NUC All World Game Recap by Jarvis Johnson

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NUC All World Game

The All World event was one that included a talented group of athletes from across the country.  The weekend was filled with athleticism and talent, Friday and Saturday were full of installments and competition such as 1on 1s and 7 v 7.  Once we got to the game on Sunday the players from both sides were ready to go. Game day was filled with great weather and energy, the game was total dominance from the blue team.  The blue team went down the field and scored on the first possession followed by a great drive by the red team but couldn’t capitalize. After those first 2 possessions, the blue team really controlled the game.  Both teams forced some turnovers, but only the blue team was able to capitalize and put points on the board. Both sides had a number of players that made big time plays and showed explosiveness and athleticism. Though the Blue team won in dominant fashion both groups played tough and with competitiveness.  Overall the game was a great experience and the kids competed at a high level.


Game MVPs

Blue Team

#21 Ata “Duece” Hassan WR/DB MeadowCreek GA

#4 Sterling Jones RB Denver South CO

#90 Henderson Teymurov DLine Greece Arcadia High

#35 Eric Dickson LB Corsicana High School TX

#65 Chandler Myers OL Wayne Academy MS

#22 Joe Jenkins DB Meadowcreek GA

#6 Thomas Williams RB Airline HS LA

#50 Tyler Smith OL Sherman High School TX


Red Team

#22 Isaiah Bragg RB/WR Malden Catholic HS MA

#84 Tarek Lewis TE/DL Dunloggin Middle School MD

#71 Kayden Taylor Liberty Christian TX

#19 Ethan Harrison Frisco Memorial TX

#74 Dominick Taylor Liberty Christian TX

#9 Quentin Owens Karen Wagner HS TX

#20 Torns Childs Warren Township HS IL

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