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For The People coach schuman talks about life opportunities, what does today’s stock market have to do with life and where do you opportunities fall. #success #opportunity #lifeskills #football #stockmarket Subscribe right away and get all the great updates NUC…

For The People
coach schuman talks about life opportunities, what does today’s stock market have to do with life and where do you opportunities fall.
#success #opportunity #lifeskills #football #stockmarket
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Hey Today has been one crazy day holy cow Um with the stock market and And with everything going on um Earlier today we did we did our our Podcast on the greatest linebackers and Running backs But it won't take a second to to support The people Um because it's important that Our our people that are uh The little person the person that Doesn't have Uh billions of dollars We're we're the ones now um Fighting back and no longer are you Gonna have Uh uh the oligarchs just control Everything That's not gonna happen anymore and It's time that that uh people get an Opportunity And what you saw in the stock market the Opportunity in the stock market Over the uh uh the last two days And then the attempts by large Corporations to stop Uh the opportunity there is is just Amazing So um it's important as As young people that you understand What's going on in the world and there's A whole lot of things going on in the World

And it's important to to understand that You can have a major major impact On on the world man You could have a major impact on the World you could have a major impact On what's going on and It's important um That that you understand that man Because What you do and obviously normally i Talk about sports well what you do The impact that you have things that you Think about The things that you want to accomplish You ultimately are in control of those Things You are ultimately in control of your Own success You ultimately are in control Of the opportunity that's out there in Life And you can't let anybody no matter what They have Uh take that away from you and so how Does this translate to sports man Like don't let nobody tell you don't let Anybody tell you that you can't Do something you can't accomplish Something you can't be some Um you have to fight for what you want You have to fight for the opportunity That that there is in life And you've got to go and and do Everything you can

To succeed in that opportunity leave no Stone unturned Leave nothing unturned and fight to make Those things happen And when you do that when you do that um Ultimately you have a chance at some Real success Uh when you talk about leading You got a lead from the front you got to Be somebody that's there to fight for Opportunities And other people will be a part of that Other people will see what you're trying To do Other people will see that you're giving To others You're giving you're creating You're growing opportunity and when you Do that Then ultimately you're serving the lord And you're giving yourself a chance to Be successful And when it applies to sports applies to Football which is what we talk about Most the time Anybody that you've seen that has Succeeded at a really high level In order to garner that respect you're Gonna have to go to levels that you Never thought about And you got to take the the initiative To do that and You can't let people hold you back You've got to fight for

Your opportunities [Music] Athletes all the time reach out to me on Twitter about how do i get recruited What do i do Over and over and over again and the Failure is Stop always looking for A quick fix and look for An opportunity and make an opportunity Make your opportunities when you make Your opportunities Let me bring this in here when you make Your opportunities Ultimately um When you make your opportunities Ultimately then you have a greater Chance for success If you rely on other people to create an Opportunity for you Then you're beholden to them you've got To figure out your way To be able to create your opportunity What are some steps you can do steps to Take Man do research on things if you want to Be great at something Figure out what other people who were Great did it and how they did it and Why they did it and what they did to get There That's critical understanding System that you're involved in and what It takes to succeed

Is critical and then maybe you have to Break the system In order to succeed you've got to figure Out What is important and how to do those Things And how do you get better at your own Skills well we talk about All the time with football players how Does a football player get better at his Skills Ultimately he finds the best way to do Something He practices it over and over again And he Refines that skill set You find out who does it best you learn From them You try to improve on that you take Experience from what you have And then you combine that so maybe you Can be the best Learn from other experiences you must do Research in order to become the best at What you want to do If you want to become a great football Player you have to do the research As to what it takes to become a great Football player Listen to people that know what they're Talking about listen to coaches And seek out individuals who did it at a High level And ultimately

Ultimately accept responsibility For your own success accept Responsibility That you've got to work to get to where You need to be That's the key Coach human later

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