November 29, 2021

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NUC Sports Showcasing New Jersey’s Top Young Talent at The Prequel

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NUC Sports Showcasing New Jersey’s Top Young Talent at The Prequel

On March 4th in Paramus at The Arena, New Jersey NUC Sports will be hosting “The Prequel”, its second annual football showcase.

The Prequel is an event strictly for athletes in the graduating classes of 2021, 2022 and exceptional 2023 athletes. It will focus heavily on helping these young athletes compete and be coached up the proper way.

David Schuman, Executive at NUC Sports and Head Football Coach at Indian Hill High School, spoke about what he hopes to accomplish in year two of this camp.

“We just want the best players competing against each other in an atmosphere where they are coached the proper way, giving them the best chance to succeed” Schuman Said. “This is all stuff they are going to see at the next level, it will be good for them to get this experience.”

NUC Sports has an impressive track record when it comes to developing talent; they have had over 10,000 athletes sign D1 scholarships, along with training some pretty high level NFL talent. Some of their notable alumni include Johnny Manziel, Marcus Mariota, Landon Collins, Tyrod Taylor, Melvin Gordon and Amari Cooper.

At the event athletes will be evaluated in the following areas:

QB’s-Footwork, Release, Accuracy, Athleticism

WR’s- Release off Ball, Route Running, Catching Skills, Playmaking, Athleticism, Speed

TE’s-Release off Ball, Route Running, Catching Skills, Playmaking, Athleticism, Blocking

RB’s-Footwork, Change of Direction, Catching Skills, Athleticism

OL-Power, Footwork, Quickness, Technique, Flexibility, Physicality, Athleticism

DL-Quickness, Power, Hand Use, Technique, Physicality, Athleticism

LB’s- Change of Direction, Power, Athleticism, Coverage, Footwork, Playmaking

DB’s- Redirection, Athleticism, Coverage, Footwork, Quickness, Playmaking, Speed

This event is invite only, if you feel a teammate or player is worthy you can nominate them at

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