Year: 2024

Joseph Russo 2026 Oline is top tier 2 min read

This is 2026 offensive lineman Joseph Russo from Don Bosco prep in New Jersey 6'3 about 265 lbs obviously still Growing play inside and outside you're Going to see some guard uh tackle but You're going to see also a…

Work for your success 1 min read

Sometimes you need to get knocked down Before you can really figure out what Your what your fight is and how you need To fight it sometimes you need to feel The pain and sting of defeat to activate The…

1 min read

He we I won it you're trespass on my Property you didn't win my yard all of You Daddy Chill what the hell is even that get Everybody out of my y

Welcome to Beast Town 1 min read

Look at this one look at that one look At this one look at that one look are You kidding me if you had one of these In your house you could look like a Millionaire like the king of…