Micah Ford 2024 Athlete Toms River North, NJ Gets 5 Star

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Micah Ford 2024 Athlete Toms River North, NJ
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Micah Ford



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Positional Size
Positional Size 93%
Delta Speed For Position
Delta Speed For Position 87%
Athleticism​ 94%
Football Positional Technical Skills
Football Positional Technical Skills​ 96%
Leadership/Intangibles​ 96%
Playmaking/Game Day Clutch
Playmaking​/Game Day Clutch 99%


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Micah Ford: Toms River North Football New 5 Star Sharpens His Skills

Micah Ford, a senior at Toms River North High School in New Jersey, has recently been lauded for his football excellence. He recently earned a five-star rating from NUC Sports, and is seen as a top prospect for college football.

Ford has been playing football since he was a young child, and attributes much of his success to the hard work and dedication he put in while growing up. He started seriously training when he was in high school and started to gain recognition as he developed.

Ford has always been a major contributor to his team, but his work ethic and natural athletic ability really began to shine through during his senior year. During this time, he proved himself to be a team leader and a reliable asset on the field. He was often the go-to player when his team was in need of a big play.

In terms of physical ability, Ford is a natural athlete. He has quick feet and is a great leaper, making him a powerful presence in the backfield. Additionally, his arm strength and accuracy are top-notch, and his football IQ is incredibly high. All of these attributes helped him earn his five-star rating from NUC Sports.

Ford has now been recruited by some of the top college football programs in the country. His future looks bright, and it seems likely that he will gain even more recognition and success in the future. Toms River North High School can be proud to have had him as a student, and Ford is sure to go far in his collegiate career.

Micah Ford is one of New Jersey’s top football players, recently crowned as the state’s Player of the Year for 2020. Ford’s impressive career began at the high school level, where he led his team to the state championship game in 2022. During his Junior year, he rushed for 2,278 yards and 27 touchdowns, earning him the title of NJ Player of the Year and a the top spot on the All-State team.

Ford continued his success in college, redshirting his freshman year and earning the starting quarterback role as a sophomore. During his time at college, he rushed for over 6,000 yards and 45 touchdowns, while also passed for over 1,000 yards and 16 touchdowns. His impressive stats earned him the award of All-Conference First Team and Offensive Player of the Year.

Off the field, Ford was a leader both in the locker room and in the community. He was a mentor to younger players and a role model for aspiring football players. He was also involved in a number of community outreach programs, and he worked hard to ensure a bright future for the communities he served.

Micah Ford’s accomplishments on and off the field have earned him the title of New Jersey’s Player of the Year for 2023, and he is sure to be one of the state’s best quarterbacks for years to come.

Micah plays 7v7 for Boardwalk Beasts Football Club in NJ and for Toms River North High School in NJ.



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@jsz_sports BREAKING: Micah Ford is the 2022 Zoneman Trophy Winner! We surprised Ford with the award this afternoon at Toms River North. FULL coverage on an incredible day is coming later #njfootball #micahford #hsfootball #zonemantrophy #jerseysportszone ♬ original sound - JerseySportsZone


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