Year: 2024

Usain Bolt  Vs Michael Johnson 1 min read

[Music] Alert away safely this time and here's The big man already up on Ed already up On to the rest the FI left [Applause] Behind here comes the great man charging Down the best they can the other man…

Pat Mcafee was an athlete 1 min read

Okay let's see Pat M was an Athlete shows great speed see the move Here oh he's got a little he's got a Little shake and bake get the pun off

How Fast Does a Kid Need to Run to be an Elite Track and Football Athlete? 1 min read

Discover the mph threshold that determines a kid’s potential as an elite track and football athlete. Learn why the current recruiting process needs improvement and how miles per hour could revolutionize it. #EliteAthlete #TrackandField #FootballRecruiting #MilesPerHour #RecruitingProcess #YouthSports #AthleticPotential #TrackandFootball…