Getting Around And Handling Positive And Negative Magnetism by Coach Schuman

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Getting Around And Handling Positive And Negative Magnetism Coach Schuman discusses how positive Magnetism and negative magnetism should way into your decisions and how trusting your instinct and feel for peoples positive and negative energy will help you make better…

Getting Around And Handling Positive And Negative Magnetism
Coach Schuman discusses how positive Magnetism and negative magnetism should way into your decisions and how trusting your instinct and feel for peoples positive and negative energy will help you make better decisions.

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I want to take today's podcast and Something like like I said my greatest Ideas and my thoughts come when I'm away Or after I work out so want to Capitalize and that's important thing That's not about this podcast that'll be Another podcast but how working out Correlates to your ability to think and That's an important important component To it but today we want to talk about Something related to it but the power of Magnetism good and bad and how you can Draw that energy that magnetic energy to You or things that you've repelled away And it goes for relationships with other People that you interact with and if You'll notice throughout maybe your work Life or people that you're friends with Or even your family there are people That you're drawn to that are magnetic To you and you have to figure out if That power of magnetism is good or bad If it's positive magnetism or negative And we both have on both sides people That we can draw to from a negative Standpoint that we repel as well but Also people that we draw to from a Positive standpoint and then positive People that we were repel and it's Important for us to understand why that Is a lot of this has to do your gut Instincts and in how you feel about People in general and things you can Work on to do that and help magnetism is

Really to become not just aware of how You feel about things but aware of Yourself and your interactions and and Constantly assess those I think a real Important component with trying to make Sure that you recognize the difference When you meet people the power of Positive and good magnetism versus bad Energy bad magnetism and trying to repel That is important in everything that you Might do so it's a critical thing with Respect to magnetism the good side of Magnetism meaning when you Meet somebody how they react to you Taking a second to understand how those People might relate and feel about you And then that magnetism that draw that They have to you and what is the Rationale and reason for for that draw To you you know it right away when you Start interacting in your conversations If your intuitive with that conversation You will know if that person that you go To hire want to be a part of your team By their reactions to what you say if They're gonna be on board and you can Know it fairly quickly and if you don't Recognize it fairly quickly and there's A mask to it you'll recognize it the First day they start working with you And you know right away so I always Think that you can't can't put off a Person just because necessarily might Have a bad angle but I do feel that if

You get a bad vibe from an individual Right away they propel on negative or Bad magnetism towards you I think the Biggest mistake you have is continue Those keep those people on board in the Long run they're only going to undermine You They're not going to relate to your Energy field how you feel about things And but you know the chemistry behind it Obviously we're a bunch of neurons atoms All these kind of things make up our Body and we produce energy and there's Energy that mixes with you there's Energy that doesn't and my experience From working with people for all these Years is that if you go with your gut And how that that magnetism feels and That goes with relationships as well and You start to understand that you'll be Better at bringing in the right people Into your life and you'll repel the Negative magnetism that is out there and Get those people away okay and it Doesn't mean that all things are good it Means that there are negatives and Positive but it means that the negative Components that someone with good Tensions has is going to help you the Negative components that negative Intentions has is gonna hurt you so it's Important for you to recognize that and Then also be able to understand when When you're evaluating relationships and

When you feel something negative going On or you feel a negative relationship To understand if you repel that or You're attracted to it and if you're Attracted to something negative that Ends up being bad for you you've got to Continually ask us of why are you Attracted to that and you've got to Consciously work to push that away so in The ideal world you want to have a Positive good magnetism with you those Kind of relationships are always going To be positive for you whether that Person sometimes as negative things are Not good magnetism really good Relationships will bring positive energy For you and when bad things happen those People will be by your side so you want To attract good magnetism and work with That within your personality to air good Magnetism that people have an energy That they want to be around you coaching Signing off

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