#38 – The Best Players of All Time NFL at Each Position, Plus Coaching Changes

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#38 – The Best Players of All Time NFL at Each Position, Plus Coaching Changes with Coach Schuman #JerryRice #RandyMoss #football #nfl #american Football Subscribe for Updates You are invited to Coach Schuman’s NUC All World Game In February. You…

#38 – The Best Players of All Time NFL at Each Position, Plus Coaching Changes with Coach Schuman
#JerryRice #RandyMoss #football #nfl #american Football

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Welcome to football And the kitchen sink Get ready for in-depth conversation from The world of high school College and pro football plus some Insight about the rest of the world all This Along with some fun and humor along the Way pull up a chair Grab a coffee or a beer and join us it's Football and the kitchen sink Here are your hosts coach human and Coach deepa scully Yeah man let's get After it on the boringest week Of the year the worst week of the year In football we gotta get some excitement Going So with that [Music] A little bit of a tough day man it's Kind of hard to even like realize like And imagine that you know kobe bryant's Been gone for a year Kobe wow is it today the day today is is The year anniversary i mean I remember that was so that's so sad you Know that's one of those things like You're gonna always remember where you Were when you heard that news because he Had such an impact Um normally i would say yes But after the year we've just had right Could you ima like that happened and

Then it basically All this other stuff just kind of like Overshadowed it you know But i mean it's still we should have Known right then and there that this Year was going to be terrible Yeah like that set the tone for this Entire year They took our man kobe out man The mamba Unbelievable great story i mean he's Just a great story in general You know the fact like how he grew up The whole the whole thing you know he Grew up Overseas as a military kid basketball Was just kind of his release You know he was kind of one of those Last guys to come into the league Directly from high school No college whatsoever and just wasn't The last i think lebron Um lebron might have been among the last Class because remember there was that Trend though that was a trend for a While like I'm just going i'm going i like that i Never had a problem with that trend I never had a problem with you're good If you're good enough Go my thing on basketball is the one Undone Is um oh god John calipari man i mean he like

Perfected it I mean it was kind of crazy the other Day i actually saw you had one and done In football If you had one and done football you got Players going too just in that time I think football's just different you're Not Physical enough yet but they would be Going i'm telling you they still be Going Because now you oh absolutely but i mean It's a little different with football You're You're an 18 year old kid playing men You know it's like you kind of I kind of reference it like putting a Freshman in a varsity game Not some of the players that are in College now is fresh right I mean it's crazy how some of this stuff Has evolved Some of these guys look at guys like Lebron kobe Uh kevin garnett was one of those guys That just made that jump You know what nfl what what what What college play they used to say back When i was a kid That if they had the ability to come out Of high school And back in basketball you wouldn't even Know his name but moses malone was Famous

Center he came right out of high school Sisters right Yes yeah he came right out of high School and they used to say What what what um Nfl player could have played right out Of high school you know what everybody Said could a Guy who could have did it I don't know if you know you're talking 70s 80s here so this is I see i was gonna i was talking i was Thinking like uh like a herschel walker They didn't say him no you know they Said Even though obviously he was pretty Physical but they didn't say it They said earl campbell yeah They said earl campbell was a man as a Freshman Could you imagine trying to tackle that Guy the thighs on him I'm like i mean you think about it like As a safety Oh boy like i got to deal with this guy One-on-one you know Always your big as a safety one-on-one In space with anybody Is tough but a guy like that that could Could shift you But it's probably going to run you over You know what i mean and it's Oh what do i do i just got electrical Shock in my ear so that's all right

Well maybe it'll keep you from yawning Today This will keep me from yawning right Here like think about it i always Thought about it because it was my error When i was playing Like having to tackle reggie bush in Space Oh yeah you know what i mean like i Could always picture like Him running a stretch play getting the Ball and me as a safety rolling down You know to to fill the alley here's a Wiggle oh boy You know what i mean like yeah what do i Like And and you know i mean you talking About a wiggle you're talking about he Could jump over you You know you're one of those guys too Like Here we go the best wiggle of all time Barry sanders come on now Could you imagine that no one has wiggle Like that The detroit lions literally eliminated Certain guys careers because they were So bad Barry sanders calvin johnson You know i mean these guys matthew Stafford although he's been there a long Time i have a great i've Heard a rumor today where do you think Matthew stafford is gonna go

I don't know i just heard just 12 Quarterbacks that went out Matthew stafford to the patriots Whoa that would be a good one Matthew stafford could go to the Patriots troy see a lot of people i Think See him just transitioning right to the Indianapolis They say the colts are right there They're a quarterback away phillip Rivers came in for a year great job but Not at the end of the run you put Matthew stafford in there You know he's going dome to dome so he's Still playing inside And he's got some weapons with with No i'm saying if he went to the colts You know oh that's the number two team That you're hearing is matthew stafford To the colts Put him with frank reich Interesting deuce staley has left The eagles and will be part of the new Lions staff Do steal his left eagles oh interesting Well he didn't get the head job and then The guy they brought in Is obviously not his guy can you explain What the cap football academy is is that Like uh What is what is it they're playing Sussex what's the name of it so jajuko I guess it's down here to playing in

Mana swan what's the name of the team Cap football academy never heard of it i Never heard of it Now we were talking east coast prep a Couple weeks ago right Um one of my former players at mount Olive is going there for a year That's a is now that's a prep school i Believe Yeah that's where that's where who who's Going there uh one of my former players From mount olive That's what's his name on last year That's where makai went He was uh morris county player offensive Lineman of the year you know he got all That stuff but Um yeah i was kind of you know prep School or juco is kind of The route that some of these guys are Taking um and i don't think people Really understand the difference So maybe you could go into that a little Bit and just kind of explain the Difference between a prep school And a juco Uh well you know just as a little bit of Information for you know some of the People You don't lose that uh it's basically Another year Of school school for uh yeah high school So um you don't lose a year of uh Eligibility at the collegiate level

Whereas Uh every year that you're in junior College you do Right so if you're a juco you're Basically playing your freshman and Sophomore year And then you're going to transfer to a School and play your junior senior year Right correct where as a prep school You go and then you go you can be Extending your high school And then go into a college as a freshman Correct right and who would you say I think you're going to say the same When i do because i i don't think There's many up around here juco schools As far as kind of local you would think Lackawanna junior college correct Um Yeah local would be lackawanna Absolutely i know now Um now sussex county college has Recently started a juco team And this will be their first season Up and coming so I think that's another option for guys That are kind of around here if that's The way they want to go But they need to understand that if You're playing juco you're losing years Of eligibility [Music] I think some guys get confused with that A lot of guys in juco are there to kind

Of Improve their grades um you know maybe They didn't do The right thing in high school they just Need another year to kind of get ready Um but i can remember at montclair state Every single year we would have a game Scrimmage At the end of camp against lackawanna And Clary yeah and we would be i mean i'm Telling you man I played against some straight dudes i Mean there was guys on those teams that Were already signed to go to You know virginia or florida state um You know big time division one schools And they were kind of at lack i wanted To just kind of get it together i guess Um so i was playing against some freak Shows man I mean that was always a real tough game Uh but it was excellent for us as a game Scrimmage to kind of go against that That high level competition to get ready For the season but Man that's how we ended camp and it was A it was a doozy every year Interesting and they were good enough They were good enough to I guess they'd have some d1 there was Always probably about 90 to 100 kids on that sideline for a Lot of pairs

On their sideline oh man how many would You guys have on a season Well the the the njac conference itself Division iii conference has a cap You can only bring 120 kids to camp When i was there it was lower it was Only a hundred so We would bring a hundred to camp and Then you're you're always thinking you Know You got about five or six that usually Quit they don't usually like football or Whatever by the end of camp so you lose Them you figure you lose a couple other Guys To you know injuries or whatnot you know So i'd say you would probably we would Probably start the season around 80. right um and then obviously it Dwindles from there guys you know with School With life i mean we would probably Finish each season around 70 to 80 guys But because the n jack was different Back then you know Capping your how many people you can Bring to camp you kind of have to make Certain decisions You know um if you pull up lame at one Point i mean you could be going without A punter You know just because guys get hurt or Quarterbacks you know i i My first year there they had two

Quarterbacks go down in camp and all of A sudden you're looking at a third guy Who's like a freshman And then there's nobody behind him so You would just be looking for guys that You know maybe played quarterback in High school that could just get the job Done i mean it was a really Weird and awkward situation but part of Division iii football you know Just kind of how it is now other Conferences don't do that you know Mount union you can you know they got 180 guys at camp You know they can just bring in whoever So That's what's a little different about That division three conference in the Njac with You know you got keen you got rowan Um those types of schools tcnj Um you know kind of cap it and you can Only have a certain number which Limits you in recruiting and in in the Way you play the game Yeah no doubt about it i mean i i i Lack want so to answer the the question One of the important things with the Juco that's different Is that if you didn't qualify Academically For division one uh qualify academically Um is that like clearinghouse stuff For um as far as in order to be eligible

Right to play um then You have to do two years that you go if You go to go so that's the reason why Few years automatically locked in That's why people like the prep school Route right because you have the option After one year to say I got an offer i'm gone you're right if You could approve your gpa The other thing is um that's a little Wild situation right and then Now if you are academically i guess That's why last chance you was such a Phenomenal series On netflix because the life of a juco Student Uh is a little different you know you Saw that in in the show where you're Bringing guys in from different cultures Different areas You know and for that show they were you Know where are they the middle of kansas Right weren't they out there um and You're taking these guys from From elements and areas that aren't like That and putting them there and they're Basically there look Do your schoolwork play football done Deal that's all you have to do But there's really you know you're Talking guy You're talking kids doing crazy stuff Like any college you know Yeah no doubt so um the other thing was

Um uh so the second thing with that is That if you don't So if you do qualify academically and You go to a juuko you can leave after The first year Right that's the advantage to it no it's Not an advantage juco is not an Advantage at all There's no advantage that you go or the The only advantage that you go is you Play in a higher level of competition Your game what what's that you're Getting ready Like you know the guys to your left and Your right are going to be somewhere Not as maybe yeah i mean that's that's Where your games You're playing against the guy that yo He's going to mississippi state or You know that guy's going to alabama That guy's going to florida And we're playing against them you know So a lot of what juco is i think is Is tape Which makes it kind of tough as a coach In my eyes Most of your people who are going to try Your work are not good students Okay um but you're dealing with that Element as well Right they have to improve academically Prep school Also could be that situation uh but prep School don't lose eligibility

Um i'm i'm not a fan Of prep school if you already have an Offer Or if you like the i don't have a good Enough offer right I'm gonna go there to try and get Something better i don't think that Changes very much uh if you're going to Reclass you need to do it earlier So i think as a as a sophomore or a Junior in high school that's the time to Reclass The only time you go to a prep school is These guys have got to prove their Grades For juco you you go there If you maybe are a late bloomer Um if you're maybe you're that kid that Doesn't turn 18 until aaron rodgers Would be a good example Um i believe what's his name from Buffalo did the same thing Josh maybe yeah maybe i don't know i Mean i think wyoming was his Only offer man yeah it's a risk So here's my question troy becomes this Whatever freak though Okay he doesn't have enough offer do you Send him to prep or juco Um and he's a good student solid student Not really good at math but you know he Doesn't like books neither You send them right to college go but go To college

I think that that decision whatever Level you're at you're at man that's What i'm saying I think it's very juco does makes i mean They do make sense for certain instances And people in different situations so Everyone's in a different situation Right so You're asking me my situation right it's A case like my situation that Is is going to be basically this is from A family planning standpoint Is you know we sock away money every Year for troy's education So uh if wow So i mean i mean that's how much it's Gonna cost right you think about it Yeah so you know i i i'm not You know enough everyone's a different Situation so it's a case-by-case situ That's I think that's what you should do and Then if you get a scholarship then great I mean it's a book Now okay Hi nicole uh derek said hi Um she loves me He said you love him That would be like a good time for like A receiver arch commercial Like when they come down the stairs i Just think nicole should Join we should have a segment with Nicole talking about i don't know

Whatever she wants to talk about She could come up with something good so You know what i wanted to talk about Today i wanted to see if we could figure Out The top players now we've done Quarterbacks so we don't need to do that Again But the top defense the top players and Positions Of all time no Okay neanderthal we've done quarterbacks I think we did running backs too at one Point i think we did running back so we Don't have to do those two again So let's go right to what did we do wide Receivers i think we kind of did because You and i were talking jerry rice randy Moss I think that was just a debate randy Moss first jerry rice because i think we Both agreed that they're two different Types of receivers Yeah let's do let's start wide receivers Okay so we're going Wide receivers greatest of all time Greatest of all time Wide receivers obviously you know jerry Rice is going to be in the in the in oh I I didn't even realize you have people in The chat here too oh it's crazy man Chris is joining in Oh hey hey what's going on uh desean and

What's going on chris Um chris is the man perhaps you yeah and Chris is right He's right he's always right Chris we're gonna see pope john oh i Gotta Wait i got some insider information baby Oh I don't know she i don't wanna release It in here and no i got some names Though i mean it's interesting It's interesting um so uh let's see Okay wide receivers you ready you do you Want me to go first Yeah you can yes absolutely i like your Shirt by the way Um yeah I can't wait i like i like chris i like Chris's response I wanna i wanna know if you're gonna if If Nuc pays for my flight to alaska No we already have a guy that's going to Alaska He's the one that asked for it that's Amazing Well we had we had at the um dude i Think it's so Cool we had the all-american game i Think four or five kids From alaska i just think that's so we're From They were from the top program in the State of alaska

Like you're going to talk about you're Running an event Where where are you doing it juno um No uh oh we already have uh Mr king kova saying randy moss So um uh it's at a high school And we're going to we're going to talk About this at some other point Why are there no high school mascots That are the cobras Because dodgeball ruined it My other ear now you probably troy Probably did some crazy things here ah All right let's go ah i love it yeah so Here we go Let's go people are into this we got Another comment ready because the debate Is always Let's go let's get right into wide Receiver let's not let's not Beat around the bush let's get to the People's choice here So um i'll go first i mean you already Got two man randy moss I'm gonna give you number one okay oh no We're gonna Go number five first five right we'll Work work i got it Okay let me just let me just let me show I just have a quick reference yeah i'm Just gonna say you gotta pull up yeah Yeah yeah yeah Because there is a um uh i i already Know

We can do this let's do we can do all Time receivers And then we'll do current in the league Guys We'll break them up that way okay all Right let me let me let me just all Right all right i got I got a good pull-up of uh uh Let's see let's see another another one Warlock maine says rice no question Right all right so we're gonna go that's Two that's two for for rice already Uh all right i'm i'm gonna go i'm gonna Go well i gotta pull something up then All right i'm gonna go with number five Okay you ready God okay some people aren't gonna know Who these guys are That's all right we that's how this is What we do okay Number five dude some of these guys are So gonna get lost Number five go ahead don hudson Okay i have no idea who that is green Bay packers played in the 30s and 40s Okay just to give you kind of an idea of How far ahead of his time he was He had 99 receiving touchdowns it was Took 40 years for anyone to surpass it okay That's pretty good all right so i think He's got to be number five A lot of old-timers have have some other Guys on there

I don't think any of those guys could Have played in the modern game The only guy who i think if you kind of Put him from the old time here Is don hudson okay he had So many catches if he wasn't good enough To be on the outside in today's game They would have put him on the inside Great great route runner blah blah blah Blah he was kind of the babe ruth Of uh of uh res of receivers back then Man there's some guys on this list bro All right so so there you go so that's Number five Got it go okay Number four i'm gonna go with larry Fitzgerald Still in the league man okay larry Fitzgerald um what college I don't know i don't know oh i know i Know pittsburgh Pittsburgh you're looking at it No no i'm not i'm not i didn't look at It Pittsburgh and we got another guy chimed In our rice Also that's three that's three um Pittsburgh is where am i right yeah pit Okay so rubbery war God i don't know one i didn't wear I thought he wore three i don't know but I keep getting Shocked in my ear so if something better That's not

Troy knows he already knows all right so You got Don hudson at five larry fitz at four Larry fitzgerald the number four Okay number three Let me think about this i'm i'm i i'm Debating Of my number three god there's so many Because i I i'm conflicted On a couple of guys there's a lot of Names man I think i Think This is good this is good all right i'll Tell you who my candidates are for now Come on let's go all right stop looking Stuff up Well Oh you got some you got some some i'm Gonna go with a guy that no one's gonna Think It's not gonna blow back on the comments I'm gonna go with Someone that no one thinks is number Three Do it it's your list larry fitch t.o is A pain in the butt he's definitely Better than him Tio had at his best maybe could do Things that A lot of people couldn't do but i'm Gonna consider i mean he underachieved You can't be the top five if you

Underachieved is t.o better than Keyshawn johnson Yes keyshawn johnson is good But keyshawn t.o can outrun Outrun you keyshawn really couldn't Outrun he's on top 10. Um all time is keyshawn top 10. all Time where is he 11 or 12. i think you Got guys like He's like 11 or 12. all right well who's Three No one's going to like this but this is How This is about michael Irvin i like it he's on my list Michael irvin is number three okay I'm not putting three but okay list Michael irvin Made big plays could stretch the field Right huge hands was easily the best Receiver Um of his era Um broke his if he didn't break his neck He probably would have played for Another two or three years Okay and he played for you which just Makes it all the more better Okay number two and you're gonna know Both of these Yep this is where it comes down i want This we had this kind of debate yeah Number two is randy moss Okay which means number one right

Number eighty no right randy moss is Number two Um here's what randy moss was Randy moss was a better version Of a little bit better version of Michael irvin like A little more speed bigger i don't know If he was Bigger but he was taller taller right he Was Taller longer a little bit faster Um i don't know if he had better hands i Don't randy moss every once in A while would drop something Um tio not even in the top no it's not My top five man He's not my top five either and then and Then uh Uh but i love randy moss he was exciting I loved him when he was at marshall After he got thrown out of two other Schools And then in monster schools and i love That he's from west virginia I love that uh uh meaning that he comes From the tiniest town ever And that his quarterback in high school Was jason williams the basketball player What what they call him white white Chocolate well hate chocolate okay He's got one boy tattooed across his Knuckles It's based on a lot of things it's also Based on uh

Champion number five no no one can take Any Megatron megatron i liked a lot but he's He's top 10. listen man megatron Yo i'd put my probably top 10 but is Julio jones Better already that no okay well i'm not We're not even on that So number two is randy moss and number One Number one is jerry rice Championships number of catches And ahead of the time and i'll give you My big one of my big factors Okay in the top five Larry fitzgerald gets in not just Because of production but Longevity which is amazing like he's Still producing Yes and for me He's played every spot You can put him in the slot you can put Him outside and he's still doing that You know you never saw t.o come from the Sloth and then Now oh he did play a little you never Saw randy moss in the slot You didn't need to he didn't even go Inside one on one the three The three so the three guy like he says The only guy i got right was uh Uh the three guys the three guys So number five don hudson uh Jerry rice and at number one and number

Two Um uh randy moss And i i am i might even say number three Uh with michael irvin all the the four Of the five guys i chose were All way ahead of their time absolutely They they did some they changed the game Don hudson Nobody who's on this list is even gonna Know who he is but if it takes anyone 40 Years to break someone's record That you're doing something right that's Pretty good that means He stop playing at 45 just to give you An idea that means [Applause] 1990. Okay so uh and then the second uh Obviously michael irvin was ahead of his Time as far as being able to do Everything as a receiver and then randy Moss The ability to stretch the field he was The first guy that could stretch the Field All the time and then also Catch a lot of balls see if you go back To bullet bob hayes for the dallas Cowboys back in the 60s That was his name right bull yeah bob Hayes uh who was the olympic champion by The way in a hundred meter dash ran nine Nine Bullet bob hayes could tresha field but

He wasn't a great pass catcher so You know that's why someone like him Didn't make top five and then Obviously jerry rice unbelievable Receiver Unbelievable as well he caught more Balls before anybody else did So on and so forth and his longevity Um that's it man So you know who who if you were starting A team Who were the guys you want to have would You start a team And put t.o on that team no Key sean on that team no no So all right go ahead top five you're Five I'll work down number one Just oh you're gonna go one one to five Okay right hand down jerry rice jerry Rice i thought we had this debate and i Thought you were on No i i like jerry rice the fact that Listen I love guys that can blow the top off Love it you know what i'm saying big Play guys whatever But for a guy like jerry rice who Just revolutionized the position itself And and worked So much technique route running that's All it's about Um two for me is obviously randy moss Uh people are gonna think we're in

Cahoots here because that's where i was Putting michael urban as well is number Three You know oh oh okay so you one two three Is exactly the same There's no way um no way so Number four i'm putting marvin harrison I like marvin harrison i thinking of him As like a six or seven i have to think About it but Uh yeah i love carving harrison i mean He was he was another guy that Jerry rice yes you know and and look You can obviously see my friend you can You can see my trend here in the fact That You know guys that just produce and Really became Students and work their craft You know what i'm saying these guys Weren't the fastest they weren't the Biggest i mean look at marvin harrison Man I mean but he got open you know what i'm Saying and and Him and peyton were just on such a a a Page Together they would do certain things That were just Incredible um so that's my number four Is uh is marvin harrison and look you Could throw To me five is is kind of like you know It's kind of a toss-up man i mean you

Got So many of these guys you know you know The tos the fitzgeralds the megatrons You know i even think about a guy like Like uh like a chris carter You know um even like a uh And the other guy i loved i mean you can Look at like an andre Johnson what about you know Audrey johnson for a short time was Really good like Steve smith You know uh heinz ward No you know some of these guys you know Even guys like going back like Sterling sharp if you didn't get hurt Sterling sharp was on pace Definitely i'm saying it got hurt what About a guy like andre reed Not dynamic enough you know um Keyshawn obviously has to be somewhere There Uh what about an andre ryzen The thing about receivers is andre Was very good unfortunately left he let A left eye burn his house down I mean look i don't think he wanted i Would argue for guys like wes Welker isaac bruce is better we'll see Um a guy like uh what about lin Swan lin swan but if you look at lin Swan's numbers He was a big player you're basing it on Numbers i mean what about drupal

Is it because steve largent um Steve largent art monk if you're going Catches before their time our monk And steve are are right up there They were both leaders and catches way Ahead of their time I mean balitnikov balitnikov Balitnikov was way ahead of his time So that all that spreads with him on Facebook by the way All that stuff being said i think Honestly number five for me has to be Chris carter Oh i don't see it really Yup yup i mean and then you got And then literally it's it's kind of a Rolodex for me if after five I mean i think t.o has to be somewhere In there Keyshawn has to be someone in there Steve smith has to be someone in there You know what about reggie wayne Wes welker no I think reggie wayne has to be in there Somewhere i think lin swan Reggie wayne reggie wayne's numbers are Are are good Lindsay wanted gamers are good has to be Tim brown Tim brown longevity please forever What about yeah but he probably had a Lot of those yards in like two years Oh not true what about like he had a Thousand yards what about story home

Four five six seven eight times he had a Thousand yards what about torrey holt Um torrey holt Tory holt is in the top 20 yards See you know the modern era of throwing Too It's so skewed it's it's skewed so You know people wouldn't know this but Art monk Steve largent at their in their time They were by far The biggest receivers as far as number Of catches now you got guys James lofton might is had an Unbelievable career so here i'm looking At a list right here by 18 000 yards Here's the top 25 by average 18.3 Catch athlon sports okay okay Top 25 we'll just go through it number 25 Lin swan 24 sterling sharp 23 reggie wayne 22 steve Smith 21 isaac bruce 20 is andre johnson 19 heinz ward andre Andre 18 raymond berry 17. raymond barry was great tim brown 16. marvin harrison 15. Michael irvin is 14 on this list wow Okay Fred wlitnikov 13. james lofton Number 12. here's what i thought was so Impressive about charlie Joyner he was great eleven

Landed worth ten she's great lance Always great Art monk nine chris carter Eight randy moss they have his number Seven Seven t.o is six on this list Fifty-year-olds five hudson four Total johnson is three calvin johnson Larget is two jerry rice is one Large and is two they have him as number Two 200 games 819 receptions for 13 000 yards 100 tds that's a lot of tds He held every major receiving record When he retired and was the first player To catch a hundred touchdown passes Yeah i mean he was great i i i i Debated steve largent mike michael irvin So i'm gonna give you the only thing my Only issue with michael irvin In my top having him in my top five and Making him number three Was he didn't score a million touchdowns Okay So let me give you michael irvin's He didn't play long he played 11 years Okay and the only reason he didn't play Beyond that is because he had the neck Injury otherwise he would have still Been going All right here we go michael irvin this Is was his consecutive His stats in consecutive years from 91 To 98 99 was when he got hurt got it

91 93 catches 1523 yards 92 78 catches 1396 yards 93 88 catches 1330 yards 94 79 catches 1241 yards 95 111 catches 1603 yards 96 64 catches 962 yards the only reason He didn't break a thousand Is because he was hurt for five games Okay He only played in 11 games that year 97 75 catches for 1180 yards 98 74 catches for 1057 yards and next Year he broke his neck In the fifth game and that was the end Of his career so yeah The chat here it's uh another one says Rice Moss tio fitz largent Rice moss teo Fitz largent all right let's look at t.o T.o is pretty impressive don't count his Time with seattle He did have 153 touchdown catches Hey i guess i guess they just have a Problem with t.o because of Uh and maybe we are shafting t.o One name we haven't mentioned it for a While t.o.s Tio's consecutive year's numbers you Ready But every year he ends up being a Problem somewhere and he gets moved out But his production San francisco 67 actually i'll start

Second year 60 catches 936 67 1097 60 for 754 97 14 51 93 14 12 100 for 1300 80 for 1102 77 for 1200 Then he threw a 47 in for sixty three Only in seven games whatever happened There Uh 85 for one 1180 with dallas 81 for 1355 at dallas 69 for 1052 with Dallas Um 55 for 829 72 for 983 Basically got worked out of there Because he was a pain in the butt not Because he wasn't good enough Anymore so Uh pretty pretty impressive consecutive Years there yeah Listen i think a name that is always Gonna be forgotten For whatever how about ocho cinco For a while chad johnson was the dude What's that ocho cinco Chad johnson for a while he was the guy Yeah back you know megatron Ocho cinco oh ocho cinco You know not even in the as chad Johnson's 36th in yards I mean he's not even the ballpark he did Kick an extra point He was a great great receiver how about Look can we look at wes welker's numbers Wes welker what's welker's numbers Uh it's the schumann some sort of

Controversy Is he swinging something along those Lines Um okay so wes wes Welker don't listen it in yards Unless i'm missing him Where do you go to college wes welker Texas tech Gun's up um Where's that well i just want i don't See he's not listening to the top things She's henry ellard 1377 yards i think You played for rams Let's do okay so how about andre johnson Better career Reggie wayne did that back for career i Mean there's a lot of guys The whole thing you know once everybody Started chucking the ball around That's kind of like a tough see the 90s They didn't chuck it around that much Running backs man you know like all Right so i mean jeremy rice Jerry rice's numbers are just Mind-blowing All right tight tight ends are we going To next no we're going to Wide receivers right now wide receivers Right now My number one deandre hopkins I got hopkins hmm Adam adams is my two davonte adams And then you got i don't know Hill who's the best

Right now deandre hopkins Hopkins who Hopkins Hill Mike evans And then julio jones Deandre hopkins devonta adams Tyree kill who's the best career-wise or Who's the best like you want on your Team now This is just what i'm saying and then Right behind them I got And it could be right there man Is stefan diggs keenan allen Those guys are beasts all right i gotta Go Uh you gotta look I i just like to look at all the Available people I gotta go um okay i got a Warlock maine says i wouldn't contest That Thank you he likes the list well hey you Want to be a crowd pleaser great job I'm not a crowd pleaser i think It's amazing all right i'll go hopkins Hill michael Thomas julio Jones One of our chat guys don justin Jefferson's gonna be the guy he's gonna I'm gonna yeah i i'm gonna go i'm gonna Go

As far as what they've done So far i want to say mike evans that's My five Yeah i i just like Hill's explosiveness i don't think you Don't have atoms on your list I have six Diggs is right there man i'm telling you Like i could easily Put digs in i think is eight You know let's see the other one says Hopkins adams digs hill julio Um i think a lot of i think i think it's It's i definitely think it's easier now To pick certain guys Yeah but uh yeah i mean Because right there too is amari cooper He's close You know who i really like who's like Nobody jarvis landry bro Jarvis landrieu is great he's just Consistent Is odell in your top ten Uh-huh you know the last couple years he Hasn't done much He if he asked me two years ago he would Have been ever since that game Against the carolina panthers where he Lost his mind Against what's his name who was covering Him and he just Lost it's been downhill for him since That game And i was there at the game and i

Watched him Just i've never seen a professional lose Their mind like that You know it was it was something to Experience that's for sure But yeah so our lists are pretty Consistent um Other than the fact that my number two Isn't even in your top five Uh i think we both agree we both agree On hopkins obviously that guy's just a Freak of nature Um tyreek hill he's up there obviously i Mean you see him every single week doing It I think it'll be really exciting in the Super bowl to see hill and evans I liked every kill's ticket knocks with His girlfriend hilarious So glad Yeah i can only imagine um Is julio jones trending down though Uh did i put julio jones in my top five Number four yeah um And he basically played the entire year Hurt as hell i liked Him he literally was getting like five Surgeries done as soon as the season Ended Uh julio jones is probably towards the End Last couple of years i i don't i don't Know who's better right which alabama Receiver is better right now amari

Cooper he's so big though He he could become a different receipt When you're that big i think he could Stay longer because you can Use your body like larry fitzgerald yeah You could adapt to it like If you're purely a speed guy and your Speed goes out then you got a A different issue will tyrek hill lose His speed Will tyree he'll lose his speed it's Tyreek hill he's He's got more than anybody he's still Tyreek hill In three years yes he's not gonna lose His speed for a while Unless he gets injured injury you never Know what i'm gonna take is one torn acl Knock on wood All right so current receivers of all Time And current current receivers right now And top receivers of all time Let's go to tight ends oh you want to go To the big daddies yeah this is where I'm the kind of receiver guys The tight ends tight end position has Changed Tight end position has changed that's What makes it tough Like are you gonna put mike on this list Uh like i i think dick it might be I i kinda i am gonna pull up i'm gonna Confess

Like kellen winslow like i'm gonna pull Up a top What other i don't think i can name all All-time tight Ends like is somebody who's the guy from The giants bavaro No no not in it not it i know who number One is So i already know number one yeah Shannon sharp No no Really no he's not number one he's not On your list No he's uh well we're going where are we Going with the top five Top five tight ends okay I think he probably makes that list but It's uh There's a tight end's tough man Tight ends tough different guys Antonio gates has to be in there uh Yeah of course all right so Gronk is gronk in there um Gronk's my number five Gronk's won a lot of super bowl my Number one Are you going number one i'll let you go First tony gonzalez Absolutely number one not even close Number two is gates Okay number three I gotta take a look at this one because This one's tough you pulled up the Athlon list

This one's tough man three Because we're going all the time all the Time three Has to be shannon sharp So tony gonzalez won gates two Sharp three and I think i gotta go with jason witten as Four And then gronk five Okay i'm gonna stick with my theme guys Guys who changed the game no oh here we Go That means ditka's on this list kellen Winslow's on this list Gonzalez is your number one I'll let you go you go go ahead i see The smoke coming out of your head i Don't know if it's your earbuds or if It's actual thinking Okay number five is dikka hands down The best blocking tight end of all time No one's close so he should have just Been a tackle But still had 43 touchdowns in a time When you never Threw the ball right i get it Mike dicker was an animal Got it he was gronk before gronk Mike cronk is not on this list okay All right number four kellen Winslow the daddy Kellen winslow is The first person to do All these things that as a tight end

That you now see Gronk doing he lined up as a receiver He lined up as tight end he Was A probably first ballot pro bowler Just like mike dicker Okay number three Is really hard because because i choose Number three One of the guys who i think are really Good there's actually two That don't get in okay Number three Is i hate to say it But i gotta go with it shannon sharpe Who was that he sharp was your what Three who was four Four was uh winslow five was uh Okay buddy all right so three shannon Sharp was Such a big mill yeah He was so good though he literally was Like a receiver Like i mean he was on a team that didn't Throw that much and he had a bazillion Catches so I don't know i mean he won what two Super bowls yeah Eight time pro bowler that's probably More than any of these guys And the fact that he won one with the Ravens Yep number two Antonio gates yep production

I would say is the biggest thing with Him And then big daddy number one and then Number one To me it's tony g it's no Not close you know he is the best tight End of all time it's not Close and um he was actually a great Blocker As well oh yeah he had them long arms i Mean he was just Physical you know that's what made him So effective he was a great receiver and He was in fact He was like a great person he's a great Yes Yes great human being antonio gates Wasn't a great blocker excellent Receiver I shafted the gronk who who i am a fan Of i shafted ozzie newsome He didn't get in there um Uh three being shannon sharp i just Think shannon sharp Was kellen winslow part Uh part two and then kellen winslow part Three was antonio gates And now gronk is like part f Is is kind of like gronk is more like a Gonzalez slash Um dikka slash ozzy newsome you know What i'm saying Yep so uh like that style shannon sharp Is like the kellen winslow good enough

Blocker strong But great receiver kellen wins a great Receiver Was a decent blocker at times but His his receiving was unbelievable And then i told you dikka was the best Blocker Of all these guys but he was Um he was an unstoppable receiver i mean I'd like to see people today Ta you know tackle him guys are we Shafting like a jeremy shockey Guys who didn't make the list no john Mack You're not you're not a jeremy's hockey Fan he was pretty good for a little While helen winslow jr Nah with kelvinzo jr no i mean jimmy Graham Jimmy graham is is probably in the top 15. Uh jason winton's probably top ten Bavaro I didn't think of him top top Here's one here's one for you ben coates Ben coates was very good for i'll give You two guys That are i'll give you one that i Thought you were gonna name who Jay novacek I like jay novacek he was great He was a great receiver he's definitely Top 15 um Dallas clark i like keith jackson was a

Great receiver i don't know how long he Lasted But he was great do you know where keith Jackson uh went to Uh played uh college ball see here's the Thing you gotta look at some of these Trophies and what they're named after And those guys probably should be on the List Mackie well the mackie uh av mackey was Great Um he revolutionized uh tight end along With mike dicker Um all right so now let's transition Let's go current tight ends Current tight well no i know who number One is who's that Are you kidding me travis kelsey okay But i want to know your two Zack ertz that's my we're matching up Right now Number three it's not this one won't be The same You know it does it does hurt that i Didn't put jay novacek in there as a Cowboy Saying that's why i thought like that i Just know his numbers i know he didn't Last That long by the way jay novacek was a Uh a national level decathlete and you Know where he went to college I don't know bro wyoming um Zachary you got hertz you got kelsey at

One Earth set two um Kelsey want urchin to gronk well Wow if you're gonna do that then we're That's really weird because we'll be Lined up Yeah i think gronk's three oh my god ah Look at us on the same page all right so Now four and five Is tough i think four My four could easily be three if not he May be Two kittle You had george kittle he's my Four but could easily be i think a three Or two That mustache alone puts him up a couple Spots Uh i'm going to give you i'm going to Give you a fifth the fifth guy Five my five is gonna show you You won't pick who i have as far well i Don't know I would agree with you a kittle at four Also i'm in agreement on that My five is someone that probably people Don't have My five people definitely don't have Mike casicki are you serious How are we lined up literally one Through five you have mike kasich Prayer to god no way i've loved him Not just because we now live where he's From but

I've followed him at penn state he was a Freak of nature at penn state He went into the league little Adjustment period you know what i'm Saying Now year two three he's starting to get It Watch out because he's gonna be right up There with those big dogs I'm telling you right now and you're Always on the same page as me I lo i like i like here so let's see Anthony mckinney played tight end in the League and his son went to dartmouth And he um uh um Play with me at uconn i see he's he like Mackie Uh yep it's if you can catch balls and Block which is Is is definitely i'll tell you right now Which he was unbelievable todd Christensen You know what i might have had that Wrong maybe todd christian was wyoming Shift throughout the year oh jimmy know Which check is wyoming When you lean that way you go out of the Screen oh yeah i know Am i out of the screen right now no You're good i'll just let you know oh Yeah You know what check played at let me see If i'm right was i right wyoming College ball jay nova wyoming i was

Right I'll tell you i'll tell you something Where did todd christians look like He was a big guy in the 80s listen i Know i don't I don't but i don't know If there's a better position than tight End todd chris should play to brigham Young Because you get to smash the hell out of Somebody on one play And then the next one you could be Catching a ball for a touchdown I agree i agree it's a cool key jackson Anthony we love you I just remember listening to my top five But let me go to Let me talk about keith jackson for a Second are we talking like keith jackson Like the announcer No keith jackson you know where he Played his he was a Three-time all-american guy are we no Is he the announcer guy no you know Where he played at I don't know brigham young the announcer Guy is caucasian Jackson is african-american oh i don't i Really have no idea Oklahoma the sooners He was three-time all-american and he Would catch like 12 balls a year Do you know what they used to do with Him this is how good he was

Jackson look how good he was you know What they played for philly Miami and green bay great do you know Q 260 do you know what they used to do With it when he was in oklahoma Oklahoma wishful triple option do you Know what that do you know how they Would get on the ball sometimes They hand it to him he ran the reverse He was he ran the reverse he was a tight End Where everything's flowing one way and Then bam that comes back this way He would run the reverse so his last Year was 96 with green bay He was six to 260 First round pick yep He won a super bowl yup six-time pro Bowler Yeah that's pretty big that's pretty Darn good and he could block So he had 441 careers reception For 5 283 yards and 49 touchdowns Better stats probably than dick but Dikka was just a little bit ahead of his Time That's a big boy 260 catching passes He was he he was he was great There's a lot there's a lot of guys that Um little rock arkansas Is that where he was from yeah i love Wikipedia I'm trying to think of uh you know jason

Went at 13 000 receiving yours and he's Still playing Is he still playing yes he's on the Raiders 6-6 263 from tennessee Do you know he played in college you'll Be shocked at this I'm sorry so so jackson caught passes From uh Like i mean i figured it was but anthony Is telling Uh from uh randall cunningham yes I had a coach that played for randall Cunningham like he went through camp and Got cut But coach pacifico used to say like look At my fingers The reason they look like this is Because randall cunningham threw that Thing so hard I broke more fingers trying to catch his Passes That's how much he had on it where did Randall cunningham go to college Randall cut university of nevada las Vegas unlv Wow okay a program that you know allowed A high school coach to take it over All right anthony's right on it unlv Anthony must be a philly fan I'm not sure you and elvi Was on that eagles team who reggie white Reggie white yeah would that mean does That mean irving fryer was on that to

You Listen you may have irving fryer was Great do you know where he Growing up as a miami fan you know what I'm saying like You know my dog he started out in new England on fire You know he's definitely not an eagles Fan he says held to the no Do you know do you know uh wherever and Friar played as college ball No and he was like keith jackson didn't Catch a ton of pass but average like 30 Yards a catch All right matt dangler he Played at nebraska Which i've seen a lot of reports lately If anybody wants scott frost this is it Bro Like really yeah he lost another i guess Big time guy to transfer and Like he's on the hot seat like this One's gonna be it they may pull the Trigger on him after this year Because that's his home don't matter bro This is this is nebraska bro He should have just stayed at ucf and Just lived in disney Who's on his way to being a legend yeah We blew it Well i think those are pretty good lists Dude by the way i got Some great plays from what he used to Run at ucf

Good let's do it don't start two of our Big sets from this year or from that It wasn't nebraska night no irving fryer Was 80s nebraska irving fryer was The same time probably that keith Jackson was over At oklahoma in that same time frame so The super bowl Is kelsey vs gronk I have as much a role though i'm just Saying You got everybody's going to be talking About my homies brady my home's brady my Home is brady Oh frost he wasn't 95 no frost was like Nebraska 90s lawrence phillips i think he was i Think frost was the yeah 96 97 yeah because tommy frazier was 95 And then lost was after boston was right After because frost was the backup Right that's when lawrence phillips Pushed him in your face Clock clock climbed it lawrence phillips Says Nothing will stop me from getting into This apartment right yep he klein he Scaled it Oh and he made it he got him Don't yo are you talking to my girl boom Lights out Why yeah i don't know what the situation Was well rest in peace because he ain't Around anymore

No it's a sad story He was so good He was so good man he's like a um who Was better Who who's the bigger bust lawrence Phillips Or maurice claret Maurice claret that was brutal You know what maurice clelack would not If he just stayed he wouldn't have been A bust Because if he came out so early and he Wasn't right like I play outfit against lawrence phillips What number Did maurice clarette wear played against The correct What do you wear 20 Dan marino he was 13. God that freshman year he had was Ridiculous remember what lawrence Phillips wore Five i thought he wore one wasn't he Five Oh no no five was tommy frazier one was Lawrence phillips you're right You're right wow you got me on that one Who would you rather tackle Jerome bettis Or mike allstar Oh played against lp but claret was a Bigger bust Agreed um I'm sorry would you say who would you

Rather see in the hole Right nice you make a nice scrape you Fill Jerome bettis or mike alstott As a linebacker i'd want to meet whoever Is in the hole but I i would say this is not a personal Thing i'm just saying Who's harder to handle Dude both of that they're both tackling Either of those dudes Attacker and Might have been faster so he maybe was Coming with more At the point of impact jerome bettis was I'll tell you this Jerome bettis yeah definitely had more Shake Jerome bettis um when he was at notre Dame when they won a national Championship Oh that he was there yeah was that tim Brown too No tim brown was before who was the Quarterback of that team Tony rice Bettis was unbelievable it was Unbelievable They were in the triple option and He was just dive back forget it He would he would get the ball as dive Back and like Be out like touchdown like split Safeties

Because you had to worry about um tony Rice running And then they're running but you know What else their running back was Ricky waters i love that guy When he was with the niners i liked him With the niners when they won not when He was with the eagles And the rocket was probably there too Ishmael I think he was there at the same time All of them he didn't have a very good Nfl career right He was he was pretty good he was more of A kick returner He had a couple of but now here's Another one okay so that's one that You're making a tackle not In now you're making a tackle in space Reggie bush or tyreek hill Uh in space reggie bush uh uh uh Hands down easier to tackle is reggie Bush Tyree kill although tyree kills You know a little different style diary Kill's a little measured when he makes Moves like He makes moves he like calculates them Yeah like He'll go two yards by you stop And like come back a yard to go back Around you because of your pursuit Whereas reggie bush i think just hit it And bam i love this question oh

Campbell or bettis yeah yeah and Anthony's well we'll go back how about I'm just going to run I agree i think tyree i think reggie Bush is more Shifty flat ahead fast so let's let's Let's address this one who would you Rather tackle Definitely the hardest attack i would Run to the sideline Campbell i mean campbell The difference between betis and Campbell they might have like I think campbell's legs were bigger and Then The other thing was campbell was faster So that point of Exploding like he was like a legitimate He was like a legit 10-4 100 meter You're like talking physics man you're Talking size Motion you know what i'm saying what About like Tyrique world-class speed too this tire Is what about Tyrone harry sanders what's that tyrique Or barry sanders Yeah i like her guys that's all right There Bettis will put you in the hospital Campbell put you in the morgue i agree That goes on the quote board behind you What was what what'd you say about Tyrique

I said what about like tyreek hill or Barry sanders Barry sanders but here's eric sanders The All-time hardest guy to tackle it's got To tackle barry sanders Number one number one hardest guy to Tackle The difference is barry sanders could Get caught So like if he made a move and broken the Open he got caught a lot because he was Like a four High four fours guy tyrique if he makes His move and gets Bought the other night which i wasn't Expecting no he didn't really get caught They had over the top angle on him But you're right he is a measured he is A measured Uh it's like he calculates his moves It's weird He like he's like you know what can i Get to the end zone here No okay let me get as much as i can like He's thinking Yeah he does he's so fast that's Probably why he could do it Like when he jogged down on that block He just kind of he just tried it out He was road jogging he was real jogging Waiting for the pictures to be breaking You know that's crazy But i i but i think that's uh the best

Running back we talked about this What what do we what do we do what did We do with top five running backs Yeah we did we did A lot a lot of love for barry man Another one says barry sanders would Snap it just snapped acls yeah Yeah yeah i mean he was just Oh anthony says best running back boj What you had great speed juice oj had Great speed good moves He was on the usc hundred four by one Relay um That set the world record so we both Agree both agree barry sanders hardest Player in the history of the nfl to Tackle I would say yes to to get your hands on Probably the most difficult of all time And then earl campbell if you switch Gears It did the top five running backs who Did i i said what did i say did i say Jim brown number one Or barry i said i bought it it was barry Jim brown but you had emmett on there Oh yeah i have to have hamburgle was on There I think i had dickerson I definitely had dickerson on there is Eddie george top 10 No he maybe yardage wise Best college back of all time that's a Good one i like what anthony

Jim brown jim brown that's like herschel Walker bo jackson My uh ahead of his time like that's part Of my thing Although i at my receivers it was tough And tight Ends it was tough to really because you I had walter payton number one i thought Their time that you couldn't like in Wide receiver teddy because the game was So different That it was hard i mean anthony's got I love eddie george bro But listen uh you know you know i'm a Huge walter payton guy Love walter payton love um Jim brown you know those guys were just Amazing College backs we've never done that That's got to be like herself walker Ricky williams reggie bush Ron dane he set the record I would never put him on my every Wisconsin back sets the record True the next one didn't what's his name Set the record um Yeah there was like three in a row they Just all broke it and Our boy's gonna be the next one uh well Uh Yeah but he didn't start he just started Carrying a ball at the end You need those four years you need full A full four marshall faulk good call

Champ marshall well marshall vlogs great Back Definitely love them Love marshall fall uh college Marshall fork was great but like you Look at all those miami running backs They weren't very good in college most Dominant College back of all time i would have to Say herschel walker Yeah cause nobody you just whatever bo Jackson Bo jackson was two years old Who was the dude from oklahoma that they Did the whatever Dupri his career wasn't great in college Got it he the greatest High school back of all time royal Divine Dupree number one number two The great derrick henry's the second Greatest back In high school history marcus dupree Number one Number two derek henry um Noel divine wins the highlight tape then Greatest highlighter ever Number number three that was the Freakish highlight game i've ever seen In my life Number three they used to call him the Uh what was his name he held the wreck Before derek cameron broke it Uh he's from texas of course he was

He went to uh what was his name He still holds the record he probably Didn't go to texas No he went to texas a m play for bear Bryant Um i think reggie bush has to be on that List Running backs high school or in college Absolutely Oh you don't think so Tony dorsett good call anthony tony Dorsett Is was the definitely the most maybe the Most explosive He might be the most like who could get To the end zone now I mean uh i think you're 100 right with Herself walker Though he he just he's a forget Ahead of his time yeah like he Basically he had the moves he just Outran you all right you're over And he actually successfully did it Which was amazing yup and he did it all With push-ups and sit-ups So the the um the the greatest bat The record before derek henry broke it Was Um ken hall basically sugarland express Here's his crazy story so obviously bear Brian coach the texas a m first that's Where you got the junction boys Junction boys all went to texas a M you can make it through that you're a

God so Just like the mistake that um Uh barry switzer made with marcus dupree Where he was overly hard on him And they needed to be loved up marcus Debris couldn't handle it really Right he freaked out um and i'm friends With him on facebook too i think marcus Supre Uh and he probably yeah i say coach Stupid I i i i think he probably he probably Would say he wasn't mature enough at That time right and and then Handle that stuff and then you would Also say that you know what Barry switzer would not have treated ten Years later he would not have treated You know in the 90s you wouldn't have Treated martial you can't treat god Come on man no way but that but Obviously bear brian Back in the 50s 60s 50s what about what About eddie george in college Or uh ken hall what about work done They said ken hall was of his time was The greatest running back The guy who won the heisman trophy david Alan crowe Um he won the heisman trophy he Ken hall was his backup he said ken hall Was the best back he'd ever seen it's Just that his relationship with harry Sanders thurman thomas yeah what are we

Talking college here Yeah college um Falcon college had six carries for four Tds anthony said Yeah he played at san diego state and he Did he was great in college Tomlinson ron dayne was great in college Um [Music] Is that like an inside thing we had a Running back that was Really good but just wasn't fast who Conley No kylie was kylie was fast Kylie was fast they did not give conley A fair shake Isn't it frustrating when you look back Because i can look back at my teams and Say He didn't get a fair shake he should Have gotten um you can look I can look back and say the exact same Thing about certain guys that i play With like This guy was really really good He had an odd style of running okay And if you if you were to watch his Style It would not sync with what you would Think a back style should be but he was Physical fast and he was difficult to Tackle but anyway that's not here or There Um it was it was

And anthony's right we did have so many Good tailbacks i mean we We had so many good tailbacks that You know it you know in today's day and Age we would have moved some of those Guys to receiver It's like slot holtz ended up doing that After i left i'm gonna move some guys to Slot could you have moved some guys to Tight end Or h-backs if you use them well we had We had full backs and i'm sure some of Those guys could have went and played Defense Probably i mean if you think about it The way that they They structured it they really should Have taken some of them and put them in Different Spots maybe you got you had too many Good guys Nothing nowadays you would have you Would have taken Right because you utilized them in Different ways it would have been like You're one two three Best ass or or half of those guys would Have transferred In this day and age Yeah but not an fcs i i just think nfc Yeah wilbur what he was a hell of a Tailback yeah i didn't realize that his Senior year he played fullback at the Time

He was i my red shirt freshman year this Guy these guys talk about what we're Doing here He scored five touchdown i was the uh I blocked for a mile i think i got four Of them at fullback He scored five touchdowns in a game and He just had a He had a way of making you correct When you made a lead block well he read You He always read you what you're supposed To do like i tell the receivers just get Into him the back will make the cut off Of you Right so he never oh He always made you right so if you Turned him one way he would just make The right cut And and it was just great because you Know what thank you You didn't you had to dig them out in The old days but you didn't have to dig Them out Um no dude you don't have to cry it Doesn't have to be a pancake block on Every time Just get your angles get your feet Around get your hands in the right spot Right you know just just once he gets Once he's If a tailback gets even with you when You're blocking you should be good You know what i mean i hate to go

Because i smell good food here And i think we're gonna have to but i'd Like to tomorrow Go to another position since we have Such a dull week well we got Defense man yeah tomorrow well let's go Let's go o-line d-line tomorrow i i Don't even A d-line will be a lot easier o-line i'm Not go i don't have a clue Come on take do some research i don't Even think i can name on offense number One anthony munoz Okay nate newton hey newton's definitely Top five Allen fannika i don't even know who that Is nick mangold Um made soda Bizelli sally was great Joe thomas joe thomas definitely top Five Uh anthony yeah Give me your top five another one shoot It in there we'll put it up real quick And We'll preface it with that for tomorrow Ogden baby All right so here's where we go pace oh Yeah Pace yes lando pace anthony's right on Munoz ogden was great pace Shell art shell jackie slater I'm gonna have to do some research here Do your research

Nick mangold Or another his sister was a great Athlete Great athlete was she olympian Power lifting or something yes yes He could have started any high school Team in america I would have taken her right now no Doubt about it i think she was a like Olympic champion He was like a power lifter man all right We're out we're getting the drop Listening to this episode of football And the kitchen sink With coach human and coach deepa scully Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a Single episode If you like what you heard leave us a Review and be sure We will meet you back here next time on Football and the kitchen sink All right we're out i'm starving Everybody appreciate the interaction A lot more fun when you guys come on We'll always interact with you Have a great day all right later later

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