Tennessee beats Alabama

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Tennessee beats Alabama #coachschuman #collegefootball #winning #tennesseefootball

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00:00 Introduction
01:58 D1 Promo
04:02 Newspapers and Press Build Players Confidence
08:44 The Path to Success in College Football is no longer Linear
13:17 Tennessee whips Alabama
16:20 Hooker is an exciting QB
20:18 Michigan wore out Penn State with the Run Game
25:16 Notre Dame has some soul searching to do
29:59 Notre Dame has a recruiting problem
33:11 Get a coach that combines brian kelly skills and marcus freeman’s personality

Foreign [Music] Was very popular I'm I'm less popular Well I try to schedule everything around This You know so when you when you when you Slide in at 12 20 what am I going to do It's my fault 100 I had my computer I Ran a pickleball event One of the days was canceled from my my Event in September I had to do the mixed Doubles Makeup yesterday So I had my compute like I had you know I do like the stuff from my computer at The event and Um So I had it in my bag with all the other Stuff with like cameras and different Things and I left it in the uh U-Haul I Had so I was like I came down here and I'm like all right I'm getting set up I Have my Lighting on everything I'm like Oh wait I don't Like I do everything with my laptop so Where's the u-ball well it's outside but I had to take everything out because the Backpack was you know I had uh Stereo equipment I had tables I you know All this crap in there so I just pulled Everything out which took me about 10 Minutes big deal pickleball is a big Deal apparently it's fond dude it's fine

I know I know I know I got to get into It I gotta get into it it's just one of Those things Tom Brady just bought a Pickleball team it's going to be Professionals could be on TV and more Than ever and um You know but but anyways um so promotion Wise uh D1 Got some interesting news we got a Commitment Well uh you know uh Krueger Carson Krueger yep is committed to Drake Um you know and people will be like well That's not Alabama no it's not uh kids Who commit to Alabama don't need Promotion Um you know what it is it's about Getting your education paid for and Getting you to play college football at The college level and then see where you Go from there and with the portal Doesn't matter Um you know look at the the kids from an Incarnate Word Uh you know uh Cameron Ward Bailey's Happy Bailey's happy he's a starting Quarterback in the NFL started FCS So Um but the other exciting news uh Gavin Marshall I got his first uh Varsity He led his first comeback in Varsity uh They played a team that wins the state

Championship all the time Um you know he started off this season As a third string Now he's The starter and they won 35-21 over a Team that's beating them I don't know 14 In a row so it just shows you know like You need an opportunity when you get Your opportunity it can't be too big for You you have to go out there and perform Uh and if you do that the good things Are going to happen whether you're Overlooked like you know Krueger sitting Behind Cade Club Nick at the Clemson you Know for two years in high school Or whether you're a young kid like like Gavin who's you know just starting off On his career and waiting for his Opportunity and making the most of it Yeah I can't wait to do that video too About him Um it's it's so exciting because you Know what else it is The kids that are in the six-month Program they know as they do good things They have someone that's gonna then Back up it doesn't go into space let's Put like yeah into space right like In the old days and I'd go back to the Old days because I I think this was a Big deal much bigger than people Realized when you had newspapers and you Remember this probably when you were in High school right

You did something it was in a newspaper It would say like Dave Schuman nine yard Run uh Dave Schumann 45-yard run uh I Went to Saddle Brook High School and we Looked my were pretty good but then my Senior were terrible but it would still Say okay son of a gloss 21-14 uh so and So from so and so did this this and this And Dave Schumann rushed for two Touchdowns and 120 yards and so those Things as far as reinforcement that You're on the right path no matter how Good your team is doing or not right Is I I was very very valuable as a Player you you got to see what other Kids were doing And you knew what you were doing right But now because newspapers aren't a big Deal it's in the space called the Internet right and so the only thing you Really see is who follows you and who Does value and everybody follows guys That have 9 000 offers right so you Don't realize how good you're doing you May be doing fantastic and other people May not realize it that's what to me is So valuable about this this is like a Sidebar value right yeah Yeah and I mean as you mentioned I mean you could You could do great things I mean we had The the Groover kid uh you know every One of his touchdowns probably went out From his Twitter account and somebody

Else's Twitter account and nobody saw it Uh and then we put out every one of his Touchdowns and everybody sees it Um that's just the way it is you know I Just read it we treated uh martial X you Know tweet and we'll do a separate video On his success and you know and it's Funny too because Krueger just lost four Wide receivers four injured wide Receivers so he just had to run the ball A billion times and it just shows his Versatility we have that video now we're Gonna put that out and and it doesn't Matter that he's already committed I Don't care and you know you know what And and he lost now his coach is a a Friend of mine Um and his coach had a step down a long Time very well known coach in Texas uh Turned around Lake Travis back in the in The in the um we had you know Garrett Gilbert those guys and um He had to step down this past week Because of personal reasons you know Something going on with his family great Fantastic guy like just you know from Running events became a good friend Right so Um So Krueger's doing all this in in really Just spectacular fashion that's why the Kudos to him you know and but it was Great he got us at the right time the Summer you know we were able to start

Putting stuff out with him and normally 2023 would be difficult okay but he got Us we could we got ahead of it so as he Started to strike gold with his play Um you know we were able to be on top of It and look at I mean to me he lands at Drake like that's just fantastic because He may have landed nowhere with his Scholarship you know and that's the Great part about it he would land it Somewhere because of his play but landed At a place that's in FCS now because of The additional opportunity everything Combined really helped him Yeah yeah and and you know as you Mentioned there's so many different Circumstances whether you're sitting Behind somebody who's great or you're Just starting off or your third string Or you know I look at A journey of of not just a quarterback But any player you know when you're Looking at this past weekend and we're Going to sort of segue into this past Weekend but You know look at Hendon hooker okay so Hendon hooker is a three-star kid from North Carolina You know committed to Virginia Tech Started off okay there and then Regressed had some Um physical issues didn't feel he was Supported by the Virginia Tech staff Uh and a lot of things that he did

Transfers to Tennessee gets the right Coach and now he's a Heisman candidate Now this isn't a no star kid with no Offers this is a three-star kid but his Journey wasn't a straight line it wasn't The way he planned it and I don't think Anything ever is Um so when you look at some of these I Mean the the the the top three passers This past weekend in college football Are all transfers all of them You're not going to have a linear path To success you know and unless you're Trevor Lawrence and you're that good you Know even Justin Fields who's not Struggling with the Bears now because They have no talent but you know he had To transfer so it's not where you start It's where you finish Um so if you can get you know an FCS Scholarship or if you can get a Low-level D1 scholarship or you get a Division two scholarship whatever it's What you do with it from that point Um and that's really what it's about We're not promising anything we're not Promising you know uh anything over your Head as far as your ability we're just Promising that you'll get looked at and You know and then it's up to you I mean I'm gonna follow him obviously it's Going to be interesting I've never Followed Drake football Ever

Um I will now And it'll be kind of interesting you Know and Drake has a kid who was Eric Sober you know played for them yeah he Was a great player yeah played for the Falcons and you know I mean I had a You know a run in the NFL Um you can come from anywhere it doesn't Matter they'll find you so that was kind Of interesting because that's our first Commitment right first commitment yep Yeah uh and this has only been around For a few months so it's kind of like Just fun to see and celebrate and that And and who knows you know that Commitment itself other schools could Still swoop in that's why we're going to Keep promoting them and and you know Options are great Um but I think there's a loyalty Factor Too that Somebody believes in you you're going to Want to play that much more for them That much harder for them and Um you know you look at Josh Allen and And Um You know his journey to Juco to Wyoming To now arguably the best quarterback in The NFL Um they were all people who believed at Him that that sent him on that Journey You know and Justin Herbert sort of the Same way now you know he went to Oregon

But he wasn't heavily recruited Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers you know Juco kid nobody Wanted you know Um it's just Russell Wilson you know recruited as a Wide receiver on and on and on there's Success stories and honestly if you Don't have to overcome stuff and Tom Brady is a great example of this you Don't have to overcome stuff you know Maybe you'd never be great you know he Was what a six round pick Um you know you really need that sort of You need to chance coupled with the the Uh intensity of being overlooked and I Think that's kind of the group of kids We've got they're gonna get a chance Because of this program And now they're just going to take it to Wherever they take it so Um but speaking of that I mean you know Transfers and and little-known recruits You know Jalen Hyatt the kid who caught Five touchdown passes against Alabama Guess where he wanted to go to school Clemson guess who didn't want him Clemson he's from South Carolina and he Ended up at Tennessee and now he had one Of the most historic games in the History of college football Against Alabama where they gave up more Than 50 points for the first time since 1907 and Tennessee broke a 15-game

Losing streak to Bama so that was pretty Exciting this weekend that game was Amazing amazing game hook hooker Over and over and over he's my son's by The way favorite player in college Football you know every at this age Seven years old they all like the NFL Right but he'll watch some college Football doesn't yet understand Everything there He all he ever talks about because every Tennessee early in the season had a I Can't remember who it was again but he Had a great game against him I think it Was one of the early wins they had a big Win and and he played great and we happy To be watching that game and he goes That guy's awesome he runs he throws and Then when they played Alabama again it Was just unbelievable how first of all A hypo being able to Do something that's been very difficult In Tennessee a lot of guys who are quote Unquote good coaches have come in there And not being able to Rally the team Get the fans behind them because the Fans in Tennessee are tough and and uh Be able to win games all at the same Time like just those three things have Been very difficult for for good quote Unquote coaches to be able to do in Tennessee and he's done all three of Those in a short time period with

Arguably not as highly rated players he Has he has a few but not as highly rated Players and Um like you feel that old Mystique Coming back with Tennessee watching it Like when Phil Fulmer's group was in Their Heyday with T Martin Um and Peyton Manning and all those guys When they had good teams but heidiboy Has something different about it man That he brings that Oklahoma offense Where he was coached by like what leech He melts a lot of different styles Together which I think is really really Impressive from an offensive standpoint He obviously I don't know his You know what he was as far as like S.a.t score but he seems to be a Fantastic football mind yeah Yeah and he wasn't really You know when he was hired uh you know Danny White came from UCF became the new Athletic director when Philip Fulmer you Know stepped down and all this stuff he Wasn't highly coveted or thought of at UCF because he he was following Scott Frost and Scott Frost one the mythical National title that year and all that Stuff so it wasn't even like he was you Know a guy that everybody Everybody's First Choice so it was Similar to Butch Jones similar to You know Jeremy Pruitt Um so it's a real surprise that he's

Been this good his offenses were always Good there but to take it to this level In the SEC to make hooker a guy who you Know struggled at Virginia Tech off and On to a three interception guy last Season to a guy who makes very few Mistakes he threw a pick this week but Um just an unbelievable Heisman Candidate just shows he knows Quarterbacks he knows offense that Offense it's not complex It's situational it's match up and the Stunning thing about it was that Dave Ball I mean not Dave ball um Uh the defensive coordinators his name's Evading me at this point in time for for Alabama didn't adjust properly Um you know if I saw Jalen high on him One more deep slant wide open or I mean The safety play the cornerback play Golding is it yeah it's just not what You expect from Nick Saban at all Yeah the defensive is it Golding that's A defensive coordinator yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah That it definitely is not and Tennessee uses space so well they do a Great job using space the quarterback Has an understanding of he has Within that office is a really good Understanding of when to take off and When to try to make a play with you know Which is like he doesn't always just

Take off you know like he really tries To say Bryce young just like Bryce young Man yeah these parents have the ability To keep their eyes down feel while Scrambling which is very very hard to do And teach Very very hard and they just they have a Nice feel they know when the Escape Moment is right like he knows time to Escape but he's he's trying to find guys Right up until that that moment that It's time to escape so when he does Escape it really he really you know it Looks like he really can run for Acres Because of it but he has such good Timing on it but yeah it's it's so Honestly I think it's the best thing for College football like you know obviously Nick Saban is a legend and all these Things but there's times when I've Rooted for them but there's also times Like this when I was like I would love To see Tennessee win this game because It'll be so great for college football To have another team in the mix that That can do something Yeah it's I mean because people people Hate Alabama just because they win all The time and they've won so much so There's this feeling of you know anybody That beats him is is a big deal and it's Great and I don't find myself that way At all Um you know rooting for or against even

Though I'm tired of Alabama being great Um there's a respect there where it's Like If Alabama wins you know when when That scooping score occurred you know I Think it was Dallas Turner who you know Picked it up on the on the RPO that Didn't work out I'm like here we go Again you know Tennessee was just up Seven now they're down seven you know it Can happen that fast But they rebounded and came back from That you know and then Alabama for some Reason threw the ball three times Um and left time on the clock after the Missed field goal and it just it was Different feel I thought in that moment When they when they gave up the Defensive touchdown they could have Folded and they didn't Um and if they did you know if Alabama Won that football game my thought Process would have been well here we go Again I mean Tennessee at least played Good and and gives their their team some Hope but you know 16 in a Road Alabama Is just the way it is but with them Winning It just changes a lot of things it makes Things pretty exciting Um you've got UGA coming up for them You know you might have a rematch if They beat UGA in the SEC Championship Game with Alabama I mean there's just Going to be some fun football

Coming up Um and I think the Big Ten the same way Because You know Penn State I didn't expect to Know when that football game against Michigan but I expected him to be in the Game and they were Until they weren't Um until their defense just wore down And they started get you know Donovan Edwards 67-yard run Blake Quorum 61-yard Run you know and then that offense just Wore them down and they were just They've just played much more physical Than Penn State was able to handle so Now I'm thinking in the Big Ten you know As you mentioned Tennessee is now a Threat in the SEC If Michigan was a threat last year they Went to the playoff but now I think they Could give Ohio State a lot of problems And I didn't think that heading into This game I think the running game that they have You know it's one of these things that Like when there was everybody ran the Ball all of a sudden someone passed you Know let's say like 10 to 15 years ago a Team that passed had like this chance Where they could win at any time because Of the fact that they could throw and They could get down the field quickly Now everybody throws right so a team who Can run the ball effectively it's almost

Like the the reverse effect is that if You struggle passing wise if they could Do some stuff defensively and make a Couple of plays here and there and now They're running the ball and a quorum Breaks off a 61-yard run obviously There's nothing worse to a defense than When a team is running the ball on you And there is just nothing you can do About it it's it's it's the most Deflating thing because they're just Wearing that and then all of a sudden One guy breaks off a run another guy Breaks over on Quorum seems to always Break the nail in the coffin runs off You know like he's great at that like When you start to wear it out and you Bring him he he comes in and puts that Foot in the ground and goes north and Guys have been chasing people over and Over again they just either over pursue Or under pursue and he finds it and and He gets there yeah and the schedule Michigan State doesn't look that great They beat Wisconsin Nebraska is not good Rutgers isn't good you know Illinois is Good this season but do we really think They can handle Michigan's now you're Talking about the beginning of this Season when you looked at the schedule The the Colorado state Hawaii Yukon were All wins I mean there's just no way you Could lose to those football teams They're three of the worst football

Teams in college football you know But at Iowa look like it could be a Troublesome game and and they ended up Winning and it was close You know they struggled a little bit With Indiana but they ended up winning By 21 they struggled with Maryland which Was kind of a surprise but Penn State You thought this would be a struggle it Isn't so now you could have an Undefeated Michigan team against an Undefeated Ohio State it's a State team Uh November 26th you know at Ohio State When Ohio State Wants Revenge from Losing last year That's going to be really good for College football but now what we what we Sort of see is Is Penn State is is there ceiling Mid-tier Big Ten You know they were undefeated top 10 Team they go into the big house they get Destroyed so now what do we think of James Franklin what do we think of the Expectations of Penn State do we ever Think that they're going to break Through in a Big Ten 2016 was the last Time they did and they got robbed at the Playoff and we're in 2022 now and I'm Not really sure if Penn State is a Threat nationally in any regard Well on a national level I just I I Think it's I think it's gonna be I think Franklin's done a really you know Penn

State said I still is a somewhat difficult station Place to get all the guys you need to Get there for multiple reasons there's Still a stigma I don't care what people Say like when people are choosing a School Look the Pennsylvania kids probably for The most part Pennsylvania and Ohio kids Maybe Some jersey kids that go there for the Most part probably are willing to go There regardless just because of the History But when you get outside of the area Which they need a few guys from outside That area to fulfill things that stigma Can stop I think some of the players They may need to get from outside that Area And and I think that that's a little bit Of an issue so I don't know if that's I don't think that's not Franklin at all I think that that's it's going to be a Little while before that completely goes Away people still talk about it Um uh so I think he's done a great I Mean great job spy to that and obviously Bill Bryan Bill O'Brien even though I Don't think he's the greatest coach Definitely deserves a ton of credit for Holding that place together yeah to get It to that point Um but

I think this I think that If a kid's gonna play in the north okay And then cold weather and stuff because People can move now much easier they're Picking us seems to be a few places Right and you have to be one of those Few and I I could rotate around Obviously Ohio State's been that way for A while yep right but it in Michigan for The most part here and there I mean you Know Notre Dame here and there Notre Dame so that's what brings me to Notre Dame Losing to Stanford if I'm not correct Two and four Stanford not a great Stanford team Um There's a barely scoring any points Stanford likes to not score oh I don't I Know they don't like tonight but they Like to play that's low physical they're Double tight ends they're a full-back Double tight ends you know So that's the kind of game you're gonna Get into but Notre Dame struggled with The score to put themselves in a Position I'm forced Stanford to open up Which they weren't able to do That is that's there's a lot of to me There's a lot of questions there And Notre Dame's uh Uh Quick Fix solution May come back to haunt them may it Probably is already I guess but

Um I mean it's gonna kill them in Recruiting all that great recruiting They were having I mean three and three Notre Dame Yeah and two home losses you know Stanford hadn't won an FBS game in 11 Tries they're not a good football team You know Marshall Shouldn't be beating Notre Dame at home You know the losses aren't good and this And and the confidence that Marcus Freeman sort of showed in the Ohio State Game where they were in that game and he Looked like he had it together that's Gone I mean he looked really perplexed Against Stanford uh he didn't really Have a solution for them and as I Mentioned I mean they were missing their Best running back I mean Emmett Smith's Kid EJ Smith's off for the year you know Tanner McKee is a good quarterback you Know projected at the pro level Um like the dude for the Texans Um but not an elite college quarterback Um this just isn't a good team to lose To so you know again it goes back to You know he's a good recruiter he's a Player's coach but is he a good coach Um you know same thing with Venable You know Venable's a good recruiter he's A good defensive coordinator but he is He a good head coach now they beat Kansas but Kansas was missing their Starting quarterback and it was at

Oklahoma I mean they shouldn't lose that Football game But these type of hires are dangerous if You don't hire someone with experience That's why Nebraska and Wisconsin have To really look at this carefully you Know Paul Chris was maybe fired for Jim Leonard Jim Leonard just lost Wisconsin Just lost a game this weekend Um He's you may not be ready and Nebraska You you have to hire someone with head Coaching experience and I say Scott Frost didn't really have a lot he was Only at UCF for like two years and he Kind of lucked into that undefeated Season so in hindsight he wasn't Experienced he got to get guys that have Been there done that know what to do When the chips are down and don't panic And freak out and and I think that's Unfortunately Notre Dame and Oklahoma Have two guys that are just learning on The job and at those programs you don't Learn on a job you know boosters are not Going to be happy with this loss for Notre Dame I'm not going to say ever That he'll be fired at the end of this Season no I don't think he will well First of all Notre Dame's so hotty toddy They think so much of themselves you Know imagine Firing a coach After one sees no they're going to ride

This out you know Ty willingham's style Charlie Weiss style long after it's Clear that this isn't a fit even Bob Davies dude I remember when Bob Davies placed Lou Holtz right Then all of a sudden they were mad at Lou Halls because you know Lou Holtz Wanted to keep getting players in and They were like oh you know all this book Came out and all this stuff and then Also they pump the brakes they you know Lou hold sleeves they get they get Bob Davies in which was just the one of the Worst hires in the history of Notre Dame Not not even wins and losses I mean that Was not that great but like for the Culture of Notre Dame football program It like set them back which led to a Litany of other decisions that were bad Post Bob Davey you know like Um and I worry that After Brian Kelly it seems a lot similar To like he's kind of like Lou Holtz is More personable than obviously than Bob Dave uh Brian Kelly but It's the same thing won a bunch of games Put them in a great position and then All of a sudden people aren't happy About like you know out of nowhere They're not happy about it oh we don't Want you know Brian Kelly who's one Probably has a 90 winning percentage Okay uh we gotta find somebody else you

Know and he leaves us right like I feel Like if Brian Kelly thought that he was Adequately supported in the long run There from the fan base just like I Think Lou Holt's got into that situation They would have stayed there as long as They possibly could and had a chance to Win the national championship if they Were given the things they needed right But they got to a point Lou Holtz got to That point Brian Kelly got to the point Where he was just like enough like and Notre Dame does that why do they do that Do you know it's arrogance I mean you Know at least Lou Holtz had academic Uh leniency you know they were kids in That weren't you know when Bob debut was Hired you know one of the famous stories Is Carson Palmer wasn't accepted Academically and and this is a you know Quarterback with good grades you know That everybody in the world could take Except for Notre Dame they wouldn't Allow me so after Lou Holtz left all the Hotty toddy people and all the stuck-up People that Notre Dame said we're not no No leniency for academics ever again and They haven't changed on that and Brian Kelly had to deal with that and he Overcame it but he got frustrated with It because people want top five Recruiting classes but out of the top 300 kids in the country you can only Recruit 180 of them because they've you

Know more than half less than half of Them have you know academic standards to Go to Notre Dame Um the arrogance have not gone in a Conference I don't care who you are if You're a head football coach and you Play the same teams over and over again Every year There's there's an advantage Notre Dame This season alone Where is it They played a Big Ten team so far a Sunbelt team a future Big 12 team two Pac-12 teams and an ACC team Okay You can't do that you have to have Regularity in a conference you have to Know your divisional opponents you have To know their Tendencies you have to Know this and then get a familiarity for Them so that if you're in the ACC and You play pit every year you know what to Expect you can't just have an Independent schedule every year and Expect to be successful but they're too Arrogant to join the conference because They don't need the money they can make The money on their own uh and they're Notre Dame we're too good for that well Guess what it's going to hurt you the Academics and recruiting are going to Hurt you you just got lucky that Brian Kelly was a great coach a great coach You know championship game two playoffs

That's not going to happen again unless They they lower their standards a little Bit do you want to be an Ivy League School academically or do you want to be A college football power because you Can't be both Stanford tried it they Continue to try it they suck and they Just beat you so I think that's the Problem and that's why the coaches get Frustrated Um the good ones and then if you hire a Bad one and I'm not saying Market stream Is a bad coach I'm just saying he's over His head Then you're going to have seasons like This then all those Rich boosters that Are all the ones that are clamoring for You to have these academic standards of Notre Dame and it's a 40-year decision Instead of a four-year decision all that Garbage that they put out there because They have a Notre Dame degree and they Think they're super smart they get upset Well you're the reason for it if you Could lower your standards academically Slightly I'm not saying take every kid With a pulse you know I'm not taking you Take kids with 600 act scts but just Lower them a little bit And get in the conference I think you Could change a lot of this stuff but They won't I mean focusing more on the GPA like That always tell I always say like every

Kid has a good GPA He's at least he's willing to do some Work for their schooling you know uh but They don't they're they're not at a Point where they're willing to do that And that's Um They get what they deserve yeah it's Gonna be and and you know I I think this Whole like good written is just like This coach leaves he wasn't that good Anyway no I think your successful should Be this guy was great how can we find Someone that has some of these Characteristics that he had that made Him great figure out what made Brian Kelly great okay you hey you want a guy That gets that's more personable like Marcus Freeman fine you know but you Want Marcus Freeman with the experience Brian Kelly right so yeah where where is That that guy because the guy is there You just got to go and find somewhere Somewhere and people get butt hurt that The coaches leave you know Oklahoma we Don't need Lincoln Riley well guess what You do he went to the playoff three or Five years oh we were on the down last Year we would we won 11 games but we Didn't make the playoff great now look At you you suck you know you beat Kansas Great but you've lost three straight Games you got destroyed by Texas your Program's in disarray you needed Lincoln

Riley he left So you know figure it out from there and Get another guy who's got experience who Would be intrigued by the Oklahoma Job Who has experience rather than just sort Of wing it and try to get a defensive Coordinator hope and roll the dice and That's what both of these programs are Doing but I do have a quick out at one I'll let you know but you know Tennessee You know being good Michigan being the Threat to Ohio State you know even to Some level Notre Dame sucking it's all Good for college football because Everybody loves it you know I mean Notre Dame is 90 of the people who tune in for Notre Dame games are hoping they lose Um so college football is in a really Good place this the past weekend was Amazing we didn't even talk about TCU Oklahoma State on and on great great Weekend next weekend it'll be great too But go to D1 I got Some people calling you I sent you a Message about it yep um you know so People will be calling you and again It takes a lot of comfort you have to Get comfortable with us And once you're comfortable with this Then you're happy I think you know I I I'm getting text messages from parents Who are in this program all the time Telling me what the kid did and all that

Stuff and always responsive to them Always this that and the other retweet And everything they do You but you got to get comfortable with Us because you don't trust us at first I Mean you don't know us but if you get to Know us you're going to trust us and You're going to have some success with This program so sign up uh keep an eye On your phone for I'm gonna keep sending People to call you I don't like talking To people on the phone yeah I just sent Them to you got it we'll see you next Next week uh great talk and uh enjoy Enjoy your week everybody Mike I'll see You later see ya

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