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4 min read Prospect Platform #football #recruiting #prospects #highschool Watch the video and then sign up at -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- It's the prospect database And rank the system… Prospect Platform
#football #recruiting #prospects #highschool
Watch the video and then sign up at

Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ”

It's the prospect database And rank the system uh for those you Become a members This will be an opportunity for you to Put all your profile out there there's Seven day free trial Um and then it's only 9.99 a month With no commitments we've been able to Put all your videos everything up there I'll be able to share it with coaches Very easily on any social media Platform um and uh it's an inexpensive And effective way Uh to keep coaches up to date on on your Profile and what you're doing So what i'm gonna do is uh Demonstrate here a little bit The platform we're going to show you how The new nuc sports Uh database and rankings platform nuc works um Like we said seventh day's free trial uh Then 9.99 a month it can't get a better Deal Um for recruiting services uh a platform To be able to share with coaches so First i'm going to show you once you Register You you'll fill out all your information But there's another place that you'll be Able to update and edit your information So this is a base profile With their information on it um Uh activity feed events

Photos video you can upload everything To your profile So coaches can stay in touch with Everything you're doing You could also share it Very simply um via Twitter so anything you want you could Share your videos Everything with any coaches as well as We're adding every single coach in the Country one by one Uh to the system um as you can see There's already over 100 members On the platform and i'll show you that Real quick i mean you can already see There's Tons of athletes already on the platform When you have your profile and you go to Your profile page This is just my profile page here like i Said you have these different areas Where you can add friends You can add activities events you can Post Uh events you can post photos that you That you have videos any kind of thing That you want to be able to post you Could You could edit your your profile upload Anything that you want Um it's a great platform from that Standpoint And then you could also uh edit your Profile

Where if you didn't fill out all the Information that we asked Uh you could fill it up from a Recruiting standpoint and it has Everything in here Uh that you need what's really great About this is because It's very powerful when you go to the Prospect uh system There's a thing here where you could Search for anything you want but Then you got an advanced search and this Advanced search allows Uh any member uh college coach to be Able to search you by name To be able to search uh who what you're Looking for Any posit by position and it'll pull up Uh any kind of player by that position By their graduating class so on and so Forth And so if we pull up quarterbacks as This has been up for a couple days now Um you could already see the Quarterbacks that already in the Platform Okay and that gives the coaches that Opportunity To go and see who each one of these Athletes are Be able to have an advanced search so It's really easy to use for coaches And then obviously from athlete's Standpoint uh it's exceptional

Okay up top you can add any photos or Videos you want at any time all you do Is click this little plus button And add anything you want it's very Simple You just click boom and post Very easy same thing with videos with Any videos You want to add you could utilize any Youtube videos huddle videos you can put Your link right in here You can also upload directly uh from Your computer So very very simple platform you could Tag everything And it allowed to be easier to search so Technology is important now Being able to utilize it the right way Uh is As a key aspect and this platform allows You to do that we've created this Platform Um to be able to be a very simple easy System for you to be able to use Uh and then you'll be able to leverage And get it out on social media That's the whole thing is the key is to Be able to get everything out on social Media As quickly as you can and interact with Coaches Again prospect database and and rankings Will also have rankings that will be Going up here shortly state by state

And you see for more Information go to to be Able to set up your profile Like i said seven day free trial and Then it's 9.99 a month We look forward to seeing you soon coach Human

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