Amazing College Football Weekend, Recap Michigan Mich St. OSU Penn State and more

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Amazing College Football Weekend, Recap Michigan Mich St.OSU Penn State and more

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:23 D1 Promo
00:06:00 Kade George
00:20:49 Michigan State Players attack Michigan Player
00:25:51 How the NFL Handles Bad actions in a game
00:30:06 Discipline to not get involved
00:34:38 What should happen when players or teams act up in College Football?
00:41:02 What Message Needs to Be Sent? The Coaches Need Penalties on them?
00:44:23 Brian Harsin Fired, Auburn Football Talk
00:47:31 Who can win at Auburn?
00:51:38 Vandy Football
00:59:29 Halloween Talk, Trick or Treating Stories

Foreign [Music] Wonderful Monday You're late again Dave Schumann What the hell what are you doing Is this pickleball this is pickleball This is a pickleball call I have a Pickable shirt on but it wasn't pickable I my son had a Halloween uh thing on a Parade but I left there plenty of time And then I had a call quickly with uh Derek who who's like my right hand guy Helped me with everything and he's our Now in charge of all drops and Everything for her and you see and so I Had a call with him but of course we get Talking uh uh football stuff so it like It like carried over a couple extra Minutes and then I set started setting Up I'm like I gotta jump off yeah you're A driver job you're a chamber John What's that talk too much you talk too Much you're chatty uh I learned from the Best I know so let's talk promo uh D1 uh I'm just doing The the white rhino okay George going Through his stuff Um you know and it's funny because There's a lot of things that people Don't understand about football Um so I'm talking about how the Uncomfortable nature for a quarterback When he can't step into a throw when

There's bodies at his feet Um and how important that is as a QB Pressure you don't have to chase you Don't have to sack but if you make that Pocket uncomfortable for him he's either Gonna step back or out and it kind of Can ruin the entire play Um and he that's what he does he blows These things up he's great against the Run but when it comes to pass Pro he's Not a chaser but he's a guy that's going To put his lineman back into your Footwork and he's going to screw up the Play Um and nuances like that I think are Important for people to understand Yeah he's a zero zero one Tech Guy to me And and I think he would be great in a Three down front because he can consume He's only gonna get bigger and heavier You know so you put him in that he'll He's 300 pounds he'll he these will be 330 and look good and be able to be able To control the A's Um and I think it's interesting so he's Going to UNC I believe uh on uh I think He went this past weekend yeah like Unofficial for a game there's a bunch of Guys that we've been doing promos for That I just kind of flooding my Twitter Which you know I've been retweeting Stuff had that I've been visiting places Going to places yeah Tomorrow

It's noticeable difference you know you Were about to mention martial like and Cornell reaching out to him and and you Know uh Luke gray who had a great game Last weekend South Carolina he's gonna Wake Forest is it it's noticeable and Also we got a couple kids being invited To that you know the new Army combine Which is in December it's not the old US Army bowl that's the uh NBC bowler the Adidas bowl or whatever it's called now Um but this is a start it's a very good Start and they would never in a million Years be on anybody's radar Without us and that's not a brag it's Just reality so you know the earlier you Get started with us the better Um and I know we weren't an option for Some of these 2022 kid 2023 kids sorry We weren't an option until recently Um but this is what's funny about it There's a lot of schools like an App State Um or You know I'm trying to think of schools In North Carolina Campbell Um or even you know into Georgia Georgia Southern Georgia State That really need You know big men Like hey George Um you know we're gonna be workout guys Who are going to be leaders in the Locker room we're going to outwork

Everybody and be that sort of you know Set that bar Um and and you know maybe he pans out as A defensive tackle maybe you have to Move him to offensive guard maybe maybe Maybe but he's got the physical skills He's going to be able to compete at that Level Um Liberty is another one my buddy Hugh Freeze just got a big contract extension I actually texted him as I oh this is What I do with every coach that gets a Lot of money I text them and ask them if I could Borrow money and every time I do that They I get an LOL Um you freeze actually said share the Wealth so I think I might be sending Them a venmo request but Liberty would Be good Um those are the type of schools I think These guys are worth taking a chance on Because they're big body guys that can Turn into something for you Um you know down the line or play Multiple positions Awareness of those guys now and people Starting to see like there are other Guys and that's why I get one with us in The promo is so important there there Are other guys that make your audio is a Little bit off It is well it's on but it's like a Little bit like I hear like

Stuff Can you hear it now better yes much Better I'm playing with the microphone that's Why you had it under your sweatshirt or Something it's like it could be all Right continue now we can hear you But yeah so um it's one of those things Where uh Um the promotion Makes guys aware of players like K George And and you know I also think it's a Smart thing on his uh though I'm sure It's his nickname The White Rhino has Always been his nickname but great it's Very unique so I could like I could Mention the White Rhino and anybody can Mention a white rhino and if you're a Football guy that's recruiting people People will know will start to know it As that name keeps getting out there More and more kid could be a wrestler Too down the line I know he wrestles he Boxes and stuff so I don't know if you Remember Parker Boudreau at all but he Was a four-star kid who went to Notre Dame I think originally and then he Ended up transferred to UCF he's now a Professional wrestler Um Brennan Williams uh Brent Williams First kid that went through the process Played at North Carolina and had a cup Of coffee with the Texans he's now a

Wrestler when I see white rhino I'm like Man if football doesn't work out you Gotta be a wrestler because he's just a Beast I I there's no doubt about well Great nickname The Rock The Rock uh you Know he he was a wrestler he obviously He was at the University of Miami and Then and then he he did you have a Nickname Did I have a nickname In college Not really no I mean I like you know Like guys would call me shoe or shoe dog Or shoe daddy or you know things like That but nothing like that stuck Um uh You know mine was uh like the nickname Like the freak you know like I had Nothing like that mine was uh Sledgehammer uh you remember that Peter Gabriel song a hundred years ago yeah Yeah when that came out I was in high School and uh Sledgehammer kind of stuck because I was Just trying to Let me try to destroy I mean I was very Very dirty player Um not gouge your eyes type of dirty but Just like I would try to hurt you on Every play like literally try to hurt You Um And it was funny because guys would show Up in in high school on Monday and you'd

Try to see exactly what you did to them So I had some guys show up with a neck Brace you know uh another guy showed up On crutches and I'd always take pride in That makes me an evil person I think Because nowadays you can't hurt anybody You know like I saw there was criticism Of Matt Milano's tackle of AJ Dylan last Night because he went high and he ended Up hurting the guys I don't give a crap AJ Dillon's six foot 250 pounds and he's Coming at you like a locomotive and he's Stiff arming you you get that dude down No matter what it takes short of a a gun You get him down and if he gets hurt he Gets hurt but that's not the mentality These days did you see the penalty uh They called on Um Was it the Giants game the guy let in And he hit him with um no it was the jet It was the Jets game and what's the text Linebacker from Alabama my son loves him Oh oh um He loves him because he's got the hair And he's tall but he's like he he he's He's not like overly thick he's tall Um I cannot think of it for the life I Think his last name starts with an M Maybe I know exactly who you're talking about She's the leader yeah he's like the Leader that the defense he was a Four-star I can't think of his name for

The life of me but I didn't see the Penalty what do you call it he came in Quarterback was running uh who did the Jets play Yesterday New England Patriots Yes so Mac Jones and cut back into them Okay And he kind of fell okay right didn't Slide The inside the linebacker came in and it Was like a you know one of those bang Bang plays and kind of his elbow came Across and hit him in a helmet 15-yard Penalty Um I could see why they called it but The Jets coach was going nuts he was Saying hey he's coming in to tackle him Because he's not giving himself up And you know he connected that yes he Connect ended up connecting in the head But it was it was you know it was the Quarterback did not give himself up and That I did see that I did see that and then there was a Second play later on that happened I Can't remember the second one but the uh But the judge coach had a like a big Issue with it you know it it's tough for Defensive players in the NFL because You're you're you're in these situations Where whoa I lost Mike Hello I got this fan call in the middle of This if I get a call from spam which I Get all the time

I hate spam um Yeah so what happened was um Yeah Matt Jones is very indecisive and That makes it difficult for the defense He doesn't give himself up but he Doesn't lower his head for extra yards He's just kind of like balls and there Was another play I think we was running Out of bounds and he was knocked out About and the Patriots wanted a flag and I don't think it was called or if it was Called it was reversed but um I mean that type of guy drives me nuts Because You know I'm coming full speed you slide I can I can go over you But if you just sort of crumple I'm I'm gonna hit you I'm just gonna hit You and it shouldn't have been I know it Was elbow to the Head But his head came down to the Elbow the Elbow wasn't there so again that's it's Crap there's a lot of crap calls Um And you know to me that's why we have Record-setting offenses is why all these Passing numbers have been broken and It's why you know guys like Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan who were just you Know Serviceable quarterbacks in the NFL They're going to be Hall of Famers you Know Um

In in you know in the Merino days they Would have never even sniffed those type Of uh accolades because down the field So wide open you can't hit anybody Um so I'm talking about the old days in The late 80s when you could kill Somebody that's what I tried to do so You know white rhino Plays with the same mentality he's got a Cooler nickname to me Um one of the best nicknames I've ever Heard well I'll tell you what there's Another kid in the 2023 class uh Reuben Um my name is Reuben Owens Running back on to he's a five-star Running back going to Louisville I'm Pretty sure yes Ruben Owens uh and he's The black unicorn So we got the White Rhino and the black Unicorn and these nicknames are just so Cool Um and they will make you like one's a Five star and the other one's looking For you know uh group five FCS Scholarships but it's still it's Memorable now that doesn't mean go out There and get it done nickname if you Don't have one right like Luke gray or Marshall you don't call yourself the Canon or The Rifleman or something like Like It's got to be something that you were Called when you were younger or it's got A fit too I mean you know we've got some

Live armed quarterbacks but I don't Think we have a Rifleman you know that To me should be Jeff George or when you Were or somebody like that with a great Arm but but yeah so I'm plugging through These You know and uh Uh it's Again I've mentioned this before and we Just you know talked to Coach Manus last Week about it there's trepidation uh Because people have been screwed in this Industry so many times by people you Know promoting them uh that people don't Know where to put their money so it's It's a It's a week-long Grind Um but every time I do one I know that They're going to be satisfied and Whether they get to the level they want To or not right they're going to get at Least part of their school paid for I Mean there's I don't think there's Anybody we had you know maybe the first Couple kids were like at best Um you know financial aid I don't think we have any clients Currently that are just financial aid Kids they're partial scholarships or Scholarship kids and there's no doubt About it I I agree 100 and it's it's Great seeing that you know the sidebar Thing too of it like when we start to Promote it then they also realize kind Of how it works a little bit better too

And they help themselves very well I've Noticed that a lot of them are doing a Much better job since they've gone on The promotion thing of also getting Their own you know this week I rushed For XYZ yards or you know that stuff Because those updates do cut you know Just like it comes into my feed Coaches that are following you It comes in their feed they're staying Up to date on it the ones that are Following you so but it's also being Heard I mean you can tweet that stuff Out but if we're not retweeting it That's where they get the momentum from It too it's like now we got the the end Lows which I love tagging us every week In what they did that week Um and we're retweeting it and they're Starting to get more and more you know And you could argue that Bryce was a guy The 2023 linebacker that wasn't on any You know FBS radars Um and now he is now again 2023 it's It's tough It's late I don't know where He's going to land had he done this like His you know and his brother has the Advantage because we weren't around for Bryce when he was a sophomore and a Freshman but his brother now has the Advantage where he's going to get Multiple uh you know years of exposure From us and uh and it's going to make a Huge difference for him but here's

What's good about that too ready even if Your younger brother goes on to a higher Level of football than you there's the Portal and you can join him so let's say His younger brother ends up that I don't Know the Rutgers throw it out there Because he's a jersey kid Um you know and let's say Bryce ends up Going FCS he can join him portal So that's what's good about it all too So you know but I I really encourage 2026 2027 2025 parents get on board now You know you can come to us late And we'll help But it's much easier for us to do it When we have a lot of lead up time Check out D1 listen grab the the one time promo I Implore you grab the one-time promo try It out me and Mike do our video for you I guarantee you're gonna love it and Once you got that then we could talk About the the next step for you don't Get caught up in thinking uh how many do I need because I think some of the People get caught up in that how many How long do I need to do this how we we Know it's better to do it longer but try The initial base you see how it works For for you see what the videos look Like for yourself it's one thing to Watch the other people and there's Plenty of videos that we've done you can See it but until someone does it for

Them us do something for you you won't Fully grasp it once we do it for you Then you'll see I guarantee you're gonna See that and well and you're also going To get the level of communication that You don't expect too I mean you could Listen to two people who have 45 plus Years of experience that this six month Promo is the way to go okay that's the That's the Sweet Spot uh we we don't Really push the 12 months and the one Time you're going to sign up for the Sixth month anyways so you might as well Just start with the six month Um but if you don't believe that or you Don't believe we're going to be Communicative with you do the one time And then you'll see that we're not gonna You know we're not just gonna take your Money and disappear just not the way it Works I check in on the kids all the Time even if there's nothing new Um you know I just checked in on Jaffe And he said he's gonna have new film After this weekend so he's on my list to Check in with this weekend this week to See if he has new film Um you know some of our younger kids you Know they're very good at sending out Film the first few weeks of the season And then they the season grind occurs And you know they forget and I'm gonna Nudge them and say get me a new film so I can do another promo video and that's

Also going to be helpful to them because You're gonna have somebody else Reminding you Of what you need to do rather than just Have to do it yourself like if you don't Send this film for like three months and You're a six month person we're not just Gonna ignore that We're gonna say listen it's time for Your promo get me some new stuff so it's Like that little you know voice in your Ear So I mean honestly I wish people would Just listen And Trust But who trusts anybody in this world you Know I mean the two of us I don't know I I probably don't look Trustworthy well you look shitty as hell With the hat on backwards you know like Nobody's gonna trust us But maybe after they get to know us they Will so so Let's talk about uh people touching People this freaking college football World is getting a little out of control So you know we had the peanut butter and Jelly Incident with Penn State in Michigan Where they both went in the tunnel at Halftime and there was a lot of John and People were throwing peanut butter jelly Sandwiches at each other and stuff like That and James Franklin came out and

Said that's just that situation where The one tunnel and everybody uses it at The same time has been a bad deal for Michigan forever and I wrote something And said yeah it's not smart but we've Been doing this for 100 years and that Was a one-off so stop trying to deflect The fact that you got destroyed by Michigan on the tunnel garbage But here we are two weeks later and we Got even worse tile stuff now we got Criminal charges lawsuits Um and this is following a week where Jermaine Burton pushed a girl We've got ourselves a situation here and Swift Aggressive discipline is what needs to Happen and I didn't think this a week Ago and I said Jermaine Burton shouldn't Be kicked off the team he shouldn't have His football career ruined But he wasn't suspended at all he didn't Miss a minute and that's the wrong Message to send so when you see a kid Like that getting away with it I'm not Saying the Michigan State kids attacked These two players in the tunnel because They saw he got away with it but it Leads to that you know okay what what Discipline could I really get and that That that vagueness It's just not good Well I think it's a first of all let's Talk about the tunnel thing so

Going back to Notre Dame okay with their Tunnel That was always an issue okay and that Was when very rarely was there any of These kind of issues okay but the tunnel Was always an issue right if you Remember no name I don't this I'm Assuming there's still one tunnel for Notre Dame I don't know no no Stadium's Newer they updated it so I don't know What the deal yeah but I I I I went down The tunnel You know where the players go play Like A Champion today and out I just don't know where you go back in My assumption was that but you go down The tunnel slap the board and then out And sure where you exit so I don't know That one Michigan I know for sure is one Tunnel and everybody funnels that way But Notre Dame I'm not sure yep so they And they may have changed that years but It was it was like the years ago I Remember there used to always be Jostling in there Um Michigan Michigan's one person tunnel it's it's Just a headache that is unnecessary That's that's my first thought process On it and having played Um and thinking about how I would be I Was and I was a raved lunatic you know If another team was walking in the same Area where I was gonna stand there I I

You know I'd be I'd be ready I'd be Ready okay for something now that is one Thing The leap to the next thing which was the Michigan State players jumping one of The Michigan players assault is assault So it's one thing players to be drawing At each other Uh you know uh two groups kind of coming Out of the locker room and saying things Or getting close to each other it's Another thing for 10 guys to jump a Player who looked like you I wasn't even Dressed or something but no no he did His helmet off he was dressed and he he And I'm not going to defend Michigan State at all but what he did is he was Taunting them at the end and Michigan State was going there's an Unwritten Rule kind of that at the end of the game You know The the road team will get off first And then you know Michigan sort of holds Back and waits to go in the tunnel so There's not a mix of players right but There's an opportunity for a mix of Players because if Michigan wants to get Off and Michigan State wants to get off There's only one way there's only one Exit and that's the problem but this Dude was talking it was yapping and even With skipping into the tunnel when Michigan state was it was their tunnel Essentially

And he was he was yapping him and Another player went in and that's he was Dressed and that's kind of why Uh you know it all started it's not his Fault you should never assault somebody But that's that's what happened That's what happened First of all the one tunnel thing was Ridiculous the second thing is There's I just think there's no excuse Should the kid from Michigan have gone In there where Michigan state was in There no but if you yeah you know like You have to be mature enough that like They're gonna be idiots that draw on you Right you could say something back to Him but like to to physically go after Them is just absurd and the fat like Obviously there may or may not I don't Know if there are criminal charges that Are filed or not or no there are now the Work the the bare minimum is those guys Should not be playing college football Anymore to me that's how like that at Least not at that level not for a long Time and then maybe at some point in the Future they can get back but that part Of it it just brings down college Football and there's more Pro I've seen More problems obviously in a few weeks But over the last four or five years in College football and you could look you Could you could argue how this all Happens is all the money pouring into it

Part of the who knows maybe right but Without controls there's no damage and The reason why we talked about on the Pre-show you know the way the NFL and There's a lot of things NFL does like we Talked about it earlier with tackling You know like as a defensive player I Would probably be driven Crazy by the Things that go on you know it's harder To tackle and stuff but When Clay Walker pushed the bills Practice squad player after he was he Didn't realize he was trying to help him Up he thought he was pushing him he Couldn't see it he pushed this guy And they threw the penalty which and Then immediately they call up to the the NFL home office to Troy Vincent I think He makes those decisions directly he's Roger Goodell's right-hand guy I don't care whether people like it or Don't like it the Swift action and then Obviously there'll be more ramifications But the initial swim action Swift action Of ejecting him has an impact those Players know that that's kind of what The standard is if you do something out Completely out of line right so it keeps Things Somewhat in perspective from an NFL Player standpoint because obviously Those guys are making a lot of money and If there's no nothing to be able to say Hey you can't do this you can't do that

This is unacceptable it's not you have a Problem the problem in the NCAA is Who you finding You find the coaches are you fighting The college how does that impact the Player the player doesn't have any money Okay well some of them do but this Player doesn't have any these players Probably don't have any money okay and Then the the The issue with Yes you suspend them all those kind of Things Until there's something We're on the NCAA who does absolutely Nothing Absolutely nothing until there's Something from the NCAA that says hey You can't do these things this is the Action that's going to be taken And until they come up with a plan for Actually penalizing players and then Probably coaches I don't know you know I Don't know the extent of it like how did This happen but until there's some sort Of Thing that people understand as an issue And maybe it's with the conference I Don't know you know You're gonna have more and more of these Issues because there's more money in College football there's there's an Emphasis of getting the very best player That you can at any cost it does not

Matter who that person is as long as he Qualifies and if that's the case then You're going to have a situation where You need to have Um penalties if something is done wrong As well I've got it yeah so I wrote that The coaches should get slapped and I Really don't know if that's right or Wrong Um I don't know right now you know the The school Will take the hit you know if you charge The field the school takes the hit and It's a small hit I mean you know I think There was a hundred thousand dollar fine For Tennessee for the fans charging the Field and Tennessee athletic department That's like uh you know it's like a it's Like a dollar bill it's nothing Um so you know then it comes down to Team discipline and it's the coach's Decision Jermaine Burton Um Alabama Nick Saban decided he Shouldn't suspend him do anything to Them and so now it's Don Mel Tucker in The University they suspended four Players they're going to probably Suspend more but there's criminal Charges being filed now Um you know one player is Saying he got a broken nose another Player is saying he got hit three times With a helmet in different places Um now it's you know gonna turn into an

Assault case and I think the only way to Really make it you can't find the Players like the NFL you know Clay Walker he loses a game he gets kicked Out of that game he should be suspended For a couple more just to say listen you Don't put your hands on anybody who's Not wearing a freaking helmet and Shoulder pads I don't care who it is Official you know a cameraman you know We had the the Devonte Adams thing where We pushed over the camera dude that type Of stuff where you you put your hands on Somebody and honestly the other way Around you know I saw a fan hitting you Know just tapping Mel Tucker on the head As he was walking to the tunnel Now Video evidence should get that guy and Arrest him for assault now tapping Somebody on the head isn't assault but Keep your hands off people Jermaine Burton keep your hands off this girl That got your way you know idiot fan Keep your hands up and I'll Tucker Um players keep your hands off each Other you know on the field is where you Tackle off the field you can draw all You want but you got to be disciplined So you know you find Mel Tucker you Suspend Mel Tucker you suspend Jim Harbaugh Um you know again everybody this is what Annoys me is a Tennessee fans wants your Main Burton you know to to to die and

Alabama fans are defending him and Saying you shouldn't have been on the Field rushing it and then Michigan State Fans are defending their players because Those two kids ran into the tunnel when Michigan state was in there and Michigan Fans all want them you know to be Suspended Um fans are just fans they they really Don't know you know you remember Juwan Howard slapped that other coach in Basketball I don't know if you follow basketball at All but he's the head coach of Michigan Basketball and he slapped another coach And all the Michigan fans were like oh You know he shouldn't be suspended for This that and the other he didn't mean It blah blah blah and now we turn around And you know Michigan fans won all these Michigan State fans to be like Michigan State players to be suspended hit the Coach the coach makes a ton of money the Coach is the one who will discipline These kids You hit the coach if you hit Nick Saban With us with it with a suspension and a Fine for Jermaine burden I can guarantee You he's going to discipline Jermaine Burton the proper way but if there's no Repercussions to Nick Saban he's going To do whatever he wants and Jermaine Burton's gonna go off scot-free so I say Hit the coach because we don't have

Another different solution But you really have to be very punitive Here or it's going to continue because Right now There's just not enough punishment for Incidents and listen I've gotten scraps before everybody got Scraps you know we just saw last night If you watch the Green Bay uh Buffalo Game Um uh Stefan Diggs and you know uh jair Alexander coming down the same tunnel Jabbing at each other you know talking Smack it in each other's faces that's Part of football neither of them's a Real punch neither of them salt or the Other nobody was grabbed and assaulted By 10 different people swinging helmets Um there's a level of responsibility That you have as a football player to Take things as far as they should go and These guys overstep so I think metal talkers should be slapped In Jim Harbaugh should be slapped well It's usually because I the Stefan Diggs Thing I thought they were right at the Borderline because I was like I got the Vi like watching that part I saw hmm the Like that could lead to something too so It didn't but they were so close to each Other Um it It's one of these things like yeah I Think the coach I I agree with you

Coaches should have some ramification They shouldn't be scot-free no doubt About it it should be some ramification Whether it's Financial or suspension Um Financial probably wouldn't matter Because they have so much money so you But it wouldn't matter though I think if you if you hit a university With a hundred thousand dollar fine it's One thing I don't care how much Harbaugh Makes seven million eight million a year Mel Tucker's got you know 80 million Dollar guarantee contract you need him With a hundred thousand dollars you're Gonna feel it and he's gonna be pretty Pissed off about it and he's going to in Turn discipline properly so I think Universities they absorb it Uh coaches would take it pretty Personally Yeah and I think that the players still Need to have some level of ramification So I don't you know I want to say you Could you could trust the coaches to do Something but in the era of transferring It's too easy for a player let's say Mel Tucker decides you know he gets fined he Gets suspended and he and he says hey You guys Are uh suspended for the rest of the Season I don't know which players it was But let's say You know it that players just like I'm Not going here anymore I'm out of here

So where's the ramification on it goes To the next place and acts the same way So the next place won't touch them If his coach if he crossed his coach Money I'm a head coach I'm not touching these Kids I don't think so I see I I just Guys don't care about anything other Than winning I I really don't I think The only difference first of all Financially and good for them on this They're financially incentive to win Right so what why should they care see This why should they care about anything Else at the college level other than Trying to yes I get it there are some Guys that do okay we we kind of make our Jokes about like guys we like adult like Or you know There are guys that absolutely do right But that is not in his coaching District Description meaning being a great person Is not actually in their coach's Description so which you love it when They are but that's not in their coach's Description and that's the thing that I Think like if let's say Michigan State Player or two of them you know get Released for whatever reason they had The most involvement or whatever they Get released uh you better believe FAU Is picking them up immediately And that's how I look at it I I don't Yeah no it could be if they're that

Level of talent listen it's our bench Warmer fourth training no right but if They're good enough but It's a fine line I mean if if I'm a head Coach yeah I gotta win And it's not a character issue I don't Care what you did in another place I Don't think you're gonna do it at my Place right um But it's also if I if if that kid cost His coach A couple game suspension and a hundred Thousand dollars if I'm a coach at a Lower level I'm like maybe I'm not Touching this kid because I don't want To lose two game suspension he's a he's A knucklehead there's got to be some Personal Responsibility on the coaches and people Are going to disagree with this the Players are players and they do what They do and you can't I'll tell you this If you suspend metal talker for two Games which you cost them two game Checks and also You know find him The next time his team Is going to exit a field home or away It's going to be under his guidance Now should the coach have to be in Charge of everything from game plan to How his team exits the field Probably not but in this day and age he Can appoint someone right and and so

What's going to happen is you know we're Going to lose that football game and We're going to decide very well as a Team when we're going to hit that tunnel Are we going to hit that tunnel first Are we going to hit that tunnel after You know okay they're going over and Singing their alma mater the tunnel is Free let's go go go go and you got People directing them to go you know and Focused on that but that should be the Police's job I get it but they don't Have as much basket so it's just there's Certain things in the world you can't Solve I mean look at Miles Garrett tried To kill You know Mason Rudolph with his helmet And he served a suspension but he's back Playing Um you know that could have been Criminal charges it could have been Assault I mean Marty McSorley if you Remember You know hit uh Donald Brashear in the Head with his stick These things are always going to occur Because there's always Knuckleheads and There's always emotions that run The punishment needs to be severe enough So that the next people that do it They're going to do it but they're Handled appropriately like okay we saw This in Michigan Michigan State this is What we did there's no exception for you

In fact it might even be worse for you Now that you've seen an example so let's Say it's Ohio State and Michigan I mean I know it's at home this year but let's Say it was at Michigan Okay everybody memo Michigan Michigan State ended ugly if this happens here You're all going to get the same Treatment or worse and I can tell you it Would be addressed but I don't know what The solution is and it's people say People shouldn't storm the field I mean You've got a hundred to seven thousand People at Kneeland Stadium how are you Going to stop them how do you stop them From storming the field You're gonna hire 107 000 cops and have Them individually handle each person you Can't so you got to minimize the damage And the cops have to really specifically Be there to watch for they really have To pay attention to watching for Something that happens And then if they can taking care of that Because you're not going to have enough Police officers you're right to stop it Like they're not they're not in riot Control you know if you try to riot Control it you're just I know you shoot Rubble rubber bullets and stuff but it Is a riot it's a it's a celebratory Riot But it is it's a massive people that you Can't contain or control what does Soccer do in Europe I don't know I don't

Know I don't know people die when people Die remember people used to die because They would have these um These High Um they don't have them anymore but they Used to fall over the fences and they Would they would be they would get Crushed oh they get crushed yeah well I Think I also seen hoses and I've seen Like true Riot situations in soccer I Don't really know But I mean you can't do that in the United States you can't like take a a Water hose to fans everyone will sue you Uh it's just it's an untenable situation It's going to happen again but you can Be smart about it you could say okay This is how we exit the field of Michigan from now on Road team first five minute delay for Home team some sort of guidance you Don't have to build a separate tunnel if You don't want to but figure out the way To get everybody off the field Um you know and I don't really know what To do and it you know Jermaine Burton Said he was scared I've seen the video 18 000 times he wasn't scared he was Pissed and he was bumped into a few Times by people not purposely and he was Getting jostled and he was upset and Then this girl you know went by was in His way stepped out and you know was was Videotaping and he smacked her camera

Um The personal accountability is what it Comes down to so you know I know there's A lot of people talking Paul Finebaum Said that all 10 of these players for Michigan State should be um dismissed From school maybe that's what it takes Maybe we have to dismiss all 10 of them And maybe that will reach the next Knuckleheads but I will tell you this The guy who's going to be there in four Years is Mel Tucker the players that are Going to be there in four years are all Going to be players that weren't part of This and didn't see this and don't have Responsibility in it and they might do The same thing He's got the responsibility so that's a Valuable point in the sense that the NFL Because players could be there longer And there's a trickle-down effect Meaning that one player communicates to The next player don't do this you know I Mean this happened at the union they Have a union that's strong that probably Would say hey this I'm sure they have Meetings or hey this is an example of What not to do this is you know to help The players understand these things Um that's not you're right that's not The case in college they're literally There for four years sometimes two years Sometimes three years whatever whatever The time period is and there's no way

That information is passed down to the Next group nor is there any incentive And more than likely my opinion uh Mel Tucker is not going to be there in four Years he's he's moved on to somewhere Either he's winning and he's moved on or He's losing and he's moved on so Brian Harson just got fired at Auburn really Why now I just don't understand like everybody Knew he was going to be fired you know After the Georgia game I hired him Because they were ready to fire him two Seconds that they hired him You know what I think just happened okay So here's my two cents on this you Freeze you freeze just signed a massive Extension with Liberty And I think they're starting to see the Guys are re-upping their deals And they don't want to lose any of them Because the position wasn't open they Weren't you're not able to really Communicate with you freezing tamper in That way but agents can talk to agents And stuff and I think it was a situation Where they really wanted you freeze they Just saw you sign an extension now he Still might take this job But now they're like well we can't lose Out on any other potential coaches for This guy that we didn't want in the First place and tried to fire her in the Off season so the timing of it's very

Interesting Um but that just came through and that's Not an attractive job to me at all I don't like that job I don't want Boosters dictating when I do I don't Want you know to have to Glad hand the Right people immediately when I get There or else I'm going to be fired I Mean Carson was a fish out of water he Fell under scrutiny they didn't like him And they've been trying to get rid of Them since mid-season of this first year Yep Not good There's no listen they got rid of Gus Malzahn who Who brought them to a national Championship I mean when was the last Time that it happened Um uh Cam Newton When Gus was the offensive coordinator Correct yeah and then before that when Oh geez Bo Jackson time I don't even nah I mean they didn't even get there like The best team they had prior to that was The um tuberville undefeated team which Didn't which got screwed out of the National championship but no that not Forever I mean Cam Newton in 2010 was You know Gene chizik but everybody Thought it was Gus and then in 2014 I Think it was against uh Florida state That was Gus for sure Um you know but they he wasn't beating

Alabama enough he wasn't winning enough It was it was very insistent in in Auburn's defense with Gus But Harrison never got a chance I mean And chizik was booed at the airport if You remember he was hired at Iowa from Iowa State and he didn't have a good Record there but he won a national Championship so that saved him but a Year later people wanted him gone at Auburn and now arson they wanted him Gone from day one So I don't know who's going to take this Job I know somebody well obviously it's Going to be like a seven million six Million dollar job and maybe it's you Freeze despite the extension but that's A lot of stress from pressure for me Like if I'm huge freeze I'm getting 5 Million a year at Liberty and I've been In the SEC West and it kind of ruined me You know I have NCAA allegations for Cheating I got off-field stuff and my my Family was almost ruined from from the Actions that I took as an SEC West coach I wouldn't go back to Auburn and ruin my Life again Stay there Yeah there's there's You know I looked this up and I was Curious Gus's career was interesting in Auburn He actually started off great Then he kind of was okay I mean he was

Eight and five he was twelve and two That was the first year Eight five seven and six eight and five Ten and four eight and five nine and Four six and four Yeah very up and down and and you know He beat Alabama Um to get to the SEC title game one of Those years with the kick six which a Lot of people thought was luck You know so Gus's was way too up and Down Um Carson didn't get a chance I don't Think he was a good fit I mean you can't Bring a guy from Boise State into the SEC and expect him to recruit Um but they're gonna have to make this One a smart hire a really good hire and A guy that is willing to take all this Garbage and deal with it um or somebody Who's just too powerful To even care I mean you put a you put a Oh yeah no no Ed at Auburn yet the Mississippi State uh 80 is interviewing For that job Um but I don't think you I mean the ad Will get their credit for the hire but They won't You know they won't let him hire Somebody uh that they don't want so you Know you put an Urban Meyer in there the Boosters aren't going to be able to talk But if you put a Jamie Chadwell in there For Coastal Carolina or something like

That he's going to be run by these guys As well so Auburn it sucks too because Auburn is a really good program that Atmosphere is amazing they've got a Great tradition Um they're built recruiting wise Bordering Georgia and with the talent Level in Alabama rising and their Ability to recruit Florida they've got a Great free Stitch tri-state area to Build But they just can't they can't get it Going Gus Gus also made some mistake I Mean the end he stopped recruiting Offensive alignment he's taken like two Offensive lineman each class yeah and They ended up so thin on that and then Of course the boosters made him start Bow Knicks over Malik Willis who Transferred to Liberty who ended up Being great and now Bo Nix is being Graded Oregon these are so many things That were out of his control but also in His control That he allowed things to to sort of Falter there Um So you know Gus is living life at UCF Loving it less pressure now he's head of The big 12. somebody's gonna take this Pressure cooker job and it's going to be A nightmare for the butt I mean I take It they offer me 6 million I'll take the Job

Yeah well I I think I would take it you Know what I might not even I might not Even I don't know if I'd want to move to Alabama And work that hard It's a lot of work Being a Coach Sucks like a college coach It's [ __ ] people don't understand They're like oh my God James Frank was So he's a little so overpaid you know he Can't beat Michigan or Pence he can't be Ohio State he doesn't beat top 10 team That dude's job sucks every day of his Life he has to work 17 18 hours a day he Has to text with recruits all day he has To Glad hand boosters all day he has to Manage a football team he never gets any Rest there's no days off He deserves every penny he makes whether He wins or not the job sucks now I'm Turning down the Auburn job I'm I'm Officially withdrawing my name from it I Don't want the other job I would take it I'm gonna put that out there that you Are a candidate and I am no longer a Candidate imagine if I tweet out I might Even tweet it out and say I was drawn my Name from consideration for the Auburn How embarrassing would that be for them They should hire Dion Sanders They're going to talk to him for sure I Don't think he'd take that job I don't Think he would but because I don't think

He wants to I think he wants to be in a Situation where he has more control but I think uh Georgia Tech would be a great Fit for him or Florida State if things Don't pan out there I mean norvell's got He's got five wins now But those are the two I think that would Be great for him so Bill Manus wants it [Laughter] Uh well if I can do it from Connecticut I'd do it Like Trifecta yeah you guys be the on I'll handle the all the uh portal and Recruiting stuff from Connecticut all Right uh yeah you're gonna do all the Zoom meeting Zoom meetings oh I'm the King of Zoom man I just don't want to go Anywhere or be any place around people I Did that for 25 years A head coach uh coach Farrell's uh on Zoom guys all right let's get to the Meeting rooms yeah that one of the tri Coaches Yeah you know what I don't know how you Deal with people all the time like I did It for so long And to a different level like you did Did it you know for your business and I Did it for a career with a corporation But the whining in the assessing Complaining it's just I'm I'm not I Don't miss that part of it at all I just Don't want it I know I I just have this vision of you

It this just like where you are right Now but as on the big screen where they Come into the team room and you're like Oz you know okay fellas do not beat up Anyone in tunnels oh my God I would be The biggest jerk I would be like the Worst player Personnel manager because I Think that's would be my part of it Would be player Personnel portal Recruiting I'd be the biggest jerk Nobody would you know GM now Barton Simmons Oh he's at Vanderbilt Vanderbilt GM well He'll definitely have a I mean he'll He'll be looking for a job soon Um you know I I no offense to Clark But the only person that could do that Job was James Franklin Uh he did it great for three years eight He was great yeah but that's an on it's An impossible job the facilities suck The academics are you know unlike Anybody else Derek Mason did a good job For a while until it I will tell you This somebody told me when Derek Mason Was hired from Stanford I was told that The dude just has no clue he's way over His head and I've been told this by many You know about many coaches and 99 of That works out where they're just Clueless they have no idea how to be Head coach this is not going to work out For them and I usually know who they are And whether that's true I believe that

Derek Mason was over his head and Whatnot and they had some okay Seasons I Thought he was going to be like a you Remember Hazel at Purdue yeah like a Three-year you know one in 11 every year And you're out Um or or Chad Morris at uh Arkansas so He surprised me he lasted longer than I Thought but that's an impossible job Um But I think in Auburn I mean we could I Could put together top 10 recruiting Classes at Auburn there's no doubt in my Mind Um so I'll do my part on the recruiting End and the portal and the portal I'm a Wizard of the portal man I know who's Going in I know when they're going in Um Barton needs to smile more look at me I Don't smile ever I never smile I I Haven't smiled in 25 years no you don't Need to smile although would your charge You the GM he probably does have to Shake a lot of hands there Yeah I don't know why I mean him and Clark PGM do all these places have GMS Now or or that was well they're not Called GMS I mean they're player Personnel directors you remember you Know the Bob Los avitas of the world and Those guys they they've been around Forever but you know player Personnel But now it's you're a CEO is the head

Coach and the GM is the you know it's It's a different title it's the same Thing though but there's a lot more Things to juggle you gotta juggle roster Management with the portal with Recruiting with nil so now it's it's a Different difficult job I he took that Job him and Clark are very very good Friends I think they played together Um so he took that job you know he had a Cushy gig man at 24 7. I mean Barton Honestly was writing probably one Article a week Uh you know how many my website did last Week articles just guess a number Seven seven days or five uh Seven Days Seven Days Twenty One fifty five wow 55 which is Unmanageable But yeah we do it Barton was writing one Article a week He went and he stole my uh I did a Three-point stance and he started Writing an article called cover three Like same idea just stole it Um he was he was really good friends With Shannon Terry at 24 7. so he's Never going to get fired even when Shannon left He had it made He was able to just mail it in but he Did one of the different Challenge and I Get that Um you know and he'll he'll be uh

Definitely a guy that I think he would Go back to on three you know that Shannon's company now You know but I think if he wants to stay In the Personnel World once Clark is Fired at Vanderbilt in a year you know Not this season but next season I think He could do that I think he's Knowledgeable enough yeah to do that What he was really good at to me was I Used to do the the TV for the Army bowl And it was live national television on NBC and I hated it it was so stressful I Mean you're talking live millions of People you're talking with producers When I did ESPN I would work with those Guys you know I'd do three or four hits A week I knew them I had a comfort level With them I had a comfort level with my Co-host NBC's once a year they come down on a Thursday the game's on a Saturday they Don't care about you They pressure you they make you feel Super uncomfortable and then they throw The red light on you to millions of People and I sucked at it I wasn't Horrible but I wasn't Barton was 10 Times better at it than me Um that was his Niche man I thought TV Was going to be where he went into Yeah that makes sense it's interesting It was interesting move that I realized That uh

Hi And being with his buddy from high School that he played with it was an Interesting uh mix I I feel like yeah he Probably just you know you get a little Stagnant and you need to need a few Years to do something else and that's Kind of Um what it becomes Yeah you know it it should be like it Should have been like Northwestern they Can never find that guy like the Northwestern head coach who just As some is such an amazing coach that he Somehow wins uh now seven eight games Every year not now they're horrible did You just see they lost to um did they Just lose two Iowa so they're the only team I think That's giving up more than 20 points to Iowa this week they're one in like seven Is that what they are this year oh man And Fitzgerald's a great coach he's a Great former player there and he's won The Big Ten West twice at Northwestern Which has academic restrictions not a Great home recruiting territory the Guy's amazing this year though they're Just so horrible I mean they're really Really real they're one win is that Opener against Nebraska they started off 1-0 And they haven't been close to beating Anybody since it's

It's you know I didn't realize he's Actually been on a decline Just this year well last year wasn't Great either you were three or nine yeah Last year wasn't great either but Usually he he has a three and nine year And then follows with a 9-1 year Like every every even year if you look At that if you're looking on Wikipedia Every even year is like a good record Yeah interesting and every odd year is a Bad record Well this except for this year this is The first year after that two in a row Bad ones yeah I mean he's unfireable they won't fire Him oh no but he might he might get Frustrated and step down though it could Take um it would have to take like three Or four years of those kind of records For them to be like Okay you know you've been here who's a Great Vanderbilt player like Fitzgerald Who you know with Gary Barnett turned That program into something he was there Like Vanderbilt Don't they don't have a player like that You could think of that's iconic they Could be a coach and take over has Vanderbilt ever been good No before Franklin there were some some Down years but they would have the off Eight and four year or eight three year Here and there

But very very very rarely Franklin went To he won nine games twice there I Believe And he went to three bowls and that was Amazing just unvanderbilt like but Before that you look at the records and They're just not good What's your son dressing up at is that Who you're talking to oh yeah he he he's Uh you know Troy you want to say hi to My Pharaoh real quick what's he doing What's he standing in front of me for The last 20 minutes I want you to say hi At least well what's he gonna dress up As what's up buddy Nice what's up what are you gonna be What are you Nice which one Michelangelo nice Michelangelo that's Awesome so what time are you guys going Out Like I think three I have to go to the Doctor briefly all right good okay oh And I have to go to doctor briefly uh But um he's probably Go he they already did a parade I mean He's he'll probably did they do did they Do trunk and treat and stuff like that Too did that um so he's got more candy Already then he knows what to do with oh That's endless well it was so fun though I used to go out oh yeah and I loved it Man I loved now I can't stand it because I'm afraid like driving around and I hit

One of these kids you know because it's Dark and they're all wearing like Ninja Outfits and stuff but when I was a kid I Loved to go on trick-or-treating my Favorite I used to get you remember did you get The pillowcases and you yeah that's what I use the pillowcase that's it that's You can fill up your pillowcase Boom Come back home Uh um uh drop it all into I put it like Into a big pile and then I go get uh Fill up my pillowcase again like I would Just do it over and Sprint the house That as I got older when you're done you Know you walk I I don't even I don't Think my parents ever did it with me at A different time here we just probably Maybe when I was real little yeah real Little but yeah 10 11 you went out by Yourself eight nine you went by yourself Yeah yeah with your buddies you know now They probably don't do that until they Get to be like 12 or less oh my God not Even I mean yeah 12 I would think they Start maybe but there's some somebody Circling Now forget it um yeah I had an older I Had older brothers one's 10 year older Than me and one that was five years Older than me so what sucked is first of All they would always get more candy Because they were smarter and they knew Where to go but when I was like seven or

Eight I would come home with my candy And my pillowcase and they would have Twice as much not my older I mean he was 17 at the time so he wouldn't do it but My older brother five years when I was Seven he was 12. he come home bigger Pillowcase and then he'd just steal half My my stuff oh yeah and there was no There was no you know mother father Stepping in no like you just had to Fight for your own life I would trade With my younger brother and I'd be like You know you don't want that you know And yeah he's like oh I'm like I'll give You three of these crappy ones right and I would take Reese's right and he would Fall for it because he wanted to please My brother wouldn't do that he'd just Take my stuff it just because he Wouldn't want it he would just do it to Piss me off and then I would try to Scrapple them and then he'd beat the Crap out of me and then I would cry Probably and then he then he'd get in Trouble then but he'd still keep my Stuff like that's growing up with older Brothers you become tough Yeah nothing can get you I was the Oldest so wow it must be a different Dynamic because the older brothers You know picked on the younger brothers Being the youngest I picked on them yeah You have to scrap Joe I used to do oh my Sister to this day I think she's still

Scarred from what I used to do the uh Make believe I was I would I would tease Her and I would hold her down I big Believe I was gonna drop spit in her Mouth is suck oh yeah that's fine she's Probably in therapy Traumatized from that uh that's part of Growing up though man it's the way it is So so yeah so let's let's wrap it up It's 1 30 it's almost trick-or-treat Time Um my football camps it's only 1 30. D1 get recruiting Promotion uh we'll get you noticed and If you're good enough the coaches will Take notice of you and uh I guess maybe Next week we'll shoot for being on time Yeah Sure It's two weeks in a row right after You're 10 minutes late last week last Week yeah yeah Because I always have a heart out today I don't have a heart out but usually I Got a heart out like once so I start Texting you 1205 and I'm like let's go I Got a heart out and then you're like you Know so I'll I'll stay on you this next Week you got it all right so yeah let's Wrap it up and yeah great we had Bill Mattis uh chiming in today which was Great Little interaction never hurts whatever That the next

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