Success For Podcast with Coach Schuman interviewing Will Moore Serial Entrepreneur

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Success For Podcast with Coach Schuman interviewing Will Moore Serial Entrepreneur -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- All right good we're live Uh welcome to successful life podcast is Coach…

Success For Podcast with Coach Schuman interviewing Will Moore Serial Entrepreneur

Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ”

All right good we're live Uh welcome to successful life podcast is Coach schuman here I'm on with will moore and uh we are Talking today about Taking control of your life from an Entrepreneur's perspective Applying that to your life um will Successfully built And sold um a company that does a lot of Food delivery for For over 300 million dollars uh back in 2019 And now is taking uh that success to Help you Uh welcome will thanks man i appreciate It Um happy to be here i'm glad to have you On here and Tell everybody a little bit more and i Went to kind of a brief background here Tell everybody a little bit about your Background and where you come from and Uh Uh you know how you got to this point So i i i was your i was born in California and we moved to hawaii my Parents were hippies Um they both came from very structured Backgrounds my grandfather of my mom was Actually general in world war ii And they had been stationed in hawaii at One point and so when my parents decided To kind of

Flee off and be hippies and have kids They're like well let's My mom's like hawaii's pretty cool i Lived there when i was younger Uh so lived there but we were we were Definitely outsiders we didn't have Hardly any money i mean hawaii people Think of hawaii there is a bad part of Hawaii just like any any area where There's cockroaches all around you and Uh so we were actually the only white Kids in our school it was a Lot of locals the halley's they called Us hallies the white kids Um so we had a bit of a tough Tough tough go of it but you know the Early years were good We then at age seven i train i moved Over my parents got divorced And we needed help so we moved over to Bethesda maryland where my parents my Grandparents were living my mom's Parents and so for financial And help and whatnot um and i was just a Total outsider because you know i was Already Coming from hawaii and i had this long Hair and i was a hippie and i spoke Pidgin which is like the local hawaiian Dialect And they just thought i was a complete Freaking weirdo My name was rocky at the time which I was so ashamed of back then but now

I'm like let me go back to rocky it's Pretty awesome name Um and so i just had a tough time Adjusting Flash forward uh i didn't ever really Fit in and i just never Got my rhythm and felt very insecure Always like yeah i was the outsider Flash forward to college i was Essentially suicidal And was like my brains broke it i was Your typical victim like Life sucks my brain's broken there's Nothing i can do about it and i Serendipitously got introduced to this Book By one of my professors that i just Devoured Changed my perspective on things Realized okay there's a different way to See The world there's these universal Principles that i've been completely Ignoring i'm gonna take these and i'm Gonna Reinvent myself and i'm gonna figure out What it means to be happy so i just Became like this insatiable self-help Beast Reading book after book and using myself As my own human science experiment Testing what worked what didn't taking Notes So flash forward 25 years later i just

Never stopped doing that and Unfortunately it paid off the law of Compounding kicked in and i was able to Kind of become better each step of the Way in these main areas of my life which Took me a while to figure out i called The five cores now Um which is your mindset your career and Your finances Your relationships your physical health And Your emotional health and giving back And i realize that's what life really is About And so now that i sold my business And did well on the financial side quote Unquote success You know i can use that to sort of help Reduce the friction to get in the door With people and be like oh that guy's Successful but it's like Yeah that's one part of it you know one Core is your career and your finances But there's these other areas that People tend to Ignore so i want to help people become An entrepreneur of the most important Business they're ever going to run which Is their entire life That makes a ton of sense now um You know i find something really Interesting so i've interviewed quite a Over i don't know what we've done now 100 and something episodes

And i have interviewed quite a few People that are entrepreneurs That came from parents that were either Hippies or lit Or or from that style of Of of of growing up which i found very Interesting it would have never If i hadn't keep hearing it over and Over again I i i wouldn't be bringing it up but It's i you know it wouldn't be as Interesting but it's been an Interesting theme um That something i would have never Thought Right but before we go on anything do You have any thoughts of why that might Be Because i've heard it quite a few times You know i do i you know i i Haven't really thought much about it Until you just said it and then as you Said i'm like that kind of makes sense i Feel like You know the hippie the kind of the sort Of One thing that my parents gave me tons Of was Go for it like if if you like this And this makes you happy like go for it There was never A you need to be a doctor you need to be A lawyer This is the path you should go um so

You know that kind of free-minded like Human spirit Like what makes you happy follow that Path type thing so From the hippie perspective i think that That helps and then just from like the The low income and like the tough times Part of it you know i think anybody that That starts out that way has that extra Motivation To want to you know Excuse me get to a point thank you want To get to a point in their life where They don't ever have to worry about Money again and like i said that that Was an obsession that became a big part Of Of as i was growing luckily i was Growing my other areas as well my Physical health my relationships I wasn't just focusing on the money but Once i got the money Uh i realized what i already knew in the Back of my mind which was that Yes this is great it feels good i don't Have to worry about You know where my next meal is coming From ever again at the same time This isn't happiness alone i i still Need to Continue to grow and and Balance these other main areas of my Life and if i'm just chasing because What happens i think a lot of people is

They get to the point where it's like Okay if i could only have this or you Know the if onlys if i could only have The right Amount of enough followers enough likes On my page a million dollars Uh you know the right girlfriend better Looking Then i'll be happy and that's not how it Works It's it's you got to continually have Goals and be growing and when you hit Your goal it's going to feel good But just like when i when we sold our Company two weeks later It was like all right now what right it Wasn't okay now i can go sit on a beach And drink a pina colada and never have To worry about Happiness again because i've done it and Unfortunately our society's Set up that way to where that's like Really the main thing people focus on And fame and success and and money and They think that if they just have enough Of that it'll solve all their problems But i mean you look at people like Justin bieber i just read an article on Him the other day He had to actually have his bodyguards Go in and check his pulse each night When he went to sleep So he didn't drug overdose on drugs um i Mean there's there's a million of those

Stories And you're like what like you're you're The most famous you're 21 and you've got All this But if you don't have the right your Head screwed on right and you don't have A growth owner mindset i call it versus This fixed victim And that you're gonna continually be Growing and that you're gonna balance Your life and And keep heading in the right direction You're screwed Yeah then now what goes to purpose right So Um when we when we put a tangible goal To things And if we reach that goal um Then you get this now what thing going On and in Some cases it's money or you know uh but Whatever kind of achievement and if you Don't have a plan for the now what too People don't think about Uh um that then you get yourself in oh Well what's my purpose and You know bieber's a great example right He probably wanted to be A a singer and a star accomplished that And all the money he could ever want and Then he It's taking taking him a long time to Figure out what this now what is for him Right now what i i did i did this at an

Age that Um uh no one ever achieves it in And they they they don't realize that They didn't even address themselves Personally right they chase something They address the person So i know this goes uh obviously to what You're doing now But talk a little bit more about that if You can Expand on on how that mindset is Important and understanding those Type of things and i'll let you run with It from there Yeah so you know your mindset is the First of the five course to me it's the Most important Because without your mindset going for You You're screwed um and it ties into what You're just saying like if you don't Understand That like life is a journey and that you Were born with certain strengths You were born with certain quote-unquote Weaknesses and the reason i Put quotes in that is because it's like You have things you're good at you have Things you're not so good at it doesn't Make you bad And i don't like the word weaknesses Even but it's like Don't focus on the things you're not as Awesome at focus on the things you are

Good at And use that to help propel your Momentum and think Figure out what you're super passionate About that you love that fills your soul And you go yes this is what i i want to Wake up every day and go You know even when you're having tough Days it helps you to get through those Tough times and you know a growth owner Like i said that's that's the key To the mindset that you want to develop When you're growth owner You basically you give fear the finger Obstacles are temporary roadblocks You fail forward and you say okay that Sucked But what did i learn from it and you get Up quicker than somebody that's a fixed Victim that dwells in it and says oh god Poor me If only i could have this had happened Or why did this happen to me oh it's Always me right and you just wallow in It and you dwell And you're not taking action to then Propel your life moving forward you get Caught in it and i call i Call it getting stuck in your failure Loop versus your growth owner you're in The success loop where it's like okay You take action you have a little bit of Success that little bit of success Improves your your confidence your

Perception your attitude the way you see The world that then gives you more Energy to want to take more action And then so on and so forth and that Just keeps propelling itself versus The fixed victim uh you don't take any Action or Or you fail and then you dwell on it and Then that makes you want to take less Action and your mindset Decreases and you feel sorry for Yourself and life sucks and blah blah Blah and then You don't want to take any more action And then you're going in the wrong way So that's to me that's kind of the key Is that having that mindset And you know it doesn't happen overnight And anybody sells you they can sell you Tells you they can sell you the elixir Of life for 9.99 You know run the other way it takes time It takes practice like i said i was Suicidal in college And it took me many years um to kind of Get to the point where I'm like like i i literally now if you Talk to me I would not trade my brain for the world I would not if you gave me a billion Dollars and said can we switch your Brain With like somebody else's no way But back then i would have given

Anything to switch who i was i hated my Brain i'm like why me Why is my brain broken why do i have These types of thoughts right But in becoming a growth owner kind of Slowly but surely over the years i was Able to develop this attitude of I love me i've got everything within me To kick ass take names And it's only a matter of time before i Do let's go baby Um that's where you want to get i think A lot of people get Uh stuck in the roadblocks that get put In their way Right the obstacles um After they've had some success so i Think that that's an interesting thing And maybe you could touch a little bit On that So obviously you've had some wild Success but yeah you have success Then maybe you fail a little bit what Happens to people in my opinion is a lot Of times They think that success is like this It's like a It's it's it's an ongoing continuous Rise and they don't realize that it's a Lot of this Right and um It's an important thing that i think uh People have to understand that these Obstacles no matter

How good you are what you do or no Matter what level expertise Um you know and in my business i'm i'm The sports business and I see competitors coming all the time People always ask me why don't you get Worried but you know I say well anybody can be the new guy in The block And there's there's flash there and That's it that's There's excitement about that that's Short term but what's going to happen The first time they don't have the Profit they expected Or they lose money or someone steals From them or Or um someone doesn't want their product Anymore for whatever reason How are they in it for the long haul so How do you help people overcome these Kind of Obstacles um to stay in that continuous Growth process that you're talking about Uh well so i i mean one thing that i Think is different between me and a lot Of these you know self-proclaimed Experts out there look i I don't even say i'm an expert i'm just A guy who has Like developed his own system over the Years and i want to share that system And now i've honed it To where i feel like anybody can pretty

Much use it but if you don't have an Accountability system Like you're just saying like how do you How do you make sure you maintain that It's so easy especially in this day and Age where like life is coming at you A million miles a minute in all these Different streaming devices and Iphones and tablets and computers and Advertiser Things we're seeing news learning what We they think we want and pushing it on Us and You know if you don't have a good Accountability system and like a good Set of like okay this Is who i am this is where i want to be Um These are the i call them failure habits First success habits and to me that's Kind of the key here Is eliminating your failure habits In each of these five core areas and Replacing them with success habits And making sure that you take those Actions Enough time until they become automatic Because habits don't care if they're Good or bad helping or hurting us Right they're gonna do their thing over Time and It's a lot easier to develop those low Hanging fruit failure habits that are Like okay well i'll just

Scroll here for a minute and then all of A sudden it's like two hours later right And then i'll Do it four hours a day and then it's Every single day and you know all of a Sudden it's like You didn't even realize it happened but It's happening and it's building Negative momentum and it's making you Less happy and more depressed and that's Why teen suicide is at an all-time high Versus you know a big part of my system Is becoming aware of These things writing them down like okay These are the things that i do every day Okay And then i actually have this exercise It's called back to the future because I'm an 80s kid And it used to be called the funeral Exercise but that was too depressing so Let's go back to the future and you go To the end of your life right you Flash forward and you go okay where do i Want what i want set at my funeral Like straight up what do i want said About me In my mindset in my career in my Finances in my relationships in my Physical health And my emotional health and giving back You know like did the world Did the world go thank god he's gone Because he sucked every last little bit

Of Energy and he lied and he cheated and he Stealed and Stole and he didn't have good Relationships you know the only person That His funeral is his mother because of That you know like he was in great Physical He was you know like one of the people From wally where he never worked out So there's all these things and you go Okay well what do i want to be What do i where do i want to end up now You flash back To present time and you go okay am i on Track to do that Like are the habits that i currently Have in each of these areas Putting me on track to be able to get to That final destination that i want if The answer is no If it's clear it just makes it it helps Clarify all the And all that gray matter like i was just Talking about that's in between like What to focus on and There's this post and this guy said this And should i read this book Just that's how you figure out what's Important to you and what you want And then it also helps shine a spotlight On your life and say What's going on currently like are you

Are you doing good things or bad things Here And then you develop this accountability System and the system that i use Started with the ben franklin way of it Was literally Back when i was a teen i would put the Days of the week excuse me days of the Week at the top and i would put the Habits i'm trying to change down the Side and i would print one each day And i would put a little check mark next To did i do this did i not Um it's now developed years later in Stages to where i have this app that i'm Coming out with in a couple months and I'm super excited about it and it's Going to gamify the process I'm a huge fan of gamification in terms Of making it fun To use to to want to level up like Using getting getting those dopamine Hits getting you addicted to leveling up Not just on screen But in real life whereas most of these Companies right they're they're getting Us addicted but it's not really helping Us like facebook They have a fiduciary responsibility to Their shareholders Not to our happiness so if they monetize Your happiness And as a user i don't know if you saw The social dilemma

Documents i did it was a good one um That whole thing kind of you know not Not for your benefit right whereas with Me it's like Well let's use the same scientific Technology but to the benefit so my app You're a spit you're a rocket ship you Start on the ground on earth You can't get off until you build enough Momentum to be able to stop some of These Failure habits and start replacing them With success habits in each of your five Core areas You're going to different planets Different galaxies uh you're fighting Uh asteroid fields along the way and Having alien encounters on Different planets that you land on and They're giving you advice and you're Having little side quests And so the whole thing is i'm using all The same stuff But hopefully you know in a way and you Know proof will be in the pudding when The app actually comes out but the idea Is people are going to want To keep checking in every day holding Themselves accountable and making sure That they're doing the right habits That makes a ton of sense um tell me About the five core Areas that you have within these Principles that you've developed and

You can expand on them as well that'd be Great So first we cut we kind of talked about The mindset that's the first one That's right obviously you know your Perception your attitude Your just overall like confidence what Do you how do you see the world is the Glass half empty half full Growth owner versus fixed victim giving Fear the finger or letting it freeze you Dead in your tracks type of thing Next one is your career in your finance Which is not just all about Making as much money as possible it's About career-wise Making sure that you are understand What it is like i was saying earlier Those strengths and those passions if You can put those together And and say okay this is this is i don't Like the word purpose but This is kind of where and again that Back to the future exercise will help Like okay this is where i want to end up Um all right so what type of business is I'm gonna give me an entrepreneur am i Gonna work for somebody else whatever it Is Obviously i lean towards the Entrepreneur way of doing things because That's how i went and i like being in Control of your own destiny Uh and then you set goals and you just

Keep working towards them every day and I have a system too to help people with Goals goals Don't get me started on the educational System that's another it's a broken System we don't learn about Goals we don't learn about emotional Health we don't learn about the law of Compounding how to make our money work For us In in the public school system it's to Me it's it's an absolute traffic it's Part of something that i'm trying to Help correct so um then your Relationships Making sure that you're you know forming These these strong Deep fulfilled relationships as well as Allies to help you Along the way and you find out the more You're helping other people the more You're going to help them and you're Just You know killing it in each of these Areas whether it's your significant Other Your friends and your family or Acquaintances and colleagues Then the fourth one is your physical Health which is fairly obvious you know You're eating you're sleeping you're You're working out Uh you know are you basically your bot Your body and your mind are super

Connected so if you're not taking care Of that You're screwed uh and then the last is Your emotional health And you're giving back and it's you know Are you constantly stressed Are you dwelling all the time or do you See the big picture And you're proactively incorporating Your passions and into your life like do You love playing golf do you love Spending time with friends do you love But then you find like oh wait it's been Six months or a year since i've played Golf I i'm really creative and i love to draw But i haven't done any of that stuff in So long because life gets in the way It's like proactively making sure that You're Eliminating and minimizing stress Dwelling that type of stuff Anxiety and you're focusing on the Things that truly Fill your human spirit in your soul and Then the giving back side Is fairly obvious uh it's you know What is the legacy you're leaving is the World gonna be better Or worse for having you in it at the end Of the day and to me that's super Important As you start to get you build your Mindset

And these other cores the giving back Side comes it's hard for people when They have a shitty life or when they Feel sorry for themselves or they're a Fixed victim To be like okay i'm gonna go give back i Get that because i was there so i'm not Suggesting That you start with that start building These other cores up And you'll start to realize and it's Like magic the more you actually then Figure out how to help the world become Better not worse for having you in it And You start helping others they want to Help you back tenfold It's a pretty cool magical experience That's really interesting so i mean You're covering most of the basic things That People want to get to in life all of Them yes And and what what When people falter in one area or Another How do you how do you address that with Them That goes back to the accountability and The habits in each So you have your failure habits in each Of these course and you have your Success habits In each of these chords that you'd want

To replace them with and so it's about Figuring out What are the failure ones i have what's The negative momentum i'm building in Each of these and How do i replace them with their Alternative success habits that are Going to make me You know get to where i want to be hit My goals make sure that i'm I call it firing on all cylinders when You're rocking and rolling With all five of them right so it Becomes a So this is basically a system that they Can keep going back and And checking themselves essentially um So they start to falter in one area they Have a way to be accountable towards it And figure Figure out what those areas are um What what are some of the things you do To guide them through that process Um tools and such like that Well so you know right now i have a System that i'm helping them with that Doesn't involve the app But that's why i'm super excited for the App to come out because the app Is pretty self full it pretty much Handles it all Again it's using that science and Technology for good versus evil Part of my pledge as my company is to

Always put the users happiness And wellness above profit and so they'll You know they'll actually by using it it Kind of guides them step by step and it Starts slowly and it's again it's not Going to happen overnight But um you start to slowly improve in Each of these little areas and you start To build momentum and then the idea is Eventually you're firing on all Cylinders your rocket ship is Flying into other galaxies and you're You know blasting through asteroid Fields and you're leveling up your ship With armor And and different wings and different Things to help you to get to where you Want to go Um and that's basically you know along With a course that i have Or in the book that i'm writing you know Just kind of getting a brief overview to Help you Figure out okay this is where you Currently stand this is where you want To be Let's use the app to help us get there Really cool Um take a quick step back into You know how you got there as an Entrepreneur like you came up with your Idea Obviously it became wildly successful And did you have balance throughout that

Process or was that something you had to Get After like we talked about that what now Part of it What was that as far as your journey Goes that's a good question you know I i do think that the reason i was Financially successful Uh a big part of it does have to do with The fact that i was aware Of even though i didn't call it the five Cores back then um I didn't kind of come up with that until After i sold my company and i really Started focusing on this stuff I was aware of my physical my Relationships my mindset Because like i said i was constantly Reading these books and Improving and trying to get better every Single day So i think it was because of not in Spite of Meaning i didn't put everything into Just my career in finances although you Know sometimes people do that and it Pays off But what's unfortunate is when it does Hit then it's like their values are so Screwed up And they feel like they just lost a Family member and they don't know what To do now because they haven't developed Out

These other areas of their life and That's when you know you look at people Like bieber like we were talking about The If only type type scenarios um And so you know the key to for me is Just to make sure that these that these People understand That and where i was is you know as You're developing these things out Simultaneously The other cores and other areas will Automatically grow There's a ripple effect i call it so Like if you're developing your Confidence your your physical health You're You're doing well in your relationship You're going to naturally do better in Your career And and you're going to naturally make More money and you're going to figure Out like no i should You know no i shouldn't just take it up The rear from my boss i'm gonna speak up Or You know what why am i in this job when I'm miserable And i could be doing this i have Everything within me to do it you know And so Um and i always tell people let me Preface don't quit your If you're if you if you're living month

To month don't quit your job and just be Like i know i can do it like get your Side hustle going And that's to me that's the way to do it Like figure out okay well this is what i Really want to do and then just You'll find the time trust me i know Everybody's first thing will be like Well i don't have time to do that the Way i work If you're really passionate about Something and you get an idea and you're Like yes this is it this is where the Future's headed I can help this is going to help people It's something i'm really good at You'll figure out a way to make it Happen and you just got to stick with it Until you do What what is the key to managing that Process at the same time You know i mean i do my i'm an Entrepreneur by i do my thing full time I've been able to make a living for it Are people to me really are they Entrepreneurs if they don't dive in And you know i know everybody's in a Different situation But i i see a lot of half with Entrepreneurship And um you know if you're doing it just To make some extra bucks That's one thing that's not an Entrepreneur to me um

An entrepreneur to me is someone who's Gone all in on their idea And so if someone's doing a job and then Doing it be an entrepreneur at the same Time It can it can be difficult to get to Where they want to do How are they able to do both and get There and i've heard you know gary vee Say stuff like this The side hustle and i you know i i think I think you know hard work is important But Um if you're if you're go one thing's Gonna suffer You know we we used to say in football Um When you when you take on like if you're A linebacker and an offensive lineman is Coming to block you Um if you don't address him first you're Not gonna get to the ball carriers so You can't serve Uh i know you don't you can't say this Anymore but you can't serve two masters And that's really a very very telling Statement Um because of the fact that if you're Trying to do two things at once you do Zero of them Great right so how does someone address That how do they Stage that and i can't i'm not saying it Can't happen

But how do you do that and succeed in Both until you can go do the other Um so right i i hear what you're saying And like i said though the the thing is You it doesn't happen overnight So unfortunately the way the way it goes Is you can't Just quit if if your job is paying your Bills and your rent You're not going to become if you decide To become an entrepreneur it's not going To happen Within a month to where you can then Start in your rent so You there's just no choice other than You've got to like If figure out what is it i'm really Passionate about what i love And if it's not what you're currently Doing you got to keep doing that but You know now with technology like you've Got your phone like if you're in a job Where you have downtime like Be working on your plan be working on What you need to do and start developing That out And then you just gotta start start Getting it going on the side and and There's a lot of ways technologies and You know science where you can Independent contractors you know like With fiverr and these like you can start Making money pretty quickly if you start Developing a niche and are good at

Something and And you know finding good people in this World regardless of how many independent Contractors there are Or people that have their own business Finding good products services people is So freaking hard And so if you become good at it and That's what you're good at and you're Passionate about it that will get Recognized it might not happen overnight But It will and you know that's when you can Then transition and hopefully when You're making enough money be like okay So long i and then you start this next Journey You know where you're you can actually Start making some real money but it's Not going to happen Immediately right and so that's a great Great point so time frame wise Um is it basically for them to figure Out Okay i'm making x they have to know what They need to make in order to To transition out of it and then Um Because entrepreneurs are so rarely Successful in in Um you know like you are you know i've Been i've been on I've had my own business since i guess Around like 19 years

Um i i'm not as successful as you you Know you are from a financial standpoint But i've You know never had to go get another job You know any type of thing Um since i transitioned so What uh what what part of that When when do they know hey it's time That i can make that move And i know it's something you probably Coached them through but like what what Are some of the things they have to be Able to recognize the signs and Accountability That i can make the move now i can go Full-time entrepreneurship I don't have a magic answer other than Everybody's like i said everybody's got A different scenario like you know what You need to pay your bills You know you know at the end of the day Like i said i would recommend Almost depending on what it is you know Testing the market Like like using a fiber or an upwork to Sort of like You know if it's a product or a service You're offering And go out there and start seeing if People number one there's a demand for It and number two you know start saying Do i Okay i'm gonna actually try this do i Like it am i getting paid are people

Giving me good feedback And then you know when you are able to Start making enough money straight up to Pay whatever your bills are And you know you can actually quit or Maybe there's an in between where you Can cut down your hours At the job you're at and then start Spending more time you know creating This This um this vision and these goals for What you do want to do and Practicing it and whatnot and then you Know at a certain point It's okay this can sustain my lifestyle So let's go Very very interesting um Now people who now can they apply these Principles let's say they They work in corporate and um They're comfortable there and and they Don't want to be an entrepreneur how can They take An entrepreneurial approach to their own Life Utilizing your principles and you know Hey i'm comfortable being in A nine-to-five job i make decent money i Can support my family How can they apply that to get them the Most out of their life Their lives and uh from according to What you're talking about So what's i'm sorry make sure i

Understand the question key So applying this entrepreneurship Principle to their own lives like you're Talking about accountability in each one Of these areas Yeah yeah they're not entrepreneurs They're people that work in nine to five Jobs and have some level of success in That Right so again the remember The ripple effect so you can't just Say oh i'll worry about that later when I become successful financially like I'll worry about my relationships my Physical health You know i do i do understand and think There's merit to You know putting when you're trying to Build a business it's going to take a Lot of time And you know what you may not be Spending as much time With your physical health your Relationships and and And whatnot as when you have all the Money in the world And you know you can you know spend more Time on these things however If you neglect them completely and if You don't proactively work them into Your schedule like you gotta find a way To spend time with loved ones people That you know that you care about and And face to face not just liking their

Picture on facebook you've got to find Time To get your body moving and to get Enough you got to figure out how to get Enough sleep you got to Figure out a system to put the right Food in your body Uh because that's all gonna percolate Out Into this career in finance so you're Actually stabbing yourself In the foot if you just ignore that and Just you're trying to focus on your Career in finance like i said earlier It's because of not in spite of that i Was developing these areas in my opinion Because my my confidence was growing my My perception of the world Just like okay i'm becoming this Unstoppable force that can do anything And that just trailed right into my Career And i was like all right i can let's Start a business right i mean that that College kid that was suicidal there's no Way I would have thought i could start a Business and be successful and by the Time i started my business You know about what i mean i probably Eight nine years later after i've been Growing it was like okay I've got this like this is a great idea Nobody else is doing this when i started

My my delivery service Grubhub doordash ubereats none of those Companies existed It was literally like there was a Company called telephone taxi where you Called them up and they weren't even in Our area Because i researched it and it was like I was like you got to be kidding me like You can't quickly get a meal Of something that like sushi Or something healthy like thai food or Mexican it has to be pizza or chinese Because at the time that's all that Delivered and i'm like There's got to be a better and there Wasn't and so when i When i suggest people like what they're Going to do and don't just go copy Somebody else because you're just going To be A poor imitation of that go try to Figure out what does the world Need where's the world headed and then Just go all right let's do this and so The fact that we started before all These companies we actually bootstrapped It we didn't raise any money In the beginning towards the very end we Did when we realized okay if we're going To sell we need to Grow really big and get on the radar of Some of these bigger companies to buy us But we we were profitable for for seven

Eight years and then all of a sudden Grubhub uber doordash these guys started Coming in with billions of dollars Losing money hand over fist in order to Gain market share coming into our Territories and Going to our restaurants and saying hey We'll partner with you and we won't even Charge you for a full year and Giving the customers free food for you Know and and we're like oh We can't compete with this long term and So that's when you know the signs were All around okay it's over it was a good Ride we got in early Now let's make it our goal to to get Exited and bought out by another company That's ready to fight these types of People and that's exactly what we did Very smart and did you go from a Business name but did you go seek Uh those people out or did they they Find you from uh uh when you Knew your i thought out so i we did we Did approach by the time we were ready To sell grubhub and these other Companies are out there we looked at we Approached them and said hey are you Interested we got a um Variance i won't name many names we got Some very insulting offers where it was Kind of like Here take this or we'll just squash you Like a bug

And so i proactively reached out to Another company We were actually doorstep delivery was The name of our company and mainly based Out of florida we had 19 branches i Found this company called bite squad Based out of minneapolis and i talked to This guy and we were Fairly the same size they were in the Same boat as us Like hey how are we gonna fight this how Are we gonna get the most value out of Our company and be able to exit And so we merged and we became part of Them and then we Raised money and we started buying other Companies and we got big enough To where we got on like i said the radar Of this company called waiter holdings Out of louisiana and they purchased us For that 321 million Very cool that's an awesome awesome Story And then i guess to the last part of it Because so Now you had all that you had to work on Yourself right Um how did you address each one of these Areas Um you know like i said i fortunately I've been Already doing this for many years so When i did sell my company Uh i had that great feeling like

Everybody gets like Like a like a an anchor was off my back You know nine years of my life was Spent building this thing um And i just let myself go i just there Was stuff i was neglecting And i knew that i needed to get back to My five course and so i started I was playing golf and i was spending More i just had a newborn at the time And i was like okay god i need to And then it was like you know once once I kind of fulfilled that and gotten back Into the groove of making sure i was Really Filling all these other areas it was Like career and finance wise it's like Okay now what what's next It wasn't like i said it doesn't work as Like people think like oh you can just Sit on a beach and drink a pina colada For the rest of your life you're so Lucky Like no that's not how our minds are Built as human beings we have to Constantly be growing there needs to be A challenge that we're working towards And so i said okay what's my next thing And i was like well I've been doing this personal Development stuff for on my own and Developed my own system over the years Now i have a small child If nothing else i want to help him not

Suffer the same way i didn't be suicidal By the time he reaches college so Let's build this thing out and see how It looks and that's when i started Taking all my notes from 25 years of Note taking you don't even want to know How many notes i had both written and Then once You know iphones came out um you know Thousands and thousands of pages and and You know turning it into okay i need to Make it a A a book that can be digested and Simplified and that's when i broke it Into okay these five core areas The habits within them and then the app You know technology finally caught up to The way i wanted to do things to where i Could develop that as well Absolutely that's interesting now this Is my last question And and and this has been fascinating Because Balancing these areas are so difficult It's like the holy grail what you kind Of went through right Accountability is a huge part of it when You get out of sync Yeah i'm guessing uh that you know that Accountability helps to get you back in Sync Can you achieve all of that balance At the same time meaning does any one Thing

Suffer if you try to be great in all Those areas That's a great question and here the Answer to that is When i say firing on all cylinders i Don't expect You every person to every single day Be killing it in their mindset and their Physical health and their relationships And you know So on so forth it's more overall In your life are you incorporating these Things and Is there that balance in terms of like Are you paying attention to your Physical health or has it gotten And this is why most people i i help Them become aware with this app and my My system to sort of say let's shine a Big old spotlight remember the back to The future exercise Yeah okay well if this is what you want Said about you in these areas Are you on track to do so and rather Than think about it as like i have to do Every single thing every day in each of One It's more like you kind of keep track Overall and your momentum and sometimes You might be spending like i said more Time in your career and finances Because it's your weaker core and you Need work in it sometimes you might be Spending more time in your

Relationships and and getting you know Developing those that you've kind of Neglected and So that's fine but and the goal is Overall You just start eliminating more and more Of these failure habits in each Replacing them with success habits That's building that automatic momentum Because remember why i said Habits don't care if they're good or bad Helping or hurting us they're going to Do their thing over time I have an equation of life and this is It it's called Your belief system plus your repeated Actions Plus time equals who you will become Okay i'll repeat that your belief system Plus your repeated actions Plus time equals who you will become That's everything so your mindset your Mind like your beliefs like what are you Taking actions on what do you believe Like are you a growth owner are you a Fixed victim Are you you know do you understand what Each of your cores are and do you Do you want to do you have goals in each And where you're headed Okay that's that's the first step uh Your repeated actions okay you got to Take action and most of us get to a Point where we'll

Now we're such an 80d society and we're Such an instant gratification you know We'll see a quote that inspires us or We'll even read something And it's exciting for five seconds or Half a second depending on how you look At it and then until you read the next Thing or you see the next and then it's Gone forever No you got to take the actions you got To actually put them into play and That's where the app like i was saying Like the accountability system of making Sure you're doing them Until that habit forms Right until you get that that Automatically You're okay i got that one right just Like brushing your teeth just like Taking a shower you don't think about These things Once because habits they become Automatic once they're formed so your Repeated actions plus time It's not going to happen overnight like I said it's it's a compounding effect And the more you take these actions get Rid of the bad ones replace them with The good ones The more you're taking these actions the More habits you're developing That is ultimately that's who you will Become and that Is like okay which way are you which

Where do you want to go again back to The back of the future It's like okay these are the current Habits and actions i'm taking this is Where i'm going to end up It's not rocket science if i change them And i go this and i develop these These things it's not going to be easy i Call it a front loaded process like Because our habits they dig in deep They're like little They're like little spider monkeys that Just jump on our backs and just claw in Deep and they're like all right We're on but then once you're able to Detach those things And again it's it's you have to have an Accountability system to do so if you Just take one action and then you forget About it You're never going to develop the habit Once you do that though That's what's up because then you're Going to Start replacing those spider monkeys With little thrusters That are going to start helping you you Know head up into that Big bright beautiful sky yes Well who doesn't want to take off in a Rocket right Sounds good to me um Really really interesting stuff last Question because i thought of it right

Now Um so You start to kind of you move in the Right direction You get in balance how does someone work With you on a continuous basis so Someone listening this says hey you know I need I need this guy's help i need will's Help you know Um wha what are ways that they can Engage with you Uh to work with you on these different Things So my website as uh more momentum M-o-o-r-e Like my last name um You can sign up uh you can reach out to Me on there And i'll get your messages if you wanna Work with me um there's a I get a weekly blog to help people each Week to you know Build their momentum with this type of Stuff i'm talking about again i like to Gamify it i like to make it fun and Interesting i don't like to be boring And Here's your weekly tip you know it's Like i i like to use examples from my Own life i like to make it fun Interesting graphics and these types of Things Same with my uh my um

Instagram page five core life uh was Spelled with An actual five not five five core life Has the same of stuff Uh and and yeah and and also you can Take the quiz the quiz is a big part of This so like i said where do you stand In your five course At the top of my website there's a Little uh says take the quiz Life evaluation quiz and literally it's Like two to three questions for each Court it'll take you like three minutes And you can kind of get a sense of where I currently stan Where you currently stand in each of Your course and then what are the Actions you need to take Moving forward is what i'll then help You with to to make sure you start Killing it like marty mcfly back to the Future I think only our age group will Understand that and older right Yeah maybe i love it i'm using it Yeah uh very very cool stuff Uh very interesting achieving that Balance is Is key and and uh maximizing each area At different times i think in In your journey is a real important Thing and then um Knowing how to judge that and being Accountable which is obviously

A core part of what what you're talking About um i can't thank you enough for Coming on Um share again with them you know you Have any twitter or instagram or Anything like that Well at the top my website more momentum Don't worry At the top right it'll show all my my Channels i have a youtube channel I have a podcast uh so they'll be able To find all that stuff there Perfect thanks so much for being on Today i really appreciate it it was a Pleasure thanks david this was fun man i Appreciate you Thank you all right for the success for Life podcast is coach schuman With will moore we we learned a whole Lot today about Taking entrepreneurship to your own life Being accountable and And being the very best that you can be And getting all those things in balance So until next time As coach

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