Talking Deion Sanders, The Portal, and CFP playoff

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Talking Deion Sanders, The Portal, and CFP playoff #transferportal #coachschuman #mikefarrell

Now give me my thing you [Music] Had a cute enough for you Mike there's a Lot of there's a lot of things to unpack With Dion man [Music] A lot of stuff so you know before people Don't think I'm a Dion fan That's my Dion Helmet signed by the man himself This is a you know Old school Atlanta Helmet I love Dion Um he's gonna have a lot of challenges At Colorado he's going to have a lot of Decisions to make Um you know he's already told the team The players on the roster that if you're Not buying in you can get in the portal And I think he wants a lot of them to go There because they're 1-11 football team And he doesn't want this roster Um I saw that you know he wants to bring A few kids with him to from Jackson State You Know Travis Hunter who was you Know Minnie had him as the number one Recruit in the country who chose Jackson State over Florida State and Georgia and Some others Um he's gonna bring his son there his Quarterback But there's so much interest in him you Know so many kids reaching out uh from The portal and and from you know from

Rosters that aren't even in the portal Just kids seeing if there's a home for Him in Colorado Um and then the recruiting that he's Going to have it is only 85 men on a Roster Scholarships so he's going to have a lot Of decisions to make there's going to be A lot of kids coming from Colorado left Out in the cold and you know as we talk About the the D1 Uh recruiting promotion the social Promotion for high school D1 we got the portal Promotion up there too Um so really it's a very important time For everybody because 2024 kids have to Do this now This is it 2023 is over in two weeks 85 Of it's over Um 20 25 kids should get on it early 2026 kids on and on uh but the portal Kids you know we've got a program for Them and I think it's very very Inexpensive And there's a lot of kids that are Oh is that the URL it's D1 transfer yeah Nice do you want hyphen transfer Okay so That one is intriguing to me because It's the first of its kind to pop up Social promotion it's harder to promote Transfer portal kids for the simple Reason that a lot of them don't have Film some of them haven't played some of

Them got practice films some of them are Trying to get film you know from their School that they left and it's hard for Them to get it so it's not like high School where you get a ton of huddle Film and you can go to your coach and Get all the film you need so sometimes You need more promotion out of the Portal but you know Hudson card at Texas And Devin Leary and NC State and some of The big names that have gone in they Don't need help we're not for them I want to cover them you know I want to Find out where Hudson car is going to Land or Devin Leary's going to land but It's the guys that go in we've had Almost 400 kids go in since the portal Opened FBS today so it's only noon About 40 percent of these kids will get Placed and the average is 60 of them Will not And that's a big big problem I knew it Was going to get bigger and bigger so There's going to be more kids in the Portal this year than there were last Year and the last two year numbers show 38 percent placed and 40 percent placed Um And that's scholarship to scholarship So if you got in the portal and somebody Kicked you to the portal and they said Listen there's no room for you here Anymore scholarships a year to year Um you need this help

And if you decided to leave because you Weren't playing but you don't really Have a plan you need this help too Because no one's going to hear of you You know if you're a a division Two kid or an FCS kid or even at low you Know level third stringer at a power Five school no one's heard of you nobody Knows you and you're going to need the Promotion help Yeah and there are plenty guys that can Go places it's just that with all these People in the portal the guys who are Known Commodities are gonna go there's No doubt about it you're and just like You said those guys obviously don't need Our help Um but that next year are guys that Could go to a place and contribute and Really be in and maybe even an impact Player but You know they haven't played they Haven't gotten in on the field and They're going to need help there uh with The way package so you go to my D1 hyphen transfer and I just showed it on the screen before Um we have a unique program me and Mike But Mike is really driving this because He's the portal Guru okay of the portal I've been called What are you called now the pontiff of The portal that's what Chris Childers so Chris Childers who you know does full

Ride Radio on Sirius xm-84 National show Rick new Heisel he gave me the Godfather A recruiting nickname about 20 plus Years ago So he decided to make me the pontiff of The portal Yeah that might be better that might be Because in today's age that might be More powerful than Godfather of uh yeah Of recruiting yeah and then you got to Pivot man I mean you know kids are going In every two seconds the the feral Portal feed at Barrel portal uh is Growing exponentially you know there's Other Feeds out there that are bigger There's one feed that that we used to Work for and work on that we got up to Like 85 90 000 followers Um they can't ha they can't keep up and And the other companies you know 24 7 on Three they can't keep up either that Feed With portal Jesus as they call them mark Questionic is the one to to follow it's Just going to give you the quickest Information not only on who's gone in There but their stats as a college Football player uh most importantly Where they come from you know because if You get a kid like EJ Williams from Clemson just went in he's from Alabama Now I just talked to him briefly through DM He hasn't heard from Auburn or Alabama

Yet but he just went in the portal he Could end up back there you know um and So that's important for Auburn and Alabama fans and he's a kid who doesn't Need our help uh but it's a way to track It but I will tell you this there's so Many kids hitting up that portal feed That need our help that I'm reaching out To and saying it's inexpensive and you Should probably do it because we'll work With you as a team to put your name out There now I'm not going to call you know Jeff Satterfield who's just took the Cincinnati job today which is surprising From Louisville I'm not going to call Deon Sanders on your behalf it's not What we do but social promotion we're Going to keep putting your name out There as things occur film you know if You get any interest or offers Um we're going to put that out there and I'll tell you that's the key because if You get an offer doesn't matter whether It's Grand Valley State So I'm going to see that you got an Offer because it's been tweeted out from This portal feed and my feed and your Feed And they're going to say okay maybe We'll take a look at this kid or if you Get three offers then everybody's gonna Say it and then if you get a group of Five or a power five offer Everybody's gonna start to offer you so

That's how it snowballs it's necessary It's an intriguing thing because high School kids don't really know a lot that They're new to recruiting this is the First time they've gone through it Portal kids know a lot they've been Through recruiting they've been through The recruiting High School process they Are very aware of what social promotion Is is needed and necessary It doesn't make it an easier sell But they're smarter and more Savvy and They understand that this is something That costs money nothing's free in life But might help them Quick question on just the portal in General is all of this Obviously is not what the original Intention was but as always this good For college football recruiting Right is this good because I look at Like There has to be a bad effect in the high School Realm Um there has to be obviously a bad Effect for Sports in football on the Guys that don't get picked up like People should be telling uh some of them Like hey you probably shouldn't jump Into Portal right now they're not gonna Listen anyway so I mean that's the other Thing like I I've seen I've seen videos Maybe you have two because we probably Follow similar things but uh I've seen

Videos where guys are like people should Be telling these kids they shouldn't Jump into Port they ain't listening Whether you tell them or not right Right no they're not I mean that's the Thing is that there should be a portal Advisory committee there should be this That and the other and yeah that's all Great but they're not going to listen Either way Um now You know I could I could you know I Could certainly prop up because I I Followed the portal since before the Portal existed you know and then when The portal existed you know a couple Years ago a couple Cycles ago Um you know I really started covering And following it and I know the nuances And I talked to a lot of college coaches About this that and the other advisory Could be something that's an easy Business uh and I could charge Exponential dollars for it where I'll Just sit with you talk with you and Continually talk with you on a daily Basis Um as to what you should and shouldn't Do But it'd be frustrating Because they wouldn't listen Um and in the end the kids are going to Do what they want anyways and to just be A waste of money uh so I you know having

Me talk to your kid or having somebody Smart talk to your kid who's been around The block or knows you know maybe you Should stay put or maybe this is your Expectation getting on the portal you're A power five guy but you're gonna have To drop down you may be dropping down This too as far as FCS they're not going To listen Um so it's not good I mean this is not Good uh it'd be great if every kid who Went in the portal was a was a um Kayla Williams You know Um who we knew would have no downside to Him entering you just he's gonna go Someplace uh or even you know to a Lesser extent I I keep mention you know Devin Leary and Hudson card but you know They come to mind Um You know Drew Pine Notre Dame you know he's going to find a Home there's no question it just depends On where he's going to find a home but It's a lot of these kids who will not Find a home who think they will and I Think the thing that here that the sweet Spot for this promotion is It's D2 to FPS FCS or it's FCS to FCS so A lot of times a kid will leave a school And go into the portal because he Doesn't like the playing time he's Getting there but he's not a power five

Or a group of five Talent he just wants A new home he's not happy at Gardner-Webb or whatever I don't I don't Even know FCS schools but maybe he'd be Happy at North Dakota State you know Um or maybe you'd be happy at Emerson or Some place where he could Play so that parallel movement I think is important it's not just Everybody going parallel at Power five Or everybody going from FCS up It's really the parallel movement I Think where kids need a lot of help and Promotion I I think the big thing here it's Interesting because this is one of the Unique times where our promotion Actually intertwines with what's Actually going on right now right so This is such a a critical thing but I Saw you know Um uh this post here and and I thought This I thought I watched a whole uh talk Um you know coach man has posted I I Watched a whole talk that Deanne had and I'll tell you he actually didn't say Jump into Portal he basically said if You're not going to be good enough and You're not gonna do what we ask you to Do which is going to be a lot your best Thing you could do is jump in a portal It's kind of close to what he said but That's really what he said and Coach Coach mans is close on it but but

Not what I mean all coaches think that Now it's not what he means so in this Case you know listen yeah Mario crystal Ball called out the parents of some of The Miami kids that were complaining About playing time and he he it was Quoted in an article saying come pick up Your kid if you're not happy every coach Does that at the end of a season Especially if it's a disappointing Season I mean Kirby Smart doesn't do it But if you have a disappointing season Or you're a new coach your message to Them is if you don't want to buy in here You don't want to be here get out Um Dion's is the same message word wise You know if you're not gonna buy he Doesn't want this roster They stink the one in 11. you know most Of the players on this team are not good Football players who were either taken You know in a poor evaluation situation By previous coaches or just haven't Played up to their expectations every One in 11 team has a few good players Yep but but what I think coach Manus Means by that and it could be the Headline of a lot of places as Dion Tells kids to jump at the portal The the the terming and phrasing that He's using here 100 speaks to because he did mention Positional Replacements you know if you Don't want to be here but he mentions

Positional Replacements that's very Specific and he's also saying to them You know they don't even know what the Culture is so he's trying to drive them Away That's what he's doing Um and it's okay I mean listen he's Getting paid five million dollars plus a Year to take a one in 11 horrible Football team uh back to some sort of Competitive level in the Pac-12 and then Compete for a championship you recruit a 111 team that team sucks and they can't Hang so you got to get rid of most of Them and I think he's going to get rid Of most of them I mean Brian Kelly a lot Of people left because he wasn't a Cultural fit he was down to 49 Scholarship players at one point in time And he filled it with a recruiting class So he had a lot of young players this Year and he filled it with the portal And got himself up near that 85 but not Not there Dion's is going to be playing Under 85 scholarship players if he wants To for a couple years but the problem He's gonna he could take 30 kids in the Portal there's so much interest from all Around the country and Dion Um he can he can only sign a certain Amount of kids you know in the Recruiting class but he could take There's no signing limit for the portal So I think he's gonna get rid of like 40

Of these kids I think you're gonna see a Max Exodus uh from Colorado on purpose And then I think you're going to see Colorado probably be the most active Power five team in the portal this year Interesting will Jackson State be active In the portal Or those kids stuck no I think they want To go and he said you know he wants a Lot of them to stay and but that's not His call anymore you left you cannot say What you you cannot tell kids at Jackson State to stay when you left that's Hypocritical and it's crap now he's Going to take a few with him You know and I don't know what their Grades are Um you know there's there's also a Portal requirement a a credit Requirement a GPA requirement you can't Just take somebody From what I understand there's a there's A minimum level at most schools of a GPA Requirement and you have to matriculate Towards your degree so most schools will Take your gym classes and your PE and Your basket weaving underwater basket Weaving classes and count that towards Your GPA and you'll get above that Number Now what Colorado has done in the past Is they've set their number at 2.5 you Have to have a 2.85 Which is higher than The standard and they don't take those

Basket weaving and gym classes Um so they are very difficult place to Transfer to even though their academics Aren't duke or Stanford or anything like That but they've got you know their Registrar and their admissions people And you know overall their their college Is not bought into taking anybody with a Pulse either in recruiting or in the Portal Um Now will that be lowered will because They paid five million dollars a year to Dion and these Dion well they drop that Down to 2.0 will they drop will they Start allowing those glasses to count Toward your GPA I don't know but I do Know that there are standards you can't Just willy-nilly transfer let's say You've been in there for two you two Years at a school and you got six Credits and a 1.2 GPA you can't you have To have some sort of You know matriculation towards your Academic goals For the NCAA to allow that transfer to Happen so that's another thing too you Know I don't know what these Jackson State kids grades are I have no idea I I You know I assume Travis Hunter is going To go with him to Colorado although he Could he could he's from Florida Originally and he moved to Georgia he Could he could get a big nil number

Um there's other players on that team That have been successful but some of Them already transferred in they're Running back transferred in from from I Believe um of West Virginia I think They're top tackler transferred in from Missouri So are they grad students can they Transfer twice I don't have the answer To that what are their academics are They going to have any academic hurdles To transfer I can't answer that either So I don't know what these Jackson State Kids are left with Um most of them are going to have to Stay I mean it doesn't matter that they Went undefeated and won the slack the Slack is not good football it's just not It's not there's no way to to sugarcoat That so that means these kids aren't Great football players Um you know so the Travis hunters and Sugar Sanders of the world are sort of You know outliers so I think the Jackson State kids are just going to they're Listen Jackson State's a a nice school They chose it for a reason other than Dion they'll get a good coach in there And they'll stay so these kids I don't Feel sorry for them they're not screwed But for him to say I'd like you to stay But I'm gonna go that's crap you can't Do that What what schools do you think stand to

Really gain a ton Uh in the transfer portal in in this Situation Um like are there schools that are doing Well that are close but will leverage I Mean obviously Lincoln Riley did it last Year will he do it again Um you know I saw like the quarterback From Clemson's in the transfer portal Yeah DJ yeah yeah which we we actually Talked about this weeks ago with him That we thought that that would happen Right so Um you mentioned that you thought that That that would probably happen Um and are those are those kind of like Are there schools that are going to be Leveraging transfer portal more than Others As we continue or is it just the best Programs are going to get the best Players from the transfer Forum now Everybody's going to be impacted Um you know it there's not an even Playing field just like recruiting it's Very very difficult for Notre Dame to Get recruits in the portal you know they Got Brandon Joseph from Northwestern uh Last year and that was a big one but He's from Northwestern I mean he's got Academics he's got everything you need Um you know they got Jack Cohn from Wisconsin a few years ago to play Quarterback for them but his academics

Were Stellar they can't take anybody That has lower academic standards than Notre Dame High School recruiting or What they expect Duke Northwestern uh The same way Stanford it's very Difficult for those teams to take Transfers where it's easier for USC as An example to take multiple transfers Because they don't have to worry about Those academics so the rich will get Richer you know simply because of that But they're already getting richer Through recruiting Everybody's going to to utilize it it Depends on how It's a it's a difficult balance how much Do you want to put into High School Recruiting how much do you want to put In the portal the portal sort of the Quick Fix where you can take your roster Like Lincoln Riley did from a four and Eight football team and and be one game Away from the college football playoff It's instant impact but is it long-term Sustainable to do that I don't know Because the portal is new To me it just seems like uh like without Parameters by the way the NFL actually Has parameters you know when you when You could be a free agent this time and This time Um who you take how much you what you Money caps so what's it what's so crazy To me is I just keep going in my head

About this right and we're doing this Because we're doing this the transfer Program we're doing the recruiting as a College coach if you're gonna get fired The way that these guys are getting Fired if they don't win There's no incentive for them to take a High school player unless he is a slam Dunk at the highest level now for FCS I've seen I've seen how great it turns Out for a lot of these FCS kids because The Yale I think it's a I don't know if It's a line or skill player that Yale is A great player that's got a bunch of Offers already oh Lyman yep the Rhode Island guy has a bunch of offers or get Ready So it's important for players to Understand that Go in FCS is an opportunity Now versus Before you were like when I played FCS At UConn You were at FCS you were in FCS okay and That was the level you are but you were Also pigeonholed as you weren't moving Forward and you weren't moving backward Like basically that's where you were Right occasionally transfer would come From division one but they would have to Sit out for a year now Like you're almost if you're not the top Guy in high school and you get a FCS Offer and you think you might be above That level

It's actually better for you to go with FCS to be a star right away Because if you wanted to you could just Transfer to USC two years from now am I Wrong or I don't know no it's right it's Just it's very well first of all you get The one transfer now as an undergrad Um and you get the second is Grant Transfer and that may or may not change They had you know a policy vote on Unlimited transfers they shot it down But it's still on the table But you know the the biggest thing is For me it's it's risky Um to transfer You know because you don't know if You're gonna be happy and we see a bunch Of guys Um We see a bunch of guys you know that are On their second transfer uh and just it Didn't work out for them and and you Know it's always risky to go someplace New but it's not risky to go I don't Think from FCS like Albany you know Jared verse the defensive end who went From Albany to Florida State and had a Great season this year Um you know so as a high school kid Going to FCS is certainly not something To shy away from and it's going to be More important than ever because Colleges are going to hold back power Five colleges and group of five colleges

Are going to hold back scholarships for The portal so they can be less high School kids taken that means more high School kids landing at the FCS and Division two level and then they're Gonna have to play their way into that That you know higher level of Competition by having success there Um but you know it's it's risky to sort Of build a team as a portal team you Know Riley had success with it Um he just He got the the best of the best I mean Caleb Williams and Jordan Anderson and And you know uh Travis dye and uh Austin Jones I mean on on offense and Mario Williams from Oklahoma on offense and That defense Eric Gentry and he's he's Sort of picked and you know who he Wanted because it's USC and it's nil but If you're a different program and you You take 10 or more transfers you know It's very risky it's up or down Um and those guys aren't going to be There for long you know hey if they Transfer once they might transfer a Second time B if they got one year left You know then they're a stop gap for you You have to develop the younger players So but it's no longer the world of 25 Kids full recruiting class all in in High school And maybe get a transfer that's going to Sit out a year and be special for you or

You know in the case of a Russell Wilson A grad transfer that's going to change Your entire program like you did at Wisconsin Now it's free agency there are Parameters there's no free agency Signing period you know Um per se like there is in the NFL I Mean there's this window now Um you know but there is no salary cap You can take as many kids as you want as Long as you stay within the 85 Scholarship limit Um but the academics are the thing that People don't talk about I mean you could Try to bypass that if you want but you Know a team like Michigan state did a great job two years Ago in the portal and it really got Mel Tucker that that 100 million dollar Guaranteed contract you know Kenneth Walker from Wake Forest really was the Key name there but they had a bunch of Guys impact Notre Dame can't do that they can't take 10 15 guys to revamp so they've got to Focus but a Michigan State You know so it really depends on the School Um Alabama spot recruits the portal you Know they took Jamir Gibbs this year They took Tyler Steen they took Tyler Harrell Um you know they took Elias Rick's not a

Lot of those guys panned out Gibbs did Um but they they you know spot recruit Four or five guys because they're Alabama But other teams that aren't Alabama like Ole Miss Didn't have a good recruiting year in 2019 and they were feeling the effects Of that on the roster last year so they Took like 12 kids Um That's it really depends on the program Itself is it going to make you better is It going to make you worse is it going To keep you where you are but for kids This is It's it's good and bad the good thing is Like you said you could be an Undiscovered kid who goes to FCS has a Great first couple years or a year and Gets up to the level he wants to be Or You know you're also seeing a drop down Of group of five players to the FCS and They're kind of taking up roster spots For kids that aren't good at the FCS Level and those kids are the ones being Lost Those are the ones those are the 60 that Go into the portal because they no Longer have a job where they are right And they can't find a new home so that's That's obviously bad for student Athletes

I don't know Yeah it's a mess it's also it's Incred it's amazing for media It's like never ending content for media For the actual athlete in the NCAA There's no it's the messiest thing I've Ever nil and and transfer portal are the Two messiest things in the history Of the NCAA Two messiest things and they both came Around at the same time and we're Navigating through both of them and kids Have a number you know so Devin Leary is A great example can a team like Illinois Where his brother plays as a quarterback Which is very attractive to him Can they afford an nil number that a Notre Dame could Where he doesn't have a brother there Um but could make more money I I don't know if they can so that comes Into play not as much Mal doesn't come In to play as much for the transfer Portal kids as people think High School Is where they all got their hands out The the portal kids Are there for a reason high school kids Are good so you're recruiting them and You want to give them nil money Most of the portal kids are there Because they didn't win the job they got In trouble off field they're having Homesickness there's always some sort of Flaw or wart with them not always but

Sometimes 99 of them have flaws and they so they Can't come like listen uh you know well I know I didn't play a lot at Clemson But I want this massive nil deal if I'm Going to transfer you to school the Answer from the school is like no you Haven't proven crap Um High School is different you know oh I I had you know 200 career touchdowns In high school I'm a five star gave me Money and they're like okay here's money But it's not as big a a factor in the Portal I just mentioned Devin Leary Hudson card those guys will attract nil Numbers but the majority of kids are Leaving Phil jokovic for example at Boston College is probably going to end Up a pit now you transfer from Notre Dame to BC he was good for a little While he got hurt then he wasn't good Now he's probably going to go back to You know his hometown and play for Pitt He can't attract much money maybe some But nothing nil wise Um so you juggle the both like what's Going to happen Colorado does not have a Good nil Collective at all you know Dion's the name and with that could Bring an aisle but pre prior to this They had enough So these kids Travis Hunter could be Getting Millions from Georgia or Florida State or some of these Southern schools

Or is he going to go up to you know Alabama and with another promise from Dion like he gave him at Jackson State And said I'll take care of you I don't Know the answer to that question so you Have to balance both of them Interesting I I think that um The transfer portal so I was like Devin Leary for example Devin Leary got Injured right during the year yeah and That that and and so he is he a grad Transfer or is he uh just a regular Instagram transfer grad transfer it's a Grad transfer thing I see it I see a ton Of uh obviously even when they like the School they're at it makes sense for Them because they can get a whole new Fresh Kind of situation and pick and choose The ones that are good at least Um yeah and then that's also like the Grad transfers have been doing this for Longer because that was always a rule You could immediately transfer as a grad Transfer it's been that way for like a Decade so you know the Russell Wilson's Of the world or the Kelly Bryants at Clemson who went to Missouri they've Never really had that sit out a year Stuff Um but they do have nil now so that That's a little different Factor but Yeah grad transfers I could see like you

Know why wouldn't O'Leary go back to NC State I don't know maybe he's injured Maybe he's not recovered maybe they want To move forward with some of the younger Quarterbacks we saw this year we saw Three other quarterbacks this year those Guys might transfer if Devin Leary comes Back You just gotta juggle you don't want to Lose this quarterback who's promising Because this guy wants to come back hey Pitch the program I gotta uh get my dog Hold on just pitch the program for a Second I'll be back in one minute Yeah absolutely so uh so we're talking All about the the Um transfer portal and and the things That are going on in the transfer portal For those athletes that are looking for An opportunity that isn't the quite top Echelon but really you know if you're a FBS or FCS guy and you got a pretty good Cachet if you go to D1 transfer we're doing a portal Transfer promotion Recruiting promotion me and Mike it's a Unique opportunity okay this is the First of its kind and so it's really Going to be a situation where where sole Design is to promote you in a very short Time period to be able to give you the Opportunity to get to a better situation If you're in the transfer portal and You're leaving this will give you an

Opportunity you can see it here and There's a great video at the top of it Uh from me and Mike where we discussed The transfer portal in depth here just Watch that video check it out go to D1 uh uh hyphen Transfer to get the portal promotion and Really to understand more about it Um it's really really a fantastic Opportunity you have nothing to lose It's a small amount of money to be able To give you a better future and that's Really I think the key aspect of it Um and there's no program like this out There listen you can't go as a transfer Athlete you can't go to a combine you Can't go to a showcase there is nothing Like that for you so you're going to Need to be able to get yourself out There and the way it is there's there Was over 8 000 athletes in the trans Reporter last year it's probably gonna Be up 20 30 percent this year you don't Want to be part of the 60 that doesn't Land somewhere where you want to be part Of the group that does land okay and 40 Percent of the athletes land somewhere That means at a gigantic amount 60 Percent do not so my purple D1 Cash transfer and I was talking to coach Madness about it this weekend because he Wanted to know you know he's our lead Sales guy and it was want to know a Little bit of the ins and outs of it so

The high school recruiting The social uh promotion we have More cut and dry you can buy it once You know for two hundred dollars or you Go into six months for a thousand Dollars because You got time you know the portal does Not have time so let's say you buy six Month as a 2024 kid you get six months Of promotion we could Spread spread that Out do it once a month keep you on the Minds of coaches this is not that This is not keep you on the minds of Coaches this is fast they're going to be Making their decisions very quickly now That doesn't mean there's not an Opportunity because what happens is You know they're not going to sign some Kids they expected to sign in three Weeks they're not going to sign some Kids they expected to sign in February They're going to have kids turn pro that Maybe they didn't expect to turn pro and They're going to also go through their Spring football with you know some Injury issues So it's it's a fluid roster situation But the portal generally for Hudson card Answers the portal he's going to have a Home in a week could be a day if you Wanted But another kid won't so he was asking Me he's like so for three hundred Dollars what is the limit what's the

What's the time limit and the answer to That is there really isn't one we're Offering just this we're gonna retweet You we're gonna quote treat you we're Gonna put you on our feeds we're going To put you in that feed itself if you Have video we'll do our typical it's Scouting over the video and talk about You over the video so colleges can look At that And that's it you know like high school Kids Three months from now could have Different film than they had three Months ago it could be some winter camps That they went to or it could be some Early seven on sevens like there's new Phil there's no new film for transfer Portal kids just not it's what you have At your school so really when we do that Video we're going to do the one-time Analysis on it and we can retweet that Video over and over again no problem Um it's a really different package I Think it's so cheap it's unbelievable And when we did the price point on it You know part of me was like this is Cheap but it's the first time we're Doing it in the first time it's ever Been done now what does that do for the Kids who don't find a home are we still Promoting and retweeting them in August Of next year Um yeah

It's like 300 bucks could be a six month Investment of time on our hands or it Could be a one-week investment on our Time and that's why it's very Interesting uh a business for me because We could have an FCS kid no one's ever Heard of we could tweet them on a few Times put out his film and he could get Three offers that he likes and he could Commit in a week And we're done that's it yep you know You paid for the promotion the promotion Works we wish you luck we're going to Follow you if you go back in the portal Again down the line hit us up we'll do The same thing Um for an additional cost of course or It could be six months you know we could Take on the D2 kid who is in the portal Looking for a new home doesn't have a Ton of Interest doesn't have a lot of Schools and and his dream offer could End up being like a Stony Brook And it may take six months for him to Get that Stony Brook offer Um but like I said it's not like we're Calling coaches on the phone every day And we're working the lines for these We're socially promoting you and we will Do that for the transfer portal kids as Long as it takes Um you know listen if you quit football It's not open-ended if you're one of Those 60 and you don't find any home

Whatsoever more likely than not we're Gonna find you a walk-on offer you're Going to continue to be able to play Football if you want to I mean that's That's really low ball goal but that's Not difficult Um and then from there you could build Yourself back up and maybe become a a Valuable portal kid but when I was Thinking of the business itself I'm Thinking about how scheduled the high School promotion is with the one time in The six month and the one year And how slow we can go and how much time We have and how you don't want to over Saturate some of our six month people You know they're like every two weeks Have you promoted me again no no that's Not how it works this is a Scheduled smart you can't do it every Two weeks because then people will get Tired of you or they'll think we're Spamming or think we're promoting Something that's not real it has to be Done in a timely fashion transfer portal Nope do you got this you got this window And it's fast and if you don't find a Home by January you better find a Home By June and if you don't find a Home by June then you're in trouble So that's why I think it's cheap because We could be working on this for certain Kids for six months to a year And other kids could be a week and it

Really depends on how successful it is And how good you are Um so that's why I think it's so cheap I Mean geez There's been no resistance to the price Here none yeah yeah yeah yeah it's just Well I I I think you're you're 100 right And maybe I think that's what we should Almost wrap on because you nailed it Right there what what the whole thing is About Um and we talked in depth about like the Different situations you're in as an Athlete you gotta really understand the Situation if you're going to jump in a Transfer portal know what's going on at Your school because Um when you jump in there's a good Chance if you want to go back and I Heard I actually heard Dion say this I'm Not taking you back when you jump in I Heard him say that that you 100 said Once you jump in you ain't coming back So and I I not every school is like that But a lot of them even if they don't say That that's what's gonna happen so make A smart decision on it understand the Situation but we're here to help you on It and and uh Um you know DM us if you have a question That's it VMS uh you will I'll go back And forth with you a little bit about What's your goal what's this not talk to Your parents to see if you're if they're

Willing to invest if they are then we'll We'll get you the information we'll get Started with you or you know we'll have Coach Manus reach out to you and uh you Know it's we're in day one of the FPS Portal today's day one In three weeks time when we're in day 21 Of the FPS portal the desperation level For some of the kids that jumped in day One is going to be really really Anxiety provoking very very difficult For them to deal with they're not going To know oh did I make a mistake and like You said the Dions of the world and it's Not just Dion it's every coach you jump In that portal and you're not Caleb Williams they're not taking you back You're on your own now and you're going To need help and that's where we come in Absolutely all right let's roll the Outro this is a great Distinct smartly targeted fantastic show And I know you've got a busy day Right I hate today yeah I'll let you run All right all right

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