Legends Live w/ Coach Schuman & Mike Farrell -Ewers & Manning #coachschuman #nucsports #mikefarrell

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Legends Live with Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell -Ewers and Manning #coachschuman #nucsports #mikefarrell Get promoted now at or 00:00 Introduction/D1 Promo 06:23 Arch Manning Commits to Texas 11:47 Quinn Ewers Stars Then Goes to NFL 12:59 Top…

Legends Live with Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell -Ewers and Manning #coachschuman #nucsports #mikefarrell

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00:00 Introduction/D1 Promo
06:23 Arch Manning Commits to Texas
11:47 Quinn Ewers Stars Then Goes to NFL
12:59 Top 50 Running Backs in College Football
17:16 Jalen Berger
19:12 Northeast RB’s and Garwo at BC/Treyveon Henderson/Jamyr Gibbs
21:50 Boston College Offense
24:10 Umass and Don Brown
28:05 Drafting RBs In NFL in First Round
31:23 Injuries of RB’s are they less durable?
35:38 Top 50 WR’s List Coming Tomorrow
38:43 QB’s getting early offers in HS
45:07 Get in Touch with Us and Get Promoted

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[Music] All right back for another monday Live Um Mike's a legend Uh And the godfather That's Good no That's too good It helps Um before we get rolling i want to make Sure we we talk about obviously our Number one thing that we're doing we've Been just Crushing this uh both me and mike Farrell On uh Just Doing these prospect promo and and the Results have been tremendous Everyone's really enjoyed them Um the reach has been magnificent Uh if you have a chance to to check out Go to D1 or D1 You'll see all the information on there Um we're even starting to add we'll even Add more of our videos on there that We're doing but it's it's dynamic Um and it is helping guys get noticed so Check that out that's real important Um

Mike What do you think of some of the stuff We've been doing lately on there yeah i Mean it's it's It's fun uh it is really interesting to See Um some of the comments you know that People make it's not there's nothing Negative um you know everybody's been Happy with it so far and even fans you Know they just They've never heard of these kids before So i've had a few people that say you Know is is he big enough You know to play this position or you Know just sort of ask questions about a Kid that no one's ever heard of before Um and It's gonna be more exciting too as as They start to pile up offers we got a Few kids that got offers already uh but You know it's the football season Moves forward we're going to get more And more of those kids and Yeah it's just unique um You know i i like the opportunity and i Just think it's uh one of The more fun things that i've been able To do since being independent i love Writing and all that stuff but I'm still a scout at heart and you know You send me a kid and i'll find out what He needs to work on and and what he's Good at

Yeah it's a ton of fun looking at what They do and then talking about it and And sharing that with as many people as We can Um and then all like i said it's all Platforms too so you know you're sharing On all your social i'm sharing all mine Um we started i started doing on my Youtube segments that i did for these Kids Taking those segments and putting Really nice um cover art on it so so When people see it it pops off and They'll they'll pop off their stories so Really cool stuff we want to touch base On that and Want to announce also a great Partnership we have coming up with youth One um around these promotions Um that's an organization that's really Focused on the younger athletes so we've Done a lot of the i would say sophomore Junior freshman this year you're gonna Have some eighth seventh graders some Ninth graders Um so it's a great partnership working With them on that and we just just Finalized that this weekend So that's pretty exciting yeah that's Going to be a big one and there'll be Others um you know whether it's youth or Whether it's under the radar whether It's um You know i mean honestly i i get kids

Reaching out to me in the portal i Haven't even thought about that yet and I really don't have it in my head to Think about that yet but Kids who need exposure through the Portal too i mean that's going to Eventually be part of the business also Because they go off to a school whether It's a small school and they do really Good but no one knows about them the Platform I mean every college coach covers that Feral portal they're on it i get Constant dms from schools smaller Schools mostly that don't have the staff You know who are the top offensive Lineman left in the portal And i tell them well that's not free you Know But if we do have a kid who's in the Portal and wants you know that type of Attention Uh then we have a way to to get that Attention for him so and it's also those Guys who who overshot maybe or just went To a school where the depth charge is Too deep Um you know when they They have Film From high school they don't have a ton From college they got practice film College and things like that and just Need a little boost

Because they can't do it themselves So they reach back to their old high School coach to try to help them but you Know when a kid was being recruited Heavily out of high school Um and he's in the portal it's a Completely different story you know that High school coach is no longer getting His phone calls picked up or his text Messages responded to because his kid Isn't you know a 40 offer kid that They're trying to recruit for four years Now he's in the portal And maybe they don't care why he's in The portal but they should Um So that's another area i think it's Going to crop up to but the partnerships Are just going to start uh rolling in And and i think that's exciting too Because i want more of these i want i Want to i want to get behind right now i Got a good steady flow i want to fall Behind Yes right absolutely that's a great Great place to be And uh you know for us we have our our Big camp of the summer that comes up our Top prospect camp Where we're gonna be working with a few Colleges now on that so um in the past We've always stayed out of that realm But uh there's a few of the the uh Fcs and and uh d2 schools that are going

To want to work with us on that so That'll be pretty cool down in savannah Georgia and uh that comes up in july so All right let's get to some of the meat And potatoes of what's going on Right now i wanna what would you rather Start with your list let's start with Arch let's go another one Let's start with arch because it's done It's finally over so we think i mean he Still could decommit but he chose his School finally and it was i forget what Day it was it was just a i think it was Friday It was a very Laissez-faire you know hot sunny friday Slow news day And then all of a sudden my phone Started blowing up and it was arched to Texas and we talked about it last week You know his teammate was committed There On the same visit arch took so the the Strategy i believe that was in place was If arch commits with his teammate No one's going to care And they're all going to think he's a Throw in if arch committed before his Teammate less people would care So you you let you know your teammate Have his sort of moment in the sun And then you know a couple weeks later You decide to announce and i think it's A good fit i will say this there's three

Schools that were involved here georgia Alabama texas all of them win and i'll Tell you why Alabama wins because they don't have to Deal with the arch manning madness and I'm not talking about the family i'm Just talking about Saban and manning Every time arch manning throws an Incompletion You know they're gonna they're gonna They're gonna do a side by side of saban And and and peyton You know like on camera every second of Every day because there's such big big Uh personalities Kirby smart he doesn't need that many Headache Um there's a lot of attention and Pressure that comes with that And He already sort of mismanaged and Fumbled the justin field situation and Still came out on top of the national Championship he doesn't need that um Texas needs it they need this bump they Got five commitments since arch Committed last friday um stark needs This bump he needs this sort of uh juice In the recruiting world so everybody won Here Yeah and his his tight end i think is Will randall right is that the Who who committed the taxes to so good

Player good good player i mean some Places have him as a four star i think He's a three star i think he's a little Bit i think he's not quite texas i think I don't think they would have taken him Had it not been for arch but a good Player for sure Well i think that definitely helped in The in in the recruiting process because That's just that's his favorite target And And obviously good friends um so you Know Nowadays i think that's even i mean it's Always had an impact those kind of Things but But uh definitely when you have one Teammate that's going there you saw with The michigan state uh wide receiver last Year Um transferring i think was transferring In the quarterback they had that Connection They were teammates in high school and So um those are the kind of things that I think you see you'll see a little bit More of that i think going forward just Because Uh players are a little different now The comfort level and they want to have That that certain level of comfort um You know you know what's you know i Thought was interesting so A couple things

I saw something that arch is going to Still visit a couple schools besides Texas right and that i Um so i thought that was interesting Some people were like What does that mean right Um and then the other thing is obviously The quinn ewers situation even though By the time arch is ready quinn you were If he's doing great may already be an Nfl guy at that point so Um what do you think about those two Things Well First of all i i don't think he's going To visit any place else unless sark gets In trouble um you know as far as job Security you know if the season is a Disaster then you're going to see him Looking at other places and and i don't Think there's any outside programs that You know lsu was mentioned Uh florida was mentioned as outside Programs that might be of interest to Him i don't think that's the case Um You know so i'd be surprised if he took Other visits and You know if he does decide texas isn't The place under you know fire under Pressure i think he just goes to georgia But the june commitment there's two Sides to that it was like Okay we can't wait

Because we're not going to get this Recruiting bump if we wait But we also commit in june to a school That last year lost to kansas and Everybody wanted to start gone So it's a tough balance but they got Four offensive linemen to commit in the Last week a wide receiver as well And that's the important part about this Commitment is to get this 2023 class uh As as strong as possible so arch can Have that success now he's going in his 2023 let's say you were beats hudson Card and plays this year and then plays In 2023 that arm forget it i don't care You could have a you can have an average Career Like uh you know i'd say matt stafford Had an average career in georgia right Who didn't you know set any records Um And that arm's going to get you drafted In the first round so i think 2022 2023 Queen ewers gone and then arch takes Over after that but First question i got was You know is is quinn going to transfer Again No no arch manning is going to be a Senior in high school when quinn ewers Is playing this season Um if he can't beat hudson card yeah He'll transfer but not because of arch Manic

I agree with that i i there's a there's A enough of a gap that If if quinn and ewers is starting He's no doubt and he's playing well and Then texas is a good season with in that Short time frame he'll be in the nfl and And even if arch was sitting that first Year it that's really one year just to Kind of learn And um it's really not not not a big Deal at all so i i agree with you on That at first i thought that was going To be an issue but now now that i look At it you look at the time frame and the Spacing you know if they're back to back Yeah that could be an issue but they're Not So not really going to be an issue Well i i think that's real really i mean That was the hottest news by far Yeah If before we get into that if he wants Back-to-back you know he's worried about Back-to-back then he shouldn't be going To you know like malachi nelson Committed to oklahoma when caleb Williams was a freshman there he didn't Care Malachi williams is at usc and committed To usc now you know he doesn't care Who's there That's the type of attitude you have to Have and i don't think arch manning Cares either

Yeah that that makes a ton of sense i Agree with you 100 on that 100 All right now at your list okay and as You self proclaim not as hot as Your qb list for obvious reasons more People care about the qb Right Right nothing to do with the the list Although i did see a couple of uh Scoring comments that i that i i i get a Good chuckle at but um As you would expect a couple of people To have the score and and for myself you Know some of these names on the list i i I mean i knew the quarterbacks but some Of these names on the list are Are uh You really did a great job of digging It's a dive man it's a deep dive and and You know nothing's right nothing's wrong About the list it's just an opinion um You know the quarterback one everybody Knows who the quarterback is at every School right but When you don't know You know that especially these group of Five guys i mean half of this list Maybe a little less than half our group Of five guys that you may have never Heard of um you know lou nicholls Central michigan is number 13 on the List Rasheen ali at marshall These are great football players that

People don't know a lot about Dwayne mcbride uab nobody knows him Keaton mitchell at east carolina So it's for the the real geeks um but You know the debate at the top was one Of the big things trevian henderson Versus b john robinson there were so Many people that felt bijan should be First and listen this is just like cj Stroud and bryce young man i mean i had Bryce young one stroud two you could Flip them i don't care they're one a1b To me um And then after that Most of the complaints were You know how can you have jabari small Off the list from tennessee how can you Have zach charbonnet You know a head of tavian thomas in the Pac-12 or how on earth is travis day who Transferred to usc ahead of charbonneau Um And then you know on and on zach evans Ahead of tank bigsby how's that possible There's a lot of discussion there um And then there's some uneducated people I mean someone told me that the the Returning big ten player of the year Offensive player of the year is is only 18th on your list and that's mo ibrahim And i'm like he played one game last Year he's great But he got hurt and he's coming off a Serious

Uh injury And he has to you know show that he's Back and he was not the player of the Year last year that was 2020 Because you're not the player here you Play one game so Even fans of like minnesota Who Proclaim their fans don't know what They're talking about and that's what's Fun about the list is like It makes you feel smarter about yourself Because there's so many idiots out there No i i know mo moe ibrahim was on track To um before the injury And so you still have to see what Happens so but he was i mean he's the Was the reason why that uh uh Quarterback really had such a good year Yeah morgan yeah yeah yeah and he was Tearing up ohio state when he got hurt Right absolutely was He's great I mean i don't know i'm not a medical Doctor You know i'm not gonna put him top 10 When he's coming off that injury so um There's some jersey guys here too Oh yeah so jaylen berger which Started out great at wisconsin but then Braylon allen You know uh Took over there and and so You know

In wisconsin the way it works they do Use Two backs but that first guy is the Workhorse so You know you get in a position where You're not going to get as many touches And the guy who gets the ball at Wisconsin i mean braylon allen Statistically just because the way Wisconsin plays could end up being Better than all those guys statistically Um just because the their power offense But yeah jaylen berger is a guy that has Great potential i mean that's when he Started off he looked like he was gonna Be a mega star i mean In jersey i want to say he was the top Guy out of jersey out of high school Yeah Yeah and he um He's big he's strong you know he's got That He's got that um Pro style big knee drive uh running Style Um that that you see with a lot of the Guys over history of the nfl that have Been good backs just you know he's got To be able to do it and he's now he's Going to hopefully get that opportunity Uh to see if he can and that's a good Example i think of a lot of the The the opportunity of the transfer Portal because

There was no transfer portal He'd be battling it out uh for You know possibly a losing position so Yeah he had seen getting a little bit of Hot water there too with the coaches And and they've got eric broussard from Colorado transferring in as well So a lot of people were like you know Burger's not even going to start Broussard is going to be the guy why Don't you have both of them on this list Blah blah blah And then why do you have nick singleton At 28 he hasn't taken a snap yet but you Know this is also just like The quinn ewers on the quarterback list He's just too good To not include like last year i i had Trevian henderson on the list He hadn't played it down so you know you Have to put a nick singleton on there Because i think he's going to be the Starter at penn state but Um but patrick garwo at 21 for bc is Intriguing to me as well because nobody Knows who he is Uh nobody's heard of him um And he is just a he's a beast and a Monster and you know he's ahead of Bigger names like eric gray and jalen Knighton and you know some of these Other guys um that people have heard of And just behind kendall milton who was a Five-star kid coming out of high school

Who's gonna split time with kenny Mcintosh i could have flipped them kenny Mcintosh at 45 Could have been higher um but watch out For that kid too now i think he's a i Think he's a new york kid not a uh New jersey kid but Yeah some guys from your neck of the Woods here um Are very high on this list but You know it's all going to come down to Trevian henderson Jamir gibbs in the national title game You know and and which Guy can get it done because i think That's where we're headed is ohio state Versus alabama Yes I i i say that 100 and you know what Alabama's got other guys probably behind If something ever goes down So you know I i looked at the list the first thing That i thought was Um that texas people would have an issue With bjombie too And and you could You're right you could argue for either One of them uh deuce vaughan is an Unbelievable player as well and Um And then obviously you know down the List probably some people said hey will Shipley like

You know [Music] What's up with him being 17. buried the Documents last year carried him Yeah absolutely you got hurt too so yep Well here's so here's what's interesting About garwell The system is a big deal and Um John mcnulty being the offensive Coordinator at Boston college now the new office Coordinator he was The office coordinator when ray rice was The running back at rutgers when they Had all that kind of pound that pound The ball stuff going on so that's a guy That could end up having a ton of yards In that kind of system he loves to use Two tight ends Um He loves to you know pound the ball and Go play action so Combined with the quarterback that they Have there That really it seems like those two Players Fit that exact kind of office Coordinator philosophy for them Yeah jacovic is a big running back Himself you know i mean he's a Quarterback but he can run so you got to Handle that they've got a big strong Offensive line now they lost mahogany

For the year which is Upsetting because he he was one of the Top two Offensive lineman in my nfl draft list And nobody had heard of of him either so That's a big blow to them i mean the Good news is he's already said that he's Going to rehab and come back Uh so he'll be there for the 2023 Season but you know bc is going to have Big physical offensive linemen you know They're going to run the football um two Tights as you mentioned uh this isn't Going to be the andre 2000 Year of andre williams Where adazio just Always ran the football i mean ryan day Was his offensive coordinator And he couldn't get a pass play called Um It's not those days uh but it will be a Run heavy offense and he'll put up some Big numbers and you know utah man tavian Thomas is great i think he had 16 Touchdowns last year or something he Just he puts the ball on the ground a Little too much you know chris rodriguez At kentucky's great he had some Off-field legal issues this summer Um The reason tank's 12 is because i think His backup jorquez hunter is better Uh you know it hasn't played out that Way yet but jerk was hunter at 44 he's

Going to shoot up this list if he's Healthy but he's coming off a knee Injury as well so just so many question Marks and then sean tucker the syracuse Guy gets no attention Um so it was good to see you know some Of the non-traditional powers like Kansas state Syracuse um you know getting guys in Here kentucky Um and down to illinois and chase brown There's great running backs everywhere This took a lot longer than the Quarterbacks in my mind Just to Dig through Um you know who's going to be the guy Who could be the guy How do they set up their offense will They split kerry's Quarterbacks was a little bit easier Because there's one um but as you see at The end i've got two guys from the same Team at 49 and 50 and i just threw my Hands up and like I don't know you could flip them That's the app state kids Yeah they're both really really good and You know i mean there's a lot of teams With multiple running backs You know that could have been included In here you know michigan has blake Quorum and donovan edwards in here um You know ty on evans at louisville but

They've got two other really talented Running backs there uh raheem sanders At 32 at arkansas but their running back Room is deep as well and It was just it came down to like Okay why do you have two running backs From some schools and Where's roshan johnson from texas you Know he's bijan's backup but he's really Really good and it's just like how do You fit them all in Um roshawn johnson could be you know top 40 in this list by mid-season I love how you found some of this the Small school guys that's the thing that So you know you have guys like Kamar wheaton who's Everyone thinks is gonna really have a Big year um but then you went and found A guy from umass Umass sucks But ellis merriweather is not the reason They suck um And donny ground's back there for what The 15th time uh he'll tote the rock and He'll be the big part of that offense Now they're not gonna win football games But You know no one's ever heard of ellis Merriweather ever Um but he's a thousand-year guy and and It probably could be a 1500 yard guy Next season Now i wonder don brown is now the head

Coach right so yeah Don brown the last time i think he was Head coach maybe i'm wrong was the 90s When he was at northeastern right Or you've now since then So he was umass then he went to bc then He went to maryland No he went to maryland he went to bc he Was at uconn for a little while but he Was the head coach at umass After whipple or previously i think it Was after whipple yeah um okay And then he became a coordinator and now He's back full circle back at umass he Was a great coach there umass They were You know this was a different umass this Was like I don't even know when they were fcs i Believe at the time and but they were Always in that playoff the fcs playoff Under brown Um You know and and they ran the ball very Well because he's a he's an old-school You know defensive coach but he's also a Ball control guy and you know control The clock and all this other stuff and Uh so Alice merriweather is going to get a lot Of carries there if he stays healthy and Again this is the other thing about These running backs i mean last year mo Ibrahim heading into the season

Was clearly a top 10 back maybe top five I can't remember You know and he gets hurt game one and They had so many You know marquis irvin's a guy Transferred from minnesota to oregon you Know part of that deep deep running back Room that minnesota has And he's not on this list but he could Be a star his oregon lost You know Die to usc Um Verdell went to the nfl i mean they need A guy and marquis irvin could be that Guy and could be as high as you know top 25 on this list by mid-season Absolutely there's no doubt about it Great list i mean frank gore jr chris Tyree which is what david tyrese said I'm assuming Um The fun part about this was that some of The running backs actually jumped in and Commented Oh they did yeah like cam people's did And you know he's like thankful but Underrated um you know frank gore jr Chimed in Thankful but i'm gonna prove people Wrong and it's like It's really keeping mitchell jumped in It's not the small school guys that get No attention jumped in um but you know

Frank or junior is nothing to prove Wrong 42 In the country At this you know school where you don't Get any attention your last name is gore Yes Your dad's an nfl hall of famer in my Mind but you know 42 still pretty good But but the hunger That you see from some of these guys Rasheen ali at 16 also chimed in um They Want to be great and they want to be Known and that's the fun part about the Draft too is like None of these guys Bijan could be a first rounder The following year could be a First-rounder everybody else i don't see At first round two maybe braille and Allen but You know It's So you got to be that second third round Guy and it could be from a small school A lot of them from small schools there's No doubt about it first round is very Very you might get one Now i mean nobody's i i i don't see the Value in even taking Um You know running back at that first Round or unless you can do a late first Round just because of the fact that

There's so many great running backs And at the nfl they they have a specific Role most of them fill in the offense Unless you're on tennessee with derrick Henry or something like that but they Have a specific role they've got to be Able to be you know most of these guys Are two down guys you know he's in these This running backs in on the first two Downs and then third down someone else Is coming in Um Very rarely are guys in for for all Three downs Well look at the guy thinking high too Saquon was taken high he's right had Injury issues Leonard fournette was taking top five He's good you know and now but he's Playoff lenny he didn't you know wasn't Top five Caliber pick christian mccaffrey's Battling injuries um ezekiel elliott Looks like he has no Gas in the tank already and he was just Paid as the highest paid running back Two years ago You know the running backs they wear out And injuries are an issue And that's never going to change so a Lot of people put draft capital in Running backs Um and it didn't pan out for them so now They're cautious now again abijon

Robinson So special could be a top 10 pick same With trevion But the other guys got to hope to slide In the end of the first round I i have a question on i i wonder Is it because they share roles more that They're not as like you know i just Think back to when we grew up right i Mean small guys like tony dorsett Carried the rock a million times right You know i get eric dickerson You know Uh hersh walker uh all these guys um Barry sanders Marshall fall Smith marshall heard it a million times Why they're wearing out in the same time Frame that the old you know you go back To earl campbell and jim reilly they They wearing out the same kind of time Frame maybe earlier than those guys that Did But um with less carries i wonder why That is I it's i think it's cyclical Um You know you do get your workhorses like You know derek henry was He was a second round pick and he got Hurt this past season i mean every Running back's gonna get hurt um You know The interesting part about it is

You mentioned some of those guys in the 70s that had shorter careers you know Earl campbell with knees and jim brown Was by choice gail sayer's choice um Now they're getting hit Like rashawn gary is a linebacker okay Six foot five 290 pound linebacker And that guy's coming at you in space And now they're getting hit and they're Getting hit low And it's they're just you know it just Crumples you i mean you weren't getting Hit tony dorsett was never getting hit By six foot five 290 pound guys with a Eight yard running start he was getting Hit And maybe being little helped him Um and and he was resilient and lucky But i just think that the size and speed Of these defenders like you see the Combine every year You know these guys just get bigger and Faster it's scarier looking and if they Hit you In the open field You know you're You're going to get Leveled and hurt i mean it's just There's no way not to when every Linebacker's 260 plus You know and and the weak side guy could Be you know 265 and a guided missile I think that And then if you get into the secondary

There is no db that take they're trying To hit you up high they all chop at your Leg so that has to wear on you a little Bit too You know not you're not getting hit with The same velocity that a d-liner Linebacker hits you but they're chopping At that i mean that's what they're Taught like go low Take out Take them out well these guys are so big And they run with such great leverage You know even christian mccaffrey is a Smaller back it's very difficult to Tackle Hi um you know you're not going to go to Derrick henry high uh you're certainly Not going to go to leonard fournette High say quan barkley with those tree Trunk legs you know you'd think high Would be good but it's not you go ankles And knees Um and you're not trying to hurt them You're just trying to get them down And there's a lot more launching Tacklers than there used to be formed You know back in the day form tackle Was important that jack lambert's in a World that maybe would square you up And wrap you up now it's just guys Diving around and if they hit you great If they don't someone else will And they're all diving low so But i think it's cyclical i i do think

You know For every Saquon that's had you know injuries Early in his career you know there are You know adrian peterson's right Had long careers and hall of fame Careers and have injury he missed the Whole season you know with an acl um or Part of a season in rehab real quick There it's just cyclical and the nfl's Cyclical about it too i mean they're Willing to take as recently as what Three years ago a running back in the Top five if he's good enough and i think This year with bijan you're gonna see That as well if a team at the top has That need and fit and bijan has a great Season they'll take him in the top five And roll the dice and hope he's you know Derek henry or Or you know but the value of the second Round The nick chubs of the world That's where you make your money um as An nfl player and and also you know nick Chubb went to georgia but Some of these guys that are smaller School guys that have tremendous success In the nfl You may have never heard of in college Right that makes a ton of sense really Incredible stuff that list is incredible It's a it's a Food for conversation i've received this

Week on social media and we'll talk About it next week That you're going to get a lot of chive It it maybe more than quarterbacks I think i will because I mean there's just so many good wide Receivers in college football i mean you Know i got the top It's just a debate immediately between Smith and jigbet ohio state and addison Now at usc and xavier worthy of texas And keisha booty at lsu that's the top But when you get into the 26 to 50 range It's going to be like Do i take Marvin harrison jr who's gonna be great Or do i take a group of five guy who is Already great that no one's ever heard Of um how many ohio state wide receivers Do i take Like they're loaded does a mecca egg Buca make this list you know julian Fleming hasn't panned out yet but he Could have a monster year so that's That's going to be i don't know if it'll Get as much attention as the Quarterbacks but it'll get a lot of hate Oh i yeah that's what i think you'll get I think you'll get more hate on the wide Receivers and you might have some College wide receivers chiming in that Are off the list that might say hey i Did this or you might have some guys That are 35 that are like i'm better

Than it's you know because They're such divas though yeah the way They respond to stuff They'll just reply they'll quote tweet And then they'll just put the laughing Emoji Like five times right You know xavier worthy did that to me Once i forget what it was i think i did A versus you know who's better Uh Jordan addison xavier worthy or Something like that right When addison was looking at texas You know and He just put up laughter You know it's not even a comment it's Just laughter and so you know what he Means he's 10 times better than jordan Addison in his mind there are such divas And there's such egos more so than Quarterbacks that anybody who chimes in Is just probably just going to do a Stupid emoji that says i'm an idiot But i look forward to it That's also what makes them so good too I think you know they have to rip side Of the divas we could full circle back To the promotion You know if you want to become a diva Let's let's remember the jordy nelson's And the antonio browns Of the world that were no star guys Uh that had no attention and had to get

Lucky jordy nelson walked on as a safety At kansas state antonio brown was an Undersized quarterback that central Michigan took a shot at at wide receiver Those guys got no attention they needed Uh yeah hunter renfro walk on those are You know they got lucky and they're Great but they got lucky to be put in The position of great um and there's Probably a few out there that need this Promotion and i hope i hope there's one I hope we look back at five years you Know like cooper cup there's a great Example right nobody wanted him out of High school that had cooper cup had the Portal first of all he would have left Early and been at fbs school but Secondly had he had the promotion he Might have Bumped up to the group of five level i Mean this is a dude who played fcs And now he's the best receiver in the Nfl so You know for every stephon diggs out There who was a five star that we knew About eighth grade There's a cooper cup out there and those Are the ones that need to reach out to Us now and then we can look like Geniuses when we promote them When they make it I have one last question before we chime Off and it's totally unrelated it's About quarterbacks

I when you i see so many of these offers With quarterbacks that are like in Eighth grade or And you've probably seen it too Are those binding because i i see some Guys that had a ton of offers And As if that athlete let's say a Quarterback doesn't grow or they they Don't continue to develop because i Remember with david sill remember david Sills who obviously was a receiver now He was always a great athlete but you Know he had the offers early on like Seventh eighth grade And then Nev he still had a sum of the offers Later on but i think the usc offer went Away and up at west virginia didn't Really work out at quarterback when he Moved to receiver because he was such a Great athlete and he's smart and all That stuff he ended up making a great Transition becoming a pro but That that would be my example of a guy Who was way ahead of everybody probably At one point and then People caught up Is is that like Is that how the college coaches view it Because i know a lot of quarterback Parents must have questions about those Kind of things There's no

There's no binding You know they move the the written Offers actually back a year if you Remember like six seven years ago which Was such a move That that was just for by the ncaa It just made things worse because they Were trying to cut down on d commitments If you remember it's so funny to think Like six seven years ago that the Commitments were the biggest problem in College football right now you got nil And transfer portal and all that stuff But back then decommitments were a big Deal and everybody's like oh you know So i thought they should do binding Offers by september first of your Freshman year and then you'll have less Offers the kids can commit to schools Will take them and then run them off and All this other stuff or they'll just Throw out an offer to a kid in seventh Grade that someone else has offered and It's not binding the kid calls up tries To commit to say well you know we're Gonna keep an eye on you well why'd you Offer Well We're gonna keep an eye on you you know So it's not binding and davis David sills is a great example of that You know lane kiffin offered him in Seventh grade and lane kevin was long Gone

At usc by the time you know that kid Became a senior in high school And i will tell you this As a quarterback You want to handle your way yourself the Way david sills did right so when he was Offered As a seventh grader he was from delaware Um I was like oh no like because that's That was my region i was national but i Also had a focus on the mid-atlantic Region i'm like he's in my state i gotta Deal with this his dad's gonna be a pain In the ass He's gonna be in pain in the ass i could Just tell And i was so wrong that dad was fine i Saw him at so many of your camps right He was great he was great great kid Great teammate always wanted attention For his teammates and and just a kid That when you saw him have success as a Wide receiver you're like I didn't know he was that good an Athlete i One thing about david sills if you Remember correctly is he had he did have Amazing hands right so Whether his ball control as a as a Quarterback or if they were just tossing The ball around at one of your camps He would make one-handed catches he'd Make one-handed catches behind his back

And all this other stuff but i never Knew he could run You know because it was seven on seven He didn't run at his high school that Much and i thought This kid's not an athlete he's a Quarterback and then he turns into a Wide receiver but he handled himself and His dad as well as anybody could have So if you do get those offers as a young Kid First of all it means nothing you know Tate martel got an offer in seventh Grade committed to steve sarkesian at Washington okay that was 180 years ago He had since you know decommitted circus Since you know went to usc it went to Rehab went to alabama went to texas now I mean so many things have changed since Then and martel you know Flipped it and he committed to texas a m And then he committed to ohio state and Then he transferred to miami i mean Martell ended up being horrible doing Nothing And he had those offers in middle school It means nothing none of them are Binding Your commitment isn't binding either And if it changes your head which it did To tate martel it changed his head uh You're going to ruin yourself I think that's the biggest thing is that You've got to stay focused because they

Can go away you're writing about david Sills he was really remarkable in how he Conducted himself for someone how to Offer that are i do remember him going 10-2 in a broad jump as as a sophomore At one of our camps That's crazy and any you remember i mean I don't think he ever lost Did he lose a seven on seven tournament At any of your camps always win i yeah He i mean maybe he lost one i don't know But like he was always in the final Always in the final and And the guys who um because i remember They had he had the adopted brother one Played in mississippi Uh mississippi state I think it was mississippi state uh as a Receiver and they they really their Family used to take care of a lot of the Kids that were on that team i remember That so but you're right Rich rich people that just didn't come Off as that way and and the dad That was a millionaire i mean Multi-millionaire He let the coaches handle it he let David handle it um You know and there was a lot of pressure For that kid i mean he just he didn't Pan out as a quarterback he went to juco If you remember and then no one wanted a Majuko as a quarterback so he went back To west virginia

And then ended up as a wide receiver so He's a great story and and wide receiver Put up like crazy numbers one year like Fifteen years leaving or something And unstoppable on that little inside Post unstoppable um So that's kind of a neat story And a polar opposite story of a tate Martel who's not a bad kid But he just You know he's undefeated at bishop Gorman never lost a football game he's Cocky he was undersized so that led to a Little bit more of his cockiness And just made bad decision after bad Decision as to where he should go and Who we should play for and And now he's now he's the guy that you Know you you put out a ranking on a kid Uh who maybe five foot eleven as a Quarterback and uh he's going to suck Like tate martel And and that's what you know Whereas the opposite is if a kid moves From quarterback to wide receivers you Know he could be successful like david Sills just polar opposite trajectories Through the career yep Pretty awesome all right well uh Like like we've talked about before Check out D1 or d1 we've got a great new Partnership with youth one so a lot of

The athletes that Um end up coming through different Programs a lot of them started youth Once so it's a great time to talk to Them also at mike farrell sports i have a dedicated salesperson Now um so if you do email me at Mikefarrellsports you're going To be putting someone in touch with Somebody who's going to communicate with You And then if you decide to purchase the Program then you'll be communicating With us um but you're gonna get a little As we get you get a lot of them and Sometimes you can't put the personal Attention on each one of them so i do Have somebody who's gonna handle that And i've known him since i was 10 years Old trust him And he's gonna like sort of guide you Through and then The other part about this that i've you Know kind of been excited about is The long-term Understanding like the one-time promo Which is great And it's the one that sells the most Sometimes it's enough sometimes it's not And you've got to regroup And look at it and so we've had a couple Of uh You know quarterbacks that have gone From one time to six months and we get

To spend a lot more time with them um And you know dm them and say hey what's Your next step what film do you have Workout film do you have with what seven On seven film do you have from the Summer What New stuff can we put up To keep you in mind because now they're Going to be mentioned in july and august When nobody's mentioned and then into Your season then you get the season film You know in october and then into you Know the early signing period and all That stuff so It's it's it's smart To to you know stay in for the long haul Don't try it and just say oh geez i Didn't get my alabama offer That's not how this works it's Constantly keeping your name in the news And keeping your name up there for People and even after You sign with an fcs school or maybe a Smaller school than you want but the Portal you got to keep your name out There There's no doubt about it that's the Name of the game So for next time make sure you check us Out you can check out mike farrell Sports Okay he's on every social media platform You can go and find him um there you can

Find me at cochuman And listen you type it into google i Mean you type those two words in the Google you'll find You'll find us so if If if you're not navigating you type That and you'll easily find us um and we Want to help you want to get you in a Good position we love doing this stuff Every week we get we give you a little Little excitement of what's going on in In in college football and recruiting And Let you know the things that are out There to give you guys an opportunity to To really succeed Anything else mike I got I might have jury duty friday so say a Prayer for me that it gets canceled On thursday I've been canceled every time i've never Done it Um So it's knock on wood and Because if i have to do jury duty friday I could tell you i'm probably not going To do this podcast monday and i'm going To have to Just pray for me yeah that i've done it Once And luckily One day I had to do one

I think it ended up being two days they Went in there The the They picked me It started the whole process the next Day we came back we sat there the whole Day They negotiated whatever was going on And Then the following day we came in and we Did nothing the one whole day we just Basically sat there and you can't have Your phone right Yeah i don't remember what it was but it Was probably something like i think it Was something like that and then The next day This was this is quite a while ago the Next day they came in And we were ready to go in for Um you know start hearing everything and They settled and that was it we were Done You got lucky i got lucky yeah And you served so now they don't bother You much anymore right correct so you Cut it counts as serving yeah it counts As serving see i keep getting cancelled But they keep sending me one every year I don't know there's no winning like if I serve then i'll end up getting on a Some sort of you know crazy murder trial For a year And sequestered

And if i don't serve they're going to Keep coming at me with these so i chose They gave me july 1st of friday in in The heat of july and i kept it because I've heard that fridays and mondays are The days that you know or most Cancellations So Usually i pick a monday But i stuck with this friday so we'll See uh you know if you don't see me for A few months then Because if you can't have your phone I will die i'll just die yeah i can't Remember because it was a while ago But i it was Gonna let me sit there and tweet all day No i i know i got i got i remember Thinking when they came and said i was Like oh wow i got lucky because they're You know in a sense that i mean i Wouldn't my i i wouldn't mind serving on Just for the process for a shorter case You know the i i i think it's kind of Interesting but To be on like if you're sequestered for For a month that's tough It's very tough So and stuck with the same 11 people Every day for like 10 hours That i can't do it so let's just say a Prayer That i don't get selected and uh if i Don't then i'll be back on monday with

You All right perfect All right till next week um make sure You check us out and you have any Questions we're always there for you We'll see you soon next Next monday on legends live

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