Carlito Savea – Bradwell Institute – GA – 2027 – QB earns NUC All-American Game MVP Honors !!!

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Carlito Savea Bradwell Institute Hinesville, Georgia 2027 5-8 .. 150 QB NUC All-American Game MVP X (twitter) - @CarlitoSavea

Carlito Savea:  Bradwell Institute High School Football – 2027 QB brings home NUC All-American Game MVP honors !!!

Carlito Savea, is a freshman at Bradwell Institute High School in Hinesville, Georgia. The 2027 athletic QB recently competed in the NUC All-American Game in Savannah, Georgia and was tabbed as one of the best players on the field.  

Savea, a 2027 prospect, played his freshman year at Bradwell Institute in Hinesville, Georgia this past season.  He, along with teammate Tyson Spears, decided that over winter break they would do something not many have an opportunity to do. 

The 5-8 150 pound QB showed off tremendous talent throughout the week.  Savea played with pose and composure even during times of stress, displaying excellent pocket presence.  He has a quick release and strong arm which allowed for him to fire the football into tight windows.  Big plays came not only from the air but using his feet to scramble for first downs as well.  It’s also nice to throw passes to a High School teammate as previously mentioned he and Tyson Spears, another Bradwell guy participating in the game.  

What was your favorite part of playing in the NUC All-American Game?

“I enjoyed getting to know the coaches and the other players around me, helping each other with their craft and having fun while doing it!”  

How do you feel participating in the NUC All-American Game will help you in your future football endeavors? 

 “I learned about how to move in the pocket, especially with other players that I didn’t know, it helped me to understand the game, and myself more to be the best I can be!”  

Why should younger players like yourself play in the NUC All-American Game? 

 “I would tell them it’s a great opportunity to build connections, learn, and work on their craft, it also shows dedication!”

The NUC All-American Game is hosted annually over winter break for most High Schools.  The game is made up of student athletes from all over the country who practice together with coaches and players that are gathered from across the nation. It allows players the opportunity to go and compete against some of the top talent across the nation while gaining more exposure on a national level!

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