Five Things That Will Make You A Football Field General

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Five Things That Will Make You A Football Field General

It is important that we develop more and more leaders on the field that can help other play at a higher level, feel more confident,and gain the improvisation and game-manship strategies that will help them succeed on the field. This success as a field general will help your team play better, get others to reach new levels and develop fantastic performance.

What is a Field General?

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as

field general — noun

  • 1 A general who commands troops on the field of battle.
  • 2(In extended use) a person who organizes and directs a sports team on the field of play; especially = “quarterback”.

So before we get into only quarterbacks are field generals, it is important to understand each team can have multiple generals on the field that work cohesively with the Quarterback or general leader on the field. Here’s some concepts.

Tom Brady QB

On the offense inf football, the Quarterback commands the entire offense, the center should command the offensive line, the running back should command the pass protection scheme for the offensive line and the most intelligent receiver can control how they block different plays out on the perimeter by communication with other receivers. So in this example we have potentially four field generals on one side of the ball.

On defense we can see this example with the Middle Linebacker controlling the defense, the free and strong safety controlling their side of the field with calls to outside linebackers and cornerbacks, and the individual linebackers controlling what defensive lineman do on various blitzing plays. This allows for many people to have their own generalship on the field and control their world.

So here are the 5 ways they can become a great field general

  1. Communication-

The ability to communicate and relate information to others in a fast and distinct manner will create the best opportunity for success. The team that communicates is the team that wins. Echoing calls, helping others get aligned and calling out situations and plays is critical to helping everyone get on the say page

2. Effort-

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary effort is described as:

: conscious exertion of power : hard work a job requiring time and effort

Mike Singletary, ILB, Hall of Famer

Working hard, exertion of power and making that a conscious and present ideal. The concept of simply giving more than everyone else will create respect from peers and when you attempt to communicate they will trust your communication as fact.

3. Trust-

Developing trust on the field is the single most important part of communication and effort. If people see you care, give effort and attempt to help others to succeed, they will trust you. That trust will have an exponential effect that will gain others to believe in your ability and information you disseminate on the field. Gaining trust from your teammates as someone they can rely on is mission critical.

4. Positivity-

As my legendary coach and father would say “Positivity is contagious and negativity is destructive.” I have heard a lot of motivational sayings in life but this one resonates with me more then any other. If you are positive of what your success is what your team’s is and what you are working towards good things will happen. I have never ever seen someone who is negative be successful. Negative people always fall short of their talent threshold. Negative people and more importantly negative attitudes create failure, lacking, and a void that ensures complete loss. No one ever won a championship with the thought process of we suck , we will never be good. The teams and people who have success believe that they will achieve great things, that momentum is always coming there way and that they will achieve their dreams. The biggest crock of nonsense i have ever read is when people write that people shouldn’t tell their kids that they can accomplish whatever they or want or dream. That is such nonsense, i believe quite the contrary, “When you shoot for moon you will always land among the stars even if you fall short, but you certainly will never be stuck on the ground in the world of gravity.” Dream big, take action and be positive.

5. You must take action

This is the final and most critical step, you can’t be positive, communicate, trust and give effort, without first taking action to be a field general that means getting out of your comfort zone, and doing the things to create better teammates and leaders. Work with your coach to create the atmosphere you want and the ideas and principles that will help you create success. Set the parameters and then take action to put all the steps into place. The first ideals is to write down goals, wake up early, set a plan and take action on the plan and the other four areas will fall into place. Through action you make everything happen.

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