Explaining LSU’s Blast Match Up RPO with Coach Schuman

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Explaining LSU’s Blast Match Up RPO Subscribe right away and get all the great updates NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to the…

Explaining LSU’s Blast Match Up RPO
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Let's coach human here I want to break Down another great LSU play this is an RPO that they'll run off the strong Safety again and they're running a base Off of one-on-one matchups and trying to Get the ball to the receiver that They're gonna think is the best matchup So they're picking on here primarily two People they're picking the slot on an Outside linebacker and they're picking On the strong safety who has to get Involved in the run game and you'll see This here it's a perfect matchup Scenario for them and they take full Advantage of it All right here we are so let's list back This play up all right so let's first of All take a look at the box so by taking A look at the box we're gonna have a Really good idea as to what's going on What's gonna be front support standpoint They have a trips wing set up one back In the backfield they're running a lead Play here just a little lead play and Check out ok they have one two three Four five six seven and if you count Your over over option that's eight four Five seven or if you count your over Option for a Georgia Southern as two Three four five six clearly outnumbered At the point of attack so wherever they Go with the ball inside the box seven Four six at minimum possibly eight four Six if they run option okay now if

They're doing it kind of read option You give them guys that they can count Getting involved and run him so what LSU Does is they run an RPO off the strong Safety which forces which forces Georgia Southern to make decision run run pass Wise with their strong safety so who Were they gonna pick on here you know Pick on the strong safety here they have To choose person so let's think about This from a run past standpoint this and This guy's a nickel or outside Linebacker depending on who the Personnel package they're in okay and This is strong safety They have they're looking for a better Matchup and they're gonna run scenario This switch routes okay This guy's gonna come down into the box Show what his eyes is going to see the Strong safety and he is going to then as Soon as you see it comes out into the Box his decision to throw the slam the Fate he throws the fade and it's why It's it's a good matchup and it's a win All right see you here okay you can see The Li blocking and we talked about the Four and here is the strong safety there He is he's coming in once support Already this guy is flat-footed and a Disadvantage he has no idea where he's Going to go today which creates a great Scenario for LSU the slant right now the Rug he's ready to throw he automatically

Offers read off the safety he is Throwing the football he thinks he's got A good matchup and it's a touchdown okay That's a great example there of an RPO Picking on the strong safety where they Run the the rub route okay and really The truth is I'd love to you know they Run it here but that you could really Run this where you could rub this guy Off the edge of the receiver and Possibly get the slant wide open and Maybe even make this wrist robber even Easier but what's interesting about what They do from a route standpoint is they Put this guy on the on the kind of the The banana inside the inside fade he's Immediately getting up the field Vertical and created a situation where The outside linebacker Nickelback has to Turn his hips and run right Now so it's an interesting way to run it And it's effective for them especially If you've got a guy that could run but I Like to try and get a little bit more of A rub but you can see they also have to Slant inside here as well is open so you Kind of pick your poison kind of deal Here but there it is so that that's it That's another example of an excellent RPO the day run from a a blast read and It gives them an advantage of numbers And it gives them an advantage of Matchups to get the best player ball Player to into the ball it's all about

Getting your bull carriers and your and Your receivers and your quarterbacks get The best guys the football give them a Great opportunity have the least amount Of people matched up against them have Numbers advantages and you're gonna be Very successful in the field all right Coach humans

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