It’s So Important to Choose A Profession That You Love

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It’s So Important to Choose A Profession That You Love Why Doing What You Love Is Important to your Livelihood Coach Schuman Discusses why its important to do what you love. In this episode we talk about why your love…

It’s So Important to Choose A Profession That You Love
Why Doing What You Love Is Important to your Livelihood

Coach Schuman Discusses why its important to do what you love.
In this episode we talk about why your love for what you do will trump any deadend job you dont like.
How you will eventually make money because you will work to do whatever you will do.

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I think today's a really good place to Start since as we coming up on the Football season I want to talk about you Know your old aspirations of what you're Trying to do and we try and accomplish You know what when I all the time when I'm at different events or family Gathered or something it's so Interesting to see people approach what You do in life and I've been a football Coach for 17 years now ever on my own Company for 17 years and it's around Obviously football primarily and people Will it's interesting to see their faces And what they think about it you can Tell a lot from from being people and so I think what's interesting about it is When you have people that follow Traditional routes versus when you go Out and do what you want to be and what You want to become and what you're Interested in becoming and what excites You most people don't know how to react To it because their first thought is how Can you make money doing that and as Someone who's been in his own business Since 2003 you know you do ride highs And lows and and there's some that's Part of the process and so people who Aren't part of that process don't Understand that process and that's Always difficult and that always makes The conversation a lot of times short Because as an entrepreneur you know or

Somebody who does what you love either Way people who don't do what they love Do things just for a paycheck Those people struggle to have Conversations with people could do what They want to do because they love it in Life they want to quantify it as a hobby But you're making money at it and you're Having a career at it Because they haven't figured it out and So I think what's really interesting is In your own life to understand you know What excites you what motivates you to Have a challenge you know if you can Every single day but as often as Possible and have I think living living Your life especially in the world where In today is living a life that Constitutes your values constitute Something that that you find exciting Every single day obviously you want to Be able to support your family and doing So figure something out that you love And you'll be able to to never have to Work a day in your life and because Going out and getting after it is what You do and it's so interesting because Your life is exciting to you and you Can't it's very hard to express that the People who just work because of the fact That they have to you almost they are Thinking and trying to figure out what You're doing and you're thinking how do I explain this person that I just enjoy

Every day and get to be around amazing People especially you know as a coach Around the amazing young people but in My business same exact thing people are Full of hope and energy every single day You're full of hope and energy every Single day it's hard to explain that you Want to be full of full of hope and Energy and you want to be able to Articulate that to other people I just Think it's a mindset and until it clicks In life people won't get it and so you Have to be able to recognize instead of Take offense to it which I think a lot Of people do when they defend what they Do instead of defending it Hey you know this is what I do this is What I enjoy doing And I'm lucky enough to be able to make A career out of it Period end of story there's no dollar Value on the fact that you could enjoy Every single day and once you figure That out then eventually at some point You're gonna click as to what's the best Avenue to be able to support your family Support yourself and you know be Successful at because it's something you Want to do every single day and I'm so Excited that 17 years ago I figured it Out maybe a little bit more than Seventeen years ago that I figured that Part out didn't figure everything out But I figured that part out and since

Then even though there's highs and lows Just because you enjoy what you do Doesn't mean it's not gonna sometimes be Hard sometimes you get burned out Sometimes you get stressed out that's The same in anything you do but at the End of the day you're doing what you Want to do and there's nothing better in Life than being able to do that and just Having the joy of being able to to have That success in it's something that you Really want to be in and people who Don't get to live that life don't get to Enjoy that and you can see it on their Face when they ask you about what you do And what's really cool is when someone Is genuinely intrigued and how you Figure that out because they're trying To figure it out for yourself and when You see that you want to kind of help I Always think it's my duty to try and see If I can help foster that process for Them because they're searching and Hopefully they find it Coach Schumann signing off we'll talk to You again real soon

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