Justin Hudson – Purcell Marian – OH – 2024 – OL/DL uses Physicality to earn MVP at NUC All-American Game !!!

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Justin Hudson Purcell Marian High School, OH 2024 OL/DL 6-0 .. 225 X (Twitter) - @Jmodee55
NUC All-American Game MVP

Justin Hudson:  Purcell Marian High School Football – 2024 OL/DL uses physicality to bring home NUC All-American Game MVP honors !!!

Justin Hudson, is a senior at Purcell Marian High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 2024 Offensive Lineman / Defensive Lineman recently competed in the NUC All-American Game in Savannah, Georgia and was lauded as one of the overall best participating.  

The 6-0 225 pound grinder showed off tremendous work ethic and grit throughout the week.  Hudson doesn’t let the critics define who he is and plays with a ton of effort and passion.  He is quick and strong allowing him to fire off the football and get into the pads of his opposition before they even have time to react.  

Hudson, a 2024 prospect, played at Purcell Martin High School this past season.  He currently has interest from Otterbein University, Ohio Wesleyan, and Wilmington to continue his football playing career.

When asked what his favorite part of playing in the game was he responded “The physicality, I got to Pancake some guys, and I really enjoyed that!”  How do you feel participating in the game will help you in your future football endeavors?  “It helped me get extra work and prepare for college football!”  The final question asked was what would you tell younger players who may be on the fringe about playing in the game itself?  “I would tell them to hold their ground and always put in the work. I am not the biggest or the strongest but I always try to show out on the field and this will give you an opportunity to do just that”

The NUC All-American Game is hosted annually over winter break for most High Schools.  The game is made up of student athletes from all over the country who practice together with coaches and players that are gathered from across the nation. It allows players the opportunity to go and compete against some of the top talent across the nation while gaining more exposure on a national level!

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