NFL Draft Prospect: Hugh Marquise Spence , Senior, 6’0, 180lbs Merrimack College, WR

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Hugh Marquise Spence , Senior, 6’0, 180lbs Merrimack College, WR

Hugh Marquise Spence , Senior, 6’0, 180lbs Merrimack College, WR



The Englewood NJ, wide receiver is one of biggest diamonds in the rough in this year’s upcoming draft. Playing at Merrimack College Spence started his career as a D-2 standout however, when the College got bumped up to D-1aa he really got the opportunity show he belonged. Spence has flown under the radar, but after a strong FCS Bowl performance heads will begin turn


NE-10 All-conference Selection

4-year starter


Standing at 6’0 feet tall, Spence is a good receiver to put in the slot and be a match up nightmare for LBs and slot corners. Spence greatest attribute of his game is his understanding of the route tree. There is no route this kid can’t run, he understands how to use his eyes to manipulate DBs and his football iq helps him find soft spots in zone coverage. Spence possesses great hands and will make catches in traffic thanks to his underrated catch radius. My only wish is that a D-1a school gave this kid a chance to show how highly capable he is.

Areas to Improve:

Spence has good size but does need to bulk-up adding 5-10lbs to just help him endure the hits that come from playing in the slot. Spence is quicker than fast, however he runs a 4.56 which is great and I think he’ll only get more explosive by the time he gets to a camp. The biggest question mark against Spence will be if level of collegiate competition is an issue. However, I think it is not something to think too hard about, if you can play than you can play. Hugh Marquise Spence can play.


80 out of 100

Player Comp:

Upside Jarvis Landry – Lowside Danny Amendola

Analysis By: John Robinson NFL Analyst NUC Sports

John Robinson NFL Analyst NUC Sports
John Robinson IV “J-Rob” grew up in Englewood, New Jersey a small suburb across the bridge from New York City. Robinson grew up playing sports but found his passion in football and track at the age of six. In high school Robinson played Cornerback and Wide Receiver for the Dwight Morrow Maroon Raiders. After only one playoff birth Robinson accepted a full athletic scholarship to play football at then University of Connecticut. After three years at UConn, Robinson transferred to Tennessee State University and continued his education. Robinson graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and wants garner a career as a sports analyst.

Robinson has high passion and understanding of football. His experience as a player and love of the game help give him legitimate analysis of players and their abilities. John Robinson IV spent time as a writer for DBLTAP Esports and a front office intern/writer for WNBL professional women’s basketball team the Canberra Capitals. Robinson can also be heard on his podcast BallTalk with JRob on Apple Podcast talking about the best topics in football and sports.

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