Andy Reid’s Top Five Touchdown Plays: Masterful Strategies of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Head Coach

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Title: Andy Reid's Top Five Touchdown Plays: Masterful Strategies of the Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach

Andy Reid's Top Five Touchdown Plays: Masterful Strategies of the Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach

Andy Reid's Top Five Touchdown Plays: Masterful Strategies of the Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach


Andy Reid, the esteemed head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, has established himself as one of the most innovative offensive minds in the NFL. Known for his ability to design creative and effective plays, Reid has played a pivotal role in the Chiefs’ success, including their Super Bowl victory in 2020. In this article, we’ll delve into five of Andy Reid’s top touchdown plays that have contributed to the Chiefs’ explosive offense and highlight his strategic brilliance on the field.

1. The “Hill Streak”:

One of Reid’s go-to plays is the “Hill Streak,” which capitalizes on the exceptional speed and agility of wide receiver Tyreek Hill. This play typically involves Hill streaking down the field, utilizing his blazing speed to outrun defenders. Reid’s brilliant play design often creates favorable matchups for Hill, allowing him to exploit gaps in the defense and break free for long touchdown receptions.

2. The “Mahomes Magic”:

Reid’s ability to maximize the talents of quarterback Patrick Mahomes is evident in the “Mahomes Magic” play. This play often incorporates elements of improvisation and creativity, allowing Mahomes to showcase his arm strength, accuracy, and mobility. Reid’s strategic play calling enables Mahomes to extend plays, buy time in the pocket, and find open receivers, resulting in spectacular touchdown passes that leave fans in awe.

3. The “Kelce Option”:

Tight end Travis Kelce has been a key weapon in the Chiefs’ offense under Reid’s guidance. The “Kelce Option” play frequently involves intricate route combinations that create confusion for opposing defenses. Kelce’s versatility and reliable hands make him a reliable target in the red zone, where Reid’s play designs often provide favorable matchups, resulting in touchdowns and critical conversions.

4. The “Jet Sweep”:

Reid’s effective use of misdirection and pre-snap motion is exemplified by the “Jet Sweep.” This play often features wide receiver or running back motioning across the formation before receiving a handoff or a pitch from Mahomes. The purpose of the “Jet Sweep” is to deceive the defense and create opportunities for explosive gains. With Reid’s keen eye for exploiting defensive weaknesses, this play has frequently resulted in touchdowns for the Chiefs.

5. The “Screen Pass”:

One of Reid’s trademark plays is the well-executed “Screen Pass.” This play involves the offensive line setting up a screen to a running back or a wide receiver. The linemen allow the defense to penetrate the pocket before releasing and creating a wall of blockers for the receiver. Reid’s mastery lies in the timing and execution of this play, often catching the defense off guard and leading to significant yardage and touchdowns.


Andy Reid’s strategic brilliance and innovative play designs have been instrumental in the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive success. The “Hill Streak,” “Mahomes Magic,” “Kelce Option,” “Jet Sweep,” and “Screen Pass” are just a few examples of Reid’s creative arsenal that have resulted in countless touchdowns for the Chiefs. His ability to maximize the unique talents of his players, combined with his exceptional football acumen, has solidified his status as one of the league’s premier offensive minds. As the Chiefs continue to dominate offensively under Reid’s guidance, fans can eagerly anticipate more memorable touchdown plays that showcase his genius on the gridiron.

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