Podcasts-Coach Schuman Recruiting Seminars

Dave Schuman

Episode 10: The Gameplan: What does the star system and camp system mean and how do you get stars?

Episode 9: The Gameplan: How do you know you are ready to be recruited and what to do when you are

Episode 8: The Gameplan: Interview with Michigan Football Coach and Special Teams Coordinator Chris Partridge

Episode 7: Live Interview with Around The Horn, talking camps and recruiting.

Episode 6: Its Up To You To Get Yourself Recruited-No Time For Excuses

Episode 5: How to maximize your development on the field -Competing and not complaining

Episode 4: 10X Your Football Recruiting Right Now

Episode 3: David Schuman Interviewed by Season for Life Podcast by DJ SixSmith

Episode 2: #AskCoachSchu Live Football Recruiting Question and Answer

Episode 1: Calling the College Coach and Introducing Yourself

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