Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football?

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Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? with coach schuman (the Gambler just check out the beard) and Mike Farrell (the godfather of recruiting, there are no fredo’s here) #coachschuman #nucsports #collegefootball #legends #footballrecruiting #nil see more at…

Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? with coach schuman (the Gambler just check out the beard) and Mike Farrell (the godfather of recruiting, there are no fredo’s here)
#coachschuman #nucsports #collegefootball #legends #footballrecruiting #nil
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00:00 Caleb Williams
02:40 D1 promo with Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell
04:56 Coaches are finding out
07:21 We will follow you
12:17 Evaluating Kickers/Punters/Longsnappers
17:51 They Must Be Athletes
23:10 Parity in College Football
27:47 Football Conference Realignment
32:56 LSU is Can Be a Big Power Consistently
37:35 Can Rutgers get to the top?
40:36 Old Miss are Arkansas?
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[Music] [Music] [Music] The intro's so exciting Yeah That it's like hey there we are [Music] Oh goodness i can't even hear it i mean I i'm muted when it's when it's going on But it looks good looks cool yeah yeah It's like all kinds of music is pumping You up and then boom Yeah yeah yeah yeah Quiet and Quiet yeah sleepy on a monday afternoon Uh i don't know should we have Underlying music in the background maybe Uh yeah Put people to sleep unless it's like Metallica or something it's gotta So yeah we're gonna get into parody uh In college football today i'm gonna try Not to Tick off any more quarterbacks too I picked off caleb williams this week Oh Yeah I gotta stop myself i mean last week was Arch manning and this week it's caleb Williams I'm just gonna try to go all week Without Pissing off a quarterback um If possible

Um but You know let's talk about the promo First we'll get into parody we won't Talk about arch or caleb uh and that'll Be refreshing to a lot of people because That's all i seem to talk about these Days Well the quarterbacks are are Always an interesting topic and i saw The whole thing if i could have stayed That he might have been willing to stay At oklahoma and all this stuff and I i well okay because i did see and i Didn't see your stuff but i did see a Whole bunch of stuff on that anyway oh [Music] I i i i just can't blame the fans you Can't blame this that the other you Can't yeah i mean he he his father it's Not him his father you know sort of said That when they got dylan gabriel we knew We were leaving Like no you went in the portal first They had to get somebody it's just life But again like i think there's a Disconnect i think you know carl Williams speaks and caleb Doesn't and then They don't know what the other one's Saying sometimes so he kind of got upset At me uh yesterday and people think that I want that i don't i don't want viral i Don't want You know two million impressions on a

Stupid you know Thought um But it just keeps happening and i can't Shut up i just can't Shut up so i need to like learn to just Settle Well Thinking about that the positive part is You get me and mike promoting you to the Colleges that you may need an Opportunity at and i'll tell you a Little interesting thing about the promo Um Uh a couple of big schools reached out To me this week about ben hartman so Um Uh i have to follow They're trying to just i don't know if They think that i'm his coach or Something but I wasn't sure about that but whatever However it's working they reached out to Me they wanted to ask a couple questions About them so So uh i i would be glad i said i'd be Glad to answer what i know from watching The film itself and and but that's the Whole point of the promo right we don't We meaning me and you Don't care how the colleges find out About it or What it does It in the fact that it's so positive It's it's such an entrenched thing all

Over social media because of our Following that we know it's going to get To them and then it's a matter of hey we Want them to have that conversation to Ask that question you know what is it You think about them you guys watched The film on them you know obviously Watched him pretty in depth and we like A lot about him um and uh uh and we want To do more and more and more like that For players and the guys that have done Our six-month promo are really starting They're in i think month two i think Most of them Um They're really starting to get that that Traction leading up to their preseason And that's what we want and that's the Whole point of our stuff is out there Mike mike's you know he does uh a really Positive evaluation and things that he Thinks you do well Uh i do in my own different way and um Mike's is a lot more on the film i'm Taking clips and different things but The point is is that It really really does a great job of Highlighting what you do and that's what I like about it and our goal is that the The coaches see it the guys who make Decisions on this stuff see it take a Look at it which is what's happening Because of our following And then they're going to make the

Decision obviously ultimately what they Like and don't like but we're always Glad you know i'm always glad to answer Questions uh you know from what i saw And um And and go from there but that's what It's all about i when i got those Coaches that reached out to me i said That's exactly what it's about They're going back and forth they've Seen a few things on them they want to Know more Yeah we did hartman last week um you Know so that extra you know he had he Did the one time You know a couple months ago uh and got Some interest you know i'd get some fcs Level offers and stuff like that and Then the second time Now it's growing a little bit more And then the third time so what i did With his film was i i cut up a minute Originally and then i cut up a different Minute for the second one You know and some some kids ask you what What you know why don't you do six Minutes i'm like no one's watching Anything for six minutes i know your Auto film is six Minutes in 50 seconds or whatever and That's great that's fine you know keep Doing that i don't mind just make sure You front load your best place because Coaches are going to watch about six

Plays maybe five And then they're going to see if they Want to continue to watch and if i do Six minutes on you it's not going to do You any good whatsoever no one's going To watch the full six minutes so With the six month program you know you Get to put out something at first and Then you forget to put up more and then I already talked to him you know next Month i'm going to put out some uh You know some some camp stuff Not not you know huddle film it's going To be You know camp stuff lifting stuff Agility stuff um you know some drills Oklahoma drills and stuff like that that He's done Uh and worked on and then as we get into The season then we can start with new Film um the other cool thing that Happened Is i haven't done this evaluation yet uh But there's a qb in pennsylvania that I'm doing in this uh I followed him on twitter and his dad Said it made his day you know he's like I think he's a rising freshman But his dad you know pointed out to me Like You absolutely 100 percent made his day Like the kid was walking on air all day And i'm like because i followed him He's like yup

And i said wow that's pretty cool i mean That's Probably worth the one-time promotion in And of itself if nobody nobody you know It does anything you get that um because I didn't know that was a thing i didn't Know that was like a real Fun honor for kids to have somebody Verified who follows you who's been Around doing this for a while So that was neat and i was actually not Having the best day in the world because Of the aforementioned Quarterback issue And that kind of brightened my day a Little bit it's like oh well at least i Made someone else's day better while Everybody's just absolutely Pissing on me [Laughter] Well i'm glad that that happened and i Think you know um Quarterback you mentioned he was at Last year not this year one of the seven On seven tournaments that i run big Tournament and uh I i had spoken with his father actually This is how relationships are built he He He had spoken at me there was something Going on at the tournament and i was Running the tournament and he had spoken To me there at that tournament Um and uh so what happened was

Uh he had saw the promo and remembered That we had talked And was like oh yeah this is the the Same person so i thought that that was Really interesting um because he had Asked me he's like yeah i was at the Tournament talking to you and i was like Yup so you know that's why you never Know who you're going to talk to And the other cool part about it is you Know like i'm dealing with this one side Of things you know Arch manning doesn't need promotion you Know he hasn't needed promotion since he Was born Um you know caleb williams Needed it when he was in ninth grade You know and then when he became a five Star by his junior year obviously Nothing needed 50 offers You deal with that universe Right which is the I won't say diva because I don't know arch manning and i don't Know caleb williams But the mega star quarterback And then you see The quarterbacks and the parents of the Quarterbacks that are getting Little attention to no attention And they look at these these kids Sometimes and they like There's kids complaining that he's Getting all this attention

And and i'm trying to get some And so i'm dealing with polar opposite Worlds like the engagement is up like Crazy so more and more people are Looking at my feed Because of the mega stars and that's Going to help The smaller name quarterbacks Uh get their their notice so i guess It's part of it it's not like i'm You know robin hood feeding from the Rich to give to the poor or anything Like that and it's not like i'm doing This on purpose You know i don't want abuse Uh but the abuse that i am taking about These big name quarterbacks is going to Help these these uh these unknown Quarterbacks quite a bit Oh i agree with it and i think you know Certain positions Um there's a lot of guys that are really Good and i think it's important That they get their name out there Because there's very few taken at those Positions right so quarterback is a Great example of that Um You know eventually you might have to Get Into the kicker realm right because That's also a very difficult one For for a variety of reasons although Their parents are wild their parents are

They're crazier than quarterback parents They're worse than quarterback parents Like they're the worst parents no Offense but they're the worst parents Ever And i think it has to do with scarcity Right so scarcity scarcity breeds Desperation uh and anger and you know The want for attention and that's a Niche you know i mean like The cold kicking camp and it's kind of Neat because he does both worlds right Jj cole and quarterback going to iowa State but he's been the kicking world Forever and they're different animals You know quarterbacks if they don't get Attention They They still have an outlet they still Have an opportunity you know you could Still we've got a couple of quarterbacks That are under the radar 1 2023 1 20 24 Um and and some of the other guys we're Doing are younger kids Kickers Yeah i mean you're not just you know There's no scholarship For half the schools anyways they're not Scholarship you know kickers and their Walk-ons and it's a tougher tougher road Um So i get the level of frustration and Desperation and the want for attention But i don't think so i don't know

How can i do a Minute on positives of a kicker I don't know because the only time you Really the truth is the only time you Really know like i've seen all the Kicking camp stuff and it's great you Know like those like coal and sailor Those guys have built like amazing Business i mean i can learn a lot from Those guys and how to build a business In an area that i would think would Really be difficult to build a business Because exactly what you said there Isn't as many scholarships At those positions Uh but yeah it's a Situation where unless they're kicking In a game in front of xyz amount of People Kicking those same kicks under difficult Situations it is really hard to get a Full Judgment on them which must be why a lot Of these guys make them go as walk-ons Because you could be a great kicker in High school Um And if you have great protection meaning Like you playing a very good team and You're a really good kicker you're Probably not getting a lot of pressure In your kicking situations but If you Um in college you're always going to

Have some level of heat somebody jumping Somebody diving Uh they always just miss right it's it's Everything's about timing so it's so It's so hard to really judge them until They get in that situation because high School you're either on a team that Never gets the kick because they're They're they're not scoring that much or You get you're on a great team and you Have great protection so they never get To you anyway yeah i will give some Advice though to kickers and punter and Long uh not long snappers but kickers Kickoff specialists kickers hunters so This is how i could do a minute and i Think it's really something that they Don't do when they should do The athleticism of a kicker and punter Is extremely important and it's very Very underplayed when i see kicking film I see extra points i see you know 50 Yarders in practice i see this that and The other i'm going to draw i'm going to Fade it like they're golfers Athleticism is important i've talked to Many many coaches over the years that Will offer a scholarship punter because He's an athlete you wonder well why does He need to be an athlete okay well first Of all he needs to jump for a bad snap Secondly he has to have good hands to Handle a bad snap And sometimes he's the guy who has to

Make the tackle You know you don't want that you want The other 10 guys to make the play but As a kicker and as a punter you better Be able to work in space and move and Shift because that could be the Differentiator between a kid who's Kicking You know 45-yard punts with an average Hang time The same as another kicker with the same Average And one's you know not athletic at all And the other one is an athlete and can Move They're going to take the kid who can Move And that's something i learned really Really early like late 1990s one of my Original coaches that i dealt with was a Special teams coach And i never knew that never just as a as A football fan i never knew that they Looked into the athleticism and and all That stuff so From there every time i got kicking film And it was missing that element it was Different from what what he had seen and Looked at I was always curious why Tickers don't do that That's an interesting point now punter i Always assumed that would be the case Because bad snaps you got to feel that

Sometimes you have to do a fake you know Like it's not often but when they need It they need someone who could do Something there Your guy cannot be a zero threat to do Something so he has to so i see a lot of Times these guys who are Ex-quarterbacks that are punters in College but they weren't quite good Enough to be a division one punt i mean A quarterback but they were they had That leg and they were a really good Punter and they end up being a punter in College right and i think but kicker Here that's an interesting i never Realized that on kicker because of the Fact that they have to tackle sometimes Like that's the right that has to be the Worst thing guy breaks it in the open The only person left is a kicker and he Has no chance of tackling him that's Seven points indeed and you you know the Guys like cj spiller who's returning the Kicks you know you know he's a 10 100 Meter guy You know so they don't expect you to run A 4-3 but they expect you to be able to Slow him down trip him up do anything to Get in the way And that takes some athleticism and you Know the other part about it is you know Danny white was one of my favorite Players growing up And he was a quarterback at arizona

State and he could also punt and the Cowboys were extremely dangerous because He was their punter but he could throw He could run he could do a lot of Different things And tom landry Sort of gave him the go-ahead And said if you see an opening go Um which sound lamborghini was a very Controlling Person discipline but he let him make That decision now i don't think college Coaches are going to do that but when You talk about punters You know not all Fake punts are planned it could be a bad Snap it could be off schedule it could Be somebody coming in free you have to Be able to move around and have vision And all that stuff too so i could do a Minute on kickers and punters but it Couldn't be just you know look at his Foot You know it's really he's got strong leg You know the way he explodes into the Ball you know blah blah blah i can't do A minute on that but i could do a minute On them as a complete athlete as a Kicker and that's a huge difference for For colleges it it just really is and I'm not here to give kicker advice um You know i think i mentioned on the last Podcast my thoughts about pickers Uh but

If if someone's interested in that they Have to provide that athletic Information for me if i'm a college Coach and you don't provide athletic Information on this kid does he play Another sport does he do this that and The other you know what's his vertical I'm not even looking at him probably Unless he's got a howitzer of a leg And he punts it you know 65 yards every Time It makes a ton of sense Let's uh let's move to some parody talk Which there's none Yeah i i Agree with that um and and it was Interesting because You know as we mentioned on the pre Pre-podcast uh There was some you know commitment this Week there was um nick saban talked a Little bit about Uh Parody saying there's a there's a need I think i find it erotic when he says These things but you know there's always The defenders like josh pate always Defends uh always defends nick saban on Everything he says and and i actually Think nick saban Has a lot of Interesting intent in what he says Meaning there's a lot of truths in the Things that he's saying but i just find

It funny when he talks about parity when He completely dominates the marketplace In in in recruits um and uh Uh you know look conference realignment Is not going to do anything Positive for parity nil hasn't done in My opinion anything positive for parity I'm glad for the kids listen make making Whatever They say you can make money Yeah But um don't make money but as far as Parity is concerned though none of those Things have have helped it i think it's Funny that Um The coaches who Are at the top of the top Anytime you open something like transfer Portal nal They don't have to say anything they Know that they're going to benefit from That because either they are a a better Recruiter be in a better situation Um or or c have better resources right So it's it's either a b or c of those Things And so they're gonna benefit from it Whereas uh san diego state may get a Transfer from wisconsin and he might be Very good for them but it's not like That guy they're not getting the Transfer that was the starting running Back at wisconsin no no no yeah braylon

Allen at wisconsin is not transferring Down um You know and that's just the way things Is Way life is and i think saban honestly Really does believe Parody is important and exists Because coaches that think that way Like to him six national titles in 12 Years is parody he really does believe That in his mind like the fact that he Hasn't won it every year the fact that He wants to georgia last year uh he Feels there is parody now so when he Talks about more parody he's not talking About you know wake forest playing in The national championship game or you Know rutgers breaking through He's talking about Him not winning every year and i think He says it to challenge himself and i Really think he started the spat with Jimbo fisher to challenge himself and i Think you know after he lost kirby smart I think he sort of reset so You know on his on his competitiveness Um so last week i put out a coordinators Under fire type of thing and and it's a Different level Than you know a coach on the hot seat You know so everybody at nebraska is Under fire even the new coaches uh even Mark whipple you know who's a brand new Offensive coordinator there because if

Frost goes everybody goes Um at alabama bill o'brien i put him on The hot seat and everybody's like are You crazy what's wrong with you I said listen if they don't win two Years in a row Saban's going to lose his mind and and People are going he doesn't put up for That especially when you have bryce Young especially when you have an Offense that's supposed to score 50 60 Points a game if you lose two games And don't win the national championship I don't care who you are he brought bill O'brien into his coaches in rehab right And those guys usually go on to become Head coaches elsewhere you know kiffin Loxley some of those other guys But you have to have success to do that If you don't your rehab is out the Window and you're gonna be canned And so i find it funny That people say There's you know there's no pressure on Bill o'brien they averaged like you know I don't know whatever 40 some points a Game last year It's different at alabama they didn't Win they lost the final game and that's Not the way it should be So saban has a different level of parody In his mind To us parody is Boy it'd be really cool to see like

Purdue Or minnesota and the big ten break out Into the playoffs we saw michigan state Do it we saw penn state get robbed you Know but most part it's been ohio state And and if it wasn't ohio state as Michigan this past year let's see iowa Let's see purdue let's see nebraska Let's see somebody else from the west of All places um And and we're not going to see that it's Just it's it's going to happen every Once in a while you know cincinnati last Year as an example it's not going to Happen very often Well i think what's interesting too With usc and ucla going Well That california challenging now the State of california Challenging usc And ucla's move and it was interesting i Think we talked about it last week that I said You know i thought that ucla because It's a state school Then California kind of exuding their will Because of the california state school System Um Now then also puts pressure on usc that It was a smart move by the state of California if they want to get ucla back

Which i don't think is going to happen They've already said it's not going to Happen but uh but but i thought it was a Smart move to try and do that because They they could see what's gonna happen Already that you're Stanford's in danger right stanford Could go do an acc Um Down the line right so cacao which is Also higher education school hcc has a Lot of those better Uh education schools in there um you Know you got your dukes in the carolinas And all those kind of schools they all Think of They are very virginia they all think of Themselves that way if they're going to Save the acc That's what they would want to do to Save it you know in the long run so i Think that they're very worried about That and they were hoping to put Pressure on ucla but that's an example Of why does ucla and uc have to go to The big ten in in their minds right Because they know that if they're stuck In a pack uh 12 with not as much money Not as much resources they can't pull Transfer guys they can't spend enough Money on any nil even though usc Probably has endless donors but in the Long run meaning five years from now if They're only getting three million

Whatever 30 million a year versus Whatever you could get 80 million from from another uh Conference It's a big difference so they can't Spend as much and that's what the The issue comes down to why ucla and usc Have to move Uh at this point you know that's where The parity comes in like so then Is you know the question is does all That money ever help rutgers right does It ever help Minnesota like you said does it you know Wisconsin's on the brink always they're Always closed Um I think they have a A unique brand that helps them you know As far as you know They use the uh double tight ends double You know double full backs they got the Gigantic lineman and so they've kind of That i honestly it's a tribute to barry Alvarez because you remember when they Were just Dog meat you know in the early 90s when He took him over and he built a brand That was like this is who we're going to Be it's totally different now the Question is can they become champions Doing that you know i don't know if That's possible Probably not but he also requires that

Of his coaches i mean you know But bielema and kristen those guys have To follow the barry alvarez blueprint of You know six six 350 pound offensive Lineman big running backs physical good Defense Um You know but they're they're not gonna Break through And i think usc and ucla is actually Going to make the strong stronger i Think it's going to make ohio state even Better i mean i saw something the other Day that said 80 of ohio state's roster Is four and five stars And that's the only team Up north that has that that could grow That could be 85 Because now they've got a a you know a Better standing in california um It's it's scary um You know and And you know to the expansion Point you know greg sankey said Um You know they're they're not going to Mess with the acc because those granted Rights Essentially what he said to the acc is Fix your fix your problem you know You've got guys locked into 2036 we're Not going to mess with any of that Legal mumbo jumbo we're not going to go After clemson and north carolina and

Virginia until you Figure out how to get out of those grand Rights deals you know we're happy with Texas and oklahoma we even said that Texas and oklahoma were better editions Than ufc and ucla and i believe them but You know You usc and ucla going Texas and oklahoma going into different Conferences actually i think makes Everybody stronger um that is already Strong you look at the teams like Nebraska and missouri And texas a m And others that moved to different Conferences and it was supposed to help Them And they haven't moved the needle at all In their new conferences so oklahoma and Texas who are big fish at the big 12 and Usc and ucla who have a route to the Playoffs if they go undefeated out there Well none of those things are going to Happen They're no longer big fish in the in the Sec when you move there and usc and ucla Aren't going to run the table in the big Ten so I think it makes those programs Less apt and i think we're going to see A whole lot of georgia a whole lot of Alabama A whole lot of Lsu every few years because of their

Distinct recruiting advantage of owning The state of louisiana which is one of The top six talent producing states in The country and they have no competition For recruits other than saving coming in Or jimbo coming in and trying to steal One here or there um and then ohio state And and you're going to see a whole lot Of the same teams that's why playoff Expansion is going to be important Because on any given saturday You could have an upset if you get a Team Like a wisconsin You know into a playoff And they're playing a team you know that Maybe Oklahoma that may be sort of a more of a Finesse program and they line up those Offensive line and they run it down Their throat they have a chance to pull A big upset Um But then eventually they're going to Meet alabama or georgia and get waxed i Mean that's just the way it is right now In clemson i have to include clemson in There as well because they continue to Recruit really well and reload and They're going to be fine as well There's no doubt about it i i think I think there's a really good point on Playoff expansion um that If the one of those guys can get in

You know you get them in the right Situation wisconsin's a good example That they start pounding you and Something happens And they're able to stay close next Thing you know oklahoma's just getting Run over you're getting these eight Yards of clip runs uh which wisconsin Has done at different times you know They've caught people because of that i Think that's i think that's a a big Thing i think the lsu You're so dead-on about lsu first of all Louisiana you and i have been down there Many times They have their own culture so I think lsu has Not just a competitive advantage because I remember the first time i ran a camp There i couldn't believe How many guys Broad jumped um on those vertical jumped Over 35 inches i was in shock how many Times we had to move the thing up Because because it's it was per it was Like Per the number of kids you had you know Per 200 kids i was shocked at how many Kids went over 35. and we actually Checked it a few times like did we set The settings wrong Kids were just leaping through the roof And and it was a lot of guys that had to You know you get a lot of these guys

That not everybody knows about either There eventually become lsu guys because They're all going to go to lsu's camp All the kids from louisiana and they're Going to go there first before they go Anywhere else right And so they go there first and if they End up getting those an offer from lsu Lsu does The best job of any school in the Country of keeping that under wraps as Much as humanly possible before it gets Out to everywhere so they have a little Bit of a couple of months advantage in Some cases before it gets out that this Guy is a dude And The state themselves is so they're so Rabid the boosters the high school Coaches everybody sort of works in union As long as everything's okay at lsu The famous leonard fournette story That he wanted to i believe was texas he Wanted to visit And there was no way he was leaving the State to do that now he look you know he Looked at alabama of course came down to Alabama and texas pretty much at the end But there were Reports to me That he was not allowed to Leave the state and the people who were Handling his recruitment obviously his Family but also everybody down there has

You know seven on seven coaches handlers Like just like every other state They they were told No Like almost shutting down the border To not let them go there to visit and That's kind of the louisiana mentality Is you know how up in jersey you know Oceana is going to put a wall around Jersey right that doesn't exist There's there's a wall around louisiana And and to break through it like if Davonte smith you know who would Gradually put it to georgia and end up Going alabama it's really hard for those Guys and you look at you know uh landon Collins making that decision on tv And the reaction of his mom Yup And that's the reaction of everybody in The state of louisiana and he felt like An outcast for even from his own family For choosing alabama so there's a Different culture down there as you Mentioned And that's why it's just set up i mean i Could go to lsu and be the head coach And i i you know i don't know x's and O's and i couldn't coach a game and i It'd be all awful but i could recruit i Could certainly recruit kids uh you know Lsu saban did it les miles did it Uh orgeron did it and les miles isn't a Great recruiter saban is orgeron is

Brian kelly's not a great recruiter but He's gonna get those kids um and they Will win a national title every few Years because of that now if they catch Fire let's say they get a really good Coach Let's say brian kelly Gets it figured out They could win Two and three years that's how good they Are so they're always going to be there For different reasons than alabama and Georgia um you know they have Good recruiting advantages in the Southeast and georgia is a great state To recruit but Louisiana is just different so that's Why i include them and the rich that are They they weren't good last year they're Not going to be good this year but just Wait give them another year and they're Going to be really really good oh yeah Yeah you have to And recruiters that go in there from the Outside like You need to know what when you go into Like the different high schools what That's like what's with what simeon is Like what What shari's porter Area is like what um Um What uh and the car is like what baton Rouge is like you know so it's it's it's

Crazy How um you know where jordan batiste Came from Um where um uh what's what was the team Name who's the receiver who played for Lsu Who was with not not obj but uh the Other guy they're on the same team at The same time Oh he's all a famer um No no He played for the dolphin i don't think He's hall of famer I can't believe i can't remember his Name i know exactly what you're talking About too He played with obj they played the nfl Together We're on the browns um oh oh jarvis Landry Jarvis landry right yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah right so you know jarvis like His pat Jamar chase Mark chase he committed to kansas he Committed to florida and everybody was Like okay that's cute you can do that Kansas sure Right do you know do they know what Luncher is like have you I've been the lutcher right you're Coming to lutcher it's it's one of the i Would say like louisiana's and i meant Lucha when i said simeon simeons in

Chicago well lucha is when you come when You come off uh the highway And you go to the gas station there they Have a little food place and the food Place has Gas station food and a casino So you go and it's not like a casino Like you think It's a casino but it's like the little Yeah so like When you're going in there as a Recruiter and you don't understand what That's like and you don't understand how The kids uh that live along where Lecture is where let your high school is There's a all those uh kids come from That area the really best players they Lived literally along those houses along Lecture high school and they would walk Over to the high school and practice and And so you know and the car which is Inner city new orleans if i'm not Mistaken right But a powerhouse which you don't Normally see in a lot of inner city Programs but a mega powerhouse and all State augustine where fournette comes From those guys all have like The relationships that go around the High school coaches when they leave Somewhere they go to another place that Also has a tremendous loyalty to lsu And it's really really interesting it's Such a unique place they have such an

Advantage from that standpoint and it's Also why i think The other louisiana schools those other Schools like um the university of Louisiana louisiana tech In their respective conferences have Been able to enjoy a certain amount of Of success because there's a lot of kids That like you go to those schools you're Still a mega star like you're you could Go home and they are celebrating you It's it's not like you know rutgers And and and and shiano's the one guy in New jersey who can do it if someone Could do it he can do it because he puts He's got the resources and the ability To get them lined up within Like nobody else can But um You know if if you're from a shore Conference school And you get to go to rutgers To them it's not that big of a deal like It's not they don't think about it in That way if she uh that's why they had To bring shiano back as a head coach Because he's the only one that could Possibly make guys think about it that Way you know at least in in in recent Memory actually he's the only guy that i Can think of ever that did so i mean Anybody that really no no no no i mean The guy in the 90s was close because he Had ray lucas and he had um

The quarterback forte they were both Very good quarterbacks he was like a Quarterback i can't even remember his Name um but he recruited me when i was Nice But They they were close but there was it Was really like Close in a sense that he got in some Excellent players in certain positions Like quarterback which won them games no Doubt But Not like shiano's been able to get like Kind of a full breath And i'd love to see i listen it would be Great if purdue and or rutgers and iowa Could do it you know i always been close But I always always has an issue when it Comes down to speed i think Is always quarterback play they don't do Well at quarterback play and um You know it and You know back to new jersey i mean you Can get good players but the jabril Peppers Of the worlds they're always gonna leave They're just gonna i mean you never ever Looked at rutgers Never it was stanford originally that Was michigan he was not going to go to Rutgers and you know there's other guys Like that that have been really big

Stars in the state of new jersey whereas Louisiana if a kid leaves It's you know a land in collins leaves It's a shock it's a shock to even his Family um so you know lsu is in good Shape uh brian kelly be careful what you Wish for i mean you wanted to have free Reign in recruiting Uh marcus freeman's showing you can Recruit better at notre dame than then Brian kelly did but brian kelly's the All-time Winningest coach of notre dame history So he's got a really high bar to get Over But Brian kelly's got to recruit like gadget Orgeron did he's got that 2019 team in People's minds and that's what they're Expecting and looking for and you know If he doesn't reach that then he could Be i mean he's got a guaranteed 100 Million dollars Eight year deal but whatever But he still he could be bought out in Three years so That's the danger of of the big time Programs but you know And you look at the playoff michigan State is kind of an outlier Washington's an outlier cincinnati's an Outlier that made the playoffs but it's It's really mostly the same teams every Year and i don't think that's going to

Change no matter what happens um You know maybe We get some upsets this year i mean Georgia is going to be Loaded but there's you know kentucky's a Really good team In in the east Maybe somebody can unseat You know saving out west Maybe ole miss or arkansas or texas a m But really right now i could pencil in Georgia alabama in the sec title game And there i don't think there would be Anybody that would object I agree with you there's no doubt about It It's uh now the cut then the question is What can be done to inject parity is There anything that can be done to Inject power at this point like i i feel Like it may be just The only thing that could create some Parity i think is what you said Is if you get a playoff and wisconsin Somehow i'm using them as an example but Usc or wisconsin goes on a run And they get themselves to the final And they do that a couple of times Then they're going to get some more Recruits and maybe it shifts but the Question is does it really shift or does It just shift from ohio state to Wisconsin the recruits like are they uh Are they still going to ohio state

And wisconsin then are they shifting see That's what you would need to have a Shift of recruits saying okay i'm not Going to go to ohio state anymore if i'm A five star i'm going to go to wisconsin You know i don't know That's my that's what i don't know if That's not going to happen i mean parody To me is what it is it's not gonna be The nfl you know where you're gonna have Different dynasties every two years Because you know free agency exists in College football but there's no salary Cap so You know i just think the rich are going To get richer and And we're going to have to take it from There Yeah no doubt about it Well i think i got i got a i got a roll Yeah i'll let you roll and before before We cut out reminder Myfootballcamps.comd1 or D1 Me and mike do that promo for you Uh we encourage you to obviously do one Time promo and then from there you know Let's talk about doing the six month Promo because i think it's more Advantageous for you check that out uh If you have questions where obviously Our dms are open and yeah at mfarrell Sports on twitter at coachhuman on Twitter we're on instagram we're

Everywhere um yeah i got a heart out Radio thing so people can talk about Caleb williams Which i wanted to avoid so i will let You go Next week all right see ya [Music] You

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