Focus on Improving, Competing, Academics and Your Film by Coach Schuman

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Focus on Improving, Competing, Academics and Your Film by Coach Schuman See more videos like these at If you are an athlete looking to get your name out there go to and fill out the info to go…

Focus on Improving, Competing, Academics and Your Film by Coach Schuman
See more videos like these at If you are an athlete looking to get your name out there go to and fill out the info to go directly to over 5000 college coaches for FREE.

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What's going on everybody just wanted to Talk to you a little bit about today the Importance and understanding of you know How you get recruited how that actually Happens and just really could like get a Real reality check here you know more And more it's amazing there's so much More information out there in the Recruiting process and yet there's still I would argue and say that there's more Misinformation than ever even though you Could have more information accessible To you and people are more confused than Ever I am overwhelmed and concerned at the Same time with how many athletes and Their parents ask the same exact Question how many coaches are going to Be at a camp you know is this camp going To provide me two exposure first of all Most of you guys haven't taken care of The most important thing which is Becoming a great player and you think That showing up at a camp is gonna be Something that's gonna help you become Recruited you gotta understand the Important aspects is number one becoming A great football player doing the things That are necessary from your coaches at The high school level or at the youth Level in order to get yourself better in Eighth grade you don't need to worry About recruiting exposure just go out And compete and do the best job you can

And learn from the coaches you're Working with whatever camp you go to the Other stuff is just complete and utter Nonsense If you get recruited out of an event you Do really well you test and you could Then leverage it even if you're a young Guy then didn't go ahead and do that Take the information and build your Resume as a player that way when you go To a camp and you go and compete you Started to build your resume you do well At a comma You put that on your resume you go to College can't be do well before you even Step foot on some of these college Campuses you have as most of you haven't Even talked to a college coach you Haven't even reached out you haven't Even spoken to anybody yet you need to Speak to somebody and find out if your Recruitable from that school of that one Of those schools are interested in who's Going to be at you know the school you Know what coaches if you're going to a College camp is it gonna be your coach Is it just gonna be their coaches or is It gonna be other coaches as well if you Go to a spring showcase or camp yeah I Mean if college coaches come and see it That's great It is so unnecessary all that has to Happen is the information has to go to College coaches that you're a recruiter

Guy that you did well at the camp for You know provide some results maybe an Evaluation but most importantly the Information that goes to the college Coaches with your your your your data Your your verified height and weight and Those kind of things are real important And then just how competitive are you Like I'm always shocked by how many People say I'm not gonna go out and Compete you're not gonna go out and Compete like what do you think you're Gonna do when you go to college you're Gonna compete you should be competing All the time you should be training all The time to become better you should be Playing multiple sports in the offseason To become better at competing Competition is the key training and Developing your skills is important but Competing once you start to develop Those skills is the key coaches want to See you compete we're looking for Athletes we're looking for competitors We're looking for warriors guys that Want to fight and battle and you know at The college level the pro level to look For the same exact thing I'm not looking For guys that want to shy away from Competition or just looking for a Handout because you showed up at Something and oh my goodness you showed Up and now maybe somebody should recruit You because you showed up

And that's almost comical and I get the Same questions over act actually it's Increased over the last several years And I think that's just because there's So many events now out there that people Are confused and you need to really Focus on like a having a great academic Transcript be developing your skill sets And developing your ability to compete See having great film having great film Is critical the first step for guys that Come in and looking at possibly or for You okay D making sure other people you Compete against are not just you know Guys locally but you go and compete Wherever you can and then II make sure Your character and the best proper Should be hey I don't know you know make Sure your character is top-notch don't Post things on social media that could Possibly put you in a situation where a Coach is gonna question your character It's it's important if you want to go to College these are critical things for You to understand if you are a player And you're want you want to be recruited In a college coach finds out that you Don't do those things it's the quickest Thing when they talk to your high school Coach to get you unrecruited it is Critical to do all the things necessary To become great become great isn't Something you just post on Instagram or Twitter

Um say that you're great becoming great Is something that you do every single Day it's a process every single day work On every single skill work on your Academics working your athletics work on Your strengths and condition and work on Your speed work on your competitiveness Those are things you can work on every Single day those are things you can Control you could control the effort That you have to get each one of these Things better hope this helps you I Think a lot of you guys need some Reality check because it's it's amazing When I when I read some of the things That I get And how confused people are and I'm Hoping this will help you and get you to A place where you need I played you know At Division one level I've coach for a long time I deal with NFL athletes from my agency stamp when I Coach high school football I deal with So many college coaches all the time and I see so many recurring themes don't Fall for the nonsense to make sure you Understand those things before you set Foot on a college campus make sure you Know that you might be a guy that They're interested in because otherwise You're wasting your time you only have So much time in his life and there's so Much time in this game and make sure you Make the most of it coach them inside it


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