Year: 2024

The Noah Lyles Finish 1 min read

Well Jacobs has already feed fading it's Come will come quickly in the end who's Going to get it it's l perhaps just Maybe by aund or so Lala

Dylan Skrinar 2026 got next 2 min read

Dylan Skrinar 2026 got next This is 2028 quarterback strong safety Free safety Dylan schriner from Northern California um 2028 sounds young sounds Far away but colleges are already Starting to amass their QB list for uh 2028 now and…

Joseph Russo 2026 Oline is top tier 2 min read

This is 2026 offensive lineman Joseph Russo from Don Bosco prep in New Jersey 6'3 about 265 lbs obviously still Growing play inside and outside you're Going to see some guard uh tackle but You're going to see also a…