Coach Schuman Discussing What You need To Do Become Your Best

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Coach Schuman Discussing What You need To Do Become Your Best Talking to athletes about what it takes to become your best. See more videos like these at If you are an athlete looking to get your name out…

Coach Schuman Discussing What You need To Do Become Your Best
Talking to athletes about what it takes to become your best.

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About some important things number one Obviously we had one side when it once I Lose but it's how you go from here what Are you gonna do to improve yourself if You're on the winning side you could be Complacent and that's good enough for You or you're gonna be get better every Single day if you're on the losing side As young men you got to hold your head High Talk to your coaches figure out what you Got to do it improve if there are things That you weren't doing now you'll Probably listen to them a little bit More clearly as the things that you got To do okay it's important this process You guys are young eighth grade you've Got four years of high school and if You're good enough to play in college Hopefully four or five years of college You guys think about everything what you Can do each and every day to get better The last thing academically okay I can't The sizes enough I own an NFL agent here Represent NFL players I see with the NUC Events which is the stuff bunch of Jersey they're over 20,000 athletes a Year and I can tell you this to be a Hundred percent true almost half of Those kids that could go on the college Do not because they don't do the job Academically and there's no better time Than starting right now if you guys Dismiss class if you don't pay attention

If where the teachers talking to you Your eyes are wandering or coach is Talking to you your eyes are wandering And you're not paying attention to the Person in front of you then there's an Issue you have to focus every single day And try to do everything you can to be Great in that includes a classroom then Close doing the right thing and being Around the right people the more you do That the better off you're going to be How many of you guys want to play Football in college so there's not one Hand here I think that of anybody that Does not want to play football every Single person wants to play football Here in college okay how many you guys Want to play at we call it Division one Level or FBS level every single one if You want to play at the Division one Level now the reality is that not every Single one of you may get the Opportunity but there is a place for you You may play a Division one level Against scholarship the key is to do the Job so you get yourself to a better Academic school then you would have Normally gotten into utilizing your Football Skill sets okay and then maybe maybe if You do all the right things over those Next eight nine years you could be a guy That could be going on to the NFL one Day you have to dream big but you have

To take the steps necessary in order to Get there okay you have the goal the NFL To get a college scholarship but you Have to take the steps necessary if you Don't do that then you're gonna limit How far you go don't limit yourself okay Play doesn't go well for you I see this I see this drives me crazy heads hanging Listen you're gonna get beat somewhere Along like sometimes guys are gonna beat You here and there okay it's how you Respond okay Encourage the guy who's down make sure He picks his head up when you make a Good play congratulate them pick him up Off the ground when someone gets tackled Somebody gets tackled for a loss on your Team pick him up off the ground there's Nobody that feels worse than that person Right nobody feels worse than him when a Bad play happens nobody feels worse than That person so you pick them up because If you get all of the guys on the same Page all the time you'll have a better Overall team okay All right anybody have any questions About anything all right for the Champions Jersey squad all right guys Listen let's call it up all together bar Work on three as a unit One two groups two guys thank you guys For coming out I need to award winners Quick for a picture right after okay and Then the award winning squad come on in

Here let's go give me a leer come on I'm Good take charge's Three what's a beer [Applause]

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