.
2017 LexingtonXChrisFosterB752020Ballard High SchoolKYDBRB70.517030.
2017 LexingtonClaySheltonB772018Wayne CountyKYLBTE7320424.
2017 LexingtonClayTinsleyY382020Madison SouthernKYWRATH72150258.54.44.8
2017 LexingtonClaytonCruiseY922018Tates Creek High SchoolKYOLOL7530012.
2017 LexingtonCurtisSummarsY002019Whitley county high schoolKYDLOL75.53601756.35.9
2017 LexingtonDajuanDavisB502019Frankfort High SchoolKYDBWR7216023.
2017 LexingtonDanielCobbB702020Madison SouthernKYDLDL74298236.355.6
2017 LexingtonDarionDearingerY732021Anderson County High SchoolKYTEDL74205218.94.85.37
2017 LexingtonDavidYoungB722020Ballard High SchoolKYDBDB67112267.855
2017 LexingtonDoyeWardY792021RichwoodWVWRWR69194227.45.035.5
2017 LexingtonDylanPrestonB542021Johnson Central High SchoolKYDBWR69156298.44.35
2017 LexingtonEddiePatrickY842019Johnson Central High SchoolKYOLOL7528017.56.15.755.6
2017 LexingtonGavinHulbergY492018Johnson Central High SchoolKYRBRB71.51853394.124.8
2017 LexingtonGriffinApplemanY702018Bracken CountyKYRBLB69.521025.
2017 LexingtonHaydenBurdetteB782018RichwoodWVLBLB69.5185227.115.44.1
2017 LexingtonHaydenHassY392020Cabell Midland High SchoolWVRBDB66135257.44.34.9
2017 LexingtonHunterAmickY892019RichwoodWVOLOL6922021.
2017 LexingtonHunterScottY962021Johnson CentralKYOLDL7130515.
2017 LexingtonIkeBooneY92020RichwoodWVOLOL68198175.16.56.1
2017 LexingtonIsaacAmickY782019RichwoodWVOLOL7418917.
2017 LexingtonJamesJonesB772018Bracken CountyKYLBLB70210227.75.165.3
2017 LexingtonJarronJohnsonY992018RichwoodWVOLOL7526519865.4
2017 LexingtonJaysonCoburnY352022Madison SouthernKYQBQB64.510910.
2017 LexingtonJesseJudeY42019Logan High ScoolWVRBLB69.516025.57.24.975
2017 LexingtonXJohnLynchY762019Lexington CatholicKYOLDB7627517.575.96
2017 LexingtonXJohnYoungY942020Christian Academy of LouisvilleKYOLOL782801876.15.9
2017 LexingtonJosiahBowmanY372019St. Mary Catholic Secondary SchoolONQBWR7515029.
2017 LexingtonKystenMoralesB602021Bracken CountyKYLBLB69.521015.
2017 LexingtonXLarryJohnsonY22019Moore high schoolKYRBLB68.518531.584.654.9
2017 LexingtonLawrenceMclemoreY422020spencer countyKYWRLB7015024.
2017 LexingtonMalikWrightY982020Lasalle High SchoolOHOLDL7123520.
2017 LexingtonMatthewBishopB622021Bracken CountyKYLBLB70180166.25.195.4
2017 LexingtonMichaelMcGeeY772020RichwoodWVWRWR73175237.54.595.25
2017 LexingtonMichaelMorganY862020DuPont Manual High SchoolKYRBLB66.51603384.64.86
2017 LexingtonNickCareyB622019Lexington CatholicKYDLDL71.520126.574.85.4
2017 LexingtonNoahPowersY472021Covington Catholic High SchoolKYQBQB7316520.54.65.07
2017 LexingtonNoahTurnerY822018Simon KentonKYOLOL73.5288196.26.15.9
2017 LexingtonOwenLeMasterB602022Johnson Central High SchoolKYDLOL68.519321.
2017 LexingtonPaulRussellB822020Ballard High SchoolKYDLOL69295215.85.57
2017 LexingtonRaeVon VadenY12020Moore high schoolKYQBQB7018824.
2017 LexingtonRonaldBrownY402020New AlbanyINRBLB63.514227.
2017 LexingtonRyanMattinglyB712020Lexington CatholicKYLBRB7218223.
2017 LexingtonSabeonTurnerB762019Scott High School (Covington)KYDBLB72152237.44.55.3
2017 LexingtonSethShepherdY722020Madison SouthernKYTEDL7421524.56.95.15
2017 LexingtonShawntezMatthewsB792019Logan High SchoolWVLBRB7121824.
2017 LexingtonTobySpriggsB252021Johnson CentralKYDBDB7315920.
2017 LexingtonTreyHutchisonY412018Union County High SchoolKYWRDB7116033.
2017 LexingtonTylerStringfellowY32018Albia High SchoolIAWRLB74165359.34.334.8
2017 LexingtonWilBraggB602018RichwoodWVLBLB7121524.
2017 LexingtonWillDuncanB522020Ballard High SchoolKYDBDB66.514522.57.34.724.8
2017 LexingtonZacSchachtnerB652018Tolton High SchoolMODLTE76227329.24.64.9
2017 LexingtonZachRussellY752021Johnson CentralKYTEDL74.519820.
2017 LexingtonZacharyMcCoyY882020Cabell Midland High SchoolWVRBTE7621526.56.84.785.3
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How is your resume looking? Yes, your resume!

Coach’s Corner

Weekly Recruiting Thoughts from Legendary Recruiting Coordinator Bob Chmiel


How is your resume looking? Yes, your resume!


You may believe the term “resume’ is a long way off in your life. However, you are about to apply for a position with a large “company” – that company being a university and, more specifically, one of its athletic programs. Your body of work up to this point is, in fact, your resume. It shapes a school’s opinion of you as an applicant, and it shapes a coach’s opinion of you as a recruit. When you are accepted into a school or an athletic program, people are making a long-term investment in you. Your resume determines their willingness to make that investment.


So what goes on your resume? A few of the items are obvious: your transcript, your test scores, your highlight footage. These aspects of your resume are critically important. Visit your class counselor and make sure everything is in perfect order sooner rather than later, as it’s much easier to fix problems if you catch them early. When a school asks for your transcript, you want to be able to get it to them quickly. This makes all the difference during the recruiting process, as those who have their acts together move up to the front of the recruiting line.


Your highlight tapes – while not indicative of your entire skill set – should prove that you possess the ability to play at the level of a given school. A highlight video will not earn you a scholarship, but if it’s made correctly, it may just convince coaches to come see you in person. At that point, it’s up to you to close the deal on the court or the field.


Finally, your resume gives decision makers in admissions departments or athletic programs a snapshot of who you are as a person. Colleges and universities want well-rounded individuals who do more than play sports. They want people who have had experiences outside of the classroom and off playing field. They want people who show character and concern for others in their community. Put differently, schools are looking for young men and women who can bring the “total package” to their campuses. Think about it: how do you represent yourself as that type of candidate? Do you volunteer at a homeless shelter, or maybe a veterans hospital? Do you belong to service clubs at your school? Do you participate in groups that have an emphasis on a particular subject matter at your school? Or, even better, have you taken the initiative and started a club of your own? Test scores and grades are important, but it’s a fact that well-rounded individuals are often granted admission over individuals who simply have good grades.


If you excel on the field/court and in the classroom, you’re on the right track. But if you look for opportunities to excel in other areas in which you are passionate, it will make all the difference on your resume, and you will have a tremendous opportunity to get to where you want to be.

–       Coach Bob Chmiel


About Coach Chmiel

Bob Chmiel is one of the most respected Recruiting Coordinators in the history of college football, having held the position at Northern Illinois University, Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Notre Dame. During his illustrious career, his teams appeared in fourteen college bowl games (including six Rose Bowls). He has over twenty-five years of experience working with football recruiting, and now, he serves as Dark Horse Sports Recruiting’s Director of Football Recruiting. For more information on Coach Chmiel, visit

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Coach Bob Chmiel Recruiting Tips and Advice – From Dark Horse Recruiting


About Coach Chmiel

Bob Chmiel is one of the most respected Recruiting Coordinators in the history of college football, having held the position at Northern Illinois University, Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Notre Dame. During his illustrious career, his teams appeared in fourteen college bowl games (including six Rose Bowls). He has over twenty-five years of experience working with football recruiting, and now, he serves as Dark Horse Sports Recruiting’s Director of Football Recruiting. For more information on Coach Chmiel, visit

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How is your resume looking? Yes, your resume!

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