Highlight: Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell Discussing The Power of Recruiting Promotions

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Highlight: Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell Discussing The Power of Recruiting Promotions — Watch live at -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #football #recruiting #highschoolfootball #footballcamps #footballrecruiting to…

Highlight: Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell Discussing The Power of Recruiting Promotions — Watch live at

Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ”
#football #recruiting #highschoolfootball #footballcamps #footballrecruiting
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Not a Power five kid and then it might not Even be a group of five kid they might Be an fcs level kid With the promo what's happening across College football Staffs are being You know broadened there's more and more People in every staff Focusing on different things so you got Recruiting people you got portal people You got combination you got player Personnel managers you got you know Whatever general managers whatever you Want to call it And they'll note stuff You know so if kids get a promo through Us right And they'll Might put a little note and then a Couple years later that kid's coming From fcs and he's in the portal And it rings a bell or they look them up In their system and they're like oh yeah This was a kid that you know promoted we Didn't feel he was our level at that Time but we we liked him we just felt Fcs was a place for him let's take a Look at him now and two years later he's Grown he's got bigger he's stronger he's Played well at the fcs level for a Couple years they're going to remember You more um and the other part of it too Is you know i've been doing this forever

And i've always seen these companies That do it You don't know who the hell they are you Never heard of them you know this is Jimmy Schwartz from blah blah blah right who The hell is jimmy schwartz i don't know What that is Right i've never heard of him before in My life and he's gonna he's gonna Promote me To get a college football scholarship At least you've heard of us and that's Kind of important because You know with that comes respect and Comes Yeah i've had big you know i won't say What conference but i kind of just did But i just said big i won't say which One i've had coaches recently reach out To me and say hey you know thanks for The kind words or you're doing a great Job i've had coaches text me recently And say what the hell was that article You just wrote that sucked You know because it was critical of Their program they're paying attention That's the thing uh and they're not Paying attention to these other guys too And i also find myself kind of going Back to check on these guys i don't know Why This is something when i was you know at That other company forever if an email

Came through about a kid that didn't Have offers i didn't care just life i Didn't have time to care because i was So focused on the fives and fours and All this other stuff now it's kind of Personal like you've purchased a program From me I kind of care about where you end up Now And before i didn't that didn't make me A jerk it just wasn't my job before now It's kind of like hey i'm checking in What's going on well i got a couple fcs Offers it's still not what i want but It's helped um or you know i got the Offer that i wanted this is great and That's kind of like I just find myself overly involved it's Not like a situation where we do the Promo we put it out there and we forget About it I i Invested Unfortunately invested in this in my Head And it takes up a lot of my time but i Think that's good sales point for the Promo Well there's no doubt about it and There's a bunch of guys that are Emerging right now and i just think it's It's a great program it's unique program Look time invested by myself and you Uh the years invested in the experience

I mean that's that that's that's what You need You need the experience and um there are Companies that have been doing it for a Long time but do you get mike farrell Dave schuman no you get some guy who Just got out of college who's never Heard of those Right and and i let i laugh at some of The i And you may have seen it my because just Because of some of the algorithm stuff But i've seen like some of these guys Who are still in college okay or like at D3 schools that that players or just Graduated all of a sudden giving Recruiting advice Based off of what their own experience How is that how is that recruit you know Here's one of the things that i i think You always have to be careful of Experience is incredibly valuable in This industry and people don't realize That what they don't realize is that The connections and the people that you Have dealt with for over all these years Encompasses Most of college football Not just for my own business from nuc Sports but obviously playing And all the coaches that coached me And all their years of experience and Connections and myself coaching for all Those years

Those develop relationships so somewhat It's not that someone can't be Smart enough in in recruiting as a young Person that just came out but they don't Have the experience to understand how Everything works and i always say this Your experience as your own recruiting Process Okay and i can use myself and the same Thing is going to be very different than Someone else's The experience of years of being Involved in it gives the experience that You have thousands of thousands of People that you've seen go through Different recruiting experiences and That's how you get the information to be Able to help players in the right way You know when guys spout off you know The when you're out of college no Disrespect but like what your recruiting Experience is your recruiting experience For your particular situation that is Not like 20 different other guys Situation and that's one of the things That both me and mike really have a Unique aspect on where mike has been With the five stars the four stars and He's had to rate them back in the days When they used to do two so like he had To figure out the small nuances And and people don't realize there are Small nuances right when you're rating Those players

Um i've seen Coach scene and coach division three Players division two players division One players and fcs players and then I've also obviously As a player myself have played around These guys and seen where where Different people fell through the cracks And then the relationships with those College coaches those are all important Things that that you're getting That you the truth is and this is just My You know this is my opinion on it is That the price that we charge Is Ridiculously low and undervalued as far As pricing wise and that's why you Should take advantage of it because once This begins to

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