NUC Flashback Interview: MARCUS MARIOTA MVP INTERVIEW (flashback via 2010 when Marcus was in High School)

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NUC Exclusive Interview: MARCUS MARIOTA MVP INTERVIEW (flashback via 2010 when Marcus was in High School)

March 8, 2010 at 8:00pm

Coach Schuman: What did you do to prepare for the National Underclassmen Combine?  

MARCUS MARIOTA:  SPARQ training with a certified trainer, Coach Dave, on the beach and in the gym.  Also, played High School soccer which helped with my running and endurance training.

Coach Schuman: Have you been to the NUC before? How did you do? What were your expectations going into this years event?  

MARCUS MARIOTA: No, this is my first NUC event.  

Coach Schuman: You were MVP! What are your goals now?  

MARCUS MARIOTA: Thank you.  Ultimately, I would like to play college football at a Division I school.  Short term, I am focusing on training, participating in camps and combines and getting prepared for our upcoming season.   And as expected, continue to maintain my GPA and studies.

Coach Schuman: How did you hear about the National Underclassmen Combine and what was your favorite part about the event?  

MARCUS MARIOTA: Through another parent, we heard about the NUC combine.  Found the information on the website.  Best part for me was the 1 on 1’s.

Coach Schuman:If you can choose 5 schools where you would be interested in playing what would they be?  

MARCUS MARIOTA: The five schools that I am interested in are:  University of Oregon, University of Washington, Norte Dame, USC, Colorado.

Coach Schuman:What do you like about high school football? What are your goals for your team and yourself?  

MARCUS MARIOTA: I love everything about high school football, the practice, team mates, competition and the excitement of it all.  After two struggling years, my goal is to lead my team to the state championship!

Coach Schuman: Do you play other sports? Tell about your accomplishments?  

MARCUS MARIOTA:Yes, I also play competitive soccer and just made the ILH (Interscholastic League of Hawaii), 2nd team as a fullback.  Have played soccer since I was very young and it keeps me in shape.

Coach Schuman:What is your favorite thing about football? what makes it a great sport to you?  

MARCUS MARIOTA: My favorite thing about football is to compete and win football games.  Football is a team sport and there is a national love of the game, from PopWarner through the NFL.  It is has been a passion of mine since I first played flag football. 

Coach Schuman:Tell me about your training regimen…How do you get better every day?  

MARCUS MARIOTA: Soccer helps with the running and endurance.  I also lift weights and work with a SPARQ trainer.  It is important to me to develop my core body strength.  I also work out a couple of times a week with my receivers and QB coach. 

Coach Schuman: What are you looking for in college? Academically? football?  

MARCUS MARIOTA: My goal is to be a scholar athlete, I am looking for a college that will allow me the opportunity to get a great education as well play the game I love at a Division  I level.  

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