Eyn Phillips – Purcell Marian – OH – ATH – 2024 Prospect gains National Recognition taking home MVP Honors at the NUC All-American Game !!

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Eyn Phillips Purcell Marian High School, OH 2024
6-0 .. 205 ATH
X (Twitter) - @EynPhillips5 NUC All-American Game MVP

Eyn Phillips:  Purcell Marian High School Football – 2024 ATH earns NUC All-American Game MVP honors !!!

Eyn Phillips, is a senior at Purcell Marian High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 2024 athlete recently took part in the NUC All-American Game in Savannah, Georgia and walked away with some hardware.  

The 6-0 205 pound athlete showed off tremendous athleticism throughout the week, making tackles all over the field.  Phillips plays with a ton of effort and passion.  He possesses the ability to be both quick and strong allowing him to contribute no matter what position he lines up at.  The Football IQ and natural instincts allowed for him to  create greater advantages by putting himself in the best position to win on every snap.

Eye, a 2024 prospect, played at Purcell Marian High School this past season.  Ohio is considered one of the top 10 football states in the county, possibly top 5 by some.

The NUC All-American Game is hosted annually over winter break for most High Schools.  The game is made up of student athletes from all over the country who practice together with coaches and players that are gathered from across the nation. It allows players the opportunity to go and compete against some of the top talent across the nation while gaining more exposure on a national level!

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