Matt Rhule to Nebraska, Michigan whips Ohio State

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Matt Rhule to Nebraska, Michigan whips Ohio State #collegefootball #ohiostate #michigan

[Music] Thank you Sorry for the delay right there my DJing Skills were off off point for a second I didn't even notice I didn't notice it at all Um So the portal man So here's what's happening with the Portal So as as everybody knows we've got a um High School promotion service Uh at D1 where High School football players who are under The radar need exposure can Um you know purchase a program for Hamas Where we'll get your name out there you Know and and you know to the point of You know Different levels of success you know Whether it's like getting you in front Of coaches and getting you know on Campus visit invitations to getting Scholarships to kids with scholarships Already who are looking for more we get A couple of guys like that who already Have power five offers but are looking For more Um two players who have moved like our Our buddy Ben Hartman who moved from Texas to Oregon and kind of gets Displaced in the system you know who's Doing very well against three-star kids In Oregon but isn't getting you know the

Interest that he deserves Um and honestly what I think is going to Happen with some kids is if you don't Get what you're looking for you're going To get intrigued uh you're going to be Intriguing to prep schools and juco's I Know a couple kids in our program that Have been reached out to by you know Pretty good Juco programs or pretty good Prep school programs Um you know about doing an additional Year there uh so they can transition so I think that's going to happen as well So you know a lot of stuff going on but The portal itself has become a monster Um so the FCS as you could tell FCS Portal started and it opened at the end Of the regular season so it's been about A week and the feral portal feat has Been insane you know keeping up with all The FCS kids entering and the interest That they're getting and some of them Are entering and this is D2 as well and D3 uh we had a D2 kid Who's already got eight power five Offers D2 So again if you go from high school to The promotion package to a D2 school you Can get to where you want to be if You're successful at the level but now Next Monday A week from today that the actual FBS Portal opens um and the kids with lost Coaches Wisconsin Nebraska you know

Cincinnati just recently with Luke Fickle they can enter anytime after Their coach leaves but the other kids Who have been waiting for a very long Time you know waiting for the regular Season then waiting for the conference Championship games to be played can Enter next Monday and they're going to Need help so we got a promotion package At the same website which Dave is going To pop up actually when we get off this Uh allowing you to get promotion for Your abilities as a transfer student and To me we didn't do it last year Because it wasn't the portal was kind of All over the map but now with the 45-day Window of the portal you're gonna need It Um if you get offers immediately you Don't need it but if you're a guy who Gets in that portal and is looking for Schools to notice you you're going to Need this this uh promotion package Yeah because outside of the guys that Are picked up immediately right away You're going to be caught in a situation Where you have to differentiate yourself And this is to be something that can Really different yourself you need People to be able to take notice Um and it's kind of a quick jump start To your process immediately because you Got to get it back out of the portal as Quickly as you can

Um so this will help you to accelerate That process Um it'll be up today D1 for promotion although obviously the High school stuff is already up there Um you're welcome to click on click on The other programs that are up there but We'll have the transfer portal specific One up today and Um like the value of getting Mike and Myself to help be able to promote you Over this time span is going to be Critical and um and Mike runs the portal Mike runs the Pharaoh portal so who Better to be able to to get get your get Your name out there's someone that I Intricately knows uh all the people that Are coming in and out of the portal Right away so check out D1 uh High School guys Obviously are um eventually brought up Ben Harper because it just did another One hey I'll tell you he's an animal Dude like he his punch is great I feel Like Ben Hartman I saw he he went to visit Oregon State Um I think it was last week so they Brought him in there and Um you know to watch a game I don't know If it was this this past game or is it Week four but they brought him in and Schools are gonna keep you know bringing Them in Um yeah it would be interesting to see

See where he falls I I tell you interior Wise so he actually showed on film just This year alone playing tackle guard and Center they're basically plopping them Around wherever they need to where they Got to run the ball obviously with his Size of physicality Um and he was an all-league performer And I don't I think he got there after Like week two right or week three yeah In that season yeah he ended up being an All-league performer obviously he was uh An important part of what what was did You know going on there so this is a guy That Um I think he's gonna get a spot it's Going to be it's gonna be where and how Much he gets but but that's what the Promotion is about I mean he was Uprooted you know at family situation Uprooted to had to go back to Oregon uh From obviously he was from Lake Travis Of football Rich Lake Travis Um to Oregon smaller School He he uh thank goodness he's he's with Us you know I mean because he could he Could it could be a more difficult Situation for him but he's an example of A fantastic player that that yeah to Help us get it and you know with him It's going to be up to him whether he Wants to go you know to the D2 level or If somebody comes in on him late FCS or If he wants to do you know what I

Mentioned earlier is the prep or Juco so The good thing about this is you know West Coast and Central United States is Juco and and even down Southeast East Coast is prep you know I mean you and I Have obviously dealt with You know coaches that the Hun School Um you know Avon Oak Farms Uh Cheshire Worcester Academy of Massachusetts all These excellent prep schools where you Can get a fifth year uh and get Additional exposure Um You know or you could go the Juco route You know and everybody says the Juco Routes dead because of the portal it's Not I know schools that are actually Hammering the Juco route more than the Portal simply because that's their Preference there's a difference between Preference some people want a college Kid who's College ready Um but with that comes a reason they're In the portal not everybody's Caleb Williams who could jump in the portal And just command you know whatever the Best offer is for nil most of the kids Are in there for a reason whether it's Playing time or off-field issues or Homesickness or there's always something Uh juco's the same way and some people Really like the Juco way uh more so than They like the portal way so juco's

Aren't dead but with a kid like that is A good example of someone who's got Options now and he asked me he goes do You know any you know prep schools well Of course I do I know everybody I I Haven't really checked lately to see who The coaches are Uh at the prep schools but I know They're the same dudes or a lot of them Are the same guys that have been there Forever Um you know there's a billy chaplick up At Milford Academy he's still at Milford Academy I think Danny O'Day is used to Be at the Han and think he's somewhere In Connecticut now on and on you know The guy who was up at Worcester I think Is at Cheshire now so we know these guys And we'll certainly give them your name And they'll contact you and see if you Want to go to the prep route you know in A perfect world we would be able to Place you or get you placed at a level You're satisfied with but if there is a Situation where it's not a level you're Satisfied with and you feel that you're Better than that and you can go on to a One-year stop at ajuko or Prep School This is going to help you with that too Because promotion is promotion and People knowing who you are is always Very important for him I think it's Definitely a situation of having to move I think you know obviously you get on

The radar as a freshman or a sophomore And that's how high school recruiting Works then if you have a good Junior Season You can bust through a little bit but if You have a junior season which is solid But then you have to move during your Senior season you can easily just get Lost And that's why this promotion keeps him Alive I just retweeted the one you did He sent me his senior film I'm doing a Couple this week as well and we're just Going to keep hammering out there you Know until you get what you want the the Portal is different you know we were Talking off camera about we have a time Frame for the high school you know you Can buy the one time you could buy the Six month you could buy the 12 month A 2024 kid right now we're not really Taking any 2023s anymore There's time we've got ourselves a full Year Um You know so you can You know lock into a time frame where I Think you should do a six month that you Think you do the 12 month you know 2026 You should definitely do the 12 month Um but with the portal yeah it's time Sensitive And you gotta find a spot and I've been Talking to a lot of colleges about

Roster management and and to your point That feral portal you should see how Many coaches are signing up for that Thing and signing up I mean it's just Following it it's free Coaches on a daily basis like every and I'm talking from you know FCS schools You never heard of to freaking Oklahoma They're all on there uh there there are Also a lot of them reaching out to me And and the guy I call portal Jesus Mark Pashonik who you know obviously very Well who runs that page for me Um that that social media handle for me They're reaching out and they're all Like hey you know do you have a list of The top quarterbacks in the portal Because they don't have enough staff for This stuff honestly you think college Football programs have endless money and Enough staff to track this but what the Colleges are doing right now is they're Tracking High School recruiting they're Tracking the portal they're Re-recruiting their own guys to keep Them out of the portal which is a that's Work in itself Uh they're tracking Juco because the Juco Signing Day is coming up soon Um they're also tracking to see who's Going to leave for the NFL and roster Management right now if you have a Program which has 85 scholarships you Could be a coach and I know many of them

Right now who could be looking at I may Have 25 scholarships available Like in The spring You know so I got to bring in what Either maybe 20 kids out of high school Five out of the poor I may have 40. like Brian Kelly what he did at LSU he his Roster scholarship level I believe is Down to 49 players when he took over Which is amazing but that's the portal There was a coaching change a lot of Kids left there was no one there to Bring kids in his roster was decimated At 49 and he built it up through the Portal and through recruiting with a big Recruiting class big portal they don't Know what to do right now they have no Idea whether they're gonna have 49 kids On their roster or 60 kids on their Roster so the point of this is that if You're a recruit jumping in the portal Looks great But sometimes people are going to have To wait and see what numbers they have And by waiting I mean we're gonna have To figure this out in January or even February after the late signing period And the the NFL declaration period and They may have more scholarships than They thought or less if they have more Then they're going to be looking at the Portal if they have less you could be Out of luck so what you're going to need

At that point is somebody who's Promoting you uh constantly so you know I think it's a it's a interesting Business Um I know my future When it comes to A business people like what I say about College football they respect what I say About recruiting Because I've been doing It for so long But they crave the information we Provide when it comes to transfers That's the one thing they crave more Than anything else Um and that's where we can help you Because that five it's 5 300 followers Right now we built up the old one I Won't mention whose it is To 80 85 000. we did that in two years We added 80 000. this 5300 is going to Be by the spring thirty thousand and Then by next year at this time we're Going to be over 80 000 followers on That portal feed and we're going to be The kings of the portal Um and we're just starting to see that Right now I got a random text from Somebody today saying your feral portal Is being mentioned in every message Board and every article that I see out There in regards to the portal and this Is just to start so it's a great place To promote yourself and eventually I Know that one's going to be

That one's going to become very very Hard to juggle because there's nothing Harder you asked me the other day which Was kind of funny you know how do you Get access to the portal it's impossible And and I won't get into the details as To why it's impossible I explained to You why it's impossible you have to know People and you have to know them for Years and years and years and build up Their trust to get access to that portal Because the NCAA has made it very very Hard Um but I know a way Ah It's a pain in the ass I mean I told you How Yeah can you imagine managing that On the inside managing that every day You got to do that Every Sometimes every few hours every few Hours it logs you out If you're not active in there you know How I don't know if you gamble right but You know if you're in DraftKings or FanDuel Yeah and you're doing your stuff if You're idle for like five minutes it Logs you out And it's for your own protection and Then what it is you have to log in and Then it sends you a second tier

Authentication blah blah it could be Every couple hours that's why nobody has Access to it and it's impossible to keep Access to it so again it's a it's a I'm Not going to tell you how I do it it's a Trick of the trade whatever But it's something that I think is Invaluable Um you know to my business to what we Write and all that stuff and and because Of that the page is growing so if you Want a promotion of your abilities There's no better place even though I've Got 5300 followers on that feral portal Compared to some other places that have Eight eighty thousand well one other Place that we build up to eighty Thousand Trust me when I tell you you're going to Get more eyeballs on this one because This is the one that's hot this is the One that everybody's paying attention to This is the one that's growing Exponentially and quick Um so There's my pitch yeah it's it's Incredible I mean I'm actually looking At it it has how you have all the Information on there I mean yeah there are others that are Copying it no doubt about it I see that Well you know what he does it's Different And this is his genius and this is why I

Call him portal Jesus Um He he tracks Not only kids that enter so entering the Portals you know it's right in front of You you can see it Kids that say they're gonna enter Because they can't enter Okay so grad transfers could enter so This Tulsa quarterback Davis Brynn That's on our feed grad transfer he can Answer right away uh Cincinnati kids now That fickles announced he's leaving they Can enter right away and the Wisconsin And Nebraska kids had the 30-day window After their coach left or was fired Um But there's a window for everybody else So what happens is after the end of the Season we got like three Texans a m kids As an example who announced that they're Going to enter the portal he tracks that And I don't know how he finds it like You know looking at something and seeing Somebody's in something is one thing but How the hell do you find kids that are Gonna say they're gonna be in it but They're not in it yet that's what he Does the other thing he does that's Amazing is he tracks the offers so a kid Enters you know Indiana State transfer Defensive back below cone got an offer From Akron that's on our feed you're not Going to get that anywhere else

You're not going to find out who's Offered who and what you're just not and That's what the genius of of he you know His obsession with the portal is And that's the differentiator you can go On the other portal feeds and you'll Just get like this kid under the portal On our feet you're going to get Everything else which is insane it's Really really good information so that's Why it's growing so fast Right these guys you got to offers and Stuff like that and uh it's interesting I'm I'm on it right now just looking at It and how um First of all how many guys are in there It's incredible well it's gonna get next Monday is the FBS when they can really Go in there's going to be roughly about 2 000 kids in that 40 day 45 day window Entering the Portal 2 000 kids It's incredible uh incredible I mean That's like becoming the main recruiting Spot for college coaches now Yeah so they're juggling High School Versus that you know High School is a Lot easier because you know a high School kid's good from his eighth grade Or freshman year or from our promotion Or whatever and you can get on them and Take that long period of time to recruit Them and he can't sign until his senior Year so that's like the slow burn this Is your quick fix this is you know you

USC was four and eight last season Um Lincoln Riley takes over it's not Because Lincoln Riley's a genius coach That they're now 11-1 in the Pac-12 Championship and possibly get into the Portal I mean not to the to the uh Playoff it's because he was able to fix That roster immediately especially Offensively with Caleb Williams with Mario Williams with Travis dye Um with Austin Jones the backup running Back that came in after Travis die got Hurt with Jordan Addison the balintikov Winner Um you name it that roster is made up of I'd say 75 portal impact players and 25 Kids who are on that roster so you can Go from four and eight to eleven and one Immediately with the right players Um so it's kind of like the Quick Fix What you need now and whereas the Recruiting is the slow long burn so it's Not as popular but it's probably 50 50. It's interesting we'll we'll talk about Recruiting Um A couple coaching changes that made a Huge impact uh well will make a huge Impact Luke fickle to Wisconsin and Matt Rule to Nebraska Um What are your thoughts on and first of All I think Matt rule I you know off top Of my head I think the Matt rule is

Probably a pretty good hire for Nebraska Just off his history of what he's done And what they need I think that's a good One I thought Luke fickles was Interesting because He basically had committed to building Cincinnati into a power and then this Year they were not quite as good he Realized hmm Maybe 10 and 2 is not bad yes but you Know but yeah he cashed out and he it Was about time to do that right to your Point I mean Matt Campbell should have Done it years ago and not that he's poor I mean he's making five million a year At Iowa State but you gotta you gotta Move when it when the time is right and And the job is right and you're a hot Commodity rule is great great Um that's as good a hire as you can get Because I thought Scott Frost was a Great hire for Nebraska Um because I thought he was a former Player he's a legend there you know he's From you know he's he was down in Florida so he could recruit Florida Bring kids up there but I I the one Question I had was whether he could Coach or not I didn't know you know he Kind of fell into that perfect season And and inherit a really good roster and Now we find out he can't coach not to That level to make them good and that Rule we know can coach I I don't have

Any expectations of recruiting four and Five stars to Nebraska that's not what He does a temple he didn't do that at Baylor he didn't do that but he's a Delayer evaluator and developer and That's exactly what's needed at Nebraska So that's a home run to me Um Wisconsin's risky because Jim Leonard Obviously a Wisconsin guy uh you know he Was supposed to get the job as the Defense coordinator interim coach all The players love him Uh and recruiting's kind of taken a Little bit of a dip there's going to be Some guys like Braille and Allen the Running back gonna hit the portal And fickle better be successful I think He's a great coach and a good fit but to To it's a really tough balance for them Because Jim Leonard's the popular choice Um fickle's the better choice but Sometimes the popular choice keeps your Roster together and doesn't set you back If fickle's the better choice but Doesn't have to be a great coach Wisconsin could really be setting Themselves back Fair is very interesting Um and this is obviously this is just Just the beginning and that leaps in the Auburn mess I I thought it was hilarious Uh During the week uh obviously is it out There if I was like kiffin I would have

Been frustrated with the whole thing but I thought it was hilarious just how They're coming at him about leaving Going to Auburn they end up losing the Egg Bowl he he's he's staying Um there was all this stuff I would Watch about like these like I don't know The only way I could call it is only Ole Miss and Um uh Auburn fans would know the whole Tubby tuberville situation with the um The pine the pine uh Pine Box pine box So you know Blaine kiffin dropping like An Easter egg there on that and um uh Obviously that not being it's almost Being reverse pine box they're saying Now Um but anyway it's it's incredible Auburn now didn't want you freeze and You're gonna touch on this uh or Deciding while he agrees after A lot of talk that they were going to Get you freeze what becomes next and and Should they be going after Dion Sanders I know Colorado is right Um What's the deal there at Auburn I don't Know what's next I mean those were it Was funny because it's kind of a layup It was like if we don't get kiffin we're Gonna get freeze because Hugh freeze Signed an extension with Liberty Um for good money five million at a at a They're independent but technically a

Group of five level Um but you know the lure of coming back To the SEC West was would be too much You would probably make 8 million at Auburn so they figured that they sh they Took their shot and Jimmy Sexton's the Agent for both of these guys so they Took their shot at kiffin Um kiffin didn't go So they've felt that the backup would be Freeze no problem but then the boosters Came in and they don't like his Character you know which is funny well I Get it you know like these guys tried to Force out Brian harson by making up some Sort of scandalous Affair he had uh and And tried to smear his name and couldn't Come up with any proof but they tried to Ruin the guy's life just to get him out Of Auburn Um you know so if they do care about That stuff if they are religious folks What Hugh freeze did at Ole Miss not Exactly what they want but listen Liberty is a Christian School right so Auburn holier than now attitude is kind Of what I'm hearing is they've Put you know that put freeze on the back Burner and now I don't know where They're gonna go I don't know who the Hell they hire like they wanted rule he Was also one of the ones that they were Interested in and they talked to and he Ended up going to Nebraska you know

Dion's not ready for that job he's just Not I mean he you know he's a big name He would recruit well but you know he's Proven nothing I mean he's in Jackson State the roster is 10 times more Talented than anybody they play Um you know to so to hand him the keys To a power five program like Auburn uh He would be in over his head so now what Do they do they go to Bill O'Brien Um you know who I don't think is a great Hire I thought this was going to be good For Auburn that they were going to get One of their two top candidates and now They're not and I really don't know Where I mean they should consider Cadillac Um stand there I think he's done a Really good job I think he has a passion For Auburn as a former player and I Think he's proven that he can coach at That level but They kind of they kind of They kind of screwed themselves here You know with with the way they've Handled this which is typical of Auburn Um and here's the other thing that they Promised the new coach right this Athletic director coming in he's going To have full control over everything There's a clause in his contract that Says the boosters are not going to Dictate what happens what happened to Brian Harrison you know the attempts to

Get rid of Gus Malzahn for the last five Years none of that's going to happen This isn't a booster run program this Isn't a old money program this is the New Auburn and then boom You know the the boosters immediately Block somebody Um from being hired so it's the same old Story so it's really not an attractive Job in that case I mean why would you go There if you're a big name coach Just to struggle and get run out of town And potentially have your uh Depend potentially of your life around Well I think that's the big thing here Is that Auburn botched it last time okay It brought in harson they're botching it Again And the coach that goes in there is Could potentially just be in another Harson situation and why would another Guy want to put themselves through that Right right and I mean Um That's amazing because it's it's a cool Cool campus it's got like It's got a lot of stuff too and it's It's a big obviously college town But You know when you have Alabama up the Road and the team that you're gonna be Compared to and you don't have all your Ducks in a row Um and you're gonna go in there as a

Head coach and they don't have all their Ducks in a row I don't know I mean it Seems like like are gonna are they gonna Be stuck with a second tier situation From who they hire if they're stuck like That they should just take Cadillac Williams I agree with you Cadillac Williams is already there and he is an Alumni and he probably can navigate a Little better get a little bit of uh Lead time it could use a little bit of The hey I'm cleaning up the mess lead Time uh before he gets pressured on Anything I mean what what else is going to be Their option and then with Dion Um Colorado to me is interesting because It's so bad there Like if I were to take a job Being Dion and like saying where could I Make an impact quickly continue to Culture my reputation that I've built And get players That give me an advantage over the other Competition that is not a bad place Because They're so bad that you could go in There and you start winning five or six Or seven games Um and now they're like oh you're the Greatest call I mean he could probably Go and dip into the portal to get some Of what he needs just to look

Immediately I'm sure he would also what Does his son's uh his quarterback son's Eligibility is he have one yeah no he Could play next year he would um Instantly be the Colorado starting Quarterback because their quarterbacks Sucked so he would go with him but First of all fish out of water I'm going To talk about harson coming from the Mountains down to Auburn Dion coming From the southeast you know where he's An FSU Legend he played in Texas he Played in Atlanta and he coaches in Mississippi to Colorado No it's not a fit it wouldn't be a good Decision USF great decision for him Um I think it's a better job I mean they Suck too they went one and eleven They're horrible horrible team but he Could recruit in Tampa and he could Build up his staff and and then take the Next step to power five I think if he Goes to Colorado it's just sort of like A you know I mean listen Mel talking Mel Tarker went to Colorado for one year Went I think what six and six and got Any 95 million dollar job eventually at Michigan State so what do I know I mean Maybe it's a good book to me it doesn't Seem like a good move and and Mel Tucker Is a Southeast guy too he was at Georgia And he's got a lot of ties to the SEC so Maybe I'm wrong but I just don't think That's the right fit for Dion but again

I they're not handing him the keys the Big name now that's emerged of course For for Auburn is James Franklin which He's a guy that's you know in every Coaching search every year Um some idiots are saying Dabo swimming Which is hilarious to me because he Would never in a million years go to I Don't even know why he's on the list but I see him on all these lists you know He's an Alabama guy he would never go And compete with Nick Saban at all it's Stupid James Franklin maybe he's been Successful in the SEC at a much more Difficult place you know he might be Getting tired he's a Pennsylvania guy he Loves Penn State but maybe he's getting A little tired of the fact that he can't Beat Ohio State and he can't beat Michigan and he's horrible in in top 10 Matchups and and really worse in top Five matchups Um he's he's running third in his own Division Um maybe he wants that challenge I don't Know But I I really don't know where they go I mean honestly as you said I mean Let's go Cadillac and give it a shot I Mean if it doesn't work give them a Couple years you know you don't have to Roll out 80 million guaranteed like you Would have to with kiffin Um you know or even you freeze wouldn't

Be guaranteed but you'd be paying in the Eight million dollar range you don't Have to do with a Cadillac because he's Unproven give him the job if he doesn't Work out in two years Then uh move on so but they've really Screwed themselves now I don't think I Don't think this freeze thing is dead I Think these boosters you know you Remember the channel thing at Tennessee And You know which was stupid you know Because oh my God this guy was at Penn State when all that stuff happened with Sandusky we don't want him hired well The idiot boosters and fans and the clay Travis Dude down there the big media Talking head well great you didn't get Shiano guess who you got Jeremy Pruitt And he sucked and and you're under NCAA Investigation and you're going to get Hammered by the NCAA for paying recruits Because of him now hypo's recovered They're good even though they just got Drilled Um you know a week ago to South Carolina But you could set yourself back by Letting the boosters and the fans Dictate who you're going to hire so I Think I think there's some discussions Being had in Auburn right now that say Okay we don't like this guy's character We just don't But he beat Nick Saban twice in a row no

One's ever done that at Alabama except For Hugh freeze Um our drop off from two down to three Is a real real bad one maybe we just Overlooked this this this holier than Now approach and we roll the dice with You freeze so I don't think it's dead With you freeze but it shocked me Because and this is what happens all the Time and it annoys me quite a bit You know Kenny Dillingham is a guy that I text often you know Um known him since he was at Florida State and before that he was at Auburn And you know his Oregon offensive Coordinator you know great great job of Bo Nicks great job this season he's 32 Years old I even pumped him out there For the Arizona State Job you know City Would be a great fit that's his school He's got ties there Guess guess who ghosted me this weekend Kenny dillian Um ghosted and text him like so what's Up with the Arizona State rumors you Know what's happening here gets reported By a billion other people who talk to Agents and athletic directors less Sources than me I talked to the guy Himself Ghosted Hugh freeze another guy I talk To a lot Um Saturday comes around it comes out Pretty much the kiffin's not going to

Leave you know the Egg Bowl Thursday Friday by Saturday it comes out he's not Leaving he's going to sign an extension Hugh freeze ghosts disappears haven't Heard from him since then I'm like three Text messages It happens all the time it annoys the Hell out of me I know James Franklin Very well if I texted him and said do You have any interest in the Auburn job I would get no answer I wouldn't get a No I wouldn't get a yes you'd think After 20 years I would get a between me And you because I wouldn't put it out There if it was off the Record I'll get Nothing Which segues into our next topic Ryan Day who I loved to death knew him For 25 years The second he got that Ohio State Job You big timing oh he Big Time me too I Knew him really well Crazy really really well meaning he Would watch because he was recruiting Some of my kids in school I was at a Quarterback end of going to Villanova he Was looking at he was at Boston College That time and I was giving him New Jersey recruits for Boston College and And and he was signing these kids and um We would sit at the basketball game we'd Look at my player he was like I I think He's uh probably FCS and you know but we Would hang out and and um

And uh yeah you know once you got the Job he you know I I sent them a message You know congratulations he said thing And then that was it you know Um but and and you don't need to talk to Him as much as I do right you're not in The every day Yeah but I'm saying for me you know I he Was a grad assistant at BC then he went On to be a grad assistant in Florida on The Urban Meyer uh then he um you know Came back as a as a full-time coach at BC Um and then he was you know essentially The offensive coordinator but he's a Wide receiver coach I would go up to BC I covered BC forever you know that's my School since Flutie I would go up and Talk to him all the time we would text All the time all the time and again it's About recruiting you know what do you Think of this kid blah blah blah he Would ask me questions You know had a good conversation with Him often and then he got you know going Off to the NFL Um and he came back and it was you know The offense coordinator under Urban at Ohio State and that's when he started Like not responding and he got the head Coaching job nothing I I you know I I Think I've sent him a happy birthday he Responded thanks you know Um right I've asked him a couple

Questions here and there he's answered Now begrudgingly he's done some Interviews with me on uh and I don't say Big grudgingly but he's been nice enough To do interviews with me you know uh When I was at Rivals you know every Signing day it would be a big deal to be Like okay Mike you got to get all your Buddies on you know and by buddies it's Like Nick Saban's not a buddy of mine But you got to get Nick Saban and I'm Like Jesus Christ how am I supposed to Get Nick Saban on a freaking you know Zoom recording with me but I would do it And Ryan would always do it now he would Push me to a sports information director I would deal with that guy that guy does Recording but it'd always be gracious Enough to give me 10 minutes but when it Comes to the contact we used to have Which was you know on a weekly basis at Least To where he was at Ohio State nothing Disappeared zero so I'm not a spiteful Person I'm just like this sucks and it's Happened before with many many coaches Over the years so often it happens they Just and again I get it they get busy Um you know being the Ohio State head Coach you're being pulled in 85 Different directions but you kind of Have to remember Who your buddies are like like halfley Does at BC good guy right

Good guy never forgets where he's from Um I knew him when he was a pit I knew Him was at Rutgers Um went off to the NFL became the Defensive coordinator Ohio State head Coach of BC never wavered if I ever Needed anything from that dude or if I Needed a question answered he would Always respond immediately and we Continue to talk to this day Always remembers where he's been some Other guys are like that too but most of Them when they get big time jobs they Move on and they you know big time yeah And that's what kind of Ryan's done and It's been disappointing to me I don't Need him to be my friend You know we were never friends but we Were certainly Associates Um and and we would if I asked a Question he would answer if he had a Question or a need for me I would give It to him in any way and then it Disappeared so the reason for this long Segue is It becomes difficult for me when Somebody is nice like that you know BCS Sucked this year right I think they went Three Three and nine You know they just got drilled by Syracuse they were winning that game you Know they got a lot of injuries they're A young football team but I have to

Write that they're a huge disappointment I just have to I can't like sugar coat That So it sucks because Jeff happily I Consider a really good guy who stays in Touch with me writing stuff like that Sucks because he's going to get hurt by It and upset by it I assume uh and that Happens with a ton of coaches So now Ryan day just lost the second Time in a row to Michigan people are Very very unhappy with him as a head Coach in Columbus and I have to write That But I don't have any qualms writing it Now because there's no there's no Personal emotional Dilemma for me he's a stranger and he Made it that way so now I'm just gonna Write I'm not going to go deeper on him Than I would But it's gone so I think Losing to Michigan twice in a row for The first time since 1999 and 2000 Losing at home to Michigan for the first Time that program has lost its 2 000 He's been kind of a disappointment Well here's what's interesting so his Record I mean he's lost like so few Amount of games in some five games it's 45-5 45-5 So his record is unreal but it's one of These things where when Jim Harbaugh Made that comment starting on third base

He Jim Harbaugh even though he was Taking the dig at Ryan Day who took it To get him My thought process is like Jim Harbaugh Who definitely look he coached San Diego State he could if anyone could have Pulled the rank earlier in his career it Could have been him he was a pro Quarterback Um he you know a son of a coach Obviously who coached in college but he Went he built up San Diego you not San Diego State right San Diego San Diego Who has not one before or since okay and He he put him in the playoff uh FCS Playoff and then he obviously did at Stanford obviously did in the NFL uh Whether people like him or hate him I'll All I know is this is this guy does Things that Has not been done at other places before Even places like Michigan right and so What what he did and with his Quarterback throwing because they always You know obviously everyone always Michigan is a running team which they're They're the backup running back had ran For Acres but uh the quarterback going And taking a quarterback and Owen's Always busting his chops oh your Quarterbacks don't throw for as many Yards well his quarterback lit it up and And showed everybody that he could throw If if he needs to he could throw it a

Million times and all over the yard and Um and that's what he did but what was Interesting to me is Ohio State Defensively and I think I've talked About this a couple of times with you About the defenses they stay in they sit In these defenses that are not conducive To being able to stop the pass I I seen It against who were they in the playoff With maybe it was Clemson I can't Remember but it was lost at Clemson one Year they lost to Alabama in the title Game and arguably both games And in similar ways right they they get They get guys and they have guys in the Almost seems like the wrong spots Playing the wrong people and Um not you know one game they were Playing to run super hard against I Think it was Alabama they just started Throwing it all over the place on them And he didn't have guys and then and so My thing with with Ryan days Ohio state Is they don't play defense They don't play defense and for for the Big Ten they're better than most of the Team's roster wise which is why they Continue to dominate but when they what Marilyn and um to his brother exposed The week before because I watched that Whole game He just running and throwing I can't Think of to his brother's name but uh Yeah Talia Talia I mean he threw all

Over the yard and and and their players Were making plays all over the place on Them but they had guys wide open too it Wasn't like it wasn't like he was just Threading the needle and making these Amazing throws which he did make nice Throws but he had guys open and and open All over the place and really should Have won that game it's just that Ohio State just had so much more Talent okay That they were able to overcome it and That's what I I'm not sure about with Ryan day and it's it's hard to critic Critic someone who's 45 and five but These are the things I see in games with Teams with somewhat comparable players You know Yeah and so what's interesting here is You know Uh Jeff hafley as I spoke of before was You know the co-defensive coordinator in 2019 for them And Carrie Coombs who's a tremendous Defensive back coach as well And they were okay in 2019 defensively But they did get exposed Um 2020 is covered Uh so it's hard to really tell you know Coombs was became the uh the defensive Coordinator and so he brings over Jim Knowles from Oklahoma State who did a Great job you know with Oklahoma State In the Big 12 and had one of the best Defenses there nothing's changed though

You know people wanted Coombs out and They thought he was a bad fit as a Defensive coordinator he doesn't know How to game plan we're gonna fix it with Knowles you know it hasn't been fixed But the common denominator here is Ryan Day he's the head coach you know it's on Him to find somebody uh and so far he Hasn't found somebody who could be that Guy Um so defensively they're very Susceptible offensively you know you Could argue quarterback development at Michigan of course because you know you Really isn't that a star and JJ McCarthy Drew 24 passes he was 12 or 24 three TDS But you know he didn't sling it all over And he never will Jim marble doesn't Play that way Um but you have to really look at Ryan Day is quarterback development too and It sounds funny right because You know Justin Fields was a great quarterback There Heisman finalists Dwayne Haskins Was a great quarterback there But there's an argument that could be Made as passers They were system guys and CJ Stroud is Clearly a system guy now he's a top NFL Draft pick and everybody's drooling over Him as a top 10 pick and all that stuff But what I see is a guy in an offense That sees one read stays on that and

Just has so much talent on that team That that first read is usually open and If it's not the second reads open but if Those first two reads are gone He doesn't know what to do So it's really not a quarterback Progression I see Haskins was the same Way Justin Fields can run in these Greatly NFL as a runner but we're seeing The same thing the lack of ability to Make progressions and so all these Little flaws if Ryan Day beat Michigan Saturday none of these little flaws Would come out we wouldn't be talking About the defense and how it's Struggling we wouldn't be talking about The defensive coordinators or his Development of quarterbacks or offensive Players we wouldn't be questioning any Of this stuff but the dude's 45 and 5 Two of those losses are in the playoff And they were bad losses they got blown Up both times two of those losses are to Michigan back to back unacceptable when You've dominated Michigan for all these Years he's under a lot of pressure On their and they could still make the Playoff this is what's funny about College football There's still a playoff Contender as of Today you know not playing another game But the playoff rankings you know after The championship games this weekend Let's say George is in

Let's say Michigan's in Um and let's say TCU wins that's three Spots but then you've got USC Uh they could lose which would bump Ohio State right in there they still have a Chance to make the playoff but yet we're Talking about this guy like I've seen so Many articles like well they're not Going to fire Ryan day but he's not the He's not the solution so what do you do Now 45 and 5 man but that's what you get When you take that job you know it's the Greatest thing in the world if I had the Ohio state job I could go out and Recruit a top five recruiting class Barely without trying Um and I could also feel the team that Goes 10 into 11 1 and every year but That's not what they want they want what Urban Meyer did in 2014 won a national Championship they want what Jim Trussell Did before that Um so the the bar is high he's not Reaching it uh and he's in a little bit Of trouble because of that Yeah well it's interesting because he's Probably never going to lose more than One or two games in a year and it's like How would you ever fire there's going to Be zero justification to firing him but If you I guess if he lost like three Four five michigans in a row then then You'd have a problem three like if you

Lose the next year That's Adam in Ann Arbor if he loses That game next year I don't care if they're undefeated Because it's always the last game of the Season I don't care if they're Undefeated I don't care if Michigan's Not in play for the East title If he loses that game and even if he Goes on to the Big Ten title game wins The Big Ten even if he goes to the Playoff people aren't going to be happy Because they want to beat Michigan Period So he loses three in a row to Michigan You're going to talk about a guy who may Be in the playoff next year Being on the hot seat because now people Want for able they want verbal to leave Tennessee Because he's done he got such a great Job coaching there amazing job you come To Ohio State let's get rid of Ryan day We want one of our own who's a great Coach it's just it's amazing how quickly You fall out of favor had they won that Football game Like we all expected him to we would Probably be talking about 45 and or 46 And 4 Ryan day as one of the best Coaches in America looking to get an Extension and maybe be the highest paid Coach in college football and instead We're talking about a dude who's like

Not in a Hot Seat but the seat is Uncomfortable now So interesting it it is wild to think That way and the stuff that Harbaugh Said sticks like people now think is he Was he born on third base see that type Of thing and like it's like people Repeating it over and over again because Now that he he's lost they actually look Back and say aha is this still is this Still the the the Benefits of tresso Plus Urban Meyer now Translated into 20 years of winning Passed off it's very very interesting I Mean obviously Ryan day is an excellent Coach but there are some things he's got To get fixed and to me he's such an Offensive guy and this is what I'm Waiting for I think he will win a National Championship when he decides to Become the CEO that he needs to be of Ohio State and get somebody in that can Play or or train somebody to play call The way that he does it looks at the way He does so he could Shore up the thing That he needs to shore up which is the Defense now there are plenty of got like Obviously Mike Leach always calls his Plays right at Mississippi State but He's not he's not going to win you know His system's always going to win Eight nine games he's never gonna win Championships Unless somehow he got He'll never get the top top job

If he did maybe that would be different I always think about what he said What changed him from Texas Tech to a Really good program where they had the Chance to win everything was when he got The defensive quarter I can't think of The guy's name he's a famous guy but When he uh he was their head coach for a While after he left When he got the defensive coordinator he Finally was able to stop teams that Could win big games and Ryan day even Though he's such an offensive heavy guy Has to start looking at his program And he has to say to himself I've got to Figure this out what I really need Myself not just listen to what everybody Else tells me but figure out well what Do we really need on defense his Solution has been let me just go hire a Guy that's known as a really good Defensive guy he's got to understand What he has and I think that when he Does that If you if he does if he wants to beat Michigan he's going to have to do that If he wants to be National Champion he's Going to have to do that and I think he Will I I he's a very very smart guy Um you know he knows all of football he Was a quarterback at UNH was under Chip Kelly and he's been an offensive mind But he's he knows all of football and Just talking to him he certainly knows

Um I don't know if he's going to get rid Of Knowles I don't know what he's going To do with his staff Um I think he'll figure it out but You know This was a Revenge game in everybody's Mind with Ohio State you know we got a Better team than Michigan this year Um but it turns out Michigan has a Better team than they did last year and They're more dangerous than I even Thought they would be Um and and that's what's upsetting to Ohio State fans this was supposed to be A Revenge so now you know being a Die-hard fan of let's say your Die Hard Fan of Ohio State you know and I've been A die-hard fan of programs before well One you know when I was younger it used To affect me the whole year Because I couldn't stand and when social media Now it's 20 times worse than it ever was Ohio State fans are going to have to Listen to Michigan fans for another year A year Of this you know Michigan could go off To the playoff and get drilled again it Doesn't matter we beat you uh it could Be June you know uh their starting Quarterback could go out with a with an ACL in the spring anything bad that Happens to Michigan doesn't matter we Still beat you and that's what really

Sticks with Ohio State fans they have to Listen to this crap for another year and This last year was long enough they Haven't lost to this team in a long time But now back to back they're gonna have To listen to it for two years that's why They all want them gone that's why They're upset about it because there's Such a hatred for Michigan from an Ohio State perspective that now they got to Let this team talk down to them for a Year so the best thing that could happen To Ohio state is they sneak in the Playoff uh both Michigan and Ohio State Win their opener games and play they Play for the national championship but That's not going to happen so I don't Know it's interesting you know I wish Him well I I hope he figures it out I'm Sure he will Uh but it's not fun being Ryan Day right Now and in his in his personality You know he was asked do you guys should You guys still be a playoff team and Kevin Warren the Big Ten commercial said Absolutely they should now me they've Got a win over Notre Dame who turned out To be good but wasn't good at the Beginning of the season when they beat Them he had a win over Penn State Penn State's met uh do they belong and Deserve in there not over USC certainly Not over TCU even if TCU loses to me Um but Ryan Day answered it he goes we

We would be dangerous but he never Answered yes or no and I know what his Answer in his head is We don't freaking deserve to be in there This is crap you know we lost to Michigan and we lost our undefeated Season we don't belong in there and That's how he feels he takes things like That so I do like the way he's going to Handle it he'll be fine it would be nice I mean I know he's not going to watch This But For Christ's sake you know listen You want people behind you you got to Treat them properly and now all the Media is turning against you You know and now I don't want to hear From him don't text me when you're down Don't come to me now I want to hear from people when they're Up on their top and I want to say hey Congratulations man how cool is it that You're the highest head coach Head coach whatever Yeah let's let's wrap this up and we're One of 112. It was great we actually went long and I Thought we were on those topics uh well You know to me it's uh Make sure you guys check out listen don't to your 2024 Don't wait if you're a transfer portal

Guy we'll have this up later today Don't wait and and we'll rely on uh uh Transfer Jesus to to help us get get the Word out over there well coach Grannis Too I mean Coach man this is much closer Um he's the guy you know we we we hand It over to him after initial discussions On the high school kids and he closes And we'll do the same thing for the Portal I'm going to talk to him tomorrow About it but the portal kids that I Talked to you know the first thing I'm Going to tell them up front it's not Free Nothing in life is and if you're Not interested in pain just say now Great but if you are interested in Hearing what it's about Um it's certainly affordable and worth Your time and then we're going to hand It over to the closer so we got portal Jesus and we got the closer Um things are you know going great Yeah absolutely no doubt about it all Right we'll we'll get off the the show We'll see you next time Um and obviously as the season continues To build to a crescendo there's gonna be More and more exciting things until next Time uh coach Schumann and my man Mike Farrell we'll see you Soon Thank you

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