Success For Life Podcast with Coach Schuman interviewing Douglas Steinbrech, Doctor

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All right we're back the success for Life podcast I don't know what episode it is now but It's a hundred and something i don't Know we might be almost 120 now Um i am here with a special guest we're Diving into the medical field here we're Doctor Dr douglas steinbrecht um we're really Gonna uh Uh talk about a really really Interesting Approach to building uh his medical Practice Um really tackle the niche based things So very entrepreneurial um And and that's why we have them on That's why we have these great guests on They're always Oh everybody's always a little bit Different and have their own niche and Which makes it so exciting Um welcome doctor to the successful life Podcast Thanks so much coach it's good to be Here And it's i'm i'm excited to talk a Little bit about what About uh men's aesthetics today Absolutely and so i'll let you dive Right into just give everybody a little Bit of your background Uh you know maybe maybe uh your Education and then

How you got into you know male Aesthetics as your focus Got it so i i was born you know In back in iowa in the midwest small Small Like one horse town i really love my Background love my family Uh but it was time for me to go to Medical school and then get some Training so i came out to new york to Nyu And uh i loved the artistry and the Creativity With plastic surgery so i uh I decided that's what i wanted to do and Uh i started my practice and this is Where it gets interesting i said hey I want to be uh i want to do women's Facelifts and i want to do their mommy Makeovers So i set up a little office park avenue Very fancy And i started my i opened up the doors And it was like put out a shingle if you Build it they will come And when i did all this all this Training everything I opened up it was crickets nothing no Like i was like hello anyone out there And i was really frustrated and after All this work getting into medical School during this training all these Long nights in the hospital I thought what's going on did i get my

Bad surgeon am i a bad person Am i a bad you know am i a bad Doctor am i a bad surgeon no i had good Training really one of the best places At nyu And then i started working with with the Guys And uh what happened is things just Really took off and that's when i Realized what you need to do in life one Of the things you need to do especially As an entrepreneur i know there are a Lot of entrepreneurs out there You can't find you know you may be Busting your head Against a wall and uh you gotta find a Unique niche and that's what i found Thank god Thank you thank the lord um i found Something that was different from what Everybody else was doing and since then After that every time Everybody goes to the right i go to the Left and that's where it all Started all that that's it's so Interesting and I think that's one of the common themes Of everyone we've interviewed Um and and from a business standpoint is They had a sometimes it's stumble and And fail And and uh to get to where you got to go On your path And obviously you found a unique niche

That You know if exactly what you did most People would think Okay if i'm going to start a medical Practice in Plastic surgery and aesthetics you go After the females they're all That's that's where and you had crickets In that area And you were adaptive enough to realize Okay let me let me kind of move in a Different direction What kind of in anything in your Training you know To that helped you to kind of go in a Different direction so quickly and be Able to To gain that great success It was just a natural thing what i was Doing is I started to have a lot of my buddies They want to like have their abs done so I do it and they're like that's great do You put in a pec implant I thought well i've never really done it Nobody taught me that and but i I would figure it out i know the anatomy And make the incision Throughout the implant look great i Started doing biceptive implants then i Started making my own Ab implants forearm implants and we do Bicep triceps quad Glute implants calf implants everything

And what then i got so excited about i Went and bought an implant company So it just started to snowball but the Genesis of it was When i was starting to see more and more Men my Uh my office manager she said dr Steinberg you've got something here we Need to educate we need to do a Website so i created a website just for Men in new york And that's when things just exploded it Was an educational website but then we Started seeing so many So many men and we had great before and Afters and we made mail plastic And then i figured like i finally found I always knew i was a hard worker But i had i had nothing to work on Because there was just So many people up and down right behind Me as park avenue up and down park Avenue doing the same facilities the Same mommy makeups Same tummy tucks the same breast Augmentation and there's just Everybody was fighting over the same dog That's what they call the red ocean I was looking i found my blue ocean and Nobody was there Nobody wanted to deal with the men and They just came storming into my office So what we did is we saw blow

Up in new york we took the same website We took down the new york buildings and We put up palm trees and a beverly hills Sign up And we started the website and sure Enough the phone started ringing in Beverly hills So i went out there and my business Partner said hey go out there and I love him he's a great business partner He said go out there and give it a shot You know you know worse Worst case scenario is it like uh you Take your family out and have some fun And and i said i'm not gonna go out There to have some fun i'm going out There to kill it So so i so i went out there and that now It's been five years And just last saturday you know good Practice you see like three or four Consoles that's really great good Last saturday we saw 15 consults you Know and we have 90 consults On the books for the next next three Months so We are like we're doing really well and We're doing flush with surgery so i'm Able to pick and choose really the best Candidates really the best people for The right surgeries And so it just blew up and now we Started i trained a fellow For the chicago office and uh we

You gotta invest in these things but you Gain confidence but then you gotta Invest in these things and so i Invested in a fellow who's great dr Gonzalez he We just opened up in chicago alpha male Plastic surgery chicago And we're in this beautiful tower it's Right off north it's right on north Michigan right above If you're in chicago right above the Neiman marcus it's Crying they call it the viagra triangle The viagra triangle because that's where All the businessmen are So we're on the 21st floor overlooking The Um the giant hancock building it is just Beautiful so it's just hard work but Really When i was just doing women this is a Key thing i wanted to work so hard but There was nothing to do there was no There was no substrate there's nothing To do You know it's like you're working at a Factory and you're standing in front of The In front of the the conveyor belt you Want to work so hard to do this but Nothing's coming down the conveyor belt And now it's like drinking water out of A fire hose i'm just trying to keep up Well i think that the evolution you know

Especially You had mentioned before we came on You're about 12 years in That first over advan advantage you have Um is a is a huge component in business First mover advantage Uh and i i think it you know they teach You in business school but people don't Realize How important it is to if you you have a Niche industry If you're the first person in that area In that marketplace makes a huge Difference Um and you don't always have to be the First but the first to dominate is the Best way to put it right there might be Someone that Was in there doing something but you Were the first to really go and dominate And then you could Start to develop your marketplace i you Know Many years ago when i first started my Camp business We were doing a unique thing within Football camps even though there's been A million football camps from the Beginning of time But we were doing something unique which Was the combine testings a long time ago And we had a five and we specifically Focused on not the older kids but the The kids like in ninth tenth grade and

We had a six year run before we had any Competition That's amazing and that was the key to Building our business and Just sustained us through the when Everyone jumped into the To the marketplace then everyone Realized there was a marked place there But it sustained us because we still had First mover advantage so we were able to Ride that wave As it invariably comes with competition Comes in What are some of the things that as you You know you're 12 years in as Competition comes in here and there in Different marketplace they see your Success And they say well i can do that uh What you do you need what i find you Need is you need to always innovate And the great entrepreneurs have never Worried about the competition Because they know once the competition Gets to you you've already moved past it And you have the next idea So one of the things was to go out and Buy an implant company Uh because what i was doing i was Writing a textbook we wrote a textbook With six I'm the editor i'm the lead editor but Then we have uh 68 other authors Best authors from around the world for

Plastic surgery just about men's plastic Surgery this is the first major Male plastic surgery textbook so i Needed credibility So i'm not just some charlatan out there So yeah they speak at the national Conferences I'm an educator i'm on the board for our National society because i'm passionate About education So you have to be you have to have Credibility that's one thing then you Have to be a hard worker but then you Have to innovate and that i wanted I created a company called alpha Aesthetics or alpha male aesthetics Which i wanted to innovate and create New products and bring them to the Marketplace that can make This new booming area of men's aesthetic Surgery Do better and for people to get better Results and i didn't keep it the other Thing is You know i know there are a lot of Entrepreneurs that aren't a lot of People Don't tell people about their idea Because they're afraid someone's gonna Steal it you gotta let go of that No one's gonna steal your idea you know What you have to do is Put something out there and if you work On it people if they're really good

Entrepreneurs They've got their own stuff they're Working on and i used to i never Realized it Since i started doing more Entrepreneurial things i spend fewer Times with like Old friends i love my old friends but i Spend more and more time With people are thinking about business Things like i am And i've made a lot of really cool Friends that they don't care about They're Stealing my idea i don't even have to Sign an nda They are more interested in hearing how Another business person Thinks and they want to share their Ideas they want to discuss it And and i've made some many new friends I used to think that businessmen were Just selfish in the egomaniacs and all They care about themselves I've met so many amazing generous Wonderful open people that have helped Me with my business plans and wanted Nothing out of return for me they just Thought it was interesting because they Have an entrepreneurial side And a mind and they like they they're Very interested in like discussing those Things so don't be afraid of your plans And don't hide them away and do the

Mental masturbation thing and keep it in And keep it in that same that same Business plan you've been working on for 10 minutes and you haven't moved at all With it because someone else will do it And then the other thing is if you stay If you work harder than the other person And you stay ahead of them With our website we have more content And we have more before and afters Because Of the innovative techniques that we've Developed and because of branding Because of ip I really feel strongly about branding When you go on to my website you will See it all All over my website everything is a Letter alliteration it's all ttts aaa's Total torso transformation or 270 torso Attack Everything's got ppp's male model Makeover it's got to have a ring to it And then you have to get a tm on it or a Registered trademark And i'm very strong about it because one Of the greatest things that i get Really excited about is when you're Talking about something and you think Nobody understands it And then somebody comes in and my Business or my uh My patient coordinator comes running Over and says

The patient wrote on the form they want A 270 torso talk Because once you have that once they're Using your words your brands Then you got them because you have Something that nobody else is doing And then they will call up the the Competition and say well he says you do Men's plastic surgery but do you do a Torso talk or do you do body banking Body banking is another thing i Developed where you take out the bad Fat and then we plug it in we suck it All out of the Belly from their abs really um uh Carve out the abs but then we don't Throw it away but again we put On your shoulders make shoulders more Beefy your chest Pop and and your traps pop so that a Year from after surgery Not only do you have like small waists And big shoulders a year after surgery You're sitting there watching netflix And having a bowl of ice cream and the Carbs and the calories from the ice Cream Now they don't go to visceral fat which Sometimes can happen with old-fashioned Liposuction where you throw out the Cells Now your shoulders get wider your chest Gets more definition your traps pop And it's all from the ice cream from

Netflix and it really really works That's why we have 90 consults on the Books That is interesting i mean that just Really i mean it really works You know we remember when your dad used To say your grandpa uh if It sounds too good to be true it Probably isn't well this is metabolism It's throwing around cells in a new Area and it really really does work That's that's the magic of it That's incredible i mean for me Obviously it's the first time i've heard Uh anything like that that is really Really incredible uh I thought you touched on a couple of Really really really interesting things So Um putting it out there not being afraid Of Competition i think is a huge thing and And i found myself That's that's always kind of my been my Approach and Now i didn't i didn't you know when i Did it I was just like hey i can't worry about All these other things right And i can't tell you how many times Over the years people have like hey you Know uh so-and-so is a competitor of Yours and i'm like i have no idea like i I didn't even know that there were

Certain competitors because i'm so Focused on what we have to do Exactly and how we could get better and What we could innovate You know and if some if i see something That that's out there i'm not looking to Copy i'm looking to adapt To what we're trying to do so what makes Uh what we're doing for our customers Better And i i find that so unique in in and Uh to what you're doing i think that's Part of what makes it so successful is That you You're putting out a really great energy With that because What happens is um competitors aren't uh They might be gunning for you but They're gunning for you in a different Way Because you're not worried about them You're worried about being the best that You can be and that's an important Thought process that i think is key for Entrepreneurs is Being figuring out what is best for your Business what's best for you And not worrying about what what someone Else is doing because you're a unique Person And you know if you're really in tune With yourself You know what your strengths and your Weaknesses are

And you can't just go and do what Someone else is doing because you may Not have that strength You know and that's how you adapt your Business to what your abilities are Um and then their customers i think Appreciate it because it comes across And uh um i call my you know customers But you're definitely calling yours Clients And patients sorry patience And um the patients uh making sure that They feel comfortable with you because They know okay This is real like this is someone i want To be around this is someone i want to Service me I'll talk talk a little bit more about That yeah well one of One of the things that people can see is This is critical when you're Communicating your message To people people relate to authenticity And they re they relate to passion when They see that i'm Passionate which i am legit straight up Legit I love my job i love the techniques i Love my patients my staff my family I love everything that i do i feel so Blessed i'm doing what i'm doing i love Plastic surgery i love Creating transformations for people so i Love my job

But people see that because i do a ton Of youtube videos so it's all The youtube video is male 1 plastic Surgery the instagram is male plastic Surgery which is funny because you think Somebody else would have done that a Thousand times just those three words Male plastic surgery no one else took it I was the first one to take both of Those for both youtube and instagram But um which is another thing i have a Quick one There's so many things that you think It's all bit already been trademarked One simple one that i trade marketing Edition body banking all these other Things male model makeover nobody got That I i had this one little slow uh slogan Turn fat To fit can you believe it i just looked Up No one had ever trademarked the phrase Turn fat to fit That's the way you take the fat and we Make you look fit But anyway when you look at my youtube Videos People tell me all the time uh they're Like The reason why i came to your practice Is i saw how specific you were and you Just Wanted to do men um and i saw your

Before and afters are incredible but it Wasn't just that They saw when you talk about patience i Could see on your youtube videos How passionate you are and it comes Through and how authentic Because i don't do these youtube videos We always talk about 80 To get get it to 80 and get it out you Know people always wait for perfection Listen i'm a perfectionist but i don't Want anything that looks too slick Too overproduced that looks too Commercial like Because then when we lose people they Don't think we're authentic and also it Takes too much time too much production To get it to to get it out there and People would rather have Something that is less less Less veneered they'd rather have Something that is more authentic And that i definitely i would definitely Say Compassion or pat being passionate about What you do Having that show in your message and Also being um Authentic and one other thing i was Going to say what you were talking about Before Is you have to if you have your niche You people try and compete with me and What we're doing and they can't try and

See They can't get up to it because they Don't they Either don't they don't they don't Either not developing new techniques Or they they won't jump off the cliff They want i said This is that i'm going to do men i'm Going to be known for it And i'm not afraid to lose the women in Fact the dirty little secret is i'm Doing more women than i've ever done Before When i had the crickets in in the office Because i've known s For doing men so well i used to do women And do their husbands and boyfriends Now i do the men and do their wives Their And their sisters and their girlfriends Uh so i'm doing more Women just because i do so many men i Just tell them keep a secret don't tell Anyone that That i did your women's your women's Facelift because i want to keep It's about branding that message so you Know just make sure if you If you really want to dive into your own Niche You have to you have to jump off the Cliff if you really feel good about it Because If you keep on trying hedge and you you

Want to be both People will never see you as a Specialist i see people trying to buy The google terms for male plastic Surgeon Best male plastic surgeon in chicago or Houston or whatever As soon as i go to the website the first Thing that pops up is a butterfly Over here and over in this corner There's a flower Well you're not gonna people googled you For male plastic surgery and they see a Butterfly and flower They're not gonna buy your story then When they go to the gallery and they see A bunch of women's breasts Up and down you're not gonna believe That you really are passionate about About men's plastic surgery so you gotta Jump off that cliff and really Invest it and really develop it yeah i Think that's That's critical and whatever you do Whatever you're absolutely You know if you're doing camps football Camps whatever you do If you're getting unique about that you Really have to like You really have to i always say i always Say like Penetrate and proliferate dominate Because you just want to dig in and you Want to dig down in the soil and get

Those roots out so far That you just choke off the competition Because you have such a strong oak That you're doing you suck up the water From the ground So that you're always drinking that Guy's milkshake Well i love the competitiveness you know The depth The depth of the business and how deep You can penetrate into your marketplace I think allows you to then go into Different tentacles like You could do women's plastic surgery Because people are coming to you Because you have become such an expert In something and if you had gone the Opposite route The the patience to be able to get there So i think that that Um from from a competitive standpoint That You end up getting both mainland feed Customers just because you've you've had Expertise and And i found that as a critical thing When your roots go deep in a certain Area Sure people go well wait a minute if you Do this really well Would it if i came in can you do this For me even i know i'm a female but Can can you come and do and and Obviously you have the expertise

It's just your focus is certainly and i Think that That allows you to do all kinds of then Mask Levels of customization for different Customers in different areas Wow exactly what we want to do we want To say i want to do All things aesthetic all male aesthetics So if we can go into nutraceuticals if We can go into fitness wear Uh if we can go to crea into creams if We can Uh do all these other is weight loss Training all these other anything that Has to do with Men's uh aesthetics men's Fitness men's plastic surgery this is a Platform we want to continue to build That Out of talk about technology and Obviously in technology is a big part in In your particular medical field Obviously medical fields in general it's Expanding but but what you're doing and It you know like honestly 15 years ago this would have never even Been heard of right so Within the mail space so talk about how Technology Affects uh your your surgery practice And And how you see that going in the future Yeah

In a couple ways first of all people Always think of technology as just being Um you know like electro gadgets Technology can just be All the definition of technology is Exchange of ideas sharing of ideas To create a new better product that is That is truly that is the definition of What technology is By me talking to you and you get it we Both get ideas they come together we're Like Something new is sprouted out that's the Definition of technology And it doesn't have to be an electronic Gizmo that we all think is an apple Iphone it can be just a new tool or how We do things A lot of times it's like that old thing That um Need is the mother of uh invention you Know So a lot of times people make the Mistake they get They get a certain gadget and then they Try and find a purpose for it The better way to do it and people at Stanford found that the better way to do It Is to find find a need and then out of That need Find 50 to 50 different ways And they went in a hospital they're like How do we make these hospitals more

Efficient They found they start with 200 ideas and They got it down to 50 then got it done 10 and then they go into the room and They get a team A team that has a bio engineer a team That has an entrepreneur a team that Has an investment the team that has a Medical doctor And they put them all in together a room One of those white board rooms that you See at stanford or California where you just start Everybody starts driving give me 50 Ideas then they will down to 10 and so So and so and then out of that they they Figure out what are what would be the Gadgets that Then fix that and a lot of times we end Up just getting the gadget first and Then trying to Push it on people i found a need the Need was men Who want to have men's aesthetic plastic Surgery then i started to develop all The products that would fit that need And that's the way that's the way you End up doing it and so Some of the things that we found are Just tools And one of the tools was i was like damn I see these guys That other people would do their abs and They'd have like

You know their abs are sculpted you see Them at the beach and There's not something quite right they Have all these polka dots going up and Down those are the scars And they just the doctor just make an Incision and then go Like that and make another incision and They're like stuck like a They're stuck like a porcupine and they They sometimes if they have darker skin And they can have hypertrophic or even Keloids running up down nobody wants That you know and it looks It looks it looks really bad so i Created this i said I got to figure out something so i Created these naturally curved Cannulas that can go underneath the skin And pop up And then curve over so everything from The belly so i can i can sculpt your abs And even do Abdominal highlights i can sculpt your Abs and all the incisions are hidden in Your belly button Or hidden underneath your swimsuit and Through these specially Shaped cannulas or wrong candles that go Around the side of your body I make fewer incisions and that is Technology Technology to that the other thing is Implants we

Are always making this is so Ridiculously stupid you got to hear this They've Only made implants that are made of one Set of firmness you you a man you A woman you a caveman i make an implant For you but And it's going to be like this no women Are softer tissues Men have firmer tissues so my company If you believe this in 2021 we made the First set of implants that were made for Women Because we have the men and we said let Hey women want softer tissues they don't Want something that you can feel and You're tushy Or or anywhere else in your body so We're the first company To make an implant that's a softer Implant That's made designed for women or if men Want softer they can have it But people have always made the same Firmness for men and women no one has Ever done that Technology that that's interesting and And As far as um when customers When patients come in how do they Embrace when you start talking about so Like you know someone comes in for the First time they think they They they saw you know they read maybe

Your articles And they said okay this is interesting This i might want to do something here How does that approach happen with them Because i i'm sure Most of the patients are at least their First time are fairly Unfamiliar with the process as a male 1 How do you get them to understand that It this is perfectly for them Different than what you know the female Processes You know it's mainly it's first of all It's having a staff around you That we train for men So men men and women are different and i Love Both of them i love women i love men And i'm gonna go to make some gross Generalizations not sexist But i'm just gonna say trends that we See Okay and we find that men Tend to want to make a decision Right then and there men tend not to be Shoppers they tend not want to Women are very careful with checking Things out They're very women are very smart so They'll go up and down and look at three Or four or five or six or ten different Um uh plastic surgeons men don't want to Do that Men don't men don't want to go and look

At 15 different car lots They know they've seen that mercedes Dealership on the corner of 56 in park They knew that when they got their when They got their big raise when they Worked and busted their tail off stayed Up late and i Came in early hit all their quotas they Were going to get that big bonus that That holiday season and they've been Walking across that By that mercedes dealership and now that They got replaced with the ferrari Dealership downstairs They know they have their eye on that And they're going to walk in that Afternoon they're going to pick out the Color and they're going to get the keys For it and then it's going to be Delivered And they want to have it done they've Been waiting for the same men are the Same way with plastic surgery They've already done their research a Lot of men With particularly men in business they Treat They want like the best consultant so They'll they'll pay More money for a good consultant and Then this is what they do They back up they trust them they don't Micromanage them They don't say listen i want my hair

Like i want my incision like this And behind i want it done like this and Then on the left side i want it done Like this now They say i i researched you i know You're the go-to guy for men's plastic Surgery that's what forbes calls me i Know you're the go-to guy I trust you i've seen my buddies have Gone to you i'm not going to say I'm good you're going to be my Consultant i'm going to treat you like That we're going to pay you a little bit More because you're the expert And then they back away and let you do Your thing and they trust in you that's The way That's why ceos that's with ceo ccos i Call it c-level plastic surgery Double plastic surgery they treat you as A consultant they back up they hire you Then they let you do your own business Because they don't have the time to do It That's that's the way more men some Women who are Are in that c-level thing think that way As well and when i say any of these Things i'm trying To be very careful not to be sexist but We do see some Differences and same thing for the Office for how we deal with With men we tell men and i'm the same

Way This is very important i do not care When i go to the restaurant I go to the steakhouse i want the meat I want the steak cooked the way i want It and brought Out warm i don't care about a sundae With a cherry on top And i tell my staff these guys do not Care About the cherry on top of the sundae What they care about Is that there is that you heard the Order of how they wanted their steak Cooked and that's how they cook and if It's not done right you can't make up With it with a cherry sundae that they Didn't even Want right i could go into a place And i can there's a place if you go in a Place and they cut your hair And three people ask you for a diet coke And not a single person brings you a Diet coke That's not good service you might think That you're doing good service But if you own a place and someone says Hey um i want to answer all your Questions and when you get home i'm Going to write you an email with a quote And you're going to get it by the time You get home in your email they get home And it's the email with the quote is in Their email box

They like that that's what they want Rather than three people offering to Bring their fancy diet coke or their Fancy drink and none of them shows up What do you do to maintain the high Level of customer service um Because obviously as you grow and you're Becoming you have three Offices in three of the biggest cities In the country Um you know you say you have 90 on the Book Uh ready appointments from from Surgery standpoint which is a ton um How do you continue to give that same Customer service as you may have When you first started and became an Expert how do you be able to do that For for your client grow yeah what it is And It's about being very specific it's About taking the time for education A lot of people do consults and that you Come in and they'll do 20-minute console And then on We spend an hour and a half with the Patient To really educate them and some maybe an Hour but most of them are an hour and a Half To really educate them really listen to Them and really dig Down and dive down to to Find out specifically what they want and

To answer all their questions and joseph Who's one of my main patient Coordinators does an excellent job at That And then the other thing i do is i push Back a little bit I tell them clearly what i what i can do And what i can I tell them about the limitations and i Always you know that old-fashioned Phrase about Under-promising and over-delivering so That Once we what we want what we want is on A reveal day We play it our own we don't over promise We tell them what we are doing what We're not doing We have very very specific human Communications All the way through so that when they Come out They're like wow you hit it out of the Park doc i know you really unplug Underplayed interplayed it which people Know our track I know you're really on a player but i'm You you hit out of the park i you much This is what i want to hear when they Take that off we want to hear you You surpassed my expectations by so much And that is that's the secret to Customer service By keeping their expectations down

And letting them know the challenges the Mistake is to do the Opposite maybe maybe because our Reputation and maybe because of the hard Work that we've done and And the websites and the before and Afters that we show on the website Maybe maybe people know they're gonna They know they're in the right place but When they get here i Push them back and say listen your skin Is not the The quality of your skin your age uh Your diet like there's a lot of Challenges here this is going to be a Very challenging case and i'm not sure We're going to get where you want to be Or i'm not even sure i can do this case I'm not sure these cans can deliver These hands can deliver what you're Where you think you can and by Being very clear or saying you're not a Candidate i will do this And this and this but i will not do that Because you're not a good candidate We're not desperate for surgery we only We're very specific about what we do But i always push back and i under Deliver because when we open it up They're like wow you really you really Did it And that's that's always what we're Looking at when we deliver that Or whether can i do anything for you

Please use my pictures for the website Please let me write A good review for your for for google or For whatever website That you want um when they really want That and they say When they say and also for my my my Staff Makes me cry when they say your staff Was really amazing they didn't miss a Beat they crossed all the t's they Dotted all their eyes That is what we really we don't always Get perfect we don't always get it right We try the best we can um but But most of the time we can we can we Can deliver on what we promise Very interesting now the number one Problem Like someone comes in what is the most Requested product That you guys have dudes yeah It used to be body banking abs and then Body So you know what the ladies have with Brazilian butt lift right So they used to just throw away the fat Now they And they throw away the fat and what Would happen Women would come back with a big gut Like nine months pregnant That's because that remember that bowl Of ice cream makes her tummy come out

Now that they plug it back here with the Brazilian butt lift which i also do Then now the women stay skinny here Because it all goes to the tushy and They're like hey the doctor is a hero I do the same thing with the men it goes Into the shoulders and the traps The shoulders just get bigger but their Waist stays tiny So body banging used to be the most Requested one Along with the male model makeover you Know taking away the fat from here Taking the fat away from the cheek and Really sculpting that jawline and we Have a ton Of videos on youtube for our male model Makeover now the most Frequent one really is getting vr torso Tucks Because all the guys come in and they Have they don't they have a nice butt They have nice legs when they turn 30 or 40 But what happens is they develop that Muffin top that muffin top comes around They look like a mushroom right And it's not not the butter the legs They look pretty good the Women they need a whole body lift they Got to bring out the pants But for the men it's about tucking the Shirt into the pants not about bringing Up the pants

So for them what we do a lot we're doing A lot more Um our torso checks and that's taking All that excess fat that goes around the Middle That whole muffin top taking all the fat Out But that's not enough now we have the Skin is just After 20 years is hanging over the belt We have to We have to take out all that skin we Usually do a 270 or we do a 360 Torso attack because what was happening To coaches people were coming in The guys are coming i do all the Liposuction they're like back you can Get all the fat i still have a little Over My belly i have a little bit back in my Flanks and my love handles i said sorry Dude That is excess skin we gotta tuck that Down they go okay i don't care I don't care whatever it takes just do It so i said it's going to be a scar and They're like i don't care i'll tattoo it I have hair or whatever but i want that To come down and this is one of the Kickers About men's plastic surgery that no one Ever realized Is women will freak out if you give them An incision around there

Men don't care men they've got their own Thing going on they have their own job They have their own salary they have to Have their own they're the boss Of themselves women be nuts not women It's society's Emphasis on women and them to accept Other people's opinion that's a problem There's not a problem with women that's A problem with society on women right But men give a hoot they're like i don't Care if i'm a scar i'll tattoo it I'm hairy who cares i want to look great In the bathing suit Go ahead give me that torso tuck toss it In if i have a problem i'll just Tattoo i don't care those things women Don't want to do that's why We're busting the seams with men's Plastic surgery because they don't care About that stuff That's so interesting it's a really it's Mind-blowing Uh how you built this business and and Uh How you continue to like dominate the Industry from that standpoint and i love Your competitiveness because the goal The goal is The goal is to win um and and Yes and in your case to crunch Crush them Very very cool stuff um Really really cool really interesting i

I uh I i definitely have to do a follow-up With the uh in in the future Tell people where um first show your Book again so they they can Take a look at that and brian There you go there you go and these are All these are all my patients Oh that's interesting these are all my Patients um And i'll tell you why is because the the The publishing company was like got Really scared everyone's like all this Hashtag me this me that and everything And People are really getting so freaked out About because you know Too many too much yeah i love good Lawyers But god bless you know the united states For a little bit we love to see people Like a little too much like Back off let people live leave their Lives lead their lives so they're Our publishing was they were so scared With even even with stock photos that Someone would have a problem being on The front of the cover So i said hey i'll reshoot the whole Thing at great expense Because i'll put on real patients and my Patients to get their consents and we're All good But people can find me to answer the

Question at instagram and male plastic Surgery or Dr steinberg dm me i love to meet new People See all of our great before and afters And all of our techniques and me talking About plastic surgery on men's plastic Surgery We'll see in los angeles and beverly Hills we'll see in new york i'm parking 56 We'll see you in chicago on north Michigan And then you can also see us on facebook At male plastic surgery Perfect i mean those are three premier Plates to be able to come see you so Um i really appreciate you coming on and And uh i i think um you know people Learning from the medical field And what it takes to be able to be Successful there and And we'll have to have a part two uh At some point to dive into what it took To become The doctor that you are now because it's It's definitely a lot of years of hard Work To get to that point um but it's really Really great stuff Um go go visit doctor on On on instagram have a conversation with Him Go see him after here after hearing all

This I mean i may have to go see him myself At some point in the future As i start to get older i have to go see It so at some point in the future Great stuff and and i thank you so much For coming on a successful light podcast Thanks for having me had a great time Oh good thank you all right so for coach Schumer for says for life podcast we'll See you soon next time Uh you can find us itunes uh Spotify youtube if we're everywhere Uh just look up success for life Podcasts uh until next time coach human Signing off

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