Coach Schuman appearance on Fresh Take Podcast Talking Deion Sanders, Colorado Football Recruiting

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Coach Schuman appearance on Fresh Take Podcast Talking Deion Sanders, Colorado Football Recruiting #coloradofootball #deionsanders #coachschuman Subscribe right away and get all the great updates #football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball NUC is the longest running series of high…

Coach Schuman appearance on Fresh Take Podcast Talking Deion Sanders, Colorado Football Recruiting
#coloradofootball #deionsanders #coachschuman
Subscribe right away and get all the great updates
#football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball

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On this week's edition of the fresh Take Podcast brought to you by Craig's Power Equipment we're chatting with national Football recruiting Guru David Schumann Remember the fresh stick podcast is Brought to you by Craig's Power Equipment locally owned family run right Here in Colorado Springs the corner of Wasatch in vermahoe welcome back to the First tick podcast I'm Justin Hart and This afternoon I'm being joined by a guy Who runs the largest High School Football combine and recruitment Showcase in the Country David Schumann And David uh welcome to the first take Oh it's great to be on Well David it's recruiting time we just Had the uh early signing period end uh Back in December right before Christmas We're uh in between now we got the Transfer portal about to close down I Believe January 15th am I uh correct and Then we got the next couple weeks then The national Signing Day of course will Be the for the late signing period will Be the first week in February and a guy Who's been on the grind a guy who's been Working the portal I also work in the High schools it's coach Prime Dion Sanders up at Cu uh what are your first Thoughts about Coach Prime's first Signing class well I think in a very Short time period put together a very Good signing class and depending on what

He gets with the transfer portal Um in the next few weeks it could be a Monumental class for Colorado I mean 24 7 Sports has them ranked I think in the Top 50 overall Um yep 23rd Right some have as high as top 20 uh Some of the other services so it's Really it's pretty incredible what he's Been able to do in a short time period To have uh a top 25 class possibly in uh In a month that's incredible yeah let's Just look at some of the the kids who Really stick out uh who signed a letter Of an intent back in December uh first Of all you got to start with uh Dylan Edwards a running back out of uh Derby Kansas four-star Prospect Yeah he's a scat guy he's got a lot of Speed great change of Direction that's a Big pickup among two other four-star Pickups in such a short time period Um all guys that are top 300 National You know Omarion Miller and Adam Hopkins Along with it it's just just incredible To get those guys in the first class uh Omarion Miller a kid from North Louisiana out of North Cato uh Was uh on the list high with uh LSU uh Was possibly people thought he was going To sign with LSU heavy uh seeing that Young man on film yeah I mean he's a big Wide receiver that goes up and get it he Has tremendous speed uh much like a lot

Of Louisiana players they're physical And very very athletic great at leaping Ability LSU does not allow a lot of players to Leave the state of Louisiana so I think That's a really strong indication on What Dion's able to do nationally to be Able to dip in Louisiana and get a Player out of there Adam Hopkins out of Thomasville Georgia six foot 174 star Ride receiver uh also on his way to Boulder yeah not not surprised uh there That he was able to pull him Um again along the same lines he's done Amazing job with skill players Um Thomas Thomasville Georgia's known to Produce a lot of players that's a place That's had a lot of players come out of There a lot of them in the past have Gone to the Georgia schools Georgia Tech And Georgia and Dion's dipping into There to get a get a player out of Thomasville uh what do you know about The uh quarterback uh that uh coach Prime signed a Cason Wiseman uh out of Douglasville Georgia uh I guess a Suburban Atlanta area yeah so I think It's interesting the the quarterback That he signed Um because of the fact that now he's He's a three-star Prospect Um he can do a lot of things really well He throws the ball well he can move as Well

Um but what's interesting is because He's bringing in uh well we think that Shador is going to come with him uh to Colorado I bet everything I own on that Um he's going to be a prospect that's Going to give him someone who if Dory That goes down or when shadora leaves a Guy that can go in right away from that Standpoint and be a top quarterback he's Emphasized so much about how that he Wants a guy that can throw the ball down The field it's one of the things that he Harped on when he was with the hbcus one Of the things they need to improve on is Getting eyes that can put the ball down The field and you know he puts his money Where his mouth is and gotten uh case in Wiseman heading down some of the Transfer portal guys who look to be Coming uh to Boulder and I guess you got To start with five-star receiver Five-star cornerback Travis Hunter Yeah I mean he was the number one player A year ago what I think is really Interesting with Travis is well first of All I I guess there's a lot of stuff Going on that it's not a complete done Deal because of nil and so many other Schools down in like Florida like Miami They're trying to get a situation where They can get them so nil is a big part Of it possibly here Travis has said That's not the case for him Um you know he he's exclaimed that he

Wants to go to Colorado but that Supposedly is not yet a done deal but Obviously Dion has the the inside track There Um with everything was in playing for For Jackson State before but it'll be Interesting to see as we get towards the End of what happens to Travis Um Savion Washington The most important you know part of a College football team any football team Is it's the trenches offensive and Defensive line it looks like he uh Addresses that need uh bringing in Savion Washington from Kent State who Will be joining his former head coach Who will be uh now the offensive Coordinator for CU right so savian Washington started every game for Kent State he's a mammoth of a man at six Eight three twenty three Thirty uh Gigantic person physical Um and he's a definite first-round Prospect at the NFL level so that's a Huge get that was one of the things that I think Dion really has to continue to Work on he has a plethora of skill both Offensive defensive side but but guys Xavian Washington are going to be the Key pillars uh to be able to give time To both the quarterbacks and the Receivers to be able to get open Vontae Bentley on the other side of the Football linebacker coming in from

Clemson was a four-star Prospect coming Out of high school to 24 7 has him uh as A three-star Prospect coming out of the Transfer portal Right struggled a little bit uh at Clemson Um he's one of those guys that has the Potential to make a huge impact uh he Again he's dipping into ACC territory to To get a transfer out of there I think What's amazing is uh not just what he's Getting from a skill-wise standpoint but The places he's getting all these guys From Top programs yeah top programs Obviously some of the guys that you Expected his top guys from JSU were Coming with him uh or at least we all Believe that will be the case and then You know going to other top programs to Be able to get guys that's what I find Is interesting uh that he's able to get That amount of guys I mean we're talking If it all works out that way 35 guys in The class Um that's a gigantic class yeah looking Ahead to February Where do you see coach Prime and the Staff uh heading for the late signing Period yeah so Uh for point I mean they're gonna They're gonna be towards the max so that With already 18 signed Um depending on how many transfers end Up leaving you could have as many of 20

Guys possibly transferring and being Gone maybe more uh but they have a room For five more High School potential Prospects the interesting thing is the Guy that everybody's talking about that Um he's expressed that he's committed Still to to Miami but kermani McLean is A guy that Dion has targeted and he's a Five star that he wants to be able to Get over to Colorado to kind of be the Pinnacle part of his class so that'll be Interesting that's the prospect that Everyone wants to see does he stick with Miami or does he go in uh and choose Choose Dion is this an nil thing It is do I think Nel is a part of that Yes Um I think well my on the Miami side NL Is definitely a huge part of it Colorado Is just beginning to really get a large Part of their nil together so I think That'll be part of what impacts kermani McLean but also does you want to learn From the best from a defensive back Standpoint that's what Travis Hunter has Said and it'll be interesting to see if Kramani McLean thinks similar or he Stays you know with his original Um lead from the get-go with Miami it's Already a top 25 class once uh uh the First Wednesday in February is done You see this class moving up can this be A top 15 class uh do I dare say a top 10 Class

Well if Travis Hunter comes to him Uh obviously his son will come to him if Savion uh Washington continues to stay With him if uh Jimmy horn Jr stays with Him if those guys do he could dip I Would say as deep into like the top 15 The top 10 you may need to get a kormani McLean I mean he pulls in a five star Like kormani McLean that could put him Over the top to being a top dead glass David let our audience uh know where They can find you and and what you do uh With your services Yeah I mean we want camps all over the Country evaluating players and and high School athletes Um all over the country showcase based Combine based and uh to be able to get Those out to college coaches Um and you see or uh go right there Into my Twitter's at code Schumann you Can reach out to me every time and Anytime there DM me I'm glad to talk David Schuman thank you so much for Joining us on the first take my pleasure Happy New Year the holidays are over but The savings continue at Craig's Power Equipment your local authorized outdoor Power equipment dealer serving Colorado Springs right now get 10 off all in Stocks no equipment lawn and garden Equipment backpack blowers aerators Generators and electrical products get

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