The five most important things kids need to learn and it’s not taught in school

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Coach Schuman Discuses: The five most important things kids need to learn and it’s not taught in school. 4 of the five 2-5 are taught in football and in a lot of sports 1. How to make and manage money…

Coach Schuman Discuses:
The five most important things kids need to learn and it’s not taught in school. 4 of the five 2-5 are taught in football and in a lot of sports

1. How to make and manage money
2. How to communicate with others effectively
3. How to make positive good decisions and the thought process behind it.
4. How to ask for help
5. How to overcome adversity and struggles when bad things happen

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Hello everybody hope everybody's doing Well this July 4th we gonna wanted to Talk about something that I think is so Cool and so important that every athlete Every parent every kid needs to Understand it's five most important Things kids need to learn and it's not Taught in school forties five are things Get that can be learned in football and In many other sports as well but they're Not taught in school at least not as Part of a primary thing you know the Golden rule do as others as you would Yourself is definitely taught in school From time you're young even even as Early as preschool but that is a best Prevailing theme that's that's there for Students throughout the time in school But not always explained in the way that People can understand it down I remember It as a kid it's something that we try To apply it to simple one it's an easy One to understand you probably don't Need a lot much more once you learn that But i'ma talk about five things that is Not talking school primarily but you Will learn or these and in football I Think it's critical for life skills Number one which you know obviously we Don't talk about that much enough legs Unless you're going to be somebody That's going to be a pro is how to make You manage money what I've learned Throughout my life is that it's

Important to not just understand how to Manage the money that you make but how To also make money so for whatever You're looking to accomplish you have That and it's not that money is to be All and all but it is something that is Going to be very important for you to Understand how to be able to go out and Make money whatever your career is Whatever you want to do and how to be Able to manage money so be able to take Care of that money when you get it one Of the great things I heard that that Jack talks about is when he first got That million dollar bonus before he's Even finally drafted he got an Endorsement bonus of a million dollars I Remember Maker what it was but he spent all that Million dollars in one day three of them On cars and a bunch of other things so Learn how to make you manage your money Is an important skill set that is Touched upon in school if you take an Accounting class in high school it might Be taught a little bit there And if your college your major happens To be business or something like that You should begin to learn those things But it's not directly taught you know People don't know how to do such simple Things as being able to write a check How to be able to understand the fees That are taken out in your bank account

If you're going to invest we're in those Fees understanding that and they're Saying how to manage your money is a Critical part and something I've always Had to learn I didn't come from it so I Struggled with that part but I think It's one of the most important skill Sets because it's not always taught in The home some cases it is and a lot of Cases it is so it's important for you to Learn that number two how to communicate Effectively with others and this is the Most important part of interpersonal Relationships and part of doing the Right thing how to communicate and Understand people is a key aspect to Your success in anything that you're Going to do you have to be able to read What the other person is trying to Communicate to you how to empathize with Them when necessary as to what they Might be feeling about certain things That's really important that empathy is A key understanding because if you want To be able to help somebody if you want To be able to have somebody do something For you if you want them to want to do Something with you team up with you you Have to be able to communicate and you Know the football field that's the most Important thing that we talk about all The time teaching each others how to Communicate not just from a verbal Standpoint but nonverbal communication

How you conduct yourself how you carry Yourself how you present yourself are Key aspects so communicating effectively With others learning that skill Said seeking out ways to get better at Communicating is really important and That sports is one of the biggest things For that number three how to make Positive good decisions and the thought Process behind it so making good Decisions doing the right thing Everybody struggles with that all the Time what is the right thing well if You're gonna do the best and right thing At all times you're gonna be okay but Understanding that people talk about Doing the right thing but if someone Doesn't didn't grow up understanding or Being trying to do the right thing that Can be difficult so you got to teach the Thought process behind doing the right Thing what is the effect of patterns for This why doing X over Y is the right Move and how will it benefit others if You look at it from that perspective Always and how in the long run it will Benefit you making positive good Decisions is always going to be Beneficial but you have to learn the Thought process behind it why was that Decision made how can it be done better How can you improve on a decision how Can you make a decision that may not Have been a good decision can how can

You correct it owning up to your own Mistakes is credible number four and and I believe that making the decisions in Sports is a key aspect and sport you Have to make those on the fly all the Time so you apply that to your life and Realize this has to be how can I make The best decision each time how to ask For help is number four Sports is Amazing for this football in particular If you don't know something put your ego Aside and ask for help ask someone who May know finding mentors can be very Valuable but also people you respect Trust love asking for help in situations Where you may not have the answer or you May have a need is very very important Because the people will be comfortable Asking you for help as well be somebody That's willing Lend a helping hand and always be Willing to work with other people that's Important so asking for help is a key Aspect and I found that most people are Willing to help you if you're willing to Put your ego side and ask for help and Number five I think this is this is Credible this is probably the one of Them the two or three most important Aspects of sports how to overcome Adversity and struggles when bad things Happen so in sports you have a lot of Failures drop a pass make mistake you Get beat on a play and other sports

There's many other things that come Across but I usually apply a lot of Things for football standpoint are you Willing to dust yourself off pick Yourself up and get back in the game and That's part of the struggles in life you Fail a test how you gonna fix that are You willing to go talk to your teacher What can you do to get extra credit get Extra help something bad happens in your Family somebody gets sick That's an adversity messes with your Mind how will you handle that you're Feeling lazy today you don't feel like Working out You've got to shift your mindset and get Yourself to be able to focus on your Goals that you have set in order to Overcome adversity and struggles when Bad things happen and when you Understand these five things when you Begin to set goals okay you will be able To look at these five things and say are These effectively putting me in a Position to be where I want to be am i Doing the right thing am I making good Decisions do I ask for help when needed Am i managing myself effectively and Then one day managing my money Effectively am i able to overcome bad Things that happen struggles when they Happen fighting through it those are key Things how do I communicate at others How can I help others five most

Important things if you learn these and They're not taught in school at least Not extensively You'll always be alright and four of Those five two through five Communicating effectively others Positively decisions all across behind Ask for help overcoming adversity and Strong's and bad things happen are all Tore in sports and especially in Football and that's what makes it such a Great sport and number one one how to Make and manage money is just a critical Life skill for you to have coach Schumann enjoy your your life with Regan Talk to you soon signing off Have a great and fantastic day

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