#20 Utah vs #7 USC Highlights | College Football Week 7 | 2022 College Football Highlights

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USC vs Utah Highlights (Utah vs USC) | 2022 College Football Highlights. Utah Football hosted USC Football in week 7 of the 2022 College Football Season. #CollegeFootball #USCFootball #UtahFootball Covering sports in a unique way since 2018. If you’re looking…

USC vs Utah Highlights (Utah vs USC) | 2022 College Football Highlights. Utah Football hosted USC Football in week 7 of the 2022 College Football Season.

#CollegeFootball #USCFootball #UtahFootball

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[Music] Rice Eccles Stadium that's the backdrop That's the visitors sideline and this is The opening kickoff In that Victory against Washington State Third and eight call it for Caleb Williams loads of time hemmed in the Pocket now he escapes forward climbing Through the pocket first down and then Some Caleb Williams Roaming free at the base of the Wasatch Mountains inside the 20. It's done again he scores touchdown USC Football Third down and six for cam Rising Pressure was coming he's got the first Down and then some Kincaid into USC Territory Take the counter action and Rising rolls And dumps it off inside the 25-yard line Of first down for Jalen Dixon Jordan Noyes for the field goal and that Is Wide all right It's time for the backfield die to the Sideline and trout is done inside the It's Washington He breaks a tackle and races down the Sideline he's out of bounds Points to the boundary Addison comes Back the other way and he is in Touchdown Wow And there is the play action you're

Talking about he steps up in the pocket And he flings it for melee on the Sideline nice catch Rising runs it and he's got the first Down dragging a couple of tacklers Including Shane Lee who On the counteracts in Bernard little Side step for the touchdown Utah Paying off the penalty Williams scanning and surveying to snap Off a throw and one open Mario Williams Down the sideline Williams is Out of Bounds at the three Williams Whirling firing touchdown Kyron Hudson Well it's Thomas Washington on the Touchdown Road it's Travis dye turn to Pass blocker watch this right here this Is a gold star tomorrow on his grade Sheet faking the run but then the Awareness and the aware with all to give His QB just an extra beater Oh that snap he didn't want it he's got It anyway and he throws down the field For Addison Incomplete that's where the sound in the Ballpark became an issue to be six six Six seven having that wingspan that's Not realistic Rising Rise it launches down the field to the Toe and Monty Parks Rising could backstroke in All right Third and 15.

Williams a dart down the middle for Addison And Elon the center signal into his Linemen here's William scrambling again Kayla Caleb Williams to throw it down The field to drop it in the bucket for Mario Williams it's Addison in motion Again He looks that off and then threw down The middle for the tight end Fallon His 19th grab of his career And it's running right now second and One throw down the middle and a Beautiful jumping grab by Kincaid That's on target for a Utah touchdown it Is melee down to the deck in red paint For a score USC plus 14 this year turnover margin Cam Rising accelerating across Midfield It last week for the injured Shane Lee Rising deep ball the sideline right at The Fringe incomplete for Dalton Kincaid Who wanted to tap down 10K again And this place erupts Here to start the second half Caleb Williams a laser down the middle Jordan Addison somehow kept his feet Madison was uncovered for a moment There's a tight end follow again and his Second touchdown [Applause] He had three career when he woke up this Morning and brushed his teeth he has two

Tonight to talk about USC stacking plays That's twice that follow is the Beneficial of your screen Foreign [Applause] And the ball came out ball came loose at The end of the play Gentry got the hand In to punch it away let's see [Applause] USC says it's Trojan football they'll Unpack the pile You said the first turnover is going to Be very important I think it's tougher Underneath It All And there it is A little Jug on a snap again and that Caused problems for the play read the Sack and it's Fourth Down 12 catches High snap rising to the sideline with a Marker in it'll be first in Burley Tavion Thomas is in it's rising driving The legs touchdown Foreign [Applause] S climbs the pocket and throws on the Run and he's got Mario Williams the Towel guys are going crazy it's first Down with two gotta go they do To this side got it for Jackson and he Stars First Catch for Michael Jackson the Third [Applause]

One Check with me see what they're going to Show they showed all-out blitz so we're Gonna run this and we're going to get Another touchdown creating Puck from Taj Washington Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Trojans Rising [Applause] Foreign To try to beat undefeated USC It looks like it Rising up the middle he's in Utah leads Foreign S gets out again throws it down field And intercepted picked up by Broughton There's a marker down with contact by Phillips as well 10 seconds moves to nine and eight and We'll check the marker But that return took off critical Critical seconds pass interference Defense number one about to return to USC 15-yard penalty automatic first down After review a timeout signal was given During the play there's still a Defensive pass interference so we'll Have that 15-yard penalty the game clock Will be reset to 13 seconds the game Popular start on the snap because of an

Inadvertent signal from the officials USC gets an extra five seconds Quick throw he's got died in the Sideline Travis died Now with seven seconds on the clock [Applause] Utah wins Foreign [Music]

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