Self Preservation As A Means To Help You Succeed

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Self Preservation As A Means To Help You Succeed Coach Schuman discusses how self preservation by using your understanding information you want to allow into your life as a filtering process to figure out the best inforation to help you…

Self Preservation As A Means To Help You Succeed
Coach Schuman discusses how self preservation by using your understanding information you want to allow into your life as a filtering process to figure out the best inforation to help you succeed and grow.

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I won't talk to you about Self-preservation and how it really can Help yourself worth self-preservation in How you go about your daily life is Making sure that you understand and You're protecting yourself from negative Influences that could have negative Actions towards what you're doing so That's a mindset of being able to put Through the process of thinking at all Times is what's being said to me Negative that could help me or negative That can hurt me and if it's the Thinking that can help me or make me Better then that's that's something that Could be advantageous to you if it's Negative in the sense that you feel like It's gonna be detrimental to possibly Your success and what I always mean is If something comes to you into negative It should be followed by the positive And for people's the ability the the Ability of that person or situation to Express the negativity and then create Positivity out of that is a critical Component for someone be able to Continue to improve in their success so When you go when you understand about What self-preservation and what it can And can't do for you it's about Establishing a mindset of what you want To be thinking about what is important To you your goals think maybe jamily Goals but your own success goals and

What you need to accomplish those things And what outside influences can detract From that it's important to understand What those outside influences are and to Self preserve your mindset so those Outside influences don't have a negative Impact on you It's important that you figure out what Those influences could me And are they getting you to where you Need to be so what do I mean I was like View sports an example when you Criticize okay as a coach or you Criticize somebody in a mistake they Make try to get to the bottom line of What the issue is figuring out if you're Correct or incorrect in your criticism And then if you are correct criticize Show what they got to do and then get Something positive going that they can Go build all from that negativity if You're incorrect in your criticism Always be willing to say that you are And then go from there okay and then if You recognize it after the fact that's a Good thing all right but so the person Who is getting that feedback can then Make a real assessment with the Information and then can figure out what Are the things they have to do to Improve themselves so your mindset has To be that you're gonna go through your Objectives or things you're trying to Accomplish

Whether it's athletically financially Anything you're trying to do from an Extent and point establish a mindset That becomes your steel ironclad mindset That you could allow information that Will help you or even if it's negative That can help you okay Positive or negative that can help you Towards reaching your goal and the Ability to have that mindset allows you To clearly think think correctly that When you get things that can help you Information alee you will take those Informations process it and then form an Action towards it to be able to improve And succeed take another action for Success now if you get information that Is that you if you have an open mind and A right thought process that is not Helpful to the process you can learn how To filter that process out so yeah that Means that you To have a concrete understanding of what You're trying to do what things you Think can help you and an ask for Mentorship for help from others coaches Friends that have the right thought Process some friends have the wrong Thought process mentors teachers that Can help you get to where you want to be And when you understand those things You've develop a great filtering Mechanism to create self-preservation on The mindset that you've established so

You continue to go towards your goal Now self-preservation does not mean not Taking new things on it doesn't mean That you go and you look at something You say I'm afraid to do this because it Could affect my mindset no that does not That's not what it means what it means Is you're established your mindset and Then you're establishing the things that You want to let into that mindset and Not into that mindset and you have an Open mind for new things or new ideas or New developments that can help create a Better mindset thereby creating better Actions and a better opportunity for Success in what you do you got to Establish what you think is successful See what other people think is Successful may not be what you think is Successful okay you gotta establish that Mindset you can look to others as Frameworks or guiding points for your Own success but only you can establish What you think the parameters are for Your own personal success no one else Can establish those parameters everybody Has different parameters it's important For you to figure out what your Parameters are and then you'll have a Great mindset for when you have Self-preservation – for your mindset to Be able to create success and then you Can establish clear objectives to help You get to where you want to be here

Always have an open mind to having new Ideas make sure you have a filtering Process and create the right way of Thinking for your own self to get where You are looking to go this coach humans Signing off we'll see you soon

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