Discussing when to outsource full-time vs. project based outsourcing

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Lesson From Great Leader | Derek Gallimore and Coach Schuman discuss when to outsource full-time vs. project based outsourcing See more videos like these at If you are an athlete looking to get your name out there go to…

Lesson From Great Leader | Derek Gallimore and Coach Schuman discuss when to outsource full-time vs. project based outsourcing

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I've struggled myself with many Different ways and I think a lot of People struggle with the cost and the Different methods to go and outsource Who to trust I'm and I am obviously you're there in The Philippines so you get to work Directly with your group which is Probably a huge advantage I would assume What are some of the things that people Should really look for an outsourcing And in when you get 9 million emails on It a day how do you sift through I mean I guess I don't know how people figure Out that you have your own business and And all that kind of stuff but when you When your sift through that how do you Sift through outsource you define Someone like yourself and you know find The right price fine to find the right Product is it true is there what's a Good method yeah absolutely and look Outsourcing it's a really broad term so You've got the kind of Tim Ferriss site Hustle kind of freelancer type Outsourcing there's the up work and Freelancer that that kind of catered to Those one-off jobs the logos things like That and then the other end of the Spectrum you have high professionalized Outsourcing suppliers that might be you Know they might have American Express And Toyota and Microsoft as their client So you have the full spectrum of this

Thing and you know where I suggest for People if you've got a small and Medium-sized business even if you're an Entrepreneur or startup is start in the Mid-range of that spectrum where you Have professionalized outsourcing Services but the suppliers the companies Where I used working with small and Medium-sized businesses and Entrepreneurs in the West and they're You know you're not dealing with Home-based people the risk with Home-based people is that you're just Exposed to you know far more variants There's no quality control and there's Sort of more external uncertainties Whereas if you go with a professional Supplier then you know everything is a Lot more reliable they cost a little bit More but you're still saving about 70% On the salaries that you would pay in The West Right and then I guess I guess the Question on that is everybody like to Have like for example virtual assistant Right You know I've burned through a few of Those I've had some real good ones but Obviously they want to have consistent Work and and and they're certain tastic To do and my frustration and probably a Lot of other people's frustration is They can do this part really well but What you progress beyond that then then

They struggle so you need a different Virtual assistant to do something else And you know it so how do you work People through that how do you work Custom like how do you find for Customers the the best fit legs you know Up for one-off projects you know fivers Been great like you know I you I want to Do something inexpensive and and an Allen Pfeiffer is pretty good you know You make a mistake they kick you back to Dough which is which is great like you Know a guy doesn't do their job they Just take you back to doe know basically You filter out but if you go and invest In a virtual assistant it's not like Investing in an employee or if it Weren't any other task I guess but it's Not exactly like investing an employee But there is an investment in with Without having to get at some level of Traditional interview or inexperienced We we rely a lot on someone like Yourself to be able to guide us right so Yeah how does that work yeah absolutely We can help guide you through the market On our website we list 700 outsourcing Suppliers you know and we can help you Navigate the market and also help you Set up the team and the structure and The processes that are appropriate for Your needs and your business in terms of You know you hit the nail on the head When you said it's it's similar to

Employment and employing someone there's A whole spectrum of outsourcing so if You need a $5 logo done and you don't Need anything else beyond that that is Really a project you know and that's Like in the u.s. getting someone to do a Project for you That is very different To an ongoing role that then effectively You treat them as an employee and I want To sort of demystify what outsourcing is And I think the simplest way is to just Consider outsourcing the same as Employment except that they are based Somewhere else other than you that other Than you know your hometown so if you Think that no different to employment Then you know if you'd look for Part-time people then generally they're Not going to be as reliable if you look For one-off jobs then generally they're Going to be juggling a lot of different Jobs whereas if you you know find Someone invest in them upfront in terms Of bringing them on board the culture The education creating the processes Then those people will really really pay Off over the longer term so it is a Slight bigger commitment but then the The returns are exponential compared to A lot of people that kind of engage in This early stage of outsourcing and then They find they take kind of two steps Forwards then three months later two

Steps back they stop again and that There's kind of a giant frustrates you That's a that's a really good point So you're invested in them like they you Know as if they're oh you're regular Employees that's a big part of the Treatment as much as possible like that That way how can we tell me a little bit About how you ended up getting into this How'd you end up getting into this this Business you know I'm assuming and I Could be wrong you weren't always in the Philippines and you know how you kind of Jumped over there tell me a little bit More about that yeah absolutely stopped Being running businesses since I was About 20 which is about 20 years and in About 2011 I had a pretty big and fast Growing business in London and I Realized that I needed 24/7 customer Service for there and I just wasn't Going to get that affordably in London So outsourcing presented itself and I'm Very quickly saw how incredibly Effective outsourcing Was for my business and also a lot of Other businesses I then moved over here To Manila in the Philippines in 2014 and You know for people that haven't been Here it is an outsourcing Mecca for the World that is the world capital of Outsourcing and I realize that you know There's about 1.2 million professionals And outsourcing here there's about sort

Of you know and so there's this huge Highly sophisticated industry in Outsourcing and I realized that there Was no aggregator platform there is no Way of you guys in the West you know Whether you're in the UK US wherever With small businesses have no way of Navigating this market so you know I Created that aggregator platform which Is outsource accelerated

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